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New Orleans Saints | Starting Lineup Announced

New Orleans Saints | Starting Lineup Announced

New Orleans, Louisiana – The New Orleans Saints have announced what they say will be their starting lineup for the upcoming season. There could be changes and injuries between now and the first week of the regular season however this will apparently be the base for their roster for the upcoming season. The Saints will be sticking with the 4-3 that was run by previous general manager Adam Sloat in the past although that may change as further scouting is completed on the team.

RED denotes new players


Starter: Tyler Wilson [89]
Backup: Joey Ward [70]

This is Tyler Wilson’s offense and he should be given every opportunity to succeed in the upcoming season. The New Orleans Saints are trying to build a competent line to keep him on his feet and they have a veteran skilled receiving corps for him to throw the ball to. Joey Ward shouldn’t see many reps if everything goes to plan.

Starter: Jacquizz Rodgers [90]
Backup: LaRod Stephens [69]

Jacquizz Rodgers is the definition of an explosive player. His 98 speed, 70 strength and 81 break tackle are a very interesting combination that should lead to many big runs this season behind a very athletic offensive line. LaRod Stephens will likely lose his backup position by the start of the season.

Starter: Bubba Andrews [99]

Andrews is touted as possibly the top fullback in the entire league. He has great athleticism, great strength, great blocking skills, great size and an ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. Andrews could see spot starting time at the number two tight end position as well.

Wide Receivers
Number One Receiver: Armand Robinson [87]
Number Two Receiver: Marlon Brown [79]
Slot Receiver: Quinton Patton [89]

New quarterback Tyler Wilson will have a plethora of weapons to pass to in the high powered offense. Armand Robinson is a constant deep threat with his speed. Marlon Brown brings a rare combination of size and speed and will be entering his second season after a stellar first year. Quinton Patton is a dependable receiver who will be relied upon to catch check down passes and make the odd big play.

Tight End
Starter: Joseph Fauria [96]
Backup: Asanti Bragg [79]

Joseph Fauria, whom the Saints used a first round pick to acquire through trade last season, will be the undisputed starter at this position. Surprise seventh round pick Asanti Bragg will replace Rock Muhammad as the second tight end and could be a good safety net and blocker on the offense.

Offensive Line
Left Tackle: Bonaventure Royer [81]
Left Guard: Mackenzy Bernadeau [86]
Center: Ryan Kalil [91]
Right Guard: Donald Thomas [85]
Right Tackle: Nate Solder [93]

This is an interesting group that was built almost exclusively this offseason. Left tackle Bonaventure Royer was the first offense lineman drafted at 4th overall this past draft. Bernadeau, Kalil and Donald Thomas were all recently signed through free agency to short term contracts. Nate is the only returning member of this line and has been with the team since 2011. This is a very athletic line that will look to hold back pass rushers and pave the way for Jacquizz Rodgers.


Defensive Line
Left Defensive End: Flint Murphy [86]
Left Defensive Tackle: Jesse Williams [93]
Right Defensive Tackle: Gerry Lipinski [79]
Right Defensive End: Chandler Jones [98]

There is no doubt that this is a potent pass rushing line. Chandler Jones has been a sack machine in his four years in the league. Flint Murphy had a disappointing first season but is likely sliding over to the left side of the defensive line to accommodate his finesse style. Defensive tackle Jesse Williams is a huge strong body up the middle who can contribute on the pass rush. Rookie Gerry Lipinski is a pass rushing under tackle who the Saints hope can have a big impact in the near future.

Left Outside Linebacker: Thaddeus Gibson [87]
Middle Linebacker: Ricky Austin [79]
Right Outside Linebacker: Brian Orakpo [96]

The linebacking corps is another part of the Saints defense that should be feared. On the outside Thaddeus Gibson and Brian Orakpo are a deadly combination of both pass rushing and run stopping. In the middle is second year player Ricky Austin who has the tools to be one of the best linebackers in the entire league. The Saints also have some great depth at linebacker.

Number One Cornerback: Patrick Robinson [88]
Number Two Cornerback: Hank Wooden [88]
Nickel Cornerback Jamell Flemming [87]

All three of these cornerbacks are almost equally talented and can be interchanged between the positions. All possess the speed required to keep up to most receivers in the league. All of them are also at least 5’11 which puts them in a good position to matchup against some of the larger receivers. Opposing quarterbacks should have some big issues passing against this group.

Free Safety
Starter: Chris Conte [83]
Backup: Malcolm Jenkins [92]

The free safety is a position of strength for the Saints. They have two capable starters here and either can step in and do an above average job at the position. Chris Conte is being developed to be a start for the future and will likely get the majority of the reps. Malcolm Jenkins could be dangled as trade bait or could settle into a backup role and could also be a player at strong safety.

Strong Safety
Starter: Tarek Norman [87]
Backup: Cody Prewitt [75]

Tarek Norman will be returning to the starting position at strong safety after losing his job to Malcolm Jenkins in 2017. He is a very solid, big bodied run stopping strong safety with a nose for the ball. Cody Prewitt is being groomed to be the strong safety of the future in NOLA and will likely wait a few years for his chance.

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New Orleans Saints | Jay CUTler

New Orleans Saints | Jay CUTler

New Orleans, Louisiana – Well the rumours have come true. Brought in to be the franchises top flight quarterback just one offseason ago, Jay Cutler has been cut from the team. With a seemingly insurmountable amount of holes on the roster and Jay Cutler taking up upwards of $14.5 million there had been rumblings that this move would be made for the entire offseason. The addition of quarterback Tyler Wilson only amped up the Cutler critics. Cutler is coming off of a VERY mediocre first season with the Saints that had him throw 20 touchdowns and a matching 20 interceptions. He also completed just over 50% of his passes.

”This was Tyler Wilson’s team from the second we traded for him. Ever since the rumours began flying about the possibility of Jay Cutler being released when I took over the team Jay has acted very unprofessionally on the matter. I am sure he will do just fine as another team’s starting quarterback but his time in New Orleans is over.” General manager Jeff Downey was quoted as saying.

With the upwards of $14 million in salary the Saints have freed up with this move they have gone out and made some big free agency acquisitions. With major holes on the offensive line they have gone and acquired centers Ryan Kalil and Ivory Wade, as well as guards Donald Thomas and Mackenzy Bernadeau. Kalil, Thomas and Bernadeau are all slotted to start on the interior of the line with draft pick Bonaventure Royer starting at left tackle and long-time Saints’ veteran Nate Solder on the right side of the line. It could be an interesting year for quarterback Tyler Wilson and running back Jacquizz Rodgers as they will be behind a line of which 80% of the players have never played in the system

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New Orleans Saints | Draft Recap

New Orleans Saints | Draft Recap

New Orleans, Louisiana – New general manager Jeff Downey came into the 2018 NFL Draft with high hopes and many picks. With many holes on the current New Orleans Saints’ roster but many picks to work with he had his work cut out for him. The first big move that the Saints made was acquiring third year quarterback Tyler Wilson from the Dallas Cowboys for a combination of picks. Tyler Wilson fills an enormous hole for the Saints at quarterback and could end up being the starter for the next 10+ years.

After the trade the Saints still had possession of five picks on the first day of the draft. The New Orleans Saints draft class of 2018 looks like this:

First Round – 4th Overall | LT Bonaventure Royer
Key Attributes | 68 SPD | 93 STR | 68 AWR | 64 AGI | 82 ACC | 84 PBK | 85 RBK

There was much debate in the mock drafts about who the New Orleans Saints would be taking with their top pick in the draft. Prior to the acquisition of Tyler Wilson it was almost unanimously believed that they would be going the quarterback route with the pick. Any other general manager that is familiar with Jeff Downey’s style of managing a team knows that he greatly values the offensive line and often tries to build them as a hyper athletic group. Bonaventure Royer fits the Saints’ mold perfectly. He was the fastest offensive lineman in the class and boasts great strength as well. He is extremely polished for a rookie and should slot in on the quarterbacks blind side immediately.

Second Round – 45th Overall | DT/DE Gerry Lipinski
Key Attributes | 70 SPD | 86 STR | 68 AWR | 71 AGI | 82 ACC

An interesting prospect at the defensive tackle position Gerry Lipinski brings a combination of size, speed and strength. He has the skillset to play the defensive tackle position in a 4-3 as well as the athleticism and strength to play defensive end in the 3-4. There are rumblings around the New Orleans Saints’ camp that the change to a 3-4 defense could be seen in the near future so we could potentially see Lipinski slide on over to an end position.

Second Round – 61st Overall | SS Cody Prewitt
Key Attributes | 90 SPD | 66 STR | 90 AGI | 88 ACC | 69 TAK

Although not a glaring need for the Saints, Cody Prewitt was high up on general manager Jeff Downey’s board and they decided to go with what may have been their best player available at this point. Prewitt brings a huge frame (6’2, 220 lbs) and great athleticism to the strong safety position and boasts great strength and decent tackling ability. Although he is lacking in the awareness portion of his game to start it is expected that he will play second string snaps for the first 1-2 season until he is developed into the full time starter.

Third Round – 86th Overall | WR Omar Williams
Key Attributes | 94 SPD | 62 STR | 94 AGI | 90 ACC

Omar Williams could develop into a solid deep threat option for quarterback Tyler Wilson in the near future if the New Orleans Saints are willing to put the time into him. He has a decent frame at 5’11, 179 lbs., and combines that with burner speed and good strength. He is a raw project but could be an impact player in the future.

4th Round - 114th Overall | P Reed Rohrer
Key Attributes | 93 KPW | 86 KAC

Reed Rohrer was the best punter in the draft and the Saints decided to take a chance with him for the future. He has excellent kick power and good kick accuracy for a rookie.

4th Round - 118th Overall | DT Bo Sutherland
Key Attributes | 63 SPD | 87 STR | 79 ACC | 78 TAK

Bo Sutherland is a big-bodied (6'6, 310 lbs.) defensive tackle with decent athleticism and strength. He figured to slot in as depth on the defensive line and with a good skew could potentially be a starter in the future.

5th Round - 141st Overall | OLB Marty Schribner
Key Attributes | 83 SPD | 72 STR | 62 AWR | 80 AGI | 76 ACC | 78 TAK

Another depth pick by the Saints, Schribner actually brings some great athleticism to the table for the linebacking corps. He lacks height at 5'11 but could be used as an edge rusher in the future.

6th Round - 182nd Overall | OLB Casper Thompson
Key Attributes | 80 SPD | 73 STR | 64 AWR | 77 ACC | 77 TAK

More linebacking depth for the Saints front seven. Thompson has decent athleticism and is very smart for a rookie. A good skew could really help Thompson become something of importance on the Saints' defense.

7th Round - 209th Overall | TE Asanti Bragg
Key Attributes | 70 SPD | 74 STR | 77 CTH | 56 PBK | 61 RBK

Asanti Bragg is actually expected to replace Rock Muhammad on the Saints tight end depth chart. Bragg isn't spectacular at anything but is pretty solid at nearly everything. He has good strength, decent hands and is a competent blocker. He will be very useful in blocking downs and should be able to catch some balls.

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New Orleans Saints | Quarterback Drama Over

New Orleans Saints | Quarterback Drama Over

New Orleans, Louisiana – Well it is official. The New Orleans Saints have landed their quarterback of the future and Cutlers days in NOLA are all but done. Former Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson has been acquired in a trade with the Dallas Cowboys.

Tyler Wilson was a record holding quarterback for the Arkansas Razorbacks

Tyler Wilson, a third round pick in the 2015 draft, was quietly groomed behind Cowboys’ starter Mark Sanchez for three full seasons before being dealt to the Saints. Wilson arrives in New Orleans with GZL ready talent. He has a powerful arm [94 THP], top end accuracy [90 THA], and is already a smarter quarterback than veteran Jay Cutler [88 AWR]. It is expected that Tyler Wilson will be the day one starter in New Orleans.

”I’m excited for the opportunity I am being given in New Orleans this coming season. I feel like I’ve put my time in at the practice field and in the gym to finally get my shot. I’ll always be thankful for the opportunities that the Dallas Cowboys’ organization gave me but I’m happy that I will get my shot to finally play. It just wasn’t going to happen in Arlington for me.” Wilson was quoted as saying when he was told about the trade.

The trade will see the New Orleans Saints shipping out picks 1.22, 2.22 and 3.3 and in return they receive picks 2.29, 7.11 and of course quarterback Tyler Wilson.

Wilson, a standout record holder at the University of Arkansas, was projected as the first overall pick by some football analysts before his senior season. Despite setting many school records his draft stock suffered in his final year and he fell to the third round where the Dallas Cowboys picked him up. Although his first three years in the league have been mediocre he definitely has the talent to be a top end starter in the GZL. So far in three partial seasons mostly as the Cowboys backup quarterback he has put up 2979 yards, 19 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. It is expected that the Saints will try to surround him with more offensive line help through the offseason as the combination of his receiving corps and Jacquizz Rodgers at half back should make for a deadly offense.

When asked about the trade general manager Jeff Downey had the following to say, ”I am really excited to bring in Tyler. Rather than drafting a raw quarterback and attempting to coddle them through 3-4 seasons before they are truly an elite pivot we have decided to make the move to pick up a player. Tyler is ready to be a great pivot from day one and should be elite here in New Orleans in no time.”

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New Orleans Saints | Cutlers Life Ain't Easy in the Big Easy

New Orleans Saints | Cutlers Life Ain’t Easy in the Big Easy

New Orleans, Louisiana – It has become all but official that Jay Cutler’s days in New Orleans are all but over. The polarizing quarterback has been quoted in the media slagging the new management team and it seems like management has had enough of his behaviour. There are rumblings around the GZL that the Saints have finalized a trade to bring in Cutler’s replacement.

This deal may come as a big surprise to many as almost all of the mock drafts released by GZL analysts had the Saints taking either Jameis Winston or Nick Foles at the fourth overall selection. This change in approach could allow the Saints to pick another position of importance at the fourth pick while moving the rebuild ahead a couple of seasons because they will not need to focus on progressing a young and raw quarterback.

The rumours that are currently circulating are mentioning that a large amount of cuts could be made by the Saints in the upcoming days. This could include Jay Cutler but his contract would cause an $11 million hit to the Saints 2019 salary cap. With Cutler scheduled to make upwards of $15 million next season this would not be the end of the world however the Saints could end up waiting until they have the funds for an amnesty buyout which would eliminate the vast majority of the future penalties. Other big names that have been mentioned as on the cutting block standout halfback Stafon Johnson, offensive lineman Aaron Sears, linebackers Brandon Spikes and Thaddeus Gibson, and cornerback Patrick Robinson.

With the draft quickly approaching the Saints’ scouting staff has gone into overdrive as they look to fill some big needs. The team still possesses six picks in the first four rounds so they could add some serious assets in the coming weeks.

More specifics on the trade will be released upon league approval of the deal.

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New Orleans Saints | Live Press Conference
Since it has become all of the rage I have decided I will tag along for the ride. I will answer any and all questions regarding the New Orleans Saints and try to give as detailed answers as possible.
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New Orleans Saints | New General Manager not Playing Nice

New Orleans Saints | New General Manager not Playing Nice

New Orleans, Louisiana – There are rumblings in New Orleans that big changes are coming to the Saints’ organization. Inside sources have stated that quarterback Jay Cutler left new general manager Jeff Downey’s office in a furious state, quickly got in his car, and left team property. There are rumblings that he has been placed on the trade block but some people think he is close to being released. Jay Cutler is coming off of what many would call the epitome of a mediocre season where he had 20 touchdowns and 20 interceptions and completed just over fifty percent of his passes.

Saints’ quarterback Jay Cutler was seen leaving the Saints’ facility in a ‘furious state’

Not helping with these rumours are the fact that almost all mock drafts leading up to the draft have the Saints taking one of either Jameis Winston or Nick Foles to replace Cutler at quarterback. Both players are very nearly GZL ready right out of the draft and could potentially start from day one. When asked about the potential of a new quarterback coming into New Orleans second year wide receiver Marlon Brown was quoted as saying ’I’m fine with whoever is throwing me the ball. Jay and I had a great season last year and he is a good friend of mine. I’m here to win, that’s it.’.

Nick Foles, pictured above, is projected neck and neck with Jameis Winston as the top quarterback in the draft

Other key players rumoured to be on the move are linebackers Brian Orakpo, Brandon Spikes and Thaddeus Gibson who are all very talented players but count for upwards of $15 million on the cap. Patrick Robinson is another high profile player that has been head in trade talks. General Manager Jeff Downey hasn’t come straight out and stated that he is looking to shed cap but if the Saints hope to sign their draft picks this offseason some moves are definitely going to have to be made.

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New Orleans Saints | New Management on Bourbon Street

New Orleans Saints | New Management on Bourbon Street

New Orleans, Louisiana - The New Orleans Saints have hired former Baltimore Ravens general manager Jeff Downey to take the reins for the organization. Downey had limited success with the Ravens in his early tenure at the start of the league and hopes to have more success this time around.

General manager Downey and Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Anthony Fernandez are known to have a long standing feud which will be brought to the forefront while they play in the same division. When asked about this Downey had the following to say:

'It should be a lot of fun. Although we don't get into spats as much as we used to I'm sure there will be some definite competitiveness between the two of us. The rest of the division is chalked full of talented general managers as well. This should be a great time.'

The Saints are coming off of a solid 10-6 season that saw them get walloped by the Chicago Bears in the Wild Card game. The Saints will be looking to do some retooling in the coming offseason as they have a bank full of high draft picks and some big holes to fill.

'There are going to be big changes here in New Orleans. There are some key positions that will need to be evaluated to get this team to where I would like it. Expect a much different looking squad come next season.' Downey said.

Many analysts are predicting that the Saints will be looking for a different solution at quarterback as Jay Cutler was less than ideal this past season. Many other key players are regressing which could see the Saints attempt to make some sort of youthful injection into their lineup at many key positions.

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Ngata & Watt... in Baltimore?
That's right. Sources say the Ravens and Panthers have reached an agreement pending league approval to send J.J. Watt to the Baltimore Ravens. Here is how the trade shapes up according to sources:

To Baltimore:

DT J.J. Watt

To Carolina:

Lions 1.9
ROLB Dannell Ellerbe
WR Dwayne Baker

Watt dubbed as a physical freak at the DT position due to his great speed and strength combination will give the Ravens arguably the best DT tandem in the GZL. Paired alongside fan favorite DT Haloti Ngata the Ravens will be awfully tough to run up the middle this year. Not only do Ngata and Watt give you very little in the way of running lanes they also put a ton of pressure on opposing QB's. While Ngata is getting older he is still playing some of his best football as evident by his 2015 numbers. Watt however, is in the prime of his career and his best numbers are ahead of him.

The Ravens were looking to draft WR with the 1.9 pick but with the acquisition of Schilens and no real "studs" at DT or DE the Ravens were ecstatic to learn that the Panthers were looking to trade Watt. GM Joe Gaspar immediately contacted GM Hickman and negotiations were underway. But it didn't take long before the two sides agreed on something that worked for both teams.

With a new DC in Pendergast the Ravens are believed to be heading towards a 4-3 style defense that will allow both Ngata and Watt to dominate in the middle. LE Bowers had a great year last year and will remain the teams most prominent sack threat. RE Justin Tuck has an expiring contract but the Ravens are believed to be interested in resigning him after a successful season in 2015. With the move towards a 4-3 defense MLB McClain will likely see a position change to ROLB giving way to Manti Te'o at MLB.
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2015 Ravens TC
Previous Season Recap:

The Baltimore Ravens 2014 season was marred by injuries and inadequacies. Many had predicted the Ravens to be the 2nd best team in AFC North division. While the season got off to a great start with a pummeling of the Cincinnati Bengals, 30-3, things took a turn for the worse as the Ravens went on to lose 7 of the next 9. At 3-7 the coaching staff did their best to remain positive however they knew the season was lost. The Ravens went on to win 5 of their next 7 and brought back some respect to an underachieving franchise.

The 2014 season was one riddled with injuries as AP, Hester, and Joey Flacco were all sidelined for an extended period of time. While the Ravens had adequate depth at the WR position, losing AP and Flacco was too difficult to overcome. AP guaranteed the Ravens at least 5 yards a carry on any given night. Anthony Dixon could not meet those expectations as he ran for just about 4 yards a carry. This left a giant hole in the Ravens offensive plans as they were not able to run the ball effectively enough to open up the passing game. When Flacco went down that deep bomb threat was eliminated as Fitzpatrick's weak while accurate arm was unable to hit the deep threat. In 2013 the Ravens had done well offensively as the run game set up deep throws to Hester and Lockette. That type of offense was completely obliterated in 2014.

The inadequacies the Ravens had in 2014 revolved around their inability to finish games. Coming into the season the Ravens had a very young and inexperienced secondary. Having drafted 3 cornerbacks and trading away their only experienced cornerbacks in Domonique Foxworth and Cary Williams. This left the Ravens to had over the reigns to 1.2 selection DeMarcus Dee Milliner. While inexperienced Milliner instantly became an impact player at corner for the Ravens. With a formidable speed and size combination Milliner became a problem for many opposing wide receivers in the GZL. Despite this size and speed, late game heroics by opposing passing offenses became the norm in Baltimore. Milliner was the Ravens best chance at shutting down star wideouts. Cornerback Sanders Commings was the Ravens #2 option and did fairly well considering it was his rookie season. He also has great size and decent speed but the lack of in game experience hurt the Ravens ability to stop the late game long ball. Towards the end of the 2014 season the Ravens slotted 6'4" corner Eric Victorino at the CB#2 position and moved Commings to nickle. Victorino lacked speed but had the highest awareness of the group according to the coaching staff. That combined with excellent strength and tackling ability lead to Victorino knocking down 16 passes and recording 27 tackles. He nearly matched Commings numbers in much less playing time impressing everyone on the coaching staff and moving himself up on the depth chart for the 2015 season. Victorino will be the Ravens 2nd corner behind Dee Milliner this upcoming season as a result.
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Baltimore Ravens Training Camp 2014
Touted as an 11-5 team for the 2014 season the Baltimore Ravens have a tough task ahead of them after a disappointing 9-7 season. The additions of AP, Hester, Lockette, and Howard proved to be beneficial statistically speaking but when it all came down to it the Ravens were on the outside looking in when the playoffs came around.


The Ravens were very quiet this offseason. The one notable move they made created headlines when they decided to move their two 1st round picks + a 2015 1st rounder for the number 2 overall pick. With 1.2 pick the Ravens knew exactly who they wanted... none other than All American cornerback Demarcus "Dee" Milliner.

CB Demarcus "Dee" Milliner

Milliner stands at 6'1", has exceptional speed, sure hands, and great tackling ability from the outside. Many media reports throughout the league believed GM Gaspar overpaid for Milliner with such a deep draft class. "When you have the chance to acquire a franchise type of player such as Milliner at such a key position in football you do whatever it takes to acquire him. With Milliner we know what we're getting. I can't say the same for anyone drafted late in the 1st round in any draft," GM Gaspar speaks at news conference after the draft. While the Ravens will now be without a 1st rounder in the 2015 draft, GM Gaspar believes they've filled their only hole on this roster and is confident that it is young enough and talented enough to compete for years to come.

CB Sanders Commings

With two 2nd rounders the Ravens continued to add to their depleted secondary. CB Sanders Commings was selected at 2.5 and CB Eric Victorino was taken at 2.13. Both players bring height to the secondary standing at 6'2" and 6'4". Commings is the more polished player of the two. Victorino is believed to have more potential but will require extended time at camp to work on his speed. With their 3rd rounder the Ravens filled a void at Center left by Chris Chester with the selection of Sedrick Strong. Strong is quick, athletic, and will be a key contributor to this line while learning from vets such as Grubbs and Oher.


CB Sanders Commings and CB Eric Victorino selected in the 2nd round have been seen running sprints at the local track in hopes of adding some much needed speed to their game. It is believed that Commings has the edge in speed over Victorino and will command the nickle position in 2014 while Victorino will watch from the sidelines. The Ravens are believed to be grooming Victorino to potentially start full time for them in 3 years when he'll likely be quicker, more experienced, and poised for a big year.

Manti Te'o and Jameel McClain have become best of friends since Manti was selected 15th overall in last year's draft. Manti respects McClain's game and has been following his words of wisdom with regards to various playbooks and discipline at the MLB position. Manti has been reviewing tape with McClain all offseason and attributes much of his knowledge of the game to McClain guidance.

OG Joseph Hernandez and OG Ben Grubbs have been hitting the weights this offseason in hopes of adding strength to a line with exceptional speed. Hernandez is believed to be the weaker of the two while Grubbs is more polished. If the Ravens guards are able to bring the added strength you can expect AP to run for well over 6 yards a carry this upcoming season.


CB Sanders Commings vs CB Eric Victorino

- Commings and Victorino are believed to be duking it out for the nickleback position in 2014. Commings is believed to have the upper hand being quicker of the two however Victorino is believed to be more knowledgeable. It will be interesting to see how Coach Fassel handles the two corners in specific formations.

WR Devin Hester vs WR Ricardo Lockette
- The only reason Hester is mentioned here is because of his age. Hester had an incredible comeback season last year and will no doubt command one of the top 2 starting WR jobs in 2014. However, due to Lockette's great potential and past performances when starting, it's believed that if Hester struggles early Lockette may just get the nod. Baldwin was fighting for his job against Lockette last year but is believed to be the consensus #1 WR so now it all lies in Hester's shoulders. If Hester continues to play the way he did in 2013 Fassel will no doubt keep him in there as he is consistently a deep threat. Should Hester falter, Ravens fans will get to see what Lockette can really do with some increased playing time just as he did in Washington.
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Baltimore Ravens Training Camp 2013
After achieving nothing but mediocrity in recent years the Baltimore Ravens sought out to acquire a GM with a track record of success. There was talk that GM Joe Gaspar was going to be leaving South Beach after not being able to negotiate a new long term contract. The Ravens jumped at the prospect of bringing him in. Sources say that the Ravens brass were having private dinners at an undisclosed location while negotiating was still happening with the Dolphins in an attempt to persuade Gaspar to come to Baltimore. When Gaspar heard of rumors indicating that Miami was already looking elsewhere he packed his bags and took a one way plane ticket to Baltimore.


4 Key Acquisitions:

- HB Adrian Peterson (Trade)
- LE Marcus Howard (Trade)
- WR Ricardo Lockette (Trade)
- WR Devin Hester (UFA)

The new Ravens GM came into Baltimore in full swing. His primary focus was to bring in playmakers to surround his franchise QB Joe Flacco with. One of those playmakers is WR Devin Hester. Hester has exceptional speed and quickness of the line. Something the Ravens lacked all last year was quickness on the outside but this year Hester eliminates that weakness easily.

WR Ricardo Lockette was acquired from the Washington Redskins for picks 3.15, 3.16, and 4.16. Skins GM Vinny was desperate for 3rd round picks and decided to let Lockette go. The Ravens are ecstatic to have a 6'2" WR who now becomes the 2nd fastest WR on the team next to Hester.

In search of another DE to pair up with DQ Bowers, Ravens GM Gaspar contacted the Pats GM about the availability of DE Marcus Howard. Howard was a former signing of Gaspar just a few years ago so there is some attachment there. GM Spencer was looking to make cap room so he shipped off Howard for the 2.24 pick and a couple 7th rounders.

And now the biggest acquisition of the offseason for the Ravens... AP. Adrian Peterson will dawn a Ravens uni this upcoming season and for many seasons to come. The Ravens dealt their 1.16 and 4.13 pick to the Vikings in exchange for AP. GM Gaspar would not stop talking about AP's athletic ability and how unique of a player he really is. It is believed that AP will be doing much more than just taking the ball from the backfield. He will also be returning all kickoffs and look to break some records in that department.

The Draft:

The Ravens looked to the draft to get better defensively. With their 1.15 pick they selected MLB Manti Te'o. Te'o has a great combination of size and speed. He will likely be paired up with veteran McClain in a 3-4 defense. Although the Ravens did leave the option to go to a 4-3 in the 2nd round pick.

The Ravens selected the quickest (and smallest) DT in the draft, DT Jacques Bailey. Often referred to as the Tommie Harris midget by his college teammates, Bailey poses a great jump off the line with surprising strength. If not for his size he would easily be a top 10 pick.


CB Cary Williams has been hitting the track hard this offseason. He has great size but something that has always limited him is his speed. He's been looking to tone down in effort to pick up that extra step on his target.

LOLB Sergio Kindle has been training with rookie MLB Mantei Te'o teaching him his excellent gym routine. He starts off with some light cardio which then turns to aggressive tracking. After cardio he hits the weights lifting heavy but very short reps. Mantei is believed to be the stronger of the two but don't tell Kindle that.

QB Joey Flacco has been studying all offseason with new coach Jim Fassell in the film room. He's been studying tapes of multiple styles of defense in the hopes of reading them before they are even formed. Flacco has always had the arm strength and accuracy to be an elite QB but does he have the knowledge? We will find out this season after some vigorous studying.


WR Jonathan Baldwin vs WR Ricardo Lockette
- These two players are believed to be battling it out for the WR1 spot. Hester is already clinched as a starter but he needs a partner. Baldwin is more of a slower but taller target while Lockette is the speedier of the two. Coach Fassel may not even make a decision and instead make changes on a weekly basis depending on which offensive playbook he chooses to run.

MLB Jameel McClain vs MLB Manti Te'o
- The veteran vs the rookie. McClain is well liked in the Raven camp. He's been here for a while and consistently is the heart of this defense next to DT Ngata. However, there's a new kid in town. His name is Manti and he is believed to have better physical skills than Jameel by a good margin. He does lack experience so it will be interesting to see who Fassel rolls with when the Ravens opt for the 4-3. In the 3-4 both players are happy.
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Ravens get a new General Manager

Travis Robbins to be Ravens GM

Travis Robbins makes his return to the GZL as the General Manager of the Baltimore Ravens. Some might remember him during his brief stay as the GM of the Atlanta Falcons during the creation of the GZL.

Travis is dedicated to staying in GZL this time around and remaining with the Ravens until the end, "I know some of the Ravens fans out their sighed when I was announced to help bring these Ravens to their former glory, but this time I am around for the long haul."

The Ravens had a great start in the GZL, going 8-8 in 2010, and then making the playoffs in 2011 with a wildcard entrance at an 11-5 record.

This season however, has not been looking good. With the loss of their LG for the season as well as the loss of their General Manager Jeff Downey, the Baltimore Ravens are struggling to remain playoff hopeful with a 3-4 record.

GM Robbins hopes to turn this team around right away, but he admits that there might be some work that needs to be done. "The Baltimore Ravens have a great foundation that could lead to a championship in only a few years, but until then, there are some guys that need experience, and some spots that need more depth. Until then, I am hoping for the best."

He was not available for any further comments.
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Size Does Matter

Size Does Matter

The Baltimore Ravens are coming into the 2012 season with one of the more interesting offensive setups in the league. They have a long bombing quarterback in Joe Flacco who led the league in passing yards last season despite not having a single 1000 yard receiver. The real interesting setup comes at the receiver position. What could be so interesting you ask?

Most teams will normally go for the deep threat/possession combination that seems to work so well in these leagues. Some teams go for the pure speed outlook and look to bomb it all of the time in hopes of getting the big touchdowns. Still other teams favour the approach that height is what counts for almost everything. The Ravens are taking this approach to a whole new level. Their receiving corps as they enter the season is as follows:

Anquan Boldin – 6’1 218 lbs. 89 SPD 80 STR 96 CTH
Michael Jenkins – 6’4 220 lbs. 87 SPD 72 STR 85 CTH
Isaiah Stanback – 6’3 216 lbs. 88 SPD 70 STR 70 CTH
Aaron Binns- 6’3 209 lbs. 88 SPD 68 STR 72 CTH
Jonathan Baldwin – 6’4 228 lbs. 92 SPD 61 STR 69 CTH
Torri Gurley – 6’4 216 lbs. 89 SPD 65 STR 69 CTH
Austin Pettis – 6’3 209 lbs. 89 SPD 65 STR 66 CTH
Ed Dickson – 6’4 249 lbs. 81 SPD 69 STR 84 CTH

Now what do all of these receivers have in common, and what makes them so unique? First and foremost all but one of the players is 6’3 or taller, the lone one out being Anquan Boldin. Another similarity? Every single one of them is over 60 STR which is quite a mark for a receiver, while seven of the eight are over 65 STR and three have over 70 STR. There is no question that these receivers are going to dominate any secondary they face off the line and are more than likely to win the majority of jump balls. They are all also at least 209 lbs.

Another spot the size and strength will no doubt help the Ravens is in the power running game. With Marian Barber and Anthony Dixon as the starting halfbacks for the team the strong receivers on the outside will no doubt be a great asset for the run game.

The first major question people are going to have over these receivers is the fact that there is no real burner on the field to use Flacco’s enormous arm strength. When asked about this general manager Jeff Downey had the following to say:

’We are going to attempt to train Jonathan Baldwin into our speed receiver for the future but at this very moment we don’t feel a real need for a deep threat. Not too many CBs are going to be able to win a battle for the ball with our guys so if they go deep there isn’t much they can do to stop them.’

Another point that may be problematic is the lack of catching ability the majority of the receivers have but as has been known in the past this does not bother Downey. He feels if Flacco can continue to develop as a passer the receivers are strong enough to catch many balls other receivers wouldn’t be able to get to.

Overall it will be a very interesting season for the Ravens and anyone that faces them. What do you think of the approach they are taking?

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Ray Lewis Calls It Quits
Ray Lewis Calls It Quits

Baltimore, Maryland - The news the Baltimore Ravens have been fearing for the past few years has finally come true, the longest serving Raven has decided to call it quits. Ray Lewis has been a staple of the Ravens' vaunted defense since he was a first round pick in 1996 and gave a definition to the Ravens that no other player in the league has had. When asked about the retirment general manager Jeff Downey had the following to say:

'Ray gave this defense some swagger, the whole team thrived off of it. Players just loved to play with him and hated to play against him. He made the players around him play better, there is no doubt about that He will be irreplacable for this team, but I have faith that a guy like Terrell Suggs will step up and take his role more then adequately.'

Lewis' production over the last two years will no doubt be very hard to replace for the Ravens. Since the NFL-GZL merger he had managed to put up an incredible 233 tackles with 22 tackles for loss. With this move the new leader of the defense will no doubt be outside linebacker Terrell Suggs. Suggs has a real mean streak and loves to make sure the defense knows that he is on the field. He and Ray created one of the scariest combos up the middle. Jameel McClain will likely take over Lewis' position at middle linebacker where he has had some very good success after being mentored by Ray Lewis.

For all news Baltimore Ravens stay tuned.
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Baltimore Ravens (7-6) | No Chance at Playoffs?

Baltimore Ravens (7-6) | No Chance at Playoffs?

If you came into the season thinking the Baltimore Ravens would have missed the playoffs and finished third in the division you may have been called crazy. They have so much talent at key positions that they should have been a 10-12 win team easy, but it looks like those playoff aspirations will fall short. When asked about his team’s shortcomings general manager Downey had the following to say:

‘I really don’t know what to say. This team should have made the playoffs, we still mathematically can, but the chances have faded very quickly. The only thing we have going for us at this point is that we hold the tiebreaker over both the Dolphins and the Patriots, however that will mean absolutely nothing if the Steelers keep it up or the Patriots manage to win out.’

Quarterback Joe Flacco has been the epitome of consistent over the last stretch with two interceptions in his last nine games. Ray Rice has been the offensive workhorse and leads the league in carries by a very large margin. The defensive line is generating huge pressure with the two left ends combining for 13 sacks in a 3-4 which is nearly unheard of. However it is the Ravens secondary that has been the suspect part of the squad for most of the season.

‘When our best cornerback in Dominique Foxworth went down it spelt disaster for our fairly young secondary. With him in the lineup we have managed to go (6-3) whereas without him we are only (1-3). IF we had to of had him around for the entire season I really feel like we could have contended big time.’

As of now the Ravens sit at (7-6) and are on the outside looking in. With the division title almost out of reach and the Wildcard hopes fading quickly the Ravens could very well end up golfing early this spring.

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Baltimore Ravens (6-5)

Baltimore Ravens (6-5) | Disappointment and Progress

The Baltimore Ravens season has been one of many ups and downs, many streaks, both good and bad, and a lot of disappointment and a lot of progress. One of the biggest pieces of progress has been the complete 180 turn Flacco has had on his season. After starting his GZL career very poorly Flacco has thrown only one interception in his last seven games compared to 13 touchdowns and is now among the league leaders in passing. Another constant positive is the workhorses that make up the Ravens rushing attack. Ray Rice has the most rushing attempting in the league and over 1100 yards to show for it through just 11 games.

On the downside is the play of the Rams secondary for the most part. Ladarius Webb has been a terrible first year project thus far putting up horrendous stats. Dominique Foxworth has been injured for some time now but will be returning soon. Other dissapointments include the losses to the Bills and Panthers as of late that have put the Ravens playoff hopes in jeopardy.

However the Ravens future does look bright and they may be able to get over the hump and make the playoffs which was the goal at the beginning of the year. With a few tough divisional matchups against the Steelers, Browns and Bengals quickly approaching in the upcoming weeks look for the Ravens to prove they either have what it takes or fizzle off into nothingness.

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Ravens Land Big Target Tight End

Ravens Land Big Target Tight End

News has come out of the Baltimore Ravens front office that the team has acquired the services of third year tight end Kellen Davis from the Chicago Bears.

'We have one of the bigger quarterbacks in the league and we figured that picking up a tight end like Kellen was a logical step in the team building process. While Todd (Heap) has been a great service to the Baltimore organization throughout his career we feel like getting another big target for Flacco will be great for the team. Very few receivers have the skillset of Mr. Davis. He is very similar to Fendi Onobun who was recently acquired by the Pittsburgh Steelers. We are extremely excited to get him into our lineup and hope to see him playing both tight end and slot receiver before long.'

Davis possesses a very rare combination of height (6'7) and speed (86) for a receiver and is among the most athletically gifted tight ends in the entirety of the GZL. To go along with the intangibles he has very good hands as well which will make him a true asset in the red zone.

Going to the Bears in the deal is the Ravens 2nd round pick in the next GZL Draft. Although it may be a high price to pay for such an inexperienced player it is very unlikely that a player of this talent will be found in the next drafts second round.

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Ravens (2-1) | Season Update

Ravens (2-1) | Season Update

When people think Baltimore Ravens football they think smashmouth running and shutdown defense. Jeff Downey took over the job in Baltimore hoping to preserve that style of football, something that is not always possible in Madden.

Through three games of the season the Ravens have held true to this traditional Baltimore football style almost to a 'T'. Their pass offense has been far less then stellar but they are riding the backs of Ray Rice and Willis McGahee who are combining to be the #5 ranked offense in the league.

Points Scored: 22.0 [20]
Total Offense: 376.7 [12]
Pass Offense: 195.7 [26]
Rush Offense: 181.0 [5]

Key Performances:

Quarterback Joe Flacco has been far less then impressive to begin his GZL career. With only two touchdowns in the first three games compared to five interceptions the Ravens are just trying to limit the amount of mistakes he can possibly make. Flacco has thrown some costly interceptions but has not made any mistakes large enough for the team to start questioning whether he can start or not. With time he will inevitably begin to improve and behind the already great rushing attack he should be able to become a good game managing quarterback with big play potential.

Grade: C-

Runningback Ray Rice is the more prominent of a dual threat rushing attack that is taking pressure off of young quarterback Joe Flacco while striking fear into opposing rush defenses. Rice himself is averaging over 130 yards per game and his counterpart, McGahee, is chipping in with almost 50 additional yards per game. The lone downside to the rushing game thus far is their inability to find the endzone but that should change as Joe Flacco improves and teams need to start to worry about the passing game as well.

Grade: A

Another huge part of the Ravens offense has been their highly effective offensive line. Not only are they keeping the pass rushers away from Flacco, allowing two sacks in three games, they are opening up huge holes for the runningbacks. This young group of players is headlined by right tackle Michael Oher who is neutralizing opposing pass rushers with what seems to be minimal effort. He currently leads the league with 29 pancakes and has yet to allow a sack all season. Another key in the blocking game is fullback Le'Ron McClain who is second on the team with 15 pancakes and is a big key in the rushing attack.

Points Allowed: 18.0 [5]
Total Defense: 309.0 [2]
Pass Defense: 206.3 [9]
Rush Defense: 102.7 [9]

Key Performances:

Ladarius Webb is stepping up his game big time and is becoming the Ravens true shutdown corner. The second year corner out of Nicholls St. is shutting down good wide receivers and has only allowed six catches through three games this season. He opened up the season with a bang and a two interception game against the Jets, returning one for a touchdown. With a lot yet to learn about the game he should be a Raven for a very long time and should prove that he deserves to play the number one cornerback spot for the Ravens for many years.

Grade: B+

Ray Lewis is the veteran leader of the Ravens defense and is proving that he can keep that title at least for now. He leads the team in tackles, as would be expected, and has managed to stop the ball carrier behind the line three times. Behind him in the 4-3/3-4 hybrid defense is second year player Jameel McClain who is looking to step up and take Lewis' job once he decides to retire.

Grade: A-

Overall the Ravens team is looking to continue this style of play. Recent acquisition John Carney should fix a problem the Ravens were having at kicker. The Ravens face the Pittsburgh Steelers this coming week in yet another huge divisional matchup that could see the early season divisional favourites fall to (1-3) and put the Ravens in good position to take the division as the season progresses.

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Ravens Make Free Agency Pickups

Ravens Make Free Agency Pickups

The Baltimore Ravens are coming off a very tough divisional loss against the Cincinnati Bengals where they managed to lose 20-15, mostly due to the fact that kicker Billy Cundiff managed to miss three key field goals, all from 42 yards or less. This was the last straw for coach John Harbaugh who has now relegated Cundiff to kickoff duties only and has now started trying out free agent kickers.

The first signing was to address this new found need at the kicker position. Many kickers were brought in to try out including Kris Brown, Shaun Suisham and Jeff Reed however the one who will be kicking for the Ravens in the upcoming weeks is 46 year old John Carney. Carney was recently cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers and will be able to show his former team exactly what he can do in a couple weeks time. Although he lacks the real leg strength of a guy like Billy Cundiff he has great accuracy and football smarts which should allow for him to hit any field goals he is asked to.

The second signing is one also of need. The Ravens have been looking for another big target to pair with Anquan Boldin for Joe Flacco to throw to and they have found their guy, they hope. After some terrible trade talks with the Buffalo Bills fell through the Ravens dove into the free agency pool and signed 6'3 receiver Isaiah Stanback. He brings a big frame into the passing game and has the strength to be a good blocker on the outside. An interesting fact with this signing is now that he will be starting alongside Boldin, they now have two former quarterbacks playing wideout.

Unfortunately in order to make room for these moves wide receiver David Reed had to be released by the Ravens.

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The Great Debate: 4-3 or 3-4?

The Great Debate: 4-3 or 3-4?

After a suggestion by another GZL general manager this evening I have begun to debate my committing to a 3-4 defense. I definitely have the personnel for it with a few huge defensive linemen however I have always been a 4-3 type of guy in the past. So I will now ask you guys what you think about the pros and cons of each setup and I will post what my defensive lineup would be with each different type of defense.

Current Setup: 3-4 Defense

This Ravens roster is setup to be a 3-4 defense from the start. With a nose tackle like Terrence Cody and defensive ends like Haloti Ngata and Arthur Jones it really has a chance to be dominant in that setup. The linebacking corps does have some great pieces in Ray Lewis and Terell Suggs but lacks depth after those two unless I decide to go young. The projected front seven in a 3-4 with this roster would be the following:

ROLB Terrell Suggs - MLB Ray Lewis - MLB Jameel McClain - LOLB Sergio Kindle

RE Haloti Ngata - NT Terrence CodyLE Arthur Jones

It is a very solid defensive front seven indeed. The defensive line may be among the best with the biggest defensive lineman in the league playing nose tackle and two of the more athletically gifted big men playing the ends. In the linebacking corps Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs are both top talents while McClain and Kindle could be very good if they are developed. Overall it uses a lot of talent and could be viewed as the best choice. However a guy like Jarrett Johnson does not get used and he has the talent to do some good things.

Alternate Setup: 4-3 Defense

The 4-3 is something I am more used to from the other Madden leagues I am in. I enjoy having more of a pass rushing defensive line paired with a great middle linebacker and some solid guys at outside linebacker. In order for this setup to work I would need to play a couple of guys out of position however I think it may be worth it in the end. It would be set up as follows:

ROLB Jameel McClain - MLB Ray Lewis - LOLB Sergio Kindle

RE Jarrett Johnson - DT Arthur Jones - DT Haloti Ngata - LE Terrell Suggs

In this setup the two originally 3-4 defensive ends are moved to the middle where they both have more then adequate size and athleticism to play both run stopper and pass rusher. Terrell Suggs is moved to left defensive end where I believe he can truly dominate. Jarrett Johnson's interesting skillset is actually used as I think he could be a phenomenal right end in a 4-3. In the linebacking corps Ray Lewis will be relied upon heavily until McClain and Kindle can develop enough to have a big impact.

Overall I believe both have their pros and cons but I was hoping I could get some input from the other general managers in the league. I was thinking it may be possible to run a hybrid of each of these but I am not sure how that would work out but it may be possible.
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Baltimore Ravens Hire GM Jeff Downey.

Baltimore Ravens Hire Jeff Downey

The Baltimore Ravens have brought in long time RZL general manager Jeff Downey to take over the team.

Downey has stated that sticking with Flacco did have a deciding factor in his decision on which team to take. He also loves the offensive line of the Ravens and the defensive line of the squad is going to be an interesting group for any offensive line to face. He will be looking to compete year after year while replacing the older guys, like Ray Lewis, with some young talent through the draft.

Downey has been known throughout his past as not that big of a trader but he loves to do research leading up to the draft in hopes that he can find some late talent. He will likely keep that philosophy in Baltimore.

Downey is hoping to have a long line of success here in Baltimore and maybe they will be able to grab yet another Superbowl before all is said and done.

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Head Coach Jim Schwartz
Offensive Coordinator C.Foerster
Defensive Coordinator C.Pendergast
Special Teams S.Jackson
Salary $162.93M
Cap Penalty $10.28M
Cap Room $790K


AFC North
#8 Ravens y-Ravens 10-6-0 0.63 4-2
#14 Browns Browns 8-8-0 0.50 2-4
#27 Steelers Steelers 7-9-0 0.44 4-2
#20 Bengals Bengals 7-9-0 0.44 2-4

1 Sep 11 vs Bengals Bengals #20
Lost 29-37
2 Sep 17 vs Jaguars Jaguars #32
Won 28-26
3 Sep 24 at Patriots Patriots #17
Won 20-10
4 Oct 1 at Browns Browns #14
Lost 23-33
5 Oct 8 vs Cowboys Cowboys #7
Lost 17-24
6 Oct 15 vs Redskins Redskins #11
Lost 10-17
8 Oct 29 vs Browns Browns #14
Won 20-17
9 Nov 5 at Texans Texans #13
Lost 11-26
10 Nov 12 at Colts Colts #22
Won 14-9
11 Nov 19 at Bengals Bengals #20
Won 20-13
12 Nov 26 vs Chargers Chargers #4
Won 23-17
13 Dec 3 at Eagles Eagles #10
Won 15-10
14 Dec 10 vs Steelers Steelers #27
Won 30-20
15 Dec 16 vs Titans Titans #9
Lost 18-23
16 Dec 23 at Steelers Steelers #27
Won 24-7
17 Dec 31 at Giants Giants #19
Won 24-19

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