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After Failure, Spencer Gets New Shot

Former Patriots General Manager Takes Over Saints
Long Unsuccessful Tenure in New England Comes to an End

The Saints fell short in 2022, will new leadership bring them to greater heights?

The New Head Honcho:
After a short stint in New Orleans, John Stanley has left the job and longtime Patriots GM Matt Spencer has agreed to a 3 year deal with the club. Spencer took the Patriots to the playoffs 5 times in his 13 years with the team, only advancing to the Conference Championship once, in the inaugural GZL season (2010). Known as a shrewd collector of talent on both sides of the ball, his teams are usually full of highly regarded and usually young talent that many GM's would love to have in their program themselves. However, those talent pools have never translated as he'd like and the results of the last decade plus show that clearly.

After finally being axed by the Krafts in New England (he was well liked by everyone but the fans there), he gets a second chance with a team that looks to be in great shape moving forward. There's a franchise QB in Jared Goff. Anchors on the O-Line in Bonaventure Royer and Jack Conklin. Weapons abundant in Marlon Brown and TJ Yeldon. Young Defensive pieces that seem right out of a N.E. roster in FS Jabrill Peppers and MLB Rueben Foster. Even both specialists are very talented.

Matt Spencer :
Really looking forward to this challenge, to be in a division with a guy like A.F. after for so long will be a thrill. I will miss many of the great players that I brought into the Patriots organization and am really pulling for Travis and the whole crew over there. I want those men to succeed, and I am very sorry that I could not lead them to that goal. Now it is time to put those days behind me, focus on this new group of gents. Hopefully they are ready to put in some work this offseason, because after an initial glimpse at the roster, they're close. I plan on being that guy to lead them to the Lombardi.

So, the talent seems to be there, but the question remains; does Matt Spencer know how to take talent and win with it. He'll get three seasons to prove it in New Orleans.

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Saints Announce Depth Chart

Saints Announce Depth Chart

This evening, the Saints announced their depth chart entering the preseason. In the first offseason under GM John Stanley, the team has seen a lot of change. 12 of the 22 combined starters on offense and defense will be new team to the team or new to starting in 2022. There will be 5 rookie starters in total, which is a high number, and 4 of those will be on defense which is potentially scary if they don't preform to their expected level. 4 new starters were acquired via trade, 1 via free agency, and 2 backups from last year will assume starting roles. Overall, it is a huge shake up in New Orleans. Stanley inherited a talented roster, but definitely worked to put his own touch on it. The turnover will likely continue in the years to come, and it will be interesting to see if it translates to any more success on the field.

2022 Projected Depth Chart::
KEY = 2021 Pro Bowler | Returning Starter | New Starter | Rookie

CB Hank Wooden | FS Jabrill Peppers | SS Chris Conte | CB Jake Meadows
ROLB Eli Harold | MLB Rueben Foster | LOLB Charles Harris
RE Demetruce Pair | DT Jerry Lipinski | DT Kawaan Short | LE Peter Hall-Smiley

LT Jack Conklin | LG Alex Turnbull | C Kyle Fuller | RG Nate Solder | RT Bonaventure Royer
WR Marlon Brown | WR Keenan Allen | WR Omar Williams | TE Carlton London
HB TJ Yeldon | QB Blaine Gabbert | FB Bubba Andrews

K Zach Hooker | P Reed Rohrer | KR/HB Darwin Wiley
Forum Discussion (by J_Stanley on 02/11/2017) Replies - 4 :: Views - 34
Saints Agree to Trade for QB Towles

Saints Agree to Trade for QB Towles

The Saints have agreed in principle to a trade for a young QB. The player? Patrick Towles from the Miami Dolphins. The 6'5" QB out of Kentucky has yet to play a regular season snap for the Dolphins. He is entering his 3rd season and was drafted with the 30th pick in the 2nd round in 2020. His development has been slow thus far, but the Saints feel there is something to work with there.

He has the prototypical size you look for at the position and a good arm. A pocket quarterback, Towles can make all the throws. He definitely needs continued development, but the Saints will be committed. Blaine Gabbert will be a good mentor for him this season, and aide this development. It's not clear what this means for current backup QB Dak Prescott, but it is always good to have depth at the position. Having two young players getting better, learning the ropes, and ready to compete when Gabbert is ready to pass the baton, whether after this season or further down the line will be beneficial.

The compensation? The Saints will trade a few depth players and a draft pick. The two players backup OLB Huey Olmstead and TE Theo Huxley, and the pick a 3rd rounder in the upcoming draft. A relatively modest price for a player with great potential at an important position. With that said, Towles hasn't improved much in his short career and the market wasn't really there. Towles could end up amounting to nothing in the league, but the chance is one worth taking for a potential franchise QB.
Forum Discussion (by J_Stanley on 02/11/2017) Replies - 0 :: Views - 13
Saints Look to Fill Roster; Prepare for Camp

Saints Look to Fill Roster; Prepare for Camp

After a successful free agency period and draft, the offseason is winding down for the Saints as they head toward training camp. There are only a few orders of business remaining, one of which is filling out their roster. They still have holes at backup SS and WR. They will likely fill those holes with some depth veteran free agents in the coming days. Aside from that their roster is mostly set, and while there will be a few camp battles, there starters are mostly set as well. It will be a fun camp to see young player grow and improve in the new system that GM John Stanley and coach Tom Brady plan to install.

Training camp is a time for young players to improve around the league. It is no different in New Orleans who will focus their efforts on a few youngsters this offseason. Five players of particular focus for the Saints in the upcoming camp will be DEs Peter Hall-Smiley and Alexander Davis III, FS Jabrill Peppers, LOLB Charles Harris, and LT Henry Boone. To start, Peter Hall-Smiley will get a lot of work. He will be asked to add 10lbs to his frame to get up to 299lbs, and will also add +1 STR (83). Alexander Davis III, a fellow 3rd rounder this draft, will get similar work adding 10lbs to get him to 296lbs but he will focus on adding +1 SPD (69), as well as +1 STR (85). With a continued focus on the rookies and defenders, Jabrill Peppers will add +1 SPD (94) to give him some added range on the back end. Rookie LB Charles Harris will get work in multiple areas, adding +1 SPD (82) and +1 ACC (84), as well as work on injury prevention +5 INJ (77). Finally, the last player getting work is along the offensive line. Rookie OT/OG Henry Boone will get +1 STR (87), as well as injury prevention +5 INJ (83).


Left End
LE Peter Hall-Smiley vs. LE Alexander Davis III
Analysis: This one is a tough one to project. Ideally, I don't think either player would start for New Orleans this year but they may be forced into playing one of them. Both players are projected as starters in the long run in the system that new GM John Stanley wants to implement in New Orleans but I don't think that at the beginning of the offseason he was hoping to start a rookie at this important spot. As far as the battle goes, Hall-Smiley may be more ready to contribute from day one, but both players could struggle at the start. This could end up being a spot that hurts the Saints during the year but maybe they get a pleasant surprise.
Projected Winner: Peter Hall-Smiley

Left Outisde Linebacker
LOLB Bryan Langford vs. LOLB Charles Harris
Analysis: This is an interesting battle. I think the Saints really like what Harris can do, but at the same time Langford is ready to contribute right now and gives the Saints a rangy, quick player at linebacker. He is undersized but with the Saints big front, they are willing to sacrifice a little behind if it is made up for with speed and quickness. If Langford starts, it could give Harris more time to develop behind the scenes from an athletic standpoint, but from a physical perspective he is ready to contribute from day one at 6'3" 260lbs. This one could come down to the wire and who plays better in the preseason.
Projected Winner: Charles Harris

#2 Cornerback
CB Jake Meadows vs. CB Jabar Watkins
Analysis: The Saints made a couple under the radar moves to improve their secondary. In Free Agency, they added Jabar Watkins a good looking young player who an all around athlete and polished. He is a little short at 5'10" which could make for a great nickel at worst, but from a tools perspective could probably play #2 CB. Another under the radar move was the trade for Jake Meadows right before the draft. It wasn't reported much, but the Saints were able to add the long time Oakland starter in Meadows for a very affordable price. He isn't the most athletic in the world, but he is big and physical, with good hands. He has also been through big games in his time in Oakland and is more then capable of being a starter during his last few prime years.
Projected Winner: Jake Meadows

Starting Center and Left Guard
C Alex Mack vs. C Alex Turnbull vs. C Kyle Fuller
Analysis: The Saints have a couple spots up for grabs here in the interior offensive line. Going into the draft, the Saints had a need for some young depth along the OL, but didn't think they would end up taking two future starters in Henry Boone and Kyle Fuller. Boone won't play right away but Fuller is more then capable of doing so. Because of this, a positional battle on the interior has been created. Alex Mack was the starter the last 2 years and was extremely effective, but he has lot a step. At the same time, having his experience on the line can't be understated. Turnbull is a former 2nd rounder who has yet to play significant snaps but is capable of doing so. He doesn't stand out in any regard but is a solid all around player. From a physical perspective Fuller is the best of the bunch and is polished enough to play right away. He is a plug and play kind of player and I'd be surprised if New Orleans didn't want to get him going as a starter as soon as possible.
Projected Winners: Kyle Fuller and Alex Turnbull
Forum Discussion (by J_Stanley on 02/09/2017) Replies - 0 :: Views - 17
Saints Finish Draft Strong

Saints Finish Draft Strong

Following a successful day one of the draft, the Saints went into day two with 5 picks in the 2nd and 3rd round. Additionally, they had one more pick on day three giving them a total of 8 picks for the draft. On day one, the Saints attacked the defensive side of the ball adding two studs up the middle in Reuben Foster at MLB and Jabrill Peppers at FS. On day two, the focused shifted a little bit to the offense but still in the trenches as the first two picks for the Saints were along the offensive line. The final three picks of the day shifted back to the defense though, with three more picks in the front seven. On day three, they added a depth player at the TE position. The following is a further introduction of the players:

2.21 - C Kyle Fuller - 6'5" 315lbs - Baylor
65 SPD / 90 STR / 65 AWR / 63 AGI / 76 ACC / 80 PBK / 84 RBK

Analysis: The Saints first pick on day two came late in the second round. Throughout the day they were considering moving up to grab a target that might be sliding but ultimately they decided to stand pat and didn't deem any player worthy of a move up. By doing this, they maintained all of their assets. Fuller is a good looking player at center. He has size, very good athletic ability and is polished coming in. There is a good chance he starts from day one either at center or guard, depending on how the interior competition shakes out in the preseason. But the Saints did well to find an immediate starter and 10+ year player at this point.

2.22 - LT Henry Boone - 6'7" 298lbs - Ohio State
60 SPD / 86 STR / 65 AWR / 63 AGI / 85 ACC / 78 PBK / 77 RBK

Analysis: With back-to-back picks, the Saints chose to take another offensive lineman. Boone was a offensive tackle at Ohio State but with two starters entrenched at left and right tackle for the Saints, it's likely Boone will see a move inside. Boone has great size, and is very quick in short areas. He needs to polish off his blocking techniques a bit but once he does, he should be a starter for a very long time. So while, he isn't likely to start right away like Fuller, he will be a starter for a very long time in the league.

2.24 - LOLB Charles Harris - 6'3" 260lbs - Missouri
81 SPD / 75 STR / 60 AWR / 80 AGI / 83 ACC / 78 TKL

Analysis: With their third pick in four picks, the Saints went back to the defensive side of the ball, picking their second linebacker of the draft. This was obviously an area that the team focused on both in free agency and the draft, especially following the trade of Ricky Austin. The Saints signed two potential starters in free agency in Eli Harold and Bryan Langford, and added two more in the draft in Reuben Foster and now Harris. Harris is a solid all-around player with no weakness, and is a polished player coming in. He has good size and if the Saints work to improve on his athletic ability, he should be really good for a long time. It remains to be seen whether Langford or Harris will start alongside Foster and Harold, but it won't be long before Harris contributes.

3.17 - LE Alexander Davis III - 6'5" 286lbs - S.C. State
68 SPD / 85 STR / 62 AWR / 77 AGI / 79 ACC / 73 TKL

Analysis: The Saints stuck with the defensive theme in the third round, taking another front seven player but this time a defensive end. Following the pre-draft trade of Flint Murphy, the Saints had a hole at starting defensive end. Davis III was a player they debated taking as early as the late 2nd round, but because of the depth they saw with both Davis and Hall-Smiley still on the board, they decided to wait. Funny enough, they ended up being able to select both players. Davis III is a big bodied player, which is where the Saints front seven is trending. Ultimately with work, he could develop into 70 SPD / 88 STR / 80 AGI / 82 ACC at 6'5" 296lbs which is similar to a player in Canton Larsson who the Saints bid aggressively on in free agency, and is seen as the prototype for what GM Stanley wants to implement up front. It remains to be seen whether Davis will start from day one, but with no other options currently he is the leader in the clubhouse.

3.30 - LE Peter Hall-Smiley - 6'3" 289lbs - Penn State
74 SPD / 83 STR / 61 AWR / 75 AGI / 80 ACC / 74 TKL

Analysis: As mentioned above, Hall-Smiley was a player the Saints coveted in the late 2nd along with Davis III, and somehow the Saints lucked into getting them both. Another player that fits the prototype. He could ultimately develop into 75 SPD / 86 STR / 78 AGI / 83 ACC player at 6'3" 299lbs. Again very similar to a player like Canton Larrsson, and a perfect fit for New Orleans up front. He is another candidate to start for the Saints, but either way you will likely see a Hall-Smiley and Davis III pairing at LE/RE in the future.

6.13 - TE Thomas Winn - 6'4" 228lbs - Ohio State
82 SPD / 64 STR / 60 AGI / 80 AGI / 76 ACC / 40 RBK

Analysis: The Saints final pick in the draft was merely a depth player with some potential. They wanted to add a player who they thought had some ability and if things fell correctly could play a role down the line. Winn is the second Ohio State selection for the Saints, joining teammate Henry Boone. He is an undersized tight end who has some athletic gifts. He isn't much in the way of a blocker, but his other skills make him at least a little bit intriguing. He should be a serviceable backup and depth player for the team.
Forum Discussion (by J_Stanley on 02/06/2017) Replies - 4 :: Views - 45

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At A Glance

GM M_Spencer
Head Coach T.Brady
Offensive Coordinator Dennis Green
Defensive Coordinator Mike Singletary
Special Teams Darrin Simmons
Salary $153.72M
Cap Penalty $11.64M
Cap Room $8.64M

Saints Curtis Saldi HB 82 Out for season
Saints Tre Deveroux CB 85 1 week

NFC South
#6 Buccaneers y-Buccaneers 10-6-0 0.63 5-1
#12 Falcons x-Falcons 10-6-0 0.63 5-1
#18 Saints Saints 7-9-0 0.44 1-5
#24 Panthers Panthers 5-11-0 0.31 1-5

1 Sep 10 at Falcons Falcons #12
Lost 7-26
2 Sep 17 at Panthers Panthers #24
Lost 30-31
3 Sep 24 vs Chiefs Chiefs #21
Won 19-14
4 Oct 1 vs Bears Bears #25
Won 35-23
5 Oct 8 vs Vikings Vikings #2
Lost 30-31
6 Oct 15 at Raiders Raiders #23
Won 33-23
7 Oct 23 vs Panthers Panthers #24
Won 34-7
8 Oct 29 vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #6
Lost 10-37
10 Nov 12 at Chargers Chargers #4
Won 40-23
11 Nov 19 vs Falcons Falcons #12
Lost 20-23
12 Nov 26 vs Broncos Broncos #30
Won 19-13
13 Dec 3 at Rams Rams #3
Lost 17-23
14 Dec 10 at Lions Lions #1
Lost 13-15
15 Dec 17 vs Cowboys Cowboys #7
Won 51-24
16 Dec 24 at Buccaneers Buccaneers #6
Lost 13-14
17 Dec 31 at Packers Packers #5
Lost 31-38

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