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After Failure, Spencer Gets New Shot

Former Patriots General Manager Takes Over Saints
Long Unsuccessful Tenure in New England Comes to an End

The Saints fell short in 2022, will new leadership bring them to greater heights?

The New Head Honcho:
After a short stint in New Orleans, John Stanley has left the job and longtime Patriots GM Matt Spencer has agreed to a 3 year deal with the club. Spencer took the Patriots to the playoffs 5 times in his 13 years with the team, only advancing to the Conference Championship once, in the inaugural GZL season (2010). Known as a shrewd collector of talent on both sides of the ball, his teams are usually full of highly regarded and usually young talent that many GM's would love to have in their program themselves. However, those talent pools have never translated as he'd like and the results of the last decade plus show that clearly.

After finally being axed by the Krafts in New England (he was well liked by everyone but the fans there), he gets a second chance with a team that looks to be in great shape moving forward. There's a franchise QB in Jared Goff. Anchors on the O-Line in Bonaventure Royer and Jack Conklin. Weapons abundant in Marlon Brown and TJ Yeldon. Young Defensive pieces that seem right out of a N.E. roster in FS Jabrill Peppers and MLB Rueben Foster. Even both specialists are very talented.

Matt Spencer :
Really looking forward to this challenge, to be in a division with a guy like A.F. after for so long will be a thrill. I will miss many of the great players that I brought into the Patriots organization and am really pulling for Travis and the whole crew over there. I want those men to succeed, and I am very sorry that I could not lead them to that goal. Now it is time to put those days behind me, focus on this new group of gents. Hopefully they are ready to put in some work this offseason, because after an initial glimpse at the roster, they're close. I plan on being that guy to lead them to the Lombardi.

So, the talent seems to be there, but the question remains; does Matt Spencer know how to take talent and win with it. He'll get three seasons to prove it in New Orleans.

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Saints Announce Depth Chart

Saints Announce Depth Chart

This evening, the Saints announced their depth chart entering the preseason. In the first offseason under GM John Stanley, the team has seen a lot of change. 12 of the 22 combined starters on offense and defense will be new team to the team or new to starting in 2022. There will be 5 rookie starters in total, which is a high number, and 4 of those will be on defense which is potentially scary if they don't preform to their expected level. 4 new starters were acquired via trade, 1 via free agency, and 2 backups from last year will assume starting roles. Overall, it is a huge shake up in New Orleans. Stanley inherited a talented roster, but definitely worked to put his own touch on it. The turnover will likely continue in the years to come, and it will be interesting to see if it translates to any more success on the field.

2022 Projected Depth Chart::
KEY = 2021 Pro Bowler | Returning Starter | New Starter | Rookie

CB Hank Wooden | FS Jabrill Peppers | SS Chris Conte | CB Jake Meadows
ROLB Eli Harold | MLB Rueben Foster | LOLB Charles Harris
RE Demetruce Pair | DT Jerry Lipinski | DT Kawaan Short | LE Peter Hall-Smiley

LT Jack Conklin | LG Alex Turnbull | C Kyle Fuller | RG Nate Solder | RT Bonaventure Royer
WR Marlon Brown | WR Keenan Allen | WR Omar Williams | TE Carlton London
HB TJ Yeldon | QB Blaine Gabbert | FB Bubba Andrews

K Zach Hooker | P Reed Rohrer | KR/HB Darwin Wiley
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Saints Agree to Trade for QB Towles

Saints Agree to Trade for QB Towles

The Saints have agreed in principle to a trade for a young QB. The player? Patrick Towles from the Miami Dolphins. The 6'5" QB out of Kentucky has yet to play a regular season snap for the Dolphins. He is entering his 3rd season and was drafted with the 30th pick in the 2nd round in 2020. His development has been slow thus far, but the Saints feel there is something to work with there.

He has the prototypical size you look for at the position and a good arm. A pocket quarterback, Towles can make all the throws. He definitely needs continued development, but the Saints will be committed. Blaine Gabbert will be a good mentor for him this season, and aide this development. It's not clear what this means for current backup QB Dak Prescott, but it is always good to have depth at the position. Having two young players getting better, learning the ropes, and ready to compete when Gabbert is ready to pass the baton, whether after this season or further down the line will be beneficial.

The compensation? The Saints will trade a few depth players and a draft pick. The two players backup OLB Huey Olmstead and TE Theo Huxley, and the pick a 3rd rounder in the upcoming draft. A relatively modest price for a player with great potential at an important position. With that said, Towles hasn't improved much in his short career and the market wasn't really there. Towles could end up amounting to nothing in the league, but the chance is one worth taking for a potential franchise QB.
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Saints Look to Fill Roster; Prepare for Camp

Saints Look to Fill Roster; Prepare for Camp

After a successful free agency period and draft, the offseason is winding down for the Saints as they head toward training camp. There are only a few orders of business remaining, one of which is filling out their roster. They still have holes at backup SS and WR. They will likely fill those holes with some depth veteran free agents in the coming days. Aside from that their roster is mostly set, and while there will be a few camp battles, there starters are mostly set as well. It will be a fun camp to see young player grow and improve in the new system that GM John Stanley and coach Tom Brady plan to install.

Training camp is a time for young players to improve around the league. It is no different in New Orleans who will focus their efforts on a few youngsters this offseason. Five players of particular focus for the Saints in the upcoming camp will be DEs Peter Hall-Smiley and Alexander Davis III, FS Jabrill Peppers, LOLB Charles Harris, and LT Henry Boone. To start, Peter Hall-Smiley will get a lot of work. He will be asked to add 10lbs to his frame to get up to 299lbs, and will also add +1 STR (83). Alexander Davis III, a fellow 3rd rounder this draft, will get similar work adding 10lbs to get him to 296lbs but he will focus on adding +1 SPD (69), as well as +1 STR (85). With a continued focus on the rookies and defenders, Jabrill Peppers will add +1 SPD (94) to give him some added range on the back end. Rookie LB Charles Harris will get work in multiple areas, adding +1 SPD (82) and +1 ACC (84), as well as work on injury prevention +5 INJ (77). Finally, the last player getting work is along the offensive line. Rookie OT/OG Henry Boone will get +1 STR (87), as well as injury prevention +5 INJ (83).


Left End
LE Peter Hall-Smiley vs. LE Alexander Davis III
Analysis: This one is a tough one to project. Ideally, I don't think either player would start for New Orleans this year but they may be forced into playing one of them. Both players are projected as starters in the long run in the system that new GM John Stanley wants to implement in New Orleans but I don't think that at the beginning of the offseason he was hoping to start a rookie at this important spot. As far as the battle goes, Hall-Smiley may be more ready to contribute from day one, but both players could struggle at the start. This could end up being a spot that hurts the Saints during the year but maybe they get a pleasant surprise.
Projected Winner: Peter Hall-Smiley

Left Outisde Linebacker
LOLB Bryan Langford vs. LOLB Charles Harris
Analysis: This is an interesting battle. I think the Saints really like what Harris can do, but at the same time Langford is ready to contribute right now and gives the Saints a rangy, quick player at linebacker. He is undersized but with the Saints big front, they are willing to sacrifice a little behind if it is made up for with speed and quickness. If Langford starts, it could give Harris more time to develop behind the scenes from an athletic standpoint, but from a physical perspective he is ready to contribute from day one at 6'3" 260lbs. This one could come down to the wire and who plays better in the preseason.
Projected Winner: Charles Harris

#2 Cornerback
CB Jake Meadows vs. CB Jabar Watkins
Analysis: The Saints made a couple under the radar moves to improve their secondary. In Free Agency, they added Jabar Watkins a good looking young player who an all around athlete and polished. He is a little short at 5'10" which could make for a great nickel at worst, but from a tools perspective could probably play #2 CB. Another under the radar move was the trade for Jake Meadows right before the draft. It wasn't reported much, but the Saints were able to add the long time Oakland starter in Meadows for a very affordable price. He isn't the most athletic in the world, but he is big and physical, with good hands. He has also been through big games in his time in Oakland and is more then capable of being a starter during his last few prime years.
Projected Winner: Jake Meadows

Starting Center and Left Guard
C Alex Mack vs. C Alex Turnbull vs. C Kyle Fuller
Analysis: The Saints have a couple spots up for grabs here in the interior offensive line. Going into the draft, the Saints had a need for some young depth along the OL, but didn't think they would end up taking two future starters in Henry Boone and Kyle Fuller. Boone won't play right away but Fuller is more then capable of doing so. Because of this, a positional battle on the interior has been created. Alex Mack was the starter the last 2 years and was extremely effective, but he has lot a step. At the same time, having his experience on the line can't be understated. Turnbull is a former 2nd rounder who has yet to play significant snaps but is capable of doing so. He doesn't stand out in any regard but is a solid all around player. From a physical perspective Fuller is the best of the bunch and is polished enough to play right away. He is a plug and play kind of player and I'd be surprised if New Orleans didn't want to get him going as a starter as soon as possible.
Projected Winners: Kyle Fuller and Alex Turnbull
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Saints Finish Draft Strong

Saints Finish Draft Strong

Following a successful day one of the draft, the Saints went into day two with 5 picks in the 2nd and 3rd round. Additionally, they had one more pick on day three giving them a total of 8 picks for the draft. On day one, the Saints attacked the defensive side of the ball adding two studs up the middle in Reuben Foster at MLB and Jabrill Peppers at FS. On day two, the focused shifted a little bit to the offense but still in the trenches as the first two picks for the Saints were along the offensive line. The final three picks of the day shifted back to the defense though, with three more picks in the front seven. On day three, they added a depth player at the TE position. The following is a further introduction of the players:

2.21 - C Kyle Fuller - 6'5" 315lbs - Baylor
65 SPD / 90 STR / 65 AWR / 63 AGI / 76 ACC / 80 PBK / 84 RBK

Analysis: The Saints first pick on day two came late in the second round. Throughout the day they were considering moving up to grab a target that might be sliding but ultimately they decided to stand pat and didn't deem any player worthy of a move up. By doing this, they maintained all of their assets. Fuller is a good looking player at center. He has size, very good athletic ability and is polished coming in. There is a good chance he starts from day one either at center or guard, depending on how the interior competition shakes out in the preseason. But the Saints did well to find an immediate starter and 10+ year player at this point.

2.22 - LT Henry Boone - 6'7" 298lbs - Ohio State
60 SPD / 86 STR / 65 AWR / 63 AGI / 85 ACC / 78 PBK / 77 RBK

Analysis: With back-to-back picks, the Saints chose to take another offensive lineman. Boone was a offensive tackle at Ohio State but with two starters entrenched at left and right tackle for the Saints, it's likely Boone will see a move inside. Boone has great size, and is very quick in short areas. He needs to polish off his blocking techniques a bit but once he does, he should be a starter for a very long time. So while, he isn't likely to start right away like Fuller, he will be a starter for a very long time in the league.

2.24 - LOLB Charles Harris - 6'3" 260lbs - Missouri
81 SPD / 75 STR / 60 AWR / 80 AGI / 83 ACC / 78 TKL

Analysis: With their third pick in four picks, the Saints went back to the defensive side of the ball, picking their second linebacker of the draft. This was obviously an area that the team focused on both in free agency and the draft, especially following the trade of Ricky Austin. The Saints signed two potential starters in free agency in Eli Harold and Bryan Langford, and added two more in the draft in Reuben Foster and now Harris. Harris is a solid all-around player with no weakness, and is a polished player coming in. He has good size and if the Saints work to improve on his athletic ability, he should be really good for a long time. It remains to be seen whether Langford or Harris will start alongside Foster and Harold, but it won't be long before Harris contributes.

3.17 - LE Alexander Davis III - 6'5" 286lbs - S.C. State
68 SPD / 85 STR / 62 AWR / 77 AGI / 79 ACC / 73 TKL

Analysis: The Saints stuck with the defensive theme in the third round, taking another front seven player but this time a defensive end. Following the pre-draft trade of Flint Murphy, the Saints had a hole at starting defensive end. Davis III was a player they debated taking as early as the late 2nd round, but because of the depth they saw with both Davis and Hall-Smiley still on the board, they decided to wait. Funny enough, they ended up being able to select both players. Davis III is a big bodied player, which is where the Saints front seven is trending. Ultimately with work, he could develop into 70 SPD / 88 STR / 80 AGI / 82 ACC at 6'5" 296lbs which is similar to a player in Canton Larsson who the Saints bid aggressively on in free agency, and is seen as the prototype for what GM Stanley wants to implement up front. It remains to be seen whether Davis will start from day one, but with no other options currently he is the leader in the clubhouse.

3.30 - LE Peter Hall-Smiley - 6'3" 289lbs - Penn State
74 SPD / 83 STR / 61 AWR / 75 AGI / 80 ACC / 74 TKL

Analysis: As mentioned above, Hall-Smiley was a player the Saints coveted in the late 2nd along with Davis III, and somehow the Saints lucked into getting them both. Another player that fits the prototype. He could ultimately develop into 75 SPD / 86 STR / 78 AGI / 83 ACC player at 6'3" 299lbs. Again very similar to a player like Canton Larrsson, and a perfect fit for New Orleans up front. He is another candidate to start for the Saints, but either way you will likely see a Hall-Smiley and Davis III pairing at LE/RE in the future.

6.13 - TE Thomas Winn - 6'4" 228lbs - Ohio State
82 SPD / 64 STR / 60 AGI / 80 AGI / 76 ACC / 40 RBK

Analysis: The Saints final pick in the draft was merely a depth player with some potential. They wanted to add a player who they thought had some ability and if things fell correctly could play a role down the line. Winn is the second Ohio State selection for the Saints, joining teammate Henry Boone. He is an undersized tight end who has some athletic gifts. He isn't much in the way of a blocker, but his other skills make him at least a little bit intriguing. He should be a serviceable backup and depth player for the team.
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Saints Successful Day One

Saints Successful Day One

The Saints went into day one with two first round picks and ended up making both of those picks. There were discussions at times about moving up, down and out of the spots altogether but ultimately the Saints liked how the board fell to them. They were able to land two immediate starters on defense, who they think were great values at the spots they got them. Both players fill a hole on defense that they had entering the draft. The brass actually debated moving up at times to assure they could get two players that would be sure to fill holes on defense but did well to not give up any more assets and get two great players.

1.22 - MLB Rueben Foster - 6'1" 244lbs - Alabama
80 SPD / 84 STR / 72 AWR / 80 AGI / 85 ACC / 83 TKL

Analysis: The Saints were surprised to see Foster still on the board at 1.22. In fact, they debated a few times whether or not to move up and nab him. Foster is a day one starter at the MLB spot and will be an immediate producer. The Saints did well here to get an instant replacement for Ricky Austin after trading him to St. Louis earlier in the week. Foster has everything you look for in a linebacker, and will continue to improve when he gets in camp.

1.24 - FS Jabrill Peppers - 6'1" 208lbs - Michigan
93 SPD / 64 STR / 61 AWR / 90 AGI / 92 ACC / 63 CTH

Analysis: At this spot, the Saints were debating what to do for a while. They knew they wanted Peppers but were actually in talks with the Titans at 1.23 to get three straight picks and pick up another target they had for the spot. In the end, they stuck with Peppers. A safe player, who has great all-around ability and everything you want at the free safety spot. New Orleans entered the draft with a hole at this spot, and had a number of prospects that could fit the bill around this range, but Peppers was the favorite. In his time at Michigan, Peppers was a playmaker playing all over the field including on offense and the return game, but he will strictly be a safety at the next level and hopefully be an impact player right away.
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Saints Sign Three in Free Agency

Saints Sign Three in Free Agency

The Saints front office made a few big signings last night just prior to the draft. GM John Stanley had talked about filling a few holes they had before draft day so they would have a little more freedom when working the draft board. They did just that. At LB, they signed ROLB Eli Harold and LOLB Bryan Langford to 5 and 3-year deals respectively, terms undisclosed. Following the trade of MLB Ricky Austin to St. Louis, there were glaring holes at the LB position, with the need for starters at all three spots. Adding both Harold and Langford gives the Saints starting caliber players at both OLB spots, and while they won't be penciled in as starters right away it makes it easier going into the draft only really needing one starter at LB as opposed to trying to fill all three. The third player that the Saints signed that they are really excited about is CB Jabar Watkins to a 3-year deal. Watkins is a little undersized but is a great athlete, and polished as a player. He has no glaring weakness and the Saints believe that if necessary could play the #2 CB spot but more then likely will slot in at the nickel CB spot and give the team more overall depth at CB.

The Saints will now enter the draft with a few less holes to address. They currently have 2 1sts, 3 2nds, and 1 3rd giving them 6 picks in the first 3 rounds. They have 9 picks overall (5th, 2 6ths). This gives GM John Stanley plenty of time to add starters and depth to his roster. Stanley has always believed that within the first three rounds you have to hit on players that can either start immediately or have the potential to start down the line, so the Saints will definitely be adding a lot of talent this weekend whether they stand pat, move up, or trade out. Should be an exciting weekend for the Saints and their fans!
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Saints Trade Star Linebacker Austin

Saints Trade Star Linebacker Austin

In rather unexpected news that caught everyone in New Orleans by surprise on Friday morning, the Saints and the new front office shipped out star linebacker Ricky Austin in a trade to St. Louis. Austin is one of the best defensive players in the league. He has led the league in tackles three times, finished second one other year, and finished fifth last year after an injury cut his season short. By all accounts Austin is a good locker room presence and his play on the field more then speaks for itself. So why ship him out? We were able to reach GM John Stanley for comment to explain a little of his thinking.

"First of all, let's start by saying Ricky is an exceptional talent, and probably one of the best handful players in the league on the defensive side of the ball. In addition, he is a player of high character and a great leader and person in the locker room. This decision came down to the football team and making the football team as good as it can be now and in the future. I really had no ideas of trading Ricky throughout the offseason, he was a cornerstone player on defense and someone you build around. The first I thought of moving him came late last night when the Rams, and interestingly enough another team approached me about moving him. The Rams came out with a very strong offer initially, which peaked my interest because I knew they were serious about their pursuit. After a little haggling we were able to get the deal to a point where we were comfortable making the deal. The ability to now have 5 picks in the first 2 rounds, 6 in the first 3 rounds, and have an additional first next year as well was something we thought was too good to pass up. It will give me the ability to put my stamp on the team and build the team how I would like to, and help us to sustain long-term success here in New Orleans which is important."

The official terms of the deals were as follows:

Saints Send:
MLB Ricky Austin
Future 7th

Rams Send:
Future 1st
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Saints Prepare for Free Agency

Saints Prepare for Free Agency

The Saints are getting ready for Free Agency but it is unclear how big of a player they will be, despite the fact that they have a number of holes to fill. In the run up to Free Agency they made two moves to bring back to veterans who have spent their whole careers thus far with the Saints.

DT Gerry Lipinski who was drafted in the 2nd round, 13th pick, by the team back in 2018 was signed by the team to a 5 year deal. The deal is for $38.78M with $9.35M guaranteed. This is a relatively good deal for the team, and fair for both sides. The deal shows a commitment by Stanley to Lipinski's future with the team, and he will be a starter along Short next year on the remodeled defensive line that will likely see two new starters at defensive end.

The other player that was brought back was DE Flint Murphy. He was tagged for $11.72M. It is unclear what the plan is for the former first round pick of the Saints who has an awful lot of talent. There are rumors of a potential trade out of town, but we have yet to confirm those rumors. Sources within the facility have actually indicated the obvious and have pointed to potentially moving Murphy to OLB where he would be a better fit in the new scheme being implemented in New Orleans. For now, we are in wait and see mode, but we could have some clarity shortly with Free Agency upon us and the Draft approaching.

In addition to these moves, the Saints declared HB TJ Yeldon and FB Bubba Andrews match-eligible. It is unsure how much Yeldon fits in the current team's plans and if they would extend to match either player.
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Saints Make Two Trades

Saints Make Two Trades

The Saints have continued to work since their first trade of the offseason that saw them bring in Blaine Gabbert and Keenan Allen. One thing that GM John Stanley has been known for in his time in GZL is his desire to build his own team, specifically through the draft. When he arrived in New Orleans, the picks were not plentiful, so it was only a matter of time before he acquired more.

In a move that was announced late last night the team moved out of the 1.9 draft position in the following trade with the Bears:

Saints Send:

Bears Send:

The move gives the Saints three picks in the first two rounds instead of just one, and gives them a total of six picks overall. Word within the building is that while Stanley likes the talent on the roster, he feels there are a lot of holes that need to be filled if they want to compete at a high level, specifically just within their own division. If played right, this trade could give them three starters or key contributors on next years roster, which is great then any one player they could have gotten at 1.9. Or at least that is how the team views it.

The team also made another trade last night, this time with old Saints GM Bryan Mellon in Miami:

Saints Send:
DE Chandler Jones

Dolphins Send:
DE Demetruce Pair

This trade aligns with a move to a different style defense for the Saints in 2022. Under Stanley, the Saints want to get bigger up front, hopefully running a stout four-man front that focuses on stopping the run. Pairing that with fast, athletic LB is the plan, and could make for a dynamic front seven. Pair will slot in at RE, playing alongside DT's Kawaan Short and Gerry Lipinski. The Saints are still searching for the answer at LE, but are looking into a number of options. Whoever it is, will be a big bodied player who is strong at the point of attack.
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Saints Acquire Two Stars

Saints Acquire Two Stars

The Saints made their first big move under GM John Stanley and it was to acquire two star players from Stanley's past. The Saints acquired QB Blaine Gabbert and WR Keenan Allen to the team via trade from the Chargers. Being shipped to San Diego was QB Tyler Wilson and the Saints 4th round draft pick. Gabbert will be the starting QB for next season and Allen will slot as a top 2 WR for the team with current starter Marlon Brown. The move takes up $13 million in cap space from the team, which is a large chunk, but the ability to acquire two players that Stanley was comfortable with and still at the top of their game trumped the cap space in this scenario. The move may signal the beginning of the end for WR Cameron Shaw in New Orleans because of his large cap hit and the other resources that are now invested in the receiver position.

In addition to the move, the Saints also tendered three restricted free agents. CB John Mooney and HB Curtis Saldi both received the same draft round tender which is a 4th and 3rd round pick respectively. DT Cameron Byrne was also tendered at a right of first refusal tender.

The Saints had no initial comment on the trade, but word from inside the building say that more deals are in the works and we could hear more from New Orleans on the trade front soon. Stay tuned.
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New Orleans Saints 2021 Year in Review: Defense
Green Zone League’s New Orleans Saints 2021 Year in Review: Defense

This time I’m going to be looking at the defense. As with the offensive summary, I welcome other GM’s advice.

Let’s start on the line: DT’s

DT Kawaan Short: 27 years old
Contract: 1 year remaining- next year’s salary is $9.47M
Short performed just okay. We would have liked to see more QB pressures.

DT Gerry Lipinski: 25 years old
Contract: Free agent to be
Lipinski had 11 tackles for losses which was a pleasant surprise. His future is a bit up in the air. It won’t be chap to resign him.

Next: DE’s

RE Flint Murphy: 26 years old
Contract: free agent to be
RE Murphy has 59 tackles which set a career high. Due to injuries he saw some time at ROLB. He also set a career high with 7 sacks. He’s another signing that won’t be cheap so time will tell whether he’s brought bak or not.

LE Chandler Jones: 29 years old
Contract: 1 year remaining- next year’s salary is $8.86M
LE Jones has been a very solid DE during his ZL career earning his GZL icon status. His 16 tackles for losses were of great importance. There’s been rumors of a release due to the cap but we’ll have to wait and see for sure.

Next: LB’s

MLB Ricky Austin: 26 years old
Contract: 1 year remaining- next year’s salary is $9.64M
MLB Austin was on his way to having another great season but suffered a season ending injury making him miss all but a couple snaps of the final four games.

ROLB Angelito May: 23 years old
Contract: 2 years remaining- next year’s salary is $1.32M
ROLB May had a decent season totaling 75 sacks and 10 tackles for loses. He’s produced well for the last pick in the 3rd round from the 2020 draft.

LOLB Sean Spence: 23 years old
Contract: Free agent to be
Similar to Chandler Jones, Spence is a GZL icon however it’s very unlikely he will be brought back if the Saints decide to go with a youth movement.

Next: CB’s

CB Patrick Peterson
: 30 years old
Contract: Free agent to be
Peterson is another GZL Icon however unlike Sean Spence above, the Saints will try to bring him back. He had what was perhaps historically his best GZL season ever with 8 interceptions. There’s a chance he will move to FS if his speed decreases much more.

CB Hank Wooden: 26 years old
Contract: 2 more seasons left- next years salary will be $5.98M
Wooden will be expected to step up if Peterson is moved to a safety spot. Wooden has been consistent during his GZL career however some people within the Saints organization believe he’s yet to reach his full potential

CB Junior Malloy: 24 years old
Contract: 2 more seasons left- next years salary will be $1.17M
Junior Malloy came over from Buffalo in which the teams basically swapped first round picks last season. He will be penciled in as a starter if Peterson moved to FS.

Lastly: FS/SS

FS: Antonio Allen: 31 years old
Contract: Free agent to be
Allen has enjoyed to extremely good seasons playing for the Saints. He most likely won’t be back especially with the predicted move of Peterson to FS.

SS: Chris Conte: 28 years old
Contract: 4 season left- next years salary will be $2.59M
Conte will be the Saint’s starting SS next season. His first three seasons in the league were better than his most recent two. The Saints hope he comes back into his 2018-2019 form this coming season.
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New Orleans Saints 2021 Year in Review: Offense
Green Zone League’s New Orleans Saints 2021 Year in Review: Offense

Ugh …. You know your season didn’t go too well when you start your year in review off with “ugh”. I (we the organization) had high hopes coming into the season. It would be my second full GZL season. While I hadn’t had huge my first season and half my overall record was 11 wins and 10 losses. With the experience and talent of GZL general managers I was satisfied with that. This season I wasn’t as successful as our record ended up being 6 wins and 10 losses.

In this particle article I’m going to be looking at the offensive and special teams side of things. I’ll later work on a defensive review. I welcome and an even actually asking for other GM’s advice. I love GM leagues much better than my old coach mode leagues but I still have a few things to pick up on I believe.

Let’s start at the top: Quarterbacks

QB Tyler Wilson: 30 years old | 6’2” | 225 lbs| 92 AWR | 94 THP | 98 THA |
Contract: 2 years remaining- next year’s salary is $5.78M
He had/was having perhaps his best GZL season to date however the team didn’t seem to gel with him as his record as a starter was 4 wins and 6 losses.

QB Dak Prescott: 22 years old & a rookie | 6’2” | 235 lbs | 65 AWR | 93 THP | 81 THA
Contract: 3 more years remaining- next year’s salary is $1.37M
Prescott was drafted with the 24th in the second round of this past GZL draft. To be 100% honest I’m a bit lost on him. I look around and see all these 99 Ovr QB’s and think it’s not worth trying to progress him while other times looking at QB Wilson and thinking Prescott could become at least as good as him. I used two post regular season progression points on his AWR bringing it up to 67. I welcome thoughts on him: do I start him over Wilson next year or do I keep him around as a capable backup? The team’s record was 2 wins and 4 losses during the games in which he started.

Next: Running backs

RB Curtis Saldi: 23 years old | 5’10” | 252 lbs |87 SPD | 75 STR | 85 AGI | 89 ACC | 87 BTK | 66 AWR
Contract: free agent to be
I liked how Saldi looked on paper: he’s huge at 252 lbs and has decent speed (87) to go with the size. I could never get him to play well though. In 21 games with our organization he totaled over 100 yards rushing just three times. He had just one single rushing touchdown in 329 carries over the last two seasons. He suffered a year ending injury this past season during the same week we traded for former Raiders running back TJ Yeldon so Saldi is most likely done here in New Orleans

RB TJ Yeldon: 24 years old | 6’12” | 230 lbs |95 SPD | 72 STR | 92 AGI | 91 ACC | 87 BTK | 69 AWR
Contract: free agent to be
Yeldon underperformed for Oakland but he did okay for us. We gave up a second round pick for him which was probably a bit much at the time but we needed to make a move. Yeldon was drafted at 2.2 in the 2018 draft by the Colts. The Raiders gave up a 2nd round pick for Yeldon and the Colts 4th a couple seasons ago. This year after the dust settled Yeldon was 10th in the GZL in yards rushing. At 24 years of age we feel he has plenty of productive seasons ahead of him and would like to try and resign him.

Next: Wide receivers

WR Marlon Brown: 25 years old |6’4” | 215 lbs| 95 SPD| 69 AWR| 90 AGI| 93 ACC|91 CTH| 94 JMP
Contract: 6 more years- next year’s salary is $3.2M
We like Brown’s size and overall ability. He topped the 1000 yard mark for the 3rd consecutive season and 4th out of his first 5 seasons. (He totaled 996 yards in his second season just barely missing the 1K mark.) His 19 drops was a huge let down this year but he will be a focal point of the passing game next year.

WR Cameron Shaw: 29 years old| 6’5”| 228 lbs| 91 SPD| 72 AWR| 88 AGI| 90 ACC| 82 CTH| 93 JMP
Contract: 3 more seasons- next year’s salary is $8.84M
We realize Shaw doesn’t have Marlon Brown’s athleticism but he’s proved to be a reliable GZL receiver as he topped 1000 received yards for the 6th consecutive season this past year.

WR #3: Omar Williams: 24 years old |5’11”| 179 lbs| 95 SPD| 56 SWR| 94 AGI| 90 ACC| 72 CTH| 95 JMP
Contract: 3 more seasons- next year’s salary is $2.19M
Willaims is our kick returner. We’ve been mildly satisfied with his KR and PR abilities but his future with the team is up in the air. Had we been winning his job would have been safe but we can’t help but think what RB Darwin Wiley might look like returning kicks for us. Wiley has 98 SPD and 80 CTH so we’ve also thought him possibly lining up as our #3 WR at times. Wiley’s 5’9” and 208 lbs frame worry us a bit however it’s not much different than Williams’ body type.

Next: Tight Ends

TE Carlton London: 26 years old |6’5”| 253 lbs| 80 SPD|70 STR|78 AWR|76 CTH|45 PB| 57 RB
Contract: 3 more seasons left- next year’s salary is $2.98M
I doubt London will be our starting tight end next season. This was a bad signing for us after my first full season. While London would be a good backup he isn’t starting caliber. We’ll soon be looking for a starting tight end.

Next: Offensive line

RT Ryan Clady: 34 years old | 6’6”| 327 lbs| 91 STR| 99 AWR| 69 AGI| 71 ACC|99 RB| 99 PB
Contract: free agent to be
Even though he’s 34 year old, Clady seemed to be the missing part of the line we had previously been looking for. We’d like to find a way to bring him back.

RG Nate Solder: 33 years old |6’8”|319 lbs| 88 STR| 89 AWR| 70 AGI| 80 ACC| 92 PB| 97 RB
Contract: 1 season remaining- next year’s salary is $9.35M
While Solder is getting older we plan on keeping him around even with his high salary. The hit on a release would be $3.61M. If our salary situation becomes tight perhaps amnesty would be an option but I don’t think I’d want to spend 15 GZQ on a $3.61M hit.

LT Jack Conklin: 23 years old |6’6”| 325 lbs| 96 STR| 72 AWR| 63 AGI| 79 ACC| 91 PB| 87 RB
Contract: 4 seasons left- next year’s salary $4.8M
We’re satisfied with Conklin’s progression and expect him to be a starter on our line for years to come.

RT/LG Bonaventure Royer: 24 years old |6’6”| 95 STR| 81 AWR| 64 AGI| 82 ACC| 96 PB| 91 RB
Contract: 2 seasons left- next year’s salary is $9.57M
Royer had a disastrous 2020 season in which he moved from LT to RT and gave his 15 sacks versus 74 pancakes. He was moved to LG when Ryan Clady was brought in this season. There’s a very good chance Royer moves back to RT next season if Clady doesn’t come back.

C Alex Mack: 35 years old| 6’4”|316 lbs| 90 STR| 93 AWR| 58 AGI| 71 ACC| 90 PB| 99 RB
Contract: 1 year remaining at $5.81M
Mack a solid season in which he graded out as the 2nd best center in the GZL. We plan on paying him his $5.81M salary next season.

Final spot: Fullback
FB Bubba Andrews: 26 years old |6’3”| 80 SPD| 84 STR| 78 AWR| 76 ACC| 51 PB| 72 RB
Contract: free agent to be
We gave Bubba franchise tag money in 2021. He’s a great FB and we’d like to keep him on the team however the likelihood of that happening is low. He will be missed but the position of FB will most likely be one where we go a different (cheaper) direction unless a last minute change of heart is made.
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Saints weeks 3-5 review
Saints weeks 3 through 5 reviews

Week # 3
New Orleans Saints – 14
Chicago Bears – 30

Boy, oh boy as we’ve said a couple times, it’s going to be a long season. The Saints lost to the Bears in week 3 even though they were able to intercept Bears QB Andrew Luck 5 times. Patrick Peterson was the star for the Saints as he totaled 7 tackles, 1 for a loss, 3 interceptions, 2 deflections and 1 TD.

Saints series breakdown
1st – Punt | 3 and out
2nd – Punt | 3 and out
3rd – Missed 54 yard FG
4th – Punt | 3 and out
5th – Punt
6th – Punt at 2 min warning
7th – 66 yard interception return by CB Peterson |ep good 7-17
8th – 11 seconds left in 1st half | ran clock out
9th – Punt | 3 and out
10th – Punt
11th – Turnover on downs (4th and 10 got 9 yards)
12th - 32 yard TD pass from QB Wilson to WR Williams | ep good 14-27

Bears series breakdown
1st – 26 yard FG (3-0)
2nd – Punt | 3 and out
3rd – 1 yard TD pass from QB Luck to WR Llyod | ep good (0-10)
4th – 8 yard TD pass from QB Luck to WR Steele | ep good (0-17)
5th – Turnover- interception by Saints CB Peterson
6th – 1:27 left in first half | Interception #2 by CB Peterson
7th – Turnover- interception by Saints CB Peterson
8th – Turnover- interception by Saints CB Malloy
9th – Turnover- interception by Saints CB Malloy
10th – 8 yard TD run by RB Pittman | ep good (7-24)
11th – 54 yard FG (7-27)
12th – 46 yard FG (14-30)
13th - 48 seconds left | ran clock out


Week # 4
New Orleans Saints – 31
Carolina Panthers – 7

The Saints finally got a victory in week 4. The Saints offense was led by QB Wilson and RB Saldi. QB Wilson passed for less than 200 yards and had a copmpletion % of less than 50% but he was able to throw 3 TD’s. RB Saldi ran the ball 33 times for 145 yards and 1 TD.This was just the 3rd time Saldi rushed for over 100 yards and represents a new career high. On defense DE Flint Murphy set a career high for sacks in a single game with 3.

Saints series breakdown

1st – 1 yard TD pass from QB Wilson to WR Brown | ep good 7-0
2nd – 9 yard TD pass from QB Wilson to WR Shaw | ep good 14-0
3rd – Punt
4th – Punt
5th – 80 yard TD run by RB Saldi called back due to holding | Punt
6th – 2 yard TD run by RB Saldo | ep good 21-0
7th – 35 seconds left in 1st half ran clock out
8th – Punt | 3 and out
9th – Punt
10th – 40 yard FG 24-10
11th – 14 yard TD pass from QB Wilson to WR Shaw | ep good 31-10
12th – Punt | 3 and out
13th – Turnover- Interception by SS McFarland
14th - Punt | 3 and out
15th – 2:00 left | Punt 3 and out
16th - Punt | 3 and out

Panther series breakdown
1st – Turnover- Interception by CB Wooden
2nd – Punt
3rd – Punt
4th – Punt
5th – Punt
6th – 69 yard TD pass from QB Davidson to WR Strong | ep good 21-7
7th – 39 yard FG 21-10
8th – Punt | 3 and out
9th – Punt
10th – Turnover- Interception by CB Malloy
11th – 61 yard TD pass from QB Davidson to WR Jackson | ep good 31-17
12th – Punt | 3 and out
13th – Punt
14th - Punt
15th – Turnover on downs
16th – Time expired on drive


Week # 5
New Orleans Saints – 24
New York Giants – 17

The Saints beat the Giants to create a two game win streak. The Saints won while not having any one particular player really shine on offense. A total of six players ran the ball led by RB Saldi with 11 attempts. Saldi was doing well but broke his jaw early in the game and will miss the rest of the season. Saldi may have very well played his last game for the Saints. Patrick Peterson had another good game with 7 tackles, 2 for loses, 1 interception and 1 deflection. QB Johnny Manziel wasn’t able to get much going for the Giants as he finished the day with a QB Rating of 62.0 and 2 interceptions.

Saints series breakdown
1st – 36 yard FG 3-0
2nd – Punt | 3 and out
3rd – Punt | 3 and out
4th – 9 yard TD pass from QB Wilson to WR Brown | ep good 10-3
5th – Punt
6th – 7 yard TD run by RB Wiley | ep good 17-3
7th – Punt | 3 and out
8th – Punt | 3 and out
9th – Punt
10th – 3 yard TD run by RB Bookery | ep good 24-17
11th – Ran clock out to seal the win

Giants series breakdown
1st – Punt | 3 and out
2nd – Turnover- Interception by CB Peterson
3rd – 49 yard FG 3-3
4th – Punt
5th – Punt | 3 and out
6th – Turnover- Interception by CB Wooden
7th – Punt | 3 and out
8th – 10 yard TD run by RB Medina | ep good 17-10
9th – Punt
10th – 9 yard TD run by RB Sullivan | ep good 17-17
11th – Punt


Saints trade for Raider’s RB TY Yeldon
The Saints send their 2nd round pick to the Raiders for RB TY Yeldon. The Saints and Raiders had talked about a Yeldon trade dating back to the 2020 season. The Saints made the trade hoping the pair Yeldon with RB Curtis Saldi however Saldi’s Saints career is in doubt due to his season ending injury.
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Saints Weeks 1 & 2 review
(Getting caught up....)

Week # 1
There’s no other way to put it, we got our butts stomped in week 1 by the Bucs!

We were unable to stop (backup) QB Kellen Moore or RB Todd Gurley. Moore completed 67 % of his passes for 249 yards and 3 TD’s for a rating of109.9. Gurley ran the ball 28 times for 165 yards for a whopping 5.9 yards per carry average and 1 TD. Backup RB Woodrow Carr even ran well gaining 52 carries on 9 attempts for 5.78 yards per carry. He found the end zone once as well.

Our QB and RB’s didn’t fare as well. QB Tyler Wilson went 13 for 36 for a miserable completion average of just 36%. On the plus side he threw for 2 TD’s and only 1 interception. His QB rating for the game was a lousy 64.5. RB Saldi averaged 5.25 yards per carry however he only ran 4 times and one of those carries ended up in a fumble. Rookie speedster Darwin Wiley had a rude awakening to the GZL as he gained only 10 yards on 11 carries for an unbelievably bad 0.9 yards per carry.

The Buss did a great job of spreading the ball around. They had 8 players with receptions however their leading receiver had only 65 yards. The Saints leading receiver was rookie third string RB Devontae Booker who had 1 reception for 72 yards (and a TD). WR Cameron Shaw had 4 receptions while no other player had more than 2 catches. Usually sure handed WR , Marlon Brown dropped 3 passes in this game while only securing 2 others. Brown’s disappointing stat line showed 2 catches for 17 yards.

The Saints offensive line showed improvement as they totaled 18 pancakes versus only 1 sack. The Bucs as a team had an amazing 48 pancakes. Yes…. 48 pancakes.

Both teams kickers and punters did well as they combined for 4 field goals, 8 extra points and 9 punts with an average of over 46 yards per punt.

To give an idea of how dominant the Bucs offensive was their leading tackler had 4 tackles. The Saints were led on defense by MLB Ricky Austin. Austin totaled 10 tackles while FS Antonio Allen was behind him with 9 tackles.

It’s back to the drawing board for the Saints. This could be a long year.


Week #2

Well, it wasn’t a butt kicking like week 1 versus the Bucs but it was another loss. We didn’t want to start out 0-2 but here we are. This one was a heartbreaker. The Saints had the lead late in the game. It looked like they were going to be able to secure the victory until FB Bubba Andrews fumbled the ball. The fumble was recovered by the Cards. The Cards would go on to score and get the nice come from behind victory.

Cardinal WR Julio Jones put on a clinic. He caught 5 passes for 123 yards including a long of 44 yards with zero drops. RB’s Tre Mason and Ace Kirkland both managed to find the end zone once for the Cards. The Cards offensive line totaled 20 pancakes while not allowing a sack.

The Saints got decent production from QB Tyler Wilson as he went 24 for 39 and passed for 267 yards. He threw 2 TD’s and had 1 interception while posting QB rating of 88.3. A total of 10 Saints recorded catches in the game with WR’s Cameron Shaw and Marlon Brown getting the TD’s. The Cards defensive did a good job of bottling up the Saints RB’s for the most part. RB Curtis Saldi ran 9 times for 49 yards but Darwin Wiley wasn’t able to find as much room as he ran 12 times for a total of just 18 yards. On the positive side of things Wiley did have two short TD runs. The offensive line for the Saints continue to perform better than they did last season by having 27 pancakes and giving up only 1 sack.

The Saints were able to take a few positives away defensively. MLB Ricky Austin had another good game with 11 tackles and 2 of them were tackles for loss. CB Hank Wooden recorded a pair of interceptions. DT Gerry Lipinski had 3 tackles but all 3 of them were for tackles for loss.

It’s going to be a long season in New Orleans.

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Saints Preseason Review
Saints 2021 Preseason Game #1 Review

49ers- 55
Saints- 17

This butt kicking provided no positives for the Saints. The offense was offensive and the defense was dreadful. The 49ers QB duo if Geno Smith and Bret Hundley looked nothing less than dynamic as they combined for a QB rating of 107.8. They passed for over 300 yards and threw a total of 4 touchdowns compared to only 1 interception. Saints starting QB Tyler Wilson earned a QB rating of 84.3 by going 16 of 24 for 174 yards, 1 TD and 1 interception. Rookie Dak Prescott got a rude welcome to the GZL by going 6 of 17 for 135, 1 TD and 4 interceptions on his way to a rough QB rating of 45.5.

The run game results were not much different as the 49ers ran over and through the Saints defense. 49er RB’s Charles Sims and Ernie Gillespe totaled 163 yards, 1 TD and 0 turnovers. Saint RB’s Curtis Saldi and rookie Darwin Wiley were not able to find much success as they ran the ball 12 times for just 38 yards.

The Saints receiving corps did a bit better than their RB’s but it obviously wasn’t enough. WR’s Omar Williams, Cameron Shaw and Marlon Brown combined for 10 catches, 167 yards, 1 TD and 2 dropped passes. TE Carlton London and RB Darwin Wiley added 7 more receptions for 57 yards and a TD. The 49ers were led by WR Willie Williams as he grabbed 4 passes for 94 yards.

On special teams Wiley ran back 3 kicks for 70 total yards and an average of 23.3 per return. Williams had 4 returns, for 100 total yards and a 25.0 average return. Kick Hocker was good on his only field goal attempt. Punter Reed had a total of 5 punts, 229 yards and an average of 45.7 yards per kick.

The offensive line was a major letdown as they totaled only 9 pancakes and allowed 2 sacks. No offensive lineman had more than 2 pancakes. This is an area where the Saints front office felt like improvement was made during the offseason. Better offensive line play is expected immediately. The 49ers totaled 33 total pancakes compared to the team total of just 17 for the Saints.

On defense the Saints were mostly led by CB Hank Wooden and LB Angelito May. Wooden had 11 tackles, 1 for a loss and an interception. May had 7 tackles and one for a loss. DT Gerry Lipniski was the only player who recorded a sack. The 49ers OJ Berry returned an interception 73 yards for a pick six touchdown.

The 49ers won just about all of the important game play categories including:
-Time of possession: 29:30 to 18:30
-Third down conversion percentage: 57% (8 of 14) to 30% (4 of 13)
-Rushing average: 4.8 to 3.4 yards per carry &
-Passing average: 8.9 to 7.3 yards per pass


Saints 2021 Preseason Game #2 Review

Saints- 24
Panthers- 21 (Game went to overtime)

This week went a bit better for the Saints than last week versus the 49ers. Saint QB’s Tyler Wilson and rookie Dak Prescott both had better games versus the Panthers. Wilson was 14 of 19 for 117 yards, 2 TDs and 0 interceptions on way to a QB rating of 124.2. Prescott was 13 of 21 for 143 yards, 1 TD, 1 interception and a QB rating of 78.0. Panther QB’s matt Barkly and Homer Davidson went 17 of 33 for 206 yards, 2 TDs, 0 interceptions and a combined QB rating of 91.2.

The Saints run game was better but was still far from good. Saldi ran the ball 14 times for 53 yards and an average of 3.7 yards per carry. Wiley carried the ball 13 times for 58 yards for an average of 4.4 yards per carry. Neither one fumbled which is a positive. Panthers RBs totaled 28 carries for 134 yards but were held out of the end zone.

The Saints receivers shared the load as nine players recorded catches. WR Marlon Brown led the team with 7 receptions for 64 yards however WR Shaw did the scoring with 2 TDs followed by TE London with another TD. Mohamad Sano led the Panthers with 3 catches for 50 yards. It was Clive Walford whom caught both of the Panthers TD passes though.

Special teams were just again okay as RB Wiley had 2 kick returns totaling 55 yards and an average return of 27.5 yards. WR Williams had 4 returns for 93 yards and an average of 23.7 yards per return. Hocker once again connected on his only kick. Reed punted 7 times for 320 yards and an average of 45.7 yards. 2 of his punts were within the 20 yard line while 2 others were touch backs.

The offensive line played much better even though their pancake total was only 25. The most important stat for them was their 0 sacks allowed. The Saints totaled 34 team pancakes compared to the Panthers 31.
The defense played much better although no one player really shined. SS Chris Conte led the team with 8 tackles followed by MLB Ricky Austin’s 6. The team once again only had one sack. This week DE Chandler Jones got it to go along with his 5 tackles. The Saints had 12 total deflections led by Hank Wooden with 3.

The game stats were split pretty evenly. The Saints had a time of possession lead of 28:02 compared to the Panthers 23:23. The Panthers had better 3rd down conversion % (28% to 25%) and rush average (5.1 to 4.1 yards per carry) while the Saints had a slight edge on passing yards (6.5 to 6.1 per pass).


Preseason Game #3


Ugh…. I get to give a summary of how we (Saints) lost again. Well, we did in fact lose but this time the score was closer than our blowout in week 1; 39 to 32 in favor of the Vikings. Our QB’s had a decent game. Tyler Wilson went 10 of 20 for 169 yards, 1 TD and 1 interception with a QB rating of 74.8. Rookie Dak Prescott went 13 of 18 for 144 yards with a QB rating of 95.6.

The RB’s did a much better job. Curtis Saldi ran 15 times for 81 yards. Rookie Devontae Booker ran 11 times for 56 yards and added 2 TD’s. It was the first time in a long time where each RB averaged 5.0 yards or more per carry.

Cameron Shaw came back with a productive half as he caught 4 passes for 80 yards. Omar Williams led the team in catches with 7. Marlon Brown was once again quite as he caught 2 passes for 15 yards. One of those passes was for a TD though.
Kicker Zach Hocker stayed perfect in the preseason going 1 for 1 on filed goals.

MLB Ricky Auston totaled 9 tackled, 1 for a loss and 1 sack. CB Hank Wooden was second on the team with 7 tackles. Rookie Jordan Watts III had 3 tackles, 1 sack and 1 interception which he took back 47 yards for a TD.

The offensive line had only 17 pancakes however they held their own by not giving up a sack.

Even though the team played better we still lost which isn’t doing much of anything for the morale in New Orleans. On to preseason game #4.


Bengals- 27

It was another close loss for the Saints this week. Once again veteran QB Tyler Wilson was outplayed by rookie Dak Prescott. Wilson went 7 of 15 for 96 yards, 0 TD’s or interceptions for a QB rating of 67.6. Prescott was 12 of 18 for 169 yards, 1 TD, 1 interception and a QB rating of 92.1.
The RBs came back down to earth as they ran for 53 yards.

TE Carlton London led the team with 4 receptions for 94 yards and 1 TD.
Kicker Zach Hocker connected on both of his field goal attempts.

As what has become a weekly tradition around here MLB Ricky Austin led the team in tackles with 7 including 3 for loses and 1 forced fumble. CB Junior Malloy had 6 tackles and two sacks.

The Saints finished up 1 and 3 this preseason. We hope to look forward to bigger and better things in the regular season.
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Saints Post Drat Wrap Up

Post Draft Saints Update

The seven picks New Orleans ended up having sort of resembled alphabet soup. None of the seven picks started out as their own. Pick 2.23 was originally the Chiefs, 2.24 was originally the 49’ers, 3.29 was originally the Bucs, 3.30 was originally the Ravens, 5.11 was originally the Patriots, 5.12 was originally the Cowboys and 5.25 was originally the Bears.

@ 2.23 the Saint drafted RB Darwin Wiley from Buffalo.
Wiley fill most likely take over the KR and PR duties for the Saints as current KR Omar Williams is projected to be the Saints #3 WR this year. Wiley’s most impressive stats are his 97 SPEED, 95 AGILITY, 91 ACCELERATION, 80 CATCH and 96 KICK RETURN.

@ 2.24 the Saints drafted QB Dak Prescott from Mississippi State.
Prescott will be the Saints #2 QB right off the bat. The Saints front office is thrilled with his 93 THROW POWER and are okay with his 81 THROW ACCURACY.

@ 3.29 the Saints drafted OLB DeMond Weems from Nebraska.
The former Cornhusker will see time on special teams this year with some possible substitution at both outside linebacker positions. Weems post skew stats include 82 SPEED, 73 STRENGTH, 78 AGILITY, 92 TACKLE and 96 TOUGHNESS

@ 3.30 the Saints drafted OG Parker Ehinger from Cincinnati.
This Bearcat will prodly be the Saints first nackup option at RT, LT, RG and LG this coming season. Ehinger’s post skew stats include 92 STRENGTH, 70 AWARENESS, 60 ACCELERATION, 60 AGILITY, 84 PASS BLOCK and 87 RUN BLOCK.

@ 5.11 the Saints drafted RB Devontae Booker from Utah.
Booker will be expected to run a lot of scout team work and help out on special teams too. Booker’s post skew stats include 91 SPEED, 93 AGILITY, 92 ACCELERATION and 81 BREAK TACKLE.

@ 5.12 the Saints drafted DE Jordan Watts III from UCLA.
Watts III could possibly backup both OLB spots as well as be a backup to the DE spots as well. Watts III’s post skew stats include 82 SPEED, 76 STRENGTH, 80 ACCELERATION and 81 TACKLE.

@ 5.25 the Saints drafted FS Ja’Kuan Green from Jackson State.
Green will be mentored by Antonio Allen. While Green doesn’t have the speed GM Mellon usually requires from his FS or SS it’s believe Green has a very favorable relationship with GM Mellon already. Green’s post skew stats include 92 AGILITY, 94 ACCELERATION, 97 JUMP and 71 TACKLE.

During the draft buzz the Saints and Jaguars agreed on a deal. The Saints sent starting TE Joe Fauria to the Jags for a future 4th round pick. The move was done sole on the fact the Saints had to look to some salary so they could sign their draft picks.
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Saints Off Season Moves
Saints Off Season Moves

As Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters sang, “Money, get away- Get a good job with good pay and you’re okay-Money, it’s a gas- Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash- New car, caviar, four stat daydream- Think I’ll buy me a football team.”

Saints owner Tom Benson opened his checkbook up to general manager Bryan Mellon last season. While team officials feel Mellon did well in trades and player development during his first full season in the GZL, his spending wasn’t as productive.

Multiple players signed by Mellon proved to be nothing more than overpriced and un-needed role players. These types of players are needed for depth purposes but most can and probably should come by way of the draft. Some of these players as well as other veterans were released this off season. The list included:

OT- Duane Brown
Brown played LG last year. This release was not much of a surprise after the Saints brought in Ryan Clady. It’s expected for Bonaventure Royer whom had a rough transition to RT last season to take over the LG spot this year. This made the 14 year veteran Brown expendable.

CB- Craig Thomas
Like so many others in the GZL, Thomas’s salary and age are what put him on the chopping block. Thomas played very well for the team last year. We are hopeful he finds an opportunity elsewhere this year.

P- Diego Gramatica
Gramatica was brought in the mentor Reed Rohrer however Rohrer actually took a step back this past season. This resulted in the release of Gramatica.

SS- Tarek Norman
Norman is a player both GM Mellon and head coach Brady like. Due to some offseason moves though the team was forced to cut salary and Norman found himself on the outside looking in. He was offered up for trade but no other GM was a willing trade partner.

QB- Kiante Green
Green had to step in more than expected last year due to the injury to starting QB Tyler Wilson. Green was a signee of GM Mellon’s. While his salary wasn’t astronomical the lackluster play from Green made the team to decide to draft a young QB who could be mentored from Wilson rather than keep Green on board.

DE- Tyrone Glover

Again, Glover is another player that GM Mellon liked however the team came to the realization that there was no reason to overpay Glover to be a minor role player on the team. His spot will be addressed in the upcoming draft.

LG- Gabe Carimi
Carimi may be the best example of someone GM Mellon spent too much money on. While his contract didn’t break the bank it was a signing which GM Mellon soon came to regret. Carimi’s position will also be addressed via the draft.

QB Logan Thomas
Thomas came to the Saints by way of the Chiefs. The speedy QB had a couple bright moments on the ground but it was clear pretty quickly that he was not going to be the one to lead the Saints into the future.

RB Jacquizz Rodgers
Rodgers was a pleasant surprise last season. He gained over 700 yards while splitting time with newly acquired RB Curtis Saldi. Rodgers was a casualty this year due to his age and salary. The team would be willing to bring him back at a reduced salary.

WR Marlon Brown
Now for some good news…. Brown heard the Saints front office were considering going to RT Ryan Clady about a two year restructure. He quickly contacted his agent and made his intentions know that he wanted to sign a long term extension with the team and was willing to do it this offseason versus next. The two sides were able to very quickly agree on what both sides are calling a less than market 7 year deal worth $29.9M including a signing bonus of $11.9M.

RT Ryan Clady

Clady has been mentioned a couple times in this update. The Saints sent Denver their 5th round pick in exchange for his services. Clady will be looked at to hold down the teams RT spot for this year and maybe next. Clady has enjoyedd a marvelous career here in the GZL and get’s paid quite handsomely as he earns $13.56M this season.

DT Kawaan Short
Short came to the Saints along with a 3rd round draft pick for Zeus Bryant. The experiment with Bryant didn’t go as well as GM Mellon and HC Brady had hoped for. They believe Bryant will thrive under the proper scheme but felt like the team needed more of a big powerful DT right now.

CB Junior Malloy
Malloy is a player GM Mellon was very attracted to. He has above average speed, agility and acceleration but less than desirable awareness. GM Mellon expects CB Patrick Peterson to be a huge help to Malloy and assist in mentoring the first year player. The Saints sent Buffalo pick 1.15 and their 4th for Malloy and pick 1.32. The two teams also traded a combination of four other pics in a separate trade.

TE Joseph Fauria

This is hot off the press but the Saints and Jaguars have a gentleman’s agreement in place for after the draft. The agreement would send Fauria to Jacksonville for their future 4th round pick. The team had plans to utilize Fauria quite a bit this year however some cap space was needed thus a move agrred upon.

K- Zach Hocker
Hocker was wined and dined by the Detroit Lions as well as the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers offered the 26 year old a contract offer of $22.5M with a signing bonus of $9M over 5 years. This made the Saints to at least consider targeting Florida State kicker Roberto Aguayo early in the draft. After considering all angles the Saints matched the Chargers offer and Hocker was welcomed back with open arms.

The above cuts and trades will have a large effect on the team not only this year but also next. The teams cap hit is expected to be in excess of $15M. It’s expected for the team to not be very active in the free agent scene this season. Last year the team finished 8-8 and that’s including significant time missed by starting QB Tyler Wilson. Team officials are hoping for a wild card spot this year.
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Saints 2020 review

The 2020 GZL Saints were 8-8 under GM’s Mellon’s first full season. Coming into the season a record of 8-8 would have been accepted had someone told the team starting QB Tyler Wilson would have missed 1/3 of the season.

Offensive team MVP was WR Cameron Shaw whom came over from Seattle via trade. Shaw had 101 receptions for 1332 yards and 4 TD’s.

Defensive MVP was MLB Ricky Austin. Austin was once again busy attempting to keep opponents in check by his 129 tackles and 21 tackle for losses.

The Offensive line was led by RG Nate Solder who had a nice season playing at guard for the first time. He totaled 82 pancakes without allowing a sack.

The defensive line was lead by veteran DE Chandler Jones. Jones had 39 tackles and 11 sacks.

The teams rookie of the year ended up not being pick 1.8 LR Jack Conklin but rather OLB Angelito May who was drafted with the last pick in the 3rd round. May split time at the OLB positions until he won over the LOLB late in the year.

A total of five Saints were named to the 2010 Pro Bowl.

WR- Cameron Shaw

RG- Nate Solder

C- Alex Mack

LE- Chandler Jones

FS- Antonio Allen

2020’s Biggest Disappointments

Obviously loosing QB Tyler Wilson has to be the top disappointment but there were a couple others as well:

CB Patrick Peterson missed half the season. This hurt the secondary throughout the first half of the season.

OT Bonaventure Royer had a rough time with his change to LT. He gave up a shocking 15 sacks versus only 75 pancakes.

Longtime GZL RB Beanie Wells decided to call it career after 11,656 total yards and 67 TD’s.

CB Dominque Cromartie also hung up his cleats. He totaled 596 tackles, 43 interceptions and 256 deflections during his long tenure in the GZL.
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Saints Week 17 Review

Saints- 29
Vikings- 10

As shown above Saints QB Green lead a passing attack that was up and down. While Green completed over 50% of his passes, three for over 300 yards and had two TD’s he also had 3 interceptions. His rating for the game was just 62.2. Green has shown the ability to fill in for starting QB Wilson if needed but the Saints wouldn’t want to hang next season on his shoulders.

WR’s Shaw and Brown combined for 17 catches for an amazing 278 yards. Saints coaches and fans alike hope the combination will continue success next year.

RB Rodgers showed he can still light it up as he scored on a 62 yards scamper early in the game. Rodgers failed to impress the rest of the way though.

The Saints defense was led by MLB Austin who had 8 tackles, 4 for loses and 4 deflections and CB Wooden whom had 7 tackles, 2 interceptions and 5 deflections.

The Vikings Punter, Graham was busy as he had 9 punts totaling 443 yards.

LB Watson had 6 tackles inclusing 4 for loses and 1 forced fumble.

LE Graham had a pair of sacks.

CB Rosario had a good game with 8 tackles and an interception. The interception though was interesting as the ref ruled that he made a move which gained yardage only to then be tackled by Saints WR Calvin Johnson for a loss resulting in a safety. In what could be Megatron’s last game he recorded his first ever safety.


1. 62 yd TD by RB Rodgers
2. 3rd and out-punt
3. 3rd and out-punt
4. Punt
5. Punt
6. 3 yd TD pass to TE London
7. Interception by Amerson
8. Interception by Green
9. 34 yd TD pass to WR Brown
10. Interception by Rosairo- tackled for a safety by Megatron
11. Punt
12. 30 yd FG
13. 46 yd FG
14. Ran out the clock

1. Interception by Wooden
2. Missed 55 yd FG
3. 3 and out-punt
4. 3 and out-punt
5. 3 and out-punt
6. Punt
7. Interception by Wooden
8. End of 1st half
9. 3 and out-punt
10. 52 yd FG
11. 3 and out-punt
12. Punt
13. 3 and out-punt
14. 2 yd TD pass to TE McDonald
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Saints weeks 15 and 16

Week 15: Bucs- 33
Saints- 31

The Saints lost a close one against division rival Tampa Bay. Saints, QB Kiante Green is fighting for a backup spot next season did so-so. He put up big numbers going 23 out 46 for a career best 336 yards and 3 TD’s however he also threw 4 interceptions.

The Saints only ran the ball 10 times for 28 yards. In the past the run game has been a strength for the Saints however this week it was all but irrelevant.

The receiving corp was led by WR Cameron Shaw who caught 7 passes for 175 yards and 1 TD. Shaw however had 3 drops. WR Marlon Brown had 7 catches for 75 yards and a TD.

The Saints defense had a couple bright spots such as Ricky Austin’s 9 tackles (1 for a loss), 1 fumble recovery and 1 interception. Angelito May added 7 tackles(1 for loss) and 3 sacks.

The Bucs QB, Jameis Winston had a hot hand going 28/44 for 366 yards, 3 TD’s and QB rating of 100+.

Bucs WR’s Jesse Hendricks and Mike Evans could not be stopped as they totaled 21 receptions for 275 yards and 3 TD’s.

Bucs RB Todd Gurley was held in check as he ran the ball 14 times but gained only 25 yards.

Sam Acho and Eli Mazzar had a pair of sacks each while Moe Jackson had a pair of interceptions in securing the win for the Bucs.

Week 16: Saints- 30
Jets- 24

The Saints were able to ride QB Kiante Green’s arms as he continues to compete for a spot on next years roster. Green went 25/42 for 280 yards, 2 TD and 1 interception.

Cameron Shaw again led the receivers with 12 catches and 126 yards to go along with a TD.

The Saints has a good defensive performance from LB Ricky Austin with 9 tackles (2 for loses and a forced fumble. LB Angelito May continues to play strong with 4 tackles, 2 for loses and 2 fumble recoveries. CB Hank Wooden added a pair of interceptions for the Saints.

Jets RB Ezeikel Elliott ran the ball 23 times for 139 yards and 2 TDs however he fumbled the ball 3 times.

The Jets offensive line protected their QB well allowing no sacks.

On defensive the leader for the Jets was Markus Peter who had 11 tackles, 2 sacks and 1 forced fumble.
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Saints weeks 13 & 14
Week 13:

Saints 32
Falcons 31

What a crazy game! The Falcons threw this one away. With 15 seconds left the Falcons were lining up for the game winning 33 yard FG however….. they never snapped the ball. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Their kicker, Gadhi Mendel went 1 for 4 on extra points during the game. Yes…. He missed 3 extra points. It was the worse kicking performance I’ve ever seen. I can only assume the Falcons are trying to get the best 1st round pick possible and that’s why Mendel is their starting kicker.

The Falcons QB Bo Callahan lit the Saints defense up going 27 of 44 passing for 471 yards and 5 TD’s! Four Falcon WR’s had at least 90 yards receiving: Ronyell Conway had 7 receptions for 130 yards and a pair of TD’s, Cornell Vogel had 4 catches for ``8 yards and a TD, Tyler Lockett had 5 catches for 92 yards and Brandon Tate had 4 catches for 91 yards and a TD.

Falcons RB Cubby Williams was held I check by gaining inly 51 yards on 21 rushed however with the passing game on fire Williams wasn’t really needed.

The Saints MVP of the game was the Falcons kicker, Mendel. They did have a couple bright spots too I guess. RB Jacquizz Rodgers proved he still has some juice left in the tank as he rushed for 219 yards on 24 carries and cross the goal line 3 times.

WR Marlon Brown fell just short of 100 yards as he totaled 94 on 3 catches, including 1 TD.

The Saints defense didn’t have a clear cut leader this week however DT Gerry Lipniski had 3 tackles, 1 for a loss, 1 sack, forced 1 fumble and recovered one as well.

Week 14:

Bears- 31
Saints- 3

Ouch. This wasn’t much of a game.

Saints QB Logan Thomas finished less than 50% of his passes for a total of only 124 yards and a horrible QB rating of 25.6.

RB Rodgers managed to gain 79 yards on 21 carries but was held out of the end zone.

Bears QB Andrew Luck went 15 of 25 for 307 yards and 3 TD’s. WR AJ Green was the receptor of most of those passing yards as he caught 3 passes for 150 yards and a pair of TD’s.

The Saints are trying to forget this one.
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Saints weeks 11 & 12 update
Week #11- 49ers win as the clock ends

Boy this was a tough loss. Backup QB Green had the passing game going. He was very efficient by completing 16 of 22 passes for 221 yards and a pair of TD’s. WR Shawn hauled in 7 passes for over 140 yards and a score.

The oline of the Saints also had a good day by totaling 24 pancakes and one sack.

The defense of the Saints even did well. DE Chandler Jones totaled 3 sacks. MLB Austin has become a staple and once again led the team in sacks. It was nice to see the team total 7 tackles for losses.
Rookie LB Angelito May has started to catch the coaches eyes as of late. He’s not played a lot but when he has he seems to always be
in part of the action.

While the defense played well it wasn’t quite good enough to win. QB Smith completed multiple big passes including a 55 yarder to TE McDonald and 49 yard TD to WE Williams. It was a big desperation pass and reception which led to 49ers kick Triton Janikowski hitting a game wining 54 yard field goal as the clock expired to give the 49ers the win.

Week #12 Bucs stomp the Saints

This one wasn’t quite as exciting as the 49ers game. This was all Bucs.
The Saints tried something different and put the more athletic QB Logan Thomas in. Thomas wasn’t horrible as he went 11 of 28 and didn’t throw a TD. He also added 28 yards on the ground. None of this much mattered though as the Bucs won 33 to 6. The Saints were over matched in almost every way this game. The oline had 28 pancakes but allowed 5 sacks. No one single player shined on defense. CB Patrick Peterson led the team with 6 tackles however wasn’t able to stop a couple big passed from Winston to be completed. Winston made things look easy by passing for over 350 yards and a pair of TD’s. WR Mike Evans had a monster game with 10 catches totaling over 200 yards. The Bucs has 30 pancakes to go along with o sacks.

Bucs punter Gary had a very good day punting 4 times for a 48.5 yard average. Saints punter Roher had the opposite kind of day as he punted 9 times but managed an average of only 35.0 yards per punt.

Bucs KR Lewis only had 2 returns but he did well on them as 1 went for 36 yards while the other went for 32 yards.
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Saints week 10 review

Week #10 review
It was a good week to be a Saints fan. The offense finally came alive. QB Tyler Wilson threw for 370+ yards with 3 touchdowns. While he did have a pair if interceptions it was nice to see Wilson put up some big yardage numbers.

RB Curtis Saldi had 100+ yards rushing. This was certainly a blessing for Saints fans as there had been whispers about having veteran Jaquizz Rodgers take over the starting RB spot for the remainder of the season.

WR Marlon Brown had a huge day catching 6 passes for 196 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

CB’s Patrick Peterson & Hank Wooden along with MLB Austin lead the defense with 23 total tackles between the three of them, two tackle for loses and three deflections.

The Saints led total offense production with 502 yards compared to the Dolphins 331 yards. The total offensive plays for Saints were evenly broken down as they ran the ball 33 times which goes the same for football as QB Wilson attempted 33 passes.

The Saints offensive line handled their own as they had 38 pancakes with only one players being credited as

Dolphins rookie RB Latavious Murray had 86 yards rushing and catching three passes for 20 yards and a touchdown.

Dolphins SS Bernie Freeman had three tackles plus a 62 yard interception return for a touchdown.

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Saints week 9 review

Week #9 review
This was bad. How bad? This bad…..

Saints QB, Tyler Wilson attempted 42 passes while completing only 18 of them for a dismal 42.8%. He threw a pair of interceptions with 0 touchdowns on his way to a less than stellar QB rating of 37.8.

The shutout wasted a fine day by the defense which was once again led by MLB Ricky Austin. Austin had what quite possibly was his best game of the year by accounting for 13 tackles; 5 of those for loses.

The Saints first two possessions ended with punts on 4th and inches.

Bills MLB Sturdivant had a pair of interceptions. These were the first career interceptions he’s had in his eight year GZL career.

Here’s a summary of each teams drives:

Series 1: Missed a 46 yard FG
Series 2: Punt
Series 3: 37 yard FG
Series 4: 22 yard TD pass from QB Stafford to TE Brackett
Series 5: 18 yard FG
Series 6: Interception by Saints SS Prewitt
Series 7: 40 yard FG
Series 8: Clock expired going into halftime
Series 9: Punt
Series 10: Punt (3 & out)
Series 11: Punt

Series 1: Punt (3 & out)
Series 2: Punt (3 & out)
Series 3: Interception by MLB Sturdivant
Series 4: Fumble by FB Bubba Andrews
Series 5: Punt (3 & out)
Series 6: Punt (3 & out)
Series 7: Punt (3 & out)
Series 8: Punt (3 & out)
Series 9: Punt (3 & out)
Series 10: Interception #2 by MLB Sturdivant
Series 11: Punt

*Series 11+: N/A due to the Saints play by play network throwing in the towel!

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Saints week 8 review

Week #8 review

This was a thing of beauty for Saints fans and nothing short of a disaster for Packer fans. The two teams played a game which could be described as a slobber knocker of sorts albeit with a less than stellar offensive outcome.

-QB’s Mike Glennon and Tyler Wilson combined for a combined rating of 60.2

-RB’s Doug Martin and Curtis Saldi combined for just 91 yards
-The Saints had only two punts

-The Packers had only 15 pancakes with no individual player having more then 2

Here’s a summary of each teams drives:

Series 1: Punt (3 & out)
Series 2: Punt (3 & out)
Series 3: Punt (3 & out)
Series 4: Punt (3 & out)
Series 5: Punt
Series 6: 44 yard FG (1:01 left in 1st half)
Series 7: Punt (3 & out)
Series 8: 47 yard FG
Series 9: 19 yard FG
Series 10: Punt (1:04 left in the game)

Series 1: Punt (3 & out)
Series 2: Interception by MLB Munoz
Series 3: Interception #2 by MLB Munoz (in Red Zone)
Series 4: 43 yard FG
Series 5: Interception by CB Wagner (1:10 left in first half)
Series 6: clock ran out going into halftime
Series 7: Punt (3 & out)
Series 8: 20 yard FG. GB stopped Saints as they had it first and goal from the 2 yard line. (This was a 14 play drive yet no touchdown)
Series 9: Turnover on downs- Saints went for it on 4th and 1 from midfield.
Series 10: 38 yard FG
Series 11: 24 yard FG as time expired (This followed a 38 yard pass to WR Johnson on 3rd and 10 with 10 seconds remaining in the game.)

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Saints week 7 review

Week #7 review
This one sucks! Pats outlast the Saints 27-20. It’s been over a week now and this one still pains me. The Pats took a huge 17-0 lead. The Pats got another touchdown after the Saints PR Williams had a classic Madden PR fumble in the Pat’s red zone. The Pat’s scored with 40 seconds left in the to make it 24-14. The Saints fought back with 25 seconds left and kicked a FG to make it 17-24 at halftime. After halftime the Saints hit another FG making it 20-24. Near the end of the game QB Wilson hit WR Brown on what looked to be a TD pass with less than a minute left in the game. Rather than a TD, the ball was placed on the 1 yard line. Saints offensive coordinator Dennis Green or Head Coach Tom Brady (we’re not 100% sure) called for a pass on 1st and goal from the 1. It was incomplete. Up came 2nd and goal from the 1. Let’s remember the Saints have quite possibly the best FB in the GZL, Bubba Andrews, what is the play call: another pass attempt. The pass gets intercepted on the goal line. The Pats run the clock out and win the game 27-20.

-GM Mellon

Here’s a summary of each teams drives:


Series 1: 78 yard TD pass to RB Bernard Asleep didn’t log on in enough time to see it.)
Series 2: 47 yard FG
Series 3: Interception by Saints CB Thomas
Series 4: Punt- 3 and out (RB Bernard injured)
Series 5: 73 yard TD to WR Stills (RB Bernard back)
Series 6: Punt
Series 7: Intercepted by Saints FS Norman (Saints SS Conte injured-out for 3 weeks)
Series 8: Punt- 3 and out
Series 9: 18 yard TD to TE Stocker
Series 10: Punt (downed on the 1 yard line)
Series 11: Punt
Series 12: Punt- 3 and out
Series 13: Punt
Series 14: 29 yard FG


Series 1: Punt - 3 and out
Series 2: Punt - 3 and out (QB Wilson injured)
Series 3: QB Wilson fumbled, occurred in the red zone- recovered by the Patriots
Series 4: Punt - 3 and out
Series 5: Punt
Series 6: 21 yard TD to WR Shaw
Series 7: 5 yard TD to TE Carlton
Series 8: PR fumble by Williams (Occurred in Patriots red zone)
Series 9: 50 yard FG
Series 10: Punt - 3 and out (KR/PR Williams injured on the 2nd half kickoff)
Series 11: Punt
Series 12: 28 yard FG
Series 13: Interception by Patriots CB Bender
Series 14: Interception by Patriots LB Ayers on the goal line.

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Saints Week 6 Review

Wow, what a difference a week makes. After a big loss against division rival Carolina Panthers in week #4 the Saints had a bye in week 5. They must have used that time to put in some hard work as the offense really came through in week 6 versus the Lions in the much needed 41 to 24 victory.

Things did not start out well for the Saints. The Lions scored early Asleep missed the first drive of the game and didn’t see the scoring play but it looked to have been a long TD to WR Gettis.) On the Lions second series the Saints looked to have had the Lions right where they wanted them. It was 3rd and 12 from the 9 yard line. Lions QB Brian Hoyer throws a 91 yard TD to WR David Gettis. Yes a second TD this time for 91 yards. It was painful to watch and something head coach Tom Brady discussed with DC Mike Singletary after the game. There was no reason the defense should have been caught off guard like that. Luckily Saints QB played his best game of the season (by far) and was able to lead the come from behind victory.

Speaking of QB Wilson, he went 25 of 41 for 229 yards, 4 TD’s, 1 interception and a rating of 98.5.

The running game was fairly successful as well as RB Saldi gained 95 yards on 21 carries and RB Rodgers added 30 yards on 6 carries.

The Saints big three receivers WR’s Brown and Shaw plus TE Fauria once again were the main threats through the air. Brown had 8 catches for 89 yards, Shaw had 7 for 69 and Fauria had 6 for 51 including two touchdowns.

For the most part the Saints blockers did well. RG Sodler and rookie LT Conklin led the team with 7 pancakes each. The rest of the team had 18. Bonaventure Royer continues to struggle with his move to RT from LT has he had only 3 pancakes and gave up another sack. His sack allowed total on the season is now 6. This number matches his carreer totals coming into the season. That’s not a type, Royer had given up only 6 sacks in his first two years in the league. He’s now matched that number in five games this season.

Special team play was much better this game than it had been in the past. Hocker was 2 for 2 on field goals and Rohrer only needed to punt three times. The big star on special teams was Omar Williams who had 154 kick return yards on 4 returns including a 99 yard touchdown. Williams also added 14 punt return yards on 3 return attempts.

This is becoming a weekly phrase but the defense was led by MLB Austin. He had 7 tackles and an interception. DE Jones had six tackles and a pair of sacks. The rest of the DL was invisible adding only a combined 3 tackles and no other worthwhile stat. Coach Singletary is said to possibly be thinking of moving players around at the DT position in the coming weeks. CB Thomas had his league leading (tied with several others) third interception. FS Allen again played nickel CB and had a good game with 3 tackles, a sack, 2 deflections and the before mentioned interception.

MLB Pounds was the player to watch on defense for the Lions. He had 9 tackles, 2 for loses, 3 deflections and an interception. On offense it was WR Gettis as he finished with 6 receptions for 191 yards including the 2 touchdowns mentioned above.

The Saints travel to New England to face the Patriots in week 7.

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Saints week 4 review

The Saints entered week four with high hopes. If the team could beat the Panthers again it would mean a 3-0 start within the division. The team’s hopes were crushed though as the Panthers came out on top 26-17.

QB Tyler Wilson got injured after going 13 for 27 with 221 yards, 2 TD’s and 2 TD’s. Backup QB Kiante Green didn’t fare too well going 3 of 8 for 38 yards.

RB Curtis Saldi had a fair game rushing for 96 yards on 18 carries.
Only three players caught passes. WR Cameron Shaw led the team in receptions and yards with 7 and 93. WR Marlon Brown added 5 for 92 and TE Joseph Fauria had 4 for 74. Brown and Fauria each had TD’s.

The entire Saints team totaled only 19 pancakes. RT Bonaventure Royer had 6 of those 19.

The Special Teams play was once again nothing great. K Zach Hocker went 1 of 2 on FG’s with P Reed Rohrer punting 7 times for 139 yards. KR/PR Omar Williams had 7 KR’s totaling 139 yards and 1 PR for 13 yards.

In what is becoming a broken record the defense was led by MLB Ricky Austin who had 9 tackles including 1 for a loss. OLB’s Sean Spence and Marten Ford combined for 12 more tackles. CB’s Craig Thomas, Hank Wooten and Antionio Allen added 10 tackles and 5 deflections. DE’s Chandler Jones and Flint Murphy were held in check this game combining for only 5tackles. DT’s Jerrell Powell and Zeus Bryant fared even worse with only 3 tackles.

The Panthers had their run game firing on all cylinders. They ran for a total of 206 yards. Jonathan Franklin has 192 of those yards himself. Included in these numbers was a 70 yard TD run.

The Panthers totaled an impressive 38 pancakes in this game. CB Robert Blanton added a 20 yards pick six to keep the game out of reach for the Saints.

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Saints week 3 review

After week 2’s tough loss against the Eagles the Saints went up against division rival Atlanta Falcons. This game proved to be one neither team would be very proud of but the good guys ended up with the “W’ 19-16.

Once again there were not too may offensive highlights this week. QB Tyler Wilson went 20 of 40 passing for 271 yards with 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions. He ended the game with a QB rating of just 59.5.

I would have liked to seen the RB’s do well however they totaled only 67 yards with 0 touchdowns. Curtis Saldi had a team high 38 yards rushing.

The receiving game was basically a two man show between WR’s Cameron Shaw and Marlon Brown. Shaw had 11 receptions for 147 yards followed by Browns 8 catches for 84 yards.

The Saints blocking was fairly good. C Alex Mack had 8 pancakes followed by LG Duane Brown, RG Nate Solder and FB Bubba Andrews with 6 each. Rookie LT Jack Conklin had 4. RT Bonaventure Royer had a game he’d like to forget with just 3 pancakes while giving up as many sacks (3) all to Falcons DE Robert Quinn.

Special teams weren’t so special this week. K Zch Hocker went 4 of 5 on FG’s. P Reed Rohrer punted 8 times for 339 yards including 1 inside the 20 and 2 touchbacks. KR Omar Williams got injured after his first return. Backup KR and WR Victor Sheridan finished the game having 3 kick returns and 2 punt returns.

The defense was once again led by MLB Ricky Austin. He had 9 tackles and 3 deflections. ROLB Season Spence had 3 tackles but all were for loses. LOLB Marten Ford had a nice game with 4 tackles, 1 for a loss, 1 sack, 1 fumble recovery and 1 deflection.

Safeties Chris Conte and Antonio Allen totaled 8 tackles. CB’s Hank Wooten, Craig Thomas and Cody Prewitt totaled 7 tackles, 1 interception and 3 deflections.

DE’s Chandler Jones and Flint Murphy had a good game by combining for 10 tackles, 3 for loses, 2 sacks and an interception. DT’s Jerell Powell and Zeus Bryant added 5 tackles and 1 forced fumble.

The Falcons didn’t bode any better than the Saints on offense as QB Bo Callahan went 13 for 35 passing for just 122 yards, 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions for a QB rating of a low 33.3.

RB Cubby Williams was held to 73 yards on 20 carries including 1 fumble. Dre Archer added just 10 yards on 6 carries.

TE Rob Gronkowski led the receivers with 6 catches for 58 yards.

On Defense the Falcons had big days from MLB Bernardrick McKinney who totaled 12 tackles, 2 for loses and 2 deflections as well as the before mentioned DE Robert Quinn’s 3 sacks. CB Leonard Johnson had a pick six which he returned for 38 yards.

It might not have been pretty but at the end …..
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Saints week 2 review
I normally do a series by series breakdown of the game for both the Saints and my opponent but I have lost my game summaries for the first four games.

After week 1’s victory over the Panthers the Saints were looking to make it two in a row. Lady luck was not on their side though. Things did not start well for the Saints. This one seemed as if it was going to be ugly. The Eagles took a very quick 7-0 lead. That lead increased to 17-6 by halftime. The Eagles were unable to put anymore points up but sadly the Saints were only able to score six more of their own. The Eagles survived this one 17 to 12.

There were not many offensive bright spots in week 2. QB Wilson threw for only 164 yards. RB Saldi led the team with 68 yards rushing. No one hit the 60 yard mark receiving. The blocking was solid although not as good as week 1’s effort. Rookie LT Conklin led the team with 7 pancakes. RT Royer gave up the Eagles only sack.

The patchwork defensive backfield had over 20 tackles. FS Allen, playing at CB for injured Peterson had 5 tackles, 1 for a loss, 1 sack and 1 interception.

Both defensive ends, Murphy and Jones had 1 sack each.

Kicker Hocker had a decent game going 4 of 5 for field goals. Similar to last week his only miss came from 50+ yards.

The return game was better this week as KR Williams averaged over 27 yards per kick return.

Eagles QB McNabb went 13/22 for 221 yards, 2 touchdowns and the previously mentioned interception for a QB rating of 104.5.

The Eagles ground game wasn’t flashy but it was impressive with 119 total yards. They were able to get first downs when they needed it.

WR Hankerson totaled 84 yards on only 2 receptions including a 50+ yarder.

OLB Washington led the Eagles with 9 tackles with one going for a loss. CB Smith kept the Saints receivers in check by totaling 6 tackles and 3 deflections.
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Saints week 1 review
I normally do a series by series breakdown of the game for both the Saints and my opponent but I have lost my game summaries for the first four games.

It’s nice to start the season off with a win, especially versus a divisional opponent. The Saints beat the Panthers 29 to 13 in week one.

QB Tyler Wilson didn’t light up the score board as he went 13 of 22 for 139 yards passing including one touchdown to zero interceptions. This was GM Mellon’s favorite kind of games. He would rather have his running blocks pound the rock and win the blocking game.

Newly acquired RB Curtis Saldi formerly of the Bengals ran 26 times for 104 yards. Fellow RB Jacquizz Rodgers ran 9 times for 115 yards which included a 69 yard touchdown.

WR’s Marlon Brown and Cameron Shaw lead the team with 8 total receptions for 92 yards. It was nice seeing the team go the entire game without a dropped pass.

The blocking game was on. Similar to not having a dropped pass the Panthers didn’t sack Wilson. TE Joseph Fauria led the way with 8 pancakes followed by FB Bubba Andrews and RG Nate Solder with 6 each. Rookie LT Jack Conklin, LG Duane Brown and RT Bonaventure Royer had 3 pancakes each. Even rookie backup FB David Reynolds had a set of cakes.

The kicking game was on as Zach Rohrer went 5 of 6 in field goals. His miss was from 54 yards which hit the goal post but bounced the wrong way.

The return game was barely efficient as KR Omar Williams was only able to average 20 yards per kick return.

The defense played well enough to secure the win. ROLB Sean Spence led the team with 8 tackles including 1 for a loss. MLB Ricky Austin was next with 7 tackles and 1 for a loss.

The defensive line was lead by DT Jerrell Powell and his 5 tackles including 3 for losses.

The defensive backfield did well filing in for injured CB Patrick Peterson. CB Hank Wooden had 5 tackles with 6 deflections. The rest of the backfield totaled 14 tackles, 3 more deflections and one interception by CB Craig Thomas.

The Saints were able to keep Panthers QB Matt Barkley to a QB rating of 58.1 by going 17/38 passing.

RB Jonathan Franklin led the Panthers on the ground with 68 yards. WR Rashad Clarke was the Panthers leading receiver catching 6 passes for 77 yards.

The Panthers defense was led by MLB Trindad Walker’s 12 tackles. LOLB Calvin Hamilton had a nice game logging 8 tackles with 5 for losses.
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Saints Preseason Game Review & Reg Season Starters
The Saints finished the preseason with just a single victory and three loses. If a single word could describe how the coaches and ownership feel going into week one of the regular season it would be: CONCERNED.

Cliff Notes version preseason summary:

Week 1: Dolphins 48|Saints 13

This was about as bad as a team could look.
Dolphins QB Patrick Towles played the whole game going 20 of 34 for 258 yards, 3 TD’s and only 1 interception. Their running game looked even better than their passing game as rookie Latavious Murray (the Saint’s original 1st round target rushed for 174 yards on 21 carries with 1 TD. WR Kevin White had 106 yards on 8 receptions. On defense the Dolphins were just as impressive as they had two pick sixes, one by Bernie Freeman and the other by Tyrone Booker.

While there weren’t many bright spots for the Saints, RB Jacquizz Rodgers had 84 yards rushing in the 2nd half combined with 52 yards receiving and a TD.

Week 2: Saints 30|Cardinals 24
After the dismal week 1 performance the Saints bounced back with a win in week 2. Cardinals QB Christian Ponder threw for 235 on 9/17 attempts with a pair of TD’s. WR Clyde Alton lead the Cardinals air attack with 181 yards on 4 receptions and 2 TD’s. He had an amazing 120 YAC.

QB Wilson went 11/14 for 196 yards passing for the Saints. RB’s Saldi and Rodgers plus FB Andrews totaled 186 yards rushing. The defense was lead by DE Flint Murphy had 2 tackles, for TFL’s and 2 forced fumbles .

Week 3: Giants 20|Saints 10
The defense was better than week 1 but the Saints defense could not stop the Giants attack. QB Manziel had 1 TD to go with a QBR of 132.4. QB Charles did about as well adding a TD of his own and a QBR of 117.4. The Giants spread the ball out well gaining 139 yards on the ground which went well with their great QB play.

The Saints QB play was decent has QB Wilson went 10/16 for 124 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT during the 1st half. MLB Austin had 10 tackles and 2 TFL. DE Chandler Jones had 6 tackles with 2 sacks.

Week 4: Patriots 38|Saints 14
It’s back to the drawing board for the Saints. Their defense ended the preseason in a similar fashion to the way they started it. Patriots QB Bortles threw 2 TD’s in the first half and then saw Solarz come in the 2nd half and lead the team to the win while earning a QBR of 130.4. The Patriots run game was strong as Bernard had 153 yards a 1 TD.

First year WR Victor Sheridan and rookie LB May played well for the Saints. Sheridan totaled 109 yards on 5 catches with 1 TD. May had 7 tackles, 1 TFL and 1 forced fumble.

With the above information figured in GM Mellon announced the Saints starters today (at least for week 1). Team officials say there could be weekly movement at least for the first few weeks at DT, CB, FS & SS.
QB- Wilson
RB- Saldi
FB- Andrews
WR1- Brown
CB2- Conte

Stay tuned….. Saints week 1 review to come!
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Saints preseason player review

Preseason Player Review

Going into the preseason the team was a good amount under the salary cap. Rather than sit with a lower than expected salary team owner Tom Benson told GM Mellon to bring in some veterans to mentor the younger players:

RB-Beanie Well mentors
RB Curtis Saldi

P- Diego Gramatica mentors
P Reed Rohrer

C- Alex Mack mentors
C- Alex Turnbull

DT- Jerrell Powe mentors
DT- Zeus Bryant
DT- Gerry Lipniski
DT- Camerson Byrne

OLB- Sean Spence mentors
ROLB- Angelito May
LOLB- Marty Schribner

CB- Patrick Peterson mentors
CB- John Mooney
CB- Peyton Marlow
CB- Diego Martin

The team MVP of the preseason was punter Reed Rohrer which should give anyone who cares an idea of how the preseason went. Reed was the bright spot has he made 24 punts totaling 1157 yards for an average of 48.2 yards per punt. His most impressive punt, a 77 yarder came in a losing effort against the Giants.

Going 1 and 3 wasn’t the toughest issues for the team. That award goes to the newly acquired CB Patrick Peterson and his broken jaw he suffered during preseason week 2. The injury will have a huge effect on the team, especially to the defensive backfield. Peterson is expected to miss approximately half the season.

The preseason while tough wasn’t a complete waste though. All of the team’s younger players got quite a bit of playing time. WR Victor Sheridan was drafted very late in the fifth third (5.21) but came out of the preseason showing he can be counted on as a valuable fourth or fifth WR as well as the backup to Omar Williams at KR and PR.

Rookie LT Jack Conklin looks like he will just as good as advertised. He will be looked upon to be an anchor at LT for several years to come.

With the last pick in the third round (3.32) the team chose OLB Angelito May. The hope was for May to be able to mentor from OLB Sean Spence. This plan seems to be working. May was a part of several nice defensive plays. May will be looked at to provide backup snaps all three LB spots this year.

One player who was given more than a fair shot was late fifth round pick (5.30) QB Mitch Parker. Saints HC Tom Brady saw something in Parker however he didn’t pan out too well in the preseason. He started eight quarters and went 29 of 66 for 377 yards with only 1 touchdown versus 5 interceptions.

NEXT UP: Preseason Game Reviews…. Stay tuned.
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Saints 2020 Draft Results
GM Mellon’s first GZL draft is in the books. As expected Mellon used the majority of the draft to fill put the Saint’s roster rather going for the “Diamond in the rough”.

Pick 1.9
OT Jack Conklin- Michigan State



Most experts claim Mellon took the safe route with Michigan State All American OT Jack Conklin at pick1.9. This is comforting news for GM Mellon as the Saints organization are completely fine with obtaining a starting offensive lineman of Conklin’s caliber. Conklin will join 2018’s fourth overall pick Bonaventure Royer as a blue chip OL stud. While the team isn’t completely sure what position Cinklin will play this coming year tens of thousands black and gold fans hope to see these two play on the OL at pro bowl levels for the next 10 years.

Pick 3.32
OLB Angelrito May- San Jose State

Post Draft Skew

The Saints organization believe May will prove to be a reliable backup LB who may be able to mentor enough from projected starting ROLB Sean Spence to one day earn a starting spot. Time will tell on May. Even if he doesn’t see the field at any time as a starter for the Saints the majority of experts say May was a nice pick especially for a position of need at 3.32.

Pick 5.30
QB Mitch Parker-Arkansas

Post Draft Skew

Parker isn’t expected to be the next Tom Brady however the team is hoping Parker proves to be a serviceable backup to starting QB Tyler Wilson. It doesn’t hurt that Tom Brady enters another season as the Saint’s head coach. The Saints fans are hoping Brady saw a bit of himself in Parker.

Pick 5.32
MLB Ambrose Daily-Michigan

Post Draft Skew

In a perfect world, the Saints would like to see Daily be healthy however never take a live game snap. If this would occur it means star MLB and team captain Ricky Austin is on the field playing at his normal high level. Daily projects to be the backup MLB however both the team and Daily understand there’s no question as to whom the starting MLB spot belongs to.

Pick 6.9
CB Diego Martin-UAB

Post Draft Skew

Martin finds himself as the #6 CB on the preseason depth chart. While team officials expect Martin to stay on the roster for the duration of the upcoming seasons he will have to battle to keep it in future seasons.

Pick 6.26
CB Peyton Marlow-Illinois

Post Draft Skew

Marlow was neck in neck with Diego for the #5 CB spot prior to the skew. Marlow came out the clear leader afterwards.

Pick 6.28
WR Jeremy Olson-USC

Post Draft Skew

Olson currently owns the teams #6 WR spot. Olson will be fighting for his roster spot this season and future seasons.

Pick 7.6
WR Liam Sutherland-Auburn

Post Draft Skew

Sutherland was released by the team soon after reporting to headquarters after his dreadful draft skew.

Pick 7.9
OG Chirs Davie-Florida State

Post Draft Skew

It’s expected Davie will make the roster as a backup OG. It’s doubtful Davie will see regular season playing time but making the roster for a guard at pick 7.9 should be considered a success. We hope Davie shares this opinion.
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Offseason review #1: Welcome new staff and players
Welcome to all the new faces!

The Saints origination has made several key non-player moves this offseason. GM Mellon says one of the biggest may go unnoticed. Preventing injury, recovering from injury and overall knowledge regarding injury was a concern. The hiring of EA Wellness Group has addressed each of these concerns. GM Mellon and the team opened the new training facility to the media and team today. Everyone, was impressed with the facility especially the players. SS Tarek Norman was quotes as saying “Man, if we had trainers like this last season I would have been able to rehab much quicker. I may have been able to cut my games missed in half.”

The new coaching staff was also introduced to the media today. In what many are calling a shocking move, GM Mellon and Head Coach Tom Brady were able to lure Dennis Green away from the Texans to come here and take over as offensive coordinator. Green was the Texans head coach from 2011 through last season compiling an overall record of 82 wins and only 62 for an overall 57% winning percentage. Eight of his 10 seasons as the Texans head coach consisted of winning records.

Former Redskins and Vikings defensive coordinator Mike Singletary was hired to fill the same role with the Saints. Singletary was 27-21 during his tenure in Washington followed by a less productive 17-31 in Minnesota.
Lastly, Darrin Simmons, was hired to coach the special teams. Simmons while being out of the ICL for the past couple seasons is a very respected throughout the league and is sure to improvement the Saints special team play.

The Saints have been busy on the trade front as well. The team, as expected has addressed their weak linebacking corp and added an aging superstar CB.

LOLB Marten Ford is seem as a bit of a project yet has shown flashes of great play. He comes from Seattle where he totaled 100+ tackles, 14 tackles for loss, 3 sacks and 2 interceptions over the last two seasons. Ford came over along with Seattle’s 6th round pick next year for the Saints 2nd round pick next year and WR Sandy Green.

ROLB Sean Spence is expected to s19 sack, 8 interceptions and 60+ deflections throughout his ICL career. He came from Cleveland along with the Browns 6th round pick this year for the Saints 3rd round pick and WR Norm Grace. Grace was included in the deal in part due to a salary reducing decision by the Saints.

CB Patrick Peterson also comes over from Seahawks. He’s had a hugely successful ICL with over 540 tackles, 10 forced fumbles, 30 interceptions and 160+ passes deflected. While on the backside of his career GM Mellon said the team is excited to have a player of Peterson’s caliber. Peterson came from Seattle in a trade which saw the Seahawks send 3rd and 5th round picks from the Redskins in exchange for the Saints 2nd and 5th picks.

The Saints are should be relatively quiet on the trade front for the rest of the offseason however they are going to be fairly aggressive when it comes to trying to lure a few free agents to New Orleans.

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Saints 2019 Financial Review

Team executives including the Benson family and General Manager Bryan Mellon met today to discuss GM Mellon’s upcoming first off season and financial expectations.

Khai Harley, Vice President of Football Administration and James Nagaoka, Director of Operations expressed mixed emotions regarding the 2019 Saints overall financial analysis. As they explained, fan support was 18%. According to their research only the Jags (11%), Colts (6%), Seahawks (6%), Jets (5%) and Vikings (3%) had lower percentages. Harley and Nagaoka were even more concerned with this once the same research showed the team spent $37M in advertising this past season, tied for the highest amount of any non-playoff team. Greg Bensel, Sr. Vice President of Communications has promised to look into this and make appropriate adjusts in 2020.

Alex Hamilton, Director of Ticket Operations informed everyone the team was 19th in ticket sale revenue with $22.25M in 2019. This number while not great was expected due to the chaotic 2019 season. There was an upward trend after GM Mellon came on board. Hamilton said he expected ticket sales to increase based upon the teams better than expected 3-2 finish after GM Mellon’s appointment.

Team owner and Executive Officer, Tom and Gayle Benson shared their frustration in the net loss of $54.4M for 2019. This loss was 30th worse in the league. This loss resulted from expenses totaling $242.7M with income of only $188.3M.

The rest of the 2019 financial statement/balance sheet information can be found below:

GM Mellon closed today’s meeting by promising improvements to the balance sheets bottom line in 2020 while also laying out his early plans as they related to the coaching staff, training staff, player development and the 2020 GZL draft. While most of these details were undisclosed GM Mellon did confirm the team had come to agreement on the release of Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett as well as World Fitness Training Staff.

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Saints Week 17 Review
Week #17 review

First off, I’d like to say, THANK YOU to any GZL GM's who may have served our country. Happy Veterans Day!

While the two teams’ records may not reflect it, they played a quite watchable and very exciting game.

The Saints started out by punting on their first four drives. Three of those first five drives were three and outs. This is an area where improvement must take place next season. Atlanta QB Bo Callahan hit WR Brandon Tate on a beautiful 42 yard touchdown pass on the Falcons second possession. The play took advantage of the 46 defense the Saints were in. A couple possessions late the Saints were able to get on the board after PK Zack Hocker put through a chip shot 22 yard field goal. (Another issue has been the inability to punch the ball in near the goal line.) With 1:32 left in the half Falcons PK Stephen Gostkowski connected on a field goal of his own to put the Falcons up 10-3. The Saints were unable to answer on their next drive and went into half time down by a touchdown and extra point.

Saints coach Tom Brady’s half time speech must have inspired the team as they came out much hotter in the second half. RB Shaun Robinson ran the ball in from the six yard line on the first series of half tying the game at 10-10. The Falcons next drive resulted in an interception by Saints LB Thaddeus Gibson. The Saints were able to follow that up with a touchdown when QB Wilson hit WR Marlon Brown in the corner of the end zone with a four yard touchdown pass increasing the score to 17-10. Things went the Saints way once again on the next Falcons series. QB Callahan was intercepted again, this time by CB Craig Thomas who took the ball back 34 yards for a pick six. After the extra point the lead was 24-10. The Falcons turned things around though forcing the Saints to punt on back to back drives. One of those drives was another three and out. The Falcons followed the second punt up with a touchdown drive after rookie RB Cubby Williams scored on a 16 yard counter closing the gap to 24-17. The next series was the last one for the Falcons offense and what an odd series it was. They started the drive with 2:14 left in the game. TE Rob Gronkowski an amazing jumping grab securing a first down only to fumble the ball after trying to gain more yards after the catch. The Falcons were able to recover the fumble though. The Saints held the Falcons on the following 1st, 2nd, and 3rd downs. On 4th down QB Callahan missed his receiver in the end zone badly HOWEVER the Saints were called for pass interference. The Falcons now had the ball at the 1 yard line on 1st and goal. The next play saw QB Callahan hit WR Cornell Vogel on a 1 yard touchdown toss. The extra point was good and we were once again tied, this time at 24-24.

The Falcons kicked off with 55 seconds left. Saints WR/KR Omar Williams returned to the game after injuring his leg on the game’s kickoff. He did his job well by getting 29 yards on this return. It looked like RB Jacquizz Rodgers was lining up behind FB Bubba Andrews to attempt to convert a 3rd and 1 when OC Randy Moss surprised everyone and had Wilson pass instead. The play was perfect as he hit WR Quinton Patton for a 30 yard gaining, putting them into field goal range. The next couple of plays were not pretty but the Saints were able to get to the one yard line. After a false start penalty and a timeout by the Falcons in an effort to hopefully ice PK Hocker both teams watched as the game winning kick sailed in between the goal posts with 0 left on the game clock. This was Hocker’s first ever GZL GW kick attempt.

This was a good morale bump for the Saints as they ended the season 3-2 under GM Mellon.

Here’s a summary of each teams drives:

1.) Punt
2.) 42 yard TD pass from Callahan to Tate (EP was good 7-0 Falcons)
3.) Punt-3 and out
4.) Punt-3 and out
5.) Punt
6.) Punt
7.) 44 yard field goal
8.) Interception by Saints Gibson
9.) Punt
10.) Interception, pick six by Saints Thomas (EP was good 24-10 Saints)
11.) Turnover on downs as Falcons tried to score on 4th and goal from the 4 yard line
12.) 4 yard TD pass from Callahan to Vogel (EP was good 24-17 Saints)
13.) 16 yard TD run by Williams (EP was good tied now @ 24-24)

1.) Punt- 3 and out
2.) Punt
3.) Punt- 3 and out
4.) Punt- 3 and out
5.) 22 yard FG (7-3 Falcons)
6.) Punt
7.) Interception by Falcons Belcher
8.) 1st half time ran out
9.) 6 yard TD run by Robinson (EP was good tied @ 10-10)
10.) 4 yard TD pass from Wilson to Brown (EP was good 17-10 Saints)
11.) Punt-3 and out
12.) Punt
13.) GW FG as time expired (Saints win 27-24)

This game saw the Saints oline play better. They didn’t allow a sack. There seems to be a consistent theme; if the oline plays well the team wins. While the line did much better this week, GM Mellon has promised changes are coming in this area.

Scoring, especially inside the red zone continues to be an issue. I expect to bring more of an every down bruising type back in to compete with GZL star speedster, yet again RB Rodgers. (let’s face it he’ll be 30 next season.)

The idea of going with the much younger Hockers at kicker seems to be working out. Even though he missed one FG in week 16 it was a 54 yarder. He was able to nail the GW kick today.

Falcons RB Cubby Williams put an exclamation mark on his great rookie season finishing with 100+ yards and a touchdown.

The Saints had a few injures in week 17:
-KR Williams as previously mentioned hurt his leg and missed the majority of 3 quarters.
-#1 WR Brown was hurt late in the game and wasn’t in on the teams final series.
-FS Conte missed most of the second half with a foot sprain.

Rumor has it Saints QB Wilson was heard as saying the following in the locker room after the game:

Of course GM Mellon responded with “No Comment” when asked about QB’s Wilson above statement.
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Saints Week 16 Review
Week #16 Review

The Saints got bullied by the Giants in this one. I thought things may go our way as we were up 7- after our second series. After that though, it was all Giants. QB Maziel had a QB rating of 112.5 for the game as he was very efficient passing the ball. The Giants RB tandem of Medina and Graham rushed for 211 yards.

This was a clean game with no turnovers. I changed playbooks and went with more of a passing game but it would be hard to realize that. I think I was closer to calling the right game plan during my first couple of weeks which means run first or run to pass. I wanted to see what a heavier passing game looked like though. Also, a lot of the passing inability has to go to the Giants defense.

Both teams did a lot of play action passes. It was a bit odd because lots of the play action came at times where running the ball wasn’t realistic. Johnny Football hit WR Mickens on a beautiful 55 yard pass play on the Giants third drive. ( It’s pretty sad when you sit back and admire how nice of a play you just got beat by .)

The Saints bad run defense did decent until the fourth quarter. The defense looked pretty rough in the fourth though. Each runner for the Giants, the starting RB, backup RB and FB all had runs of 9 yards or greater in the 4th. If I am not mistaken RB Medina ran for just under 100 yards in the quarter. (One run was for 43 yards by itself.)

Here’s a summary of each teams drives:


1.) Punt
2.) Missed 50 yard FG
3.) 55 yard TD to WR Mickens-EP was good 7-0 Giants
4.) Punt-3 and out
5.) Punt
6.) 10 yard TD pass to TE Stephens with 14 seconds left-EP was good-14-7 Giants
7.) Punt
8.) 30 yard FG- 17-10 Giants
9.) 34 yard FG- 20-10 Giants
10.) Punt- 3 and out
11.) Ran remaining time out


1.) Punt- 3 and out
2.) 35 yard TD to WR Patton-EP was good 7-0 Saints
3.) Punt
4.) Punt-3 and out
5.) Missed 54 yard FG
6.) 10 second drive before time ran out
7.) Punt-3 and out
8.) 28 yard FG- 14-10 Giants
9.) Punt
10.) Punt
11.) Punt-3 and out

I’m finding out this offensive line does a better job run blocking than they do pass blocking. I had already planned on addressing this issue in the off season. Today’s game backed up this need. QB Wilson was hurried a good number of times. I’ll be tinkering with some playbooks and simming some games and then comparing stats. I didn’t want to do much of that after winning the first two games but now that I’ve lose my last two we’ll be testing some things out.

Week 16 wasn't a good one for GM Mellon. In fact, it felt sort of like this…..

-GM Mellon
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Week 15 Heartbreaking review

Week #15 review
Boy, this is a tough review. We had victory in our grasp on two separate occasions in week 15 versus division rival, Tampa Bay Bucs. The Bucs were victorious though, 17 to 13. Within approximately the last four minutes of the game we had the ball TWICE on the Bucs goal line to come away with three total points. The first time this happened we kicked a field goal. I believe I would have gone for it on 4th down and goal from the two yard line on the first series. In all honesty the field goal did no good as a touchdown was still needed to take the lead. Even if we would have been stopped the Bucs would have had the ball on their own two yard line or so. Our defense was playing very well so I would have not been worried too much with a turnover on downs situation. As it was though coach Brady and offensive coordinator Moss decided, down by seven with four minutes to go they went with the easy field goal and added three points to come within four points of the Bucs.

The second 1st and goal to go from the four yard line came about in a different way. QB Wilson threw to WR Brown in triple coverage on 4thand 10. The Bucs were called for defensive pass interference on the four yard line with 40 seconds left in the game. We were shocked yet beyond excited at the call. We ran the ball on first down, passed on second and third down. I believe we gained 1 yard between all three plays. OC Moss, who we are mentioning for the second time already elected to call what can only be described as a “goofy” looking counter by RB Rodgers on fourth down. The play was easily stopped by the Bucs as it looked like it confused the offensive line. The linemen were nowhere around Rodgers. The Bucs were able to kill the clock for the last few seconds of the game to secure the win.

-GM Mellon

Here’s a summary of each teams drives:


Series 1: Quick TD. I didn’t log on in enough time to see it but I believe it was a long pass from QB Tannenhill to WR Evans.
Series 2: FG
Series 3: Punt (Saints hit QB Tannenhill on a couple near sacks on this series. The second hit knocked Tannenhill out of the game with a shoulder injury.)
Series 4: Punt
Series 5: Missed 46 yard field goal
Series 6: TD with 20 seconds left in the first half (TD from QB Winston to TE Bracket)
Series 7: Punt
Series 8: Punt
Series 9: Punt
Series 10: Punt


Series 1: Punt (3 and out)
Series 2: Punt (42 yard kick return called back due to a hold)
Series 3: Punt
Series 4: 32 yard field goal
Series 5: Interception
Series 6: 80 yard TD run by Rodgers
Series 7: Punt
Series 8: Punt
Series 9: Punt
Series 10: 20 yard field goal
Series 11: Turnover on downs from the Bucs 3 yard line

The three plays that really stick out are the two 4th down and goal plays as well as the 42 yard kick return which was called back. The only possible positive thing which comes from this loss is that I’ll be able to play around with the playbook a bit. After going 2-0 in my first two games I didn’t want to tinker with anything as the team had a chance (a small one) to finish 8-8. I plan on trying a couple news things in the final couple of games. Also watching this game has be thinking I need to draft or go after a young north/south type of running back for a change of pace to Rodgers.

Good luck to the Bucs & Mr. Fernandez. I’m glad the injury to QB Tannenhill didn’t go past this game.
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Weeks 13 & 14 recap

GM Mellon announced during GZL’s week 13 media day the team was going to be starting rookie DT Zeus Bryant. Saints fans still wonder why Bryant hadn’t played a snap until week 13 after being the team’s 1st round pick in the offseason. GM said he preferred to keep Saint business in house.

Game 1 of GM Mellon’s GZL career went the way he and the entire Saints organization had hoped with the team defeating division rival Carolina Panthers 26-10.

QB Tyler Wilson had a great game completing 23 of 35 passes (65%) for 289 yards, 3 touch downs, zero interceptions and a passer rating of 119.8.

RB Jacquez Rodgers had a subpar game rushing for 68 yards on 19 attempts (3.5 yards per carry)

WR Marlon Brown has a nice game catching 5 passes for 109 yards and 1 touchdown. His TD was a 72 yarder.

MLB Ricky Austin led the defense with 8 tackles.

Rookie DT Zeus Bryant didn’t light it up his first game with just 1 tackle however fellow dlinemen Chandler Jones and Flint Murphy combined for 8 tackles, 2 for losses, 2 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 deflection and 1 safety.

The highlight on offense for Carolina was WR Torrey Smith who touched up the Saints secondary for 6 receptions, 126 yards and a touchdown.

Game 2 of GM Mellon’s career went just as well as game 1 as they came from behind to beat the Kansas City Chiefs 28-20. There’s a few empty seats expected to be filled in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in the coming weeks if the team continues to play like this.

The Saints defense once again led by MLB Ricky Austin held Chiefs QB EJ Manual to 16 of 35 passing (45%) and a 60.2 rating. The Chiefs did have success running the ball though as Chase Sullivan ran for 113 yards and a touchdown on just 18 carries.

Saints QB Tyler Wilson had another great game going 18 of 25 for an amazing completion percentage of 72 along with a rating of 121 along with 2 touchdowns. Quite possibility the best number regarding Wilson was the number zero as in the Saints oline allowed zero sacks this week. This has been an area of concern for GM Mellon so this week’s result were great to see.

Omar Williams out of the University of Dayton showed he’s more than just a kick returner as he caught his first ever GZL passes. He hauled in 3 balls for a total of 64 yards to go along with his 117 kick return yards (29 yards per return).

WR Quinton Patton was the offensive highlight of the week for the Saints. He reeled in 8 passes for 163 yards and a touchdown.

As mentioned above MLB Austin led the defensive as he had 11 tackles and 2 deflections.

GM Mellon was very excited to see lot of production from his defensive line, especially Zeus Bryant. DT’s Bryant and Gerry Lipinski combined for 7 tackles and 2 sacks. DE’s Chandler Jones and Flint Murphy combined for 6 tackles, 3 of which were for losses.

After 14 weeks the Saints are:
21st in passing offense with 228 yards per game
10th in rushing offense with 107 yards per game
31st in rushing defense allowing 138 yards per game
4th in passing defense allowing just 205 yards per game
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Initial team review by GM Mellon
Here’s my initial team review. By the way, I’m excited to have a GZL team. I am new to sim leagues such as this but I think I’m ready for the challenge. I’ve seen team reviews so I figured I’d give my own. I’ve added a bit about each position and where I see things going. (The “+’s” are attributives I believe we’ll be able to utilize while we bring some GZL wins back to New Orleans.)

Wilson +Age, +THP, +THA, AWR
Ward, +Age,

•QB Wilson has the abilities we look for, high AWR, Tp and Ta plus he’s less than 30 years old. We’re excited to see how many wins QB Wilson can lead us to.

Rodgers, + Awr, + Spd, + Agi, + Acc, + Car, + Btk
Robinson, +Spd, + Agi, + Car
Todman, + Spd, + Agi, +Acc, +Car

•I wish we could turn back the clock as it relates to RB Rodgers. He has the skill set I’m looking for out of a featured RB. He will be used heavily until severe regression or retirement.

Andrews, +Age, +Spd, + Agi, +Acc, +Btk, + Rb, + Pb

•This is a bright spot and I expect Andrews to have a very long successful career here in New Orleans.

Fauria +Awr, +Spd, + Cth
Muhammad, +Age, +Awr, +Cth, +Btk, +Rb, + Pb
Pettigrew, +Awr, + Cth

•Fauria isn’t quite a blocking machine but that’s not what he’s here for. He makes some tough catches and should continue to do for quite a while. Pettigrew is just a veteran replacement while Muhammad is out for the remainder of the season.

Brown, +Age, + Spd, +Agi, +Acc, +Cth, +Jmp
Patton, +Age, +Awr, +Spd, Agi, +Acc, +Cth, +Jmp
Robinson, +Spd, +Agi, +Acc, +Cth
Grace, +Age, +Spd, +Agi, +Acc
Sheridan, +Age, +Spd, +Agi, +Acc, +Jmp
Green, +Age, +Spd, +Agi, + Acc, + Jmp

•I feel like we are adequate at WR albeit not spectacular. I believe Brown can be special but his awareness needs to come up. Robinson has been a mainstay in New Orleans for quite a while and should serve as the teams #3 wide out the rest of this year as well as next season too.

RG Thomas, +Acc
RG Bond, n/a
RG Carlton, +Age
LG Verse, +Age

•I ‘m not a fan of our guards. Duane Brown is currently filling in as our RG so Royer can gain experience at LT. This is an area which will be addressed in the offseason.

Kalil, +Awr, +Spd, +Pb
Turnbull, +Age, +Acc

•I feel as if we could do worse here but it’s not an area of strength. Kalil is 34 year old and I’m not convinced Turnbull is ready to start yet. Perhaps my mind will change with some offseason training.

RT Solder, +Awr, +Acc, +Rb, + Pb
LT Brown, +Awr, +Acc, +Pb
LT Royer, +Age, +Awr, +Acc
Diggs, +Age, +Awr

•Tackle is an area I am pleased with. While I’d like to see better performance out of Solder at RT he’s a solid player. I believe Royer can become one of the better LT’s in the league as he gains experience.

Hartley, +Kp, +Ka
Hocker, +Age, +Kp, +Ka

•I’m scratching my head on this one. I understand Hartley has been one of the most consistent kickers in GZL history but he’s making $4.57M this season and we have another kicker in Hocker to handle kickoffs. Hocker is making $1.42. We have $6M tied up in the kicker position with holes at other places. Next season I expect Hocker to be our kicker on field goals not just kickoffs.

Rohrer, +Age, +Kp

•I’d like to see Rohrer improve when it comes to awareness as well as accuracy but I don’t have an issue with him. I expected him to handle our punting duties for a while.

RE Murphy, +Age, +Awr, +Spd, +Agi, +Acc, +Tkl
RE Black, +Age, +Spd
LE Jones, +Age, +Awr, +Spd, +Acc, +Tkl
LE Chappelle, +Apd, +Acc

•This is an area in which I am pleased with. I believe RE Murhpy and LE Jones are solid players. I look forward to each of these players to help provide a solid front 4 for years to come.

Bryant,+Age, +Spd, +Agi, +Acc
Lipinski, +Age, +Awr, +Agi, +Acc
Bender, +Age, +Str, +Tkl
Byrne, +Age, +Acc
Sutherland, +Age, +Acc, +Tkl

•Rookie Bryant is another head scratcher for me. He was our 1st round pick this year and for 13 weeks he didn’t see the field. This was one of the first things we addressed. We’ve got to see what he brings to the table. He’ll be starting the rest of the season, baring an injury. We’ve got a couple agile DT’s to choose from. In the past I’ve looked for 300#+, high strength, high tackle DT’s so having weaker yet more athletic DT’s will be a new avenue for me.

MLB Austin, +Age, +Awr, +Spd, +Str, +Agi, +Acc, +Tkl
MLB Torres, n/a
LOLB Golden, +Age +Spd, +Agi, +Acc
LOLB Thompson, +Age
LOLB Schriber, + Age, +Spd, +Agi
ROLB Gibson, +Awr, +Spd, +Agi, +Acc, + Tkl

•I couldn’t be more pleased with Austin at MLB. The rest of the LB’s are a bit questionable to me. Here’s another head scratcher as prior to me coming on board the team didn’t have a ROLB. I’ve moved veteran Gibson there. He’ll be serviceable in case this position isn’t addressed in the offseason. Even though he’s more suited to be a 3-4 linebacker I’m giving Golden a chance to show what he can offer at LOLB for the rest of the season. At worse, I see him as a very good ST LB going forward.

Wooden, +Age, +Awr, +Spd, +Agi, +Acc, +Jmp
Robinson, +Awr, +Spd, +AgI, +Acc
Jefferson, +Spd, +Agi, +Acc
Doyle, + Spd, +Acc

•Wooden is another player I’m excited to have. I believe he’d good enough to build the defense around. Robinson’s contract Is up at the end of the year so CB is an area you’ll definitely see the team be active in addressing this offseason.

Conte, +Age, +Awr, +Apd, +Agi, +Acc, +Tkl
Hillman, +Apd, +Agi, +Acc

•I’m very pleased with Conte at FS. I expect him to continue to get better and be a fixture at FS for a long time.

Norman, +Age, +Awr, +Str, +Agi, +Acc, +Jmp, +Tkl
Prewitt, +Age, +Apd, +Agi, +Acc,
Murphy, +Spd, +Srr, +Acc, + Jmp

•My above comments about Conte could be copied here as they relate to SS Norman too. He’s been injured this season so this is something we hope doesn’t come up again.
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GM Mellon-Saint's official introduction conference

Good afternoon everyone. Thanks for coming out. Boy, where to start, I guess first let me say I’m happy to be here in the GZL. I can’t think of a better city to be in than New Orleans. I’m sure you have questions so let them fly.

Louis Larroquette of WWL Channel 4 news:
How do you feel about Coach Brady and the rest of the current coaching staff?

GM Mellon
Well let’s face it since retiring from the GZL, Tom has found out being a successful coach is tough transition. Tom’s 21 and 20 has a head coach while going 11-5 as the Bear’s offensive coordinator. I think he’s one of the few guys that have been able to make that transition. I hope he chooses to stay a Saint.” I think Randy’s done a nice job with our wide receivers and running backs however I think we need to see improvement when it comes to coaching our offensive line. Randy and I have talked and I expect for us to share ideas moving forward. I truly believe in order for us to move from the bottom of the division to the top we need to block. We need to open holes and protect our QB. I think we also have to improve on defense. Let’s face it coach Haslett has all the experience necessarily to run this defense however this year’s been a huge disappointment. I guess that’s why I am here. Jim and I need to discuss some things after the season. I’m impressed with how well Steven Jackson has coached special teams. A few years back, even though he totally understands the game of football I would have questioned the idea of Steven running special teams. It’s worked out quite well though.

Reese LaNasa of ABC 26 news:
You seem down on defensive coordinator Haslett and the defense in general. Can you expand on that? What problems do you see?

GM Mellon
I tend to keep the majority of team issues within the organization but I can share a couple issues with you. We drafted Zuess Bryant at pick 1.21 yet he’s not seen the field this year. He’s simply not in the depth chart. We’re changing that this week. Look, I’ve talked to Zuess. I know he’s frusterated with the Saints organization. The relationship between he and the team can be fixed. This coming week is step one as he’s going to be in the starting lineup. We have to see what this kid brings to the table. Another example is we have five left outside linebackers on the team. We need a guy to learn the right side. After Brian Orakpo left we’ve just been putting guys there in an unorganized rotation. This week you’ll see Theddeus Gibson start there. He’ll play there the rest of the year and work on the position in the offseason as well.

Carl Connick of Delgado Community College Student Media:
“Let’s move away from the team and talk about the city instead. I’ve heard rumors of you wanting to get involved with two specific charities. I’ve also heard you and your family enjoy visiting the lesser known areas of town.

GM Mellon
I’m a bit shocked to find out you know about the yet to be released charity work. To think, a small community school newspaper reporter like yourself is able to be the first to break this news. You heard correct. We’re working with Camp Restore, which is a movement to restore the ideas of faith, home and community as well as Hands on New Orleans which is an organization that includes volunteers of all ages helping with city wide service projects. You’ll see my family and I, especially my son Phillip play a big role in helping spread the word about the need to help out in the community. We are going to be working with Camp Restore and Hands On regarding a special Fan Appreciation Day next year. You’ll hear more about that as we near the start of the 2020 season. You are also correct about us being out in the town, especially the free or low cost attractions. Some of our favorite spots include Jackson Square, the Arts District, Woldenbury Riverfront Park and of course numerous spots in the French Quarters. I’ll leave team owner Tom Benson to entertain the well off. I’d rather mingle and get to know the average, even less fortunate people of the seven parishes of New Orleans."

Tyler Perette of Saints Nation Blog:
Okay, look it’s nice to hear about you being the community but you were brought here to improve this team. This year has been a hard one on the team. Give us something positive to go home with.

GM Mellon
That’s fair. For starters I think we have a solid QB. While he’s 28 he’s not seen that much time as a starter. He’s a smart player with an accurate arm. As mentioned before though, we need to protect him. I also think RB Rodgers is the type of back who could flourish under the type of offensive I’d like to help build. I wish we could turn the clock back to 2013 or so. What’s not to like about FB Bubba Andrews? He’s going to be a fixture at FB for years to come. We’ve got some young gems on defensive such as CB Wooten, MLB Austin and more. I’m sure everyone knows of my past relationships with KR Omar Williams. He played at the University of Dayton, which is where I’m from. This kid is going to be returning kicks for us for a long time. He’s already good, we’re going to help him be great. Omar played with and against my son from 5th grade all the way through school. I know him very well. I’m sure I’ve got some pics at the house somewhere. I’ll share them with you next time.

Carl Connick of Delgado Community College Student Media:
One quick question: You seem to be trying to learn our city’s culture. Tell us, what day of the year does Mardi Gras start on?"

GM Mellon
That’s a trick question. Mardi Gras doesn’t start on the same date each year. It always begins 47 days prior to Easter.
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Hello: New Saints GM

Hi everyone. I'm Bryan Mellon, new GM of the Saints. I figured I'd give a brief introduction. I'm from Dayton, OH. This is only my second GM league. The first was the GBL which recently folded in it's inaugural season. I really liked the idea of a GM league and even though the writing was on the wall I was sad to see the league go under. Years ago I was active in multiple coach leagues. I left the Madden 08 coach community and stayed away for 5 years or so. Several months ago I came back and began coaching in the ICL. I'm not the best coach/GM but not the worst either as I'd say my overall record through the years has probably been around .500.

I'm a father of three, a high school junior soccer player, a middle school football player plus one other middle school daughter who isn't really into sports. School soccer and football takes up about all my time but I enjoy getting out and fishing for Muskie now and then.

I'm very easy to reach and talk to so feel free to shoot me a PM, email or a Skype message. I will be studying the rule book tonight and tomorrow in order to hopefully prepare for the last couple of games and my all important first off season.


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New Orleans Saints | Starting Lineup Announced

New Orleans Saints | Starting Lineup Announced

New Orleans, Louisiana – The New Orleans Saints have announced what they say will be their starting lineup for the upcoming season. There could be changes and injuries between now and the first week of the regular season however this will apparently be the base for their roster for the upcoming season. The Saints will be sticking with the 4-3 that was run by previous general manager Adam Sloat in the past although that may change as further scouting is completed on the team.

RED denotes new players


Starter: Tyler Wilson [89]
Backup: Joey Ward [70]

This is Tyler Wilson’s offense and he should be given every opportunity to succeed in the upcoming season. The New Orleans Saints are trying to build a competent line to keep him on his feet and they have a veteran skilled receiving corps for him to throw the ball to. Joey Ward shouldn’t see many reps if everything goes to plan.

Starter: Jacquizz Rodgers [90]
Backup: LaRod Stephens [69]

Jacquizz Rodgers is the definition of an explosive player. His 98 speed, 70 strength and 81 break tackle are a very interesting combination that should lead to many big runs this season behind a very athletic offensive line. LaRod Stephens will likely lose his backup position by the start of the season.

Starter: Bubba Andrews [99]

Andrews is touted as possibly the top fullback in the entire league. He has great athleticism, great strength, great blocking skills, great size and an ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. Andrews could see spot starting time at the number two tight end position as well.

Wide Receivers
Number One Receiver: Armand Robinson [87]
Number Two Receiver: Marlon Brown [79]
Slot Receiver: Quinton Patton [89]

New quarterback Tyler Wilson will have a plethora of weapons to pass to in the high powered offense. Armand Robinson is a constant deep threat with his speed. Marlon Brown brings a rare combination of size and speed and will be entering his second season after a stellar first year. Quinton Patton is a dependable receiver who will be relied upon to catch check down passes and make the odd big play.

Tight End
Starter: Joseph Fauria [96]
Backup: Asanti Bragg [79]

Joseph Fauria, whom the Saints used a first round pick to acquire through trade last season, will be the undisputed starter at this position. Surprise seventh round pick Asanti Bragg will replace Rock Muhammad as the second tight end and could be a good safety net and blocker on the offense.

Offensive Line
Left Tackle: Bonaventure Royer [81]
Left Guard: Mackenzy Bernadeau [86]
Center: Ryan Kalil [91]
Right Guard: Donald Thomas [85]
Right Tackle: Nate Solder [93]

This is an interesting group that was built almost exclusively this offseason. Left tackle Bonaventure Royer was the first offense lineman drafted at 4th overall this past draft. Bernadeau, Kalil and Donald Thomas were all recently signed through free agency to short term contracts. Nate is the only returning member of this line and has been with the team since 2011. This is a very athletic line that will look to hold back pass rushers and pave the way for Jacquizz Rodgers.


Defensive Line
Left Defensive End: Flint Murphy [86]
Left Defensive Tackle: Jesse Williams [93]
Right Defensive Tackle: Gerry Lipinski [79]
Right Defensive End: Chandler Jones [98]

There is no doubt that this is a potent pass rushing line. Chandler Jones has been a sack machine in his four years in the league. Flint Murphy had a disappointing first season but is likely sliding over to the left side of the defensive line to accommodate his finesse style. Defensive tackle Jesse Williams is a huge strong body up the middle who can contribute on the pass rush. Rookie Gerry Lipinski is a pass rushing under tackle who the Saints hope can have a big impact in the near future.

Left Outside Linebacker: Thaddeus Gibson [87]
Middle Linebacker: Ricky Austin [79]
Right Outside Linebacker: Brian Orakpo [96]

The linebacking corps is another part of the Saints defense that should be feared. On the outside Thaddeus Gibson and Brian Orakpo are a deadly combination of both pass rushing and run stopping. In the middle is second year player Ricky Austin who has the tools to be one of the best linebackers in the entire league. The Saints also have some great depth at linebacker.

Number One Cornerback: Patrick Robinson [88]
Number Two Cornerback: Hank Wooden [88]
Nickel Cornerback Jamell Flemming [87]

All three of these cornerbacks are almost equally talented and can be interchanged between the positions. All possess the speed required to keep up to most receivers in the league. All of them are also at least 5’11 which puts them in a good position to matchup against some of the larger receivers. Opposing quarterbacks should have some big issues passing against this group.

Free Safety
Starter: Chris Conte [83]
Backup: Malcolm Jenkins [92]

The free safety is a position of strength for the Saints. They have two capable starters here and either can step in and do an above average job at the position. Chris Conte is being developed to be a start for the future and will likely get the majority of the reps. Malcolm Jenkins could be dangled as trade bait or could settle into a backup role and could also be a player at strong safety.

Strong Safety
Starter: Tarek Norman [87]
Backup: Cody Prewitt [75]

Tarek Norman will be returning to the starting position at strong safety after losing his job to Malcolm Jenkins in 2017. He is a very solid, big bodied run stopping strong safety with a nose for the ball. Cody Prewitt is being groomed to be the strong safety of the future in NOLA and will likely wait a few years for his chance.

Forum Discussion (by J_Downey on 01/09/2015) Replies - 1 :: Views - 27
New Orleans Saints | Jay CUTler

New Orleans Saints | Jay CUTler

New Orleans, Louisiana – Well the rumours have come true. Brought in to be the franchises top flight quarterback just one offseason ago, Jay Cutler has been cut from the team. With a seemingly insurmountable amount of holes on the roster and Jay Cutler taking up upwards of $14.5 million there had been rumblings that this move would be made for the entire offseason. The addition of quarterback Tyler Wilson only amped up the Cutler critics. Cutler is coming off of a VERY mediocre first season with the Saints that had him throw 20 touchdowns and a matching 20 interceptions. He also completed just over 50% of his passes.

”This was Tyler Wilson’s team from the second we traded for him. Ever since the rumours began flying about the possibility of Jay Cutler being released when I took over the team Jay has acted very unprofessionally on the matter. I am sure he will do just fine as another team’s starting quarterback but his time in New Orleans is over.” General manager Jeff Downey was quoted as saying.

With the upwards of $14 million in salary the Saints have freed up with this move they have gone out and made some big free agency acquisitions. With major holes on the offensive line they have gone and acquired centers Ryan Kalil and Ivory Wade, as well as guards Donald Thomas and Mackenzy Bernadeau. Kalil, Thomas and Bernadeau are all slotted to start on the interior of the line with draft pick Bonaventure Royer starting at left tackle and long-time Saints’ veteran Nate Solder on the right side of the line. It could be an interesting year for quarterback Tyler Wilson and running back Jacquizz Rodgers as they will be behind a line of which 80% of the players have never played in the system

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New Orleans Saints | Draft Recap

New Orleans Saints | Draft Recap

New Orleans, Louisiana – New general manager Jeff Downey came into the 2018 NFL Draft with high hopes and many picks. With many holes on the current New Orleans Saints’ roster but many picks to work with he had his work cut out for him. The first big move that the Saints made was acquiring third year quarterback Tyler Wilson from the Dallas Cowboys for a combination of picks. Tyler Wilson fills an enormous hole for the Saints at quarterback and could end up being the starter for the next 10+ years.

After the trade the Saints still had possession of five picks on the first day of the draft. The New Orleans Saints draft class of 2018 looks like this:

First Round – 4th Overall | LT Bonaventure Royer
Key Attributes | 68 SPD | 93 STR | 68 AWR | 64 AGI | 82 ACC | 84 PBK | 85 RBK

There was much debate in the mock drafts about who the New Orleans Saints would be taking with their top pick in the draft. Prior to the acquisition of Tyler Wilson it was almost unanimously believed that they would be going the quarterback route with the pick. Any other general manager that is familiar with Jeff Downey’s style of managing a team knows that he greatly values the offensive line and often tries to build them as a hyper athletic group. Bonaventure Royer fits the Saints’ mold perfectly. He was the fastest offensive lineman in the class and boasts great strength as well. He is extremely polished for a rookie and should slot in on the quarterbacks blind side immediately.

Second Round – 45th Overall | DT/DE Gerry Lipinski
Key Attributes | 70 SPD | 86 STR | 68 AWR | 71 AGI | 82 ACC

An interesting prospect at the defensive tackle position Gerry Lipinski brings a combination of size, speed and strength. He has the skillset to play the defensive tackle position in a 4-3 as well as the athleticism and strength to play defensive end in the 3-4. There are rumblings around the New Orleans Saints’ camp that the change to a 3-4 defense could be seen in the near future so we could potentially see Lipinski slide on over to an end position.

Second Round – 61st Overall | SS Cody Prewitt
Key Attributes | 90 SPD | 66 STR | 90 AGI | 88 ACC | 69 TAK

Although not a glaring need for the Saints, Cody Prewitt was high up on general manager Jeff Downey’s board and they decided to go with what may have been their best player available at this point. Prewitt brings a huge frame (6’2, 220 lbs) and great athleticism to the strong safety position and boasts great strength and decent tackling ability. Although he is lacking in the awareness portion of his game to start it is expected that he will play second string snaps for the first 1-2 season until he is developed into the full time starter.

Third Round – 86th Overall | WR Omar Williams
Key Attributes | 94 SPD | 62 STR | 94 AGI | 90 ACC

Omar Williams could develop into a solid deep threat option for quarterback Tyler Wilson in the near future if the New Orleans Saints are willing to put the time into him. He has a decent frame at 5’11, 179 lbs., and combines that with burner speed and good strength. He is a raw project but could be an impact player in the future.

4th Round - 114th Overall | P Reed Rohrer
Key Attributes | 93 KPW | 86 KAC

Reed Rohrer was the best punter in the draft and the Saints decided to take a chance with him for the future. He has excellent kick power and good kick accuracy for a rookie.

4th Round - 118th Overall | DT Bo Sutherland
Key Attributes | 63 SPD | 87 STR | 79 ACC | 78 TAK

Bo Sutherland is a big-bodied (6'6, 310 lbs.) defensive tackle with decent athleticism and strength. He figured to slot in as depth on the defensive line and with a good skew could potentially be a starter in the future.

5th Round - 141st Overall | OLB Marty Schribner
Key Attributes | 83 SPD | 72 STR | 62 AWR | 80 AGI | 76 ACC | 78 TAK

Another depth pick by the Saints, Schribner actually brings some great athleticism to the table for the linebacking corps. He lacks height at 5'11 but could be used as an edge rusher in the future.

6th Round - 182nd Overall | OLB Casper Thompson
Key Attributes | 80 SPD | 73 STR | 64 AWR | 77 ACC | 77 TAK

More linebacking depth for the Saints front seven. Thompson has decent athleticism and is very smart for a rookie. A good skew could really help Thompson become something of importance on the Saints' defense.

7th Round - 209th Overall | TE Asanti Bragg
Key Attributes | 70 SPD | 74 STR | 77 CTH | 56 PBK | 61 RBK

Asanti Bragg is actually expected to replace Rock Muhammad on the Saints tight end depth chart. Bragg isn't spectacular at anything but is pretty solid at nearly everything. He has good strength, decent hands and is a competent blocker. He will be very useful in blocking downs and should be able to catch some balls.

Forum Discussion (by J_Downey on 12/30/2014) Replies - 5 :: Views - 73
New Saints GM
I would like to thank Anthony Fernandez for giving me the opportunity to join this league/community. I have always wanted to play in a league like the GZL. I am excited to be taking over the Saints who are currently 3-2 sitting 2nd in the division. Can't wait for the new experience to being by watching each game and actually having to gameplan week in and week out.
Forum Discussion (by J_Goodman on 08/23/2014) Replies - 8 :: Views - 93
Saint's season review
Forum Discussion (by A_Sloat on 07/07/2014) Replies - 7 :: Views - 99
Saints Rounds 2-7
Not going to make this all fancy as I need some sleep, but would love some thoughts on the rest of my guys.

2.3 FB Bubba Andrews Yah I think I reached, but not that far if you consider this kids talent. I didn't want to risk losing him as he was my top 2nd round target so I used my first on on him.
6'3" 251lbs

2.5 Chris Conte I kind of regret this pick, but I won't lose sleep over it. He is a very good FS with good size and athleticism and he will let me free up the spot from a pricier veteran.
6'2" 203lbs

2.31 Zach Hocker Reaching again perhaps, but I hate spening 3=million on a kicker and I also hate watching my punter shank games if I only have one and he gets hurt. Kid is ready to start and almost as good as my current starter. Scary athletic as well.

3.5 QB Joey Ward Worried he'd not make it out of the 2nd so glad we got him here. Wanted to skew protect him, but misunderstood the deadline for that as Sunday night and missed my chance. Has every tool need him to to make him into an eventual starter as Cutler plays in front of him.
6'3" 230lbs 69AWR 90THP 70THA

3.25 TE Paul Rockford Didn't want to go TE here, but he was the 2nd best one on our boards and he was to good to pass up here. Though he lost some ACC and blocking skill, he gained a chunk of speed and is a top notch player even now.
6'7" 265lbs

4.13 OLB Ezekiel Golden We didn't have a lot of vale on this guy because of his shit-tastic STR, but the middle of the 4th is to tempting for his physicals. He got extra SPD in the skew and is scary good despite not being able to carry in the groceries by himself.
6'2" 225lbs.

7.21 OG Roland Verse We needed a guard for roster req so we deicded to take a chance on a ND player. Skew kind of softened him up, but he did gain blocking skill. He is an ok backup now, which is not bad for a late 7th rounder.
6'5" 314lbs.
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Saints Round 1 report
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Saints add 4
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Saints make a Cut
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Jonesing for a Trade
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Porter deported - Saints Trade
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Saints keep 2
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Saints hire a very big moving van.
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Saints Trade #2
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1 + 1 = 50 (Saints new OC)
Forum Discussion (by A_Sloat on 06/10/2014) Replies - 7 :: Views - 73
Saints grab their new leader
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Saints make a trade
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Saints End of Year
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Saints push for DRotY
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Saints first 2 weeks
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Saints Pre-Season Results
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Saints form RB Hydra
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Saints to start 4 rookies on D
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Saints announce preseason depth - offense
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Saints land 4 in UFA
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Saints - Season Summary
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Saints Day 1
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Saints trade All-Pro Nicks
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Saints resign Solder
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Saints revamp QB position
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Saints trade QB DREW!!!
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Saints new coaches
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Saints camp invites
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Saints making moves
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Zombies vs Pirates
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Saints making moves
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Breaking News
Forum Discussion (by A_Sloat on 09/25/2013) Replies - 8 :: Views - 80
THE LAST SAINT "Mid-Season Ordination Service"

The New Orleans Saints are sitting at a very crucial spot as it relates to the race for the playoffs. They have seen glimpses of a play-off caliber team and then glimpses of the reason why GM Edwards was brought in. "I am not going to go into the numbers for you, this publication will do that. But I will say that in order to be the best, you have to be consistent. I said that I will do all I can to field the best possible team, and I mean it. There are no exceptions." -GM Edwards

The Saints are sitting at 3-3, 2nd in the NFC South with a 2-0 division record. The Saints are just outside of contention for a wild-card spot.

It has been known that the New Orleans Saints have had inconsistent play at Quarterback and is probably a big reason why the team is sitting at .500.

In a move to fix that consistency, there is a changing of the guards, so to speak. The Saints have reached a preliminary agreement, bringing a Quarterback to New Orleans. That will be disclosed once it is official.

We can however, report that the Saints have decided to part ways with QB Tim Tebow and released him earlier today. The 27 Year-Old QB is slated to land on his feet pretty fast as there would be soneone jumping at the opportunity to sign him.

"I didn't see it coming." says Tebow, "But this organization has been one of the best at treating people with respect and that was shown during this situation as well. It saddens me to leave Louisiana, but I understand that this happens."

"I am sure that people will look at Tebows passer rating and determine and wonder why we released him. The fact of the matter is those numbers can be skewed a little. We have a great stable of running Backs and if people are geared to stop the run, they are almost forcing Tebow to pass and he has done a great job with that, but no up to par to what we would like to see. We want a game changer, not a game manager. 24 sacks in 7 games is not what we are looking for for. We can blame it on the blocking, but a lot of those sacks came from Tebow leaving the Pocket. We are sad that we had to let it go but are excited for the opportunities that will open up.
Forum Discussion (by D_Edwards on 03/15/2013) Replies - 6 :: Views - 74

Since being named the GM of the New Orleans Saints, Mr. Edwards has been in and out of the office constantly trying to sign, release, and trade players that not only fit "his" system, but the winning system as well.

"What I think we have to realize is that you cannot come in like a tyrant and expect to change everything and win. If you want to change everything, its a process. I have expressed openly that we are changing to the 3-4 base defense. That is because I looked at the linebackers and saw that there were some possibilities. Besides bringing in 1 OLB, All I did was change up the defensive front which basically means that with the drafting of Jessie Williams who will probably be switched to DE, or Ellis, I now have my starting 11 on defense. Being able to change while not having to do a complete overhaul, which also means playing to your team' strengths. I cannot wait to see this team in the preseason."

One of the most unpopular moves of the offseason that has people scratching their heads is the fact that The Saints decided to let Drew Brees walk.

Brees, the most prolific QB in Saints history did not receive an offer from the Saints about bringing him back.

"Coming into a program, with Brees on an expiring contract, and young and capable and CHEAPER Tim Tebow is sitting on the bench. You want to give him the chance to be successful, but I think i took it too far just by getting rid of the competition. If I had to do it all over again, Brees would definitely be a Saint right now, if he already isn't (LOL) but I plan to make up for this gaffe by bringing some great competition. There are still some guys out there that have the possibility of getting traded and or signed that is willing to come in and compete."

One thing that we can say is that Edwards wasted no time dealing away as he has been involved in several trades as of right now.

"I would not necessarily call it wheelin' and dealin', but rather advancing us into the hybrid defenses. I love the 3-4 Defense because there are a lot of schemes that can confuse opposing offenses because its hard to calculate where the blitzes are coming from. The good thing about what I am putting in place here is that we OLB Brian Orakpo and Thaddeus Gibson out on the edges in a 2-point who can hold their own against the Tackles and Tight Ends. It will be good to see where they are come preseason. I want to continue to make this roster better suitable for winning. I want to make sure we are always going up as it relates to performance. Anything less is unacceptable.

When asked if he was done with trading, GM Edwards responded as such,

"I will be done trading when i retire from the league. If you are not getting better you are getting worse, if you are not first, then you are last. Any and everyday can be used to get better or worse, and so I am always looking forward to getting better, so if I see an opportunity to get this team in a better position to win, you best believe that I am going to take advantage of that.

"I am going to continue to build this roster so that I can put myself in the same category as the elite people in this league. I want to be remembered for leaving a leagacy here in New Orleans that cannot easily be duplicated. I understand that everyone cannot be a GM, yet you are right and i am happy to, but now everyone cannot win games, so I want to get to that point, when I get there, everyone can't make the playoffs, I want to get there, everyone does not play in the Superbowl, I want to get there, everyone does not win the big one, i want to be there, everyone cannot win back to back Championships, I want to do it, I have the mentality of wanting to be the premier ambassador for GZL. I want multiple Championships because my goal is the Hall of Fame."

Please stay tuned as the next articles will be updating you on all of the offseason transactions that have occured since GM Edwards's entrance into the GZL.
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The Saints fans are rejoicing at the announcement of the new GM for the New Orleans Saints. GM Dorian Edwards is being brought in to return the Saints back to prominence within the NFC South.

GM Edwards's resume includes starting out in the NatFL(Natural Football League), the WHFL(Western Hemisphere Football League), the GFL( Gridiron Football League), GMFL(General Manager Football League), and now the GZL (Green Zone Football League). GM Edwards has about 7 years of madden league experience and he is only 22 Years old. That is right, he managed his first team at the age of 15.

"I do it because I love football. I remember back in 2005 I came home from football practice to see my brother on the computer working on trades. I essentially told him I wanted in, was given the opportunity and now the rest is history. Enough about me. Last season, for whatever reason, the Saints went 6-10. There are no excuses for that. I am in here to make a change and you WILL see that change next season.

I am not here to blow smoke, I am not here to talk trash, I am not here to make friends (just kidding Very Happy) I am here to win games. You win games, you win division titles, you get into the playoffs, you win conference championships and Superbowls. The great Vince Lombardi was quoted as saying that if winning wasn't everything, then why do they keep score. I want to win."

GM Edwards brings a different dynamic to GM Leagues because he plays football. He has played at the Recreational, Middle School, High School, and Collegiate(Division II) Level. That is over 15 years of playing experience and still counting.

"I feel as though this can give me a slight advantage because I am on both sides of the fence." I plan to use my knowledge of the game as well as my eye for personnel to bring in the guys that I feel can contribute to the system that I am trying to use and just go from there. As I examine this roster, i see that there are not many needs but I have narrowed things down to the 6 positions or players that I need to acquire/replace before I am comfortable with this roster." Edwards finished up his career at Defensive Tackle for Livingstone College with 241 Tackles, 34.5 Tackles For Loss, 10.5 Sacks, 6 Forced Fumbles, 5 Fumble Recoveries, 2 Blocked Field Goals, and 1 Touchdown

I think that the most important aspect of what sets GM Edwards apart is his leadership skills. He has molded himself into what one can call the epitome of a leader. Throughout his collegiate football career, Edwards has been just as success in the classroom while being successful on the field. Edwards has served in numerous leadership positions while matriculating through Livingstone College. starting out his sophomore year, Edwards served as Sophomore Class President, President of the Honor's Program, and Vice-President of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. Edwards moved on to Junior Class President, and became President of the Student-Athlete Advisory committee, while being a 3 year football team captain. Edwards leadership has been cemented with his senior year as he was elected Student Government Association Student Body President, President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and President of the Phi Beta Lambda Business Leadership Society.

"They ask me what I do and who I do it for? I am doing this because I want to serve as well as leave a legacy that I strive for success in everything that I do. On the field, in the classroom and in anything else. I want to be successful in this Green Zone League. That means that I am going to work hard in order to ensure that I am successful in everything that i do. I want the NFC South, I want a Conference Title, and I want that Superbowl trophy.

Another difference we expect to see is an increase in community involvement for the Saints organization. GM Edwards is the National Spokesperson for Project Life. Project Life is an organization geared towards increasing the number of registrants in the registry for potential bone marrow transplants.

"You have to strive to be a different organization. I want my team to be successful on the field, in the community, and in their homes. You cannot be a cheap GM and expect to be successful in this game. Its called calculated risks. You have to invest in order to get a return. I am investing all I can into this organization to make this organization the premier ambassador for the Green Zone league."

At this time, we will continue with an interactive press conference. If you have any questions, just respond below asking your question and GM Edwards will send a reply.
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Saints: Third Time a Charm?

Date: December 19, 2011

The New Orleans Saints ended the 2011 season just like the 2010, an exit in the divisional round. They hope their third season in GZL will give them a better ending. The foundation is built as most of the core players are still very young. Just like last offseason, the team tried to tackle their weakness and address them in order to strengthen the roster and give them a better chance.

Heading into the 2012 offseason, GM Lung tries to stick to the plan and be cautious on any moves. The three things he expects to address are: 1) acquire a true centre; 2) add depth to the secondary; and 3) to add another defensive tackle; 4) explore options to find Vilma's successor. That's the team primary goals at the beginning of the offseason, but as we can see from all the transactions that they did in the offseason, they went out and created more buzz than they were expected.

Lets take a look at what the Saints have done in the 2012 offseason:


For the second straight offseason, the New Orlean Saints defensive coordinator took a head coaching offer with another team. Defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast left for the Colts. The Saints brought in Ron Rivera to fill the position. Rivera has great coaching experience, he was the defensive coordinator for the Bears from 2004 to 2006 and the Chargers from 2008 to 2011. He should have no problem adjusting to the team in New Orleans.


The Saints quickly addressed two of their objectives early in the offseason. They brought in veteran cornerback Chris Johnson to provide some much needed depth to the secondary. It also proved to be a good move after the fact when they saw rival Buccaneers brought in speedy receiver DeSean Jackson. Chris Johnson can provide a matchup option with his great athleticism. The team then found themselves landing young linebacker DeAndre Levy. The Saints first traded receiver Robert Meachem along with a second round pick to the Browns for the nineth overall pick in the draft. They then turned it around and trade the pick to the Lions in exchange for Levy and two draft picks. Levy is only in his fourth year but already has the tool to be one of the better inside linebackers in the league. He is athletic and has a very similar build as Vilma, who was later traded on draft day. This should provide the team a easy transition.

The biggest move in the early offseason for the Saints was the trade with the Indianapolis Colts. The two teams swapped running backs, with Reggie Bush going to the Colts along with athletic lineman Charles Brown in exchange for Mark Ingram and Jerry Hughes. Bush had a breakout year in all areas with Brown being a part of it paving ways for him on the running game. The Saints like the addition of young pass rusher Jerry Hughes. He has the potential to put up great numbers in this league. He is an upgrade to Abraham Cole, a 7th round rookie who had a nice rookie season.

Fast forward to the free agency, the Saints signed a couple of veteran players who will provide some great leadership and quality skills on the field.

Veteran centre Shaun O'Hara will provide the team the true centre that they have been searching for two seasons. This allows everyone to play their natural position on the offensive line. It is a short term solution, but a move that will benefit the already dangerous Saints offense. On defense, the Saints signed Kris Jenkins to a one-year deal. Jenkins will pair up with Sedrick Ellis up the middle to replace Clinton McDonald who were playing out of position in 2011. He has a good combination of athleticism and strength. He put up 15 sacks in the past two seasons with the Jets. Although Jenkins is on the decline, he will be a great fit right now until the team finds the long term solution. McDonald was later traded.

The two signings also achieve two of their remaining tasks of the offseason. GM Lung seems to be quick on his work and is efficient. He has already taken care of all the items on his to-do list before the draft takes place.


The 2011 entry draft was suppose to be a quiet one for the Saints as they do not have any top picks going in. Things changed quickly on draft day. By the end of the draft, they have three picks in the second round, and two in the third.

2.3 - HB Jacquizz Rodgers - A great change of pace back who possesses excellent athleticism. He put his name on the stage when he rushed for almost 300 yards and scored three touchdowns.

2.13 - C Kristofer O'Dowd - A great young rookie centre who already has a great feel and knowledge to the game. The only thing that he is lacking is on field experience and blocking skills. The presence of veteran O'Hara will definitely help the development of O'Dowd.

2.19 - FB Henry Hynoski - Hynoski is a ready made full back who is going to play from day one. He has great blocking skills and strength.

3.17 - LE Jabaal Sheard - Sheard was considered the steal of the draft, although it may not be totally true when we found out that he is not as fast as he was reported. Nonetheless, it was a great value pick at that time. He doesn't have the talent as people expected, but he certainly still has the potential if he puts in the work.

3.23 - CB Jeffrey Sanchez - This is one of the luxury picks that the Saints made. Sanchez has potential, a great 6'3" frame as a corner, but his athleticism is less than ideal. It will be tough to tell how he is going to be utilized.

The Saints picked up 3 more players in the last day of the draft. They are WR Randall Cobb, CB Chykie Brown, and WR Dane Sanzenbacher.


The Saints addressed all their objectives before the draft, so they were able to look at other options. From the draft onwards, they made some moves that have some potential high risks involved. They traded away almost all of their draft picks in the next year's draft in exchange for players that are not clear talents. Jacquizz Rodgers is one of them, he possesses great athleticism, but in a league that favours powerback, it will be tough to say what we can expect from Rodgers or can he be tough enough to carry the load. They certainly made some high risk high reward draft choices in this draft and only time will tell if it is worthwhile. But the front office feels that they are an established team and has a young core in place which allows them to take some risks.

Another concern is that they acquired three second round picks which give them a potential 5 to 8 expiring contracts in 4 years time. GM Lung normally will micromanage this aspect pretty closely, but this particular year, he feels that the talents that he is able to get are much worth the risks that is associate with them.


The offseason and training camp are the time you improve your game physically. Before the team organized training camp, there are some players already work on their games individually. In the mix of it, cornerback Patrick Robinson stands out the most and are faster than he was last season, he is working towards being a full time starter with the team to go with Tracy Porter.

Besides athleticism, some players chose to work on their strength. Quarterback Tim Tebow, and defensive tackle DeAndre Levy have put up some weight and should give them a bigger presence on the field. The team hopes that with Tebow added some bulk, his power on his throws will generate a better velocity. As for Levy, the gain is intended to make a larger impact at point of contact.

All players reported to training camp and they are fired up and ready to give this team another deep playoff run. Noteworthy training camp results are as follow:

DE Jerry Hughes - The team likes the upside of Jerry Hughes and wants him to be even more quicker and faster. +1 SPD -> 86 / +1 ACC -> 84

QB Tim Tebow - When the Saints traded for Tebow and anticipated him to be the quarterback of the team in 2013, they mean it. Tebow is trying hard to improve his game and learn from Drew Brees at the position. At the same time, he is going to add some arm strength to generate a greater power on his throws. +1 THP -> 94

HB Mark Ingram / LE Jabaal Sheard - Both running back Mark Ingram and defensive end Jabaal Sheard are working hard to improve themselves, but at this point it seems that they haven't really made any major improvement on their game, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top when the preseason rolls around.


HB Mark Ingram vs HB Jacquizz Rodgers
The interesting question in camp is that whether Ingram or Rodgers will be the starter. Ingram is a logical choice as the feature back with his physical build. Rodgers has great athleticism, but only listed at 5'6" and 196 lbs, a more change of pace type of back in this league. GM Ricky Lung isn't going to tip his hat on the subject, but from experience, people can certainly expect him to at least have some thought about giving most of the carries to Rodgers with his flashiness and explosiveness.

LE Jabaal Sheard vs LE Abraham Cole
Sheard will be the unquestionable choice if he possesses the athleticism as reported, but second year Abraham Cole is now back into the mix when Sheard is not as fast as he is. The team is still trying to justify whether they should invest the time and resource on Sheard given his current state. Cole had a solid rookie season and probably can provide just what they need.


The offseason further improves the team in different areas and they will have to feel comfortable about their roster. What will be the ending of 2012 is left to be seen, but the team has done everything they wanted and they will just have to leave everything on the field. Just like the previous two seasons, there is no reasons not to believe the Saints can go all the way. On a side story, there is some buzz within the team that despite Brees being the number one quarterback on the team, they will not be surprised that Tebow will see the field against the AFC teams in order to maximize his playing time and on field experience as those games have less impact compare to conference matchups.




DB: Tracy Porter, Malcolm Jenkins, Charles Godfrey, Ronald Bartell
LB: Dan Skuta, DeAndre Levy, Thaddeus Gibson
DL: Jabaal Sheard (R), Kris Jenkins, Sedrick Ellis, Jerry Hughes


OL: Jermon Bushrod, Carl Nicks, Shaun O'Hara, Jahri Evans, Nate Solder
WR: Marques Colston, Devery Henderson TE: Jeremy Shockey
QB: Drew Brees
HB: Jacquizz Rodgers (R) FB: Henry Hynoski (R)


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Running Back Controversy?

Date: December 14, 2011

The Saints acquired Mark Ingram earlier in the offseason in a running back swap with the Colts. Ingram is in his 2nd year in the league, the team are expecting him to be the new feature back. He has a great combination of power and athleticism and has all the tools to be a top runner in this league.

Things took a huge turn when the Saints paid a high price to land the third pick of the second round in the draft. They then took Oregon State running back Jacquizz Rodgers who lit up Aloha Stadium in the College All-Star game with 300 yards and 3 touchdowns. This instantly creates a crowded backfield on the roster with the team also resigned Chris Ivory a week ago by matching the offer sheet from the Titans.

Chris Ivory, once the starting running back for the team just two seasons ago, is expected to serve as the third running back with Ingram and Rodgers carrying the load. The more interesting question now is that whether Ingram or Rodgers will be the starter. Ingram is a logical choice as the feature back with his physical build. Rodgers has great athleticism, but only listed at 5'6" and 196 lbs, a more change of pace type of back in this league. GM Ricky Lung isn't going to tip his hat on the subject, but from experience, people can certainly expect him to at least have some thought about giving most of the carries to Rodgers with his flashiness and explosiveness. Some people around even speculate that Ingram may be linked to some rumours very soon.

It is still very early in the offseason to conclude anything. It will definitely be an interesting story to follow for the next little while.

In other news, the Saints also brought in speedy receiver Deon Butler from the trade that landed them Rodgers. Butler has the speed and quickness and is expected to serve primarily as the returner. Shortly after, the team sent veteran linebacker Jonathan Vilma to the Chiefs in exchange for a future draft choice to clear some cap space. Earlier on free agency, the team signed centre Shaun O'Hara and defensive tackle Kris Jenkins, two players who expected to provide veteran presence on the lines.

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Saints Offseason Updates

Date: December 07, 2011

The Saints finished their second GZL season with another divisional round exit. GM Lung and the management believe in their team. They think the team still still relatively young and is capable of going the distance.

GM Lung tries to use this offseason to add some depth to a few positions and also exploring options to upgrade a few others. So far in the offseason, the Saints made three trades. They first acquired veteran corner Chris Johnson to boost the depth of the secondary. They were pretty thin in that area last season after injuries to Tracy Porter and Malcolm Jenkins. In the second trade, the Saints sent receiver Robert Meachem and a second round pick in exchange for the 9th overall pick in the draft. It was a move that they thought will bring in the flexibility on subsequent trade talks for the rest of the offseason. This although creates some concern about the depth at the receiving core given the injury history of Marques Colston. They will likely look to add to that category later in the offseason. The flexibility that they wanted did not take long to pay off as they turnaround and trade the 9th pick to the Lions for inside linebacker DeAndre Levy, a 2nd round pick, and a 4th round pick. Levy is a young athletic linebacker who has a similar build as veteran Jonathan Vilma. The team hopes that Levy can replace Vilma in a year time.

Elsewhere, there are rumours out there swirling around that Reggie Bush may end up playing somewhere else on opening day.

Improving the team is key, but the Saints have also trying to look ahead. With their top rival in the division Buccaneers got their first true speed receiver in two years, the Saints are definitely keeping that in mind and try to come up with plans to counter that whether it is coming from within or looking at outside help.

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GM Lung Did it Again, Tebow Time in 2013?

- TEBOW TIME IN 2013? -
Date: September 02, 2011

GM Lung continues his common practice of acquiring scrambling quarterbacks in anywhere he coaches. The Saints acquire Tim Tebow from the Washington Redskins for a pair of undisclosed draft picks. This will be Tebow's third team of this 2011 season.

Tebow has yet to play up to the hype he generated in college. He appeared in 17 games in his short GZL career thus far, posted close to 3,000 yards, completed 55% of his passes and a respectable 79 quarterback rating.

The Saints will still have Drew Brees at quarterback, but will Tebow be the answer when time comes? 2013 possibly? We will see how everything plays out.

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Saints Cruise to 4-0

Date: July 26, 2011

The New Orleans Saints are playing like a contender after a quarter of play to the 2011 season. They started off the season with two wins against two struggling teams in the Vikings and Falcons, then later had wins over the Lions and the Packers.

GM and coaches are happy with the performance so far, but intensity can't be dropped as the whole NFC South is playing well. Panthers and Buccaneers are just inches behind the Saints and set up a great battle in the next couple of months.

The Saints, after a very pass heavy approach in 2010, now turned to a more balanced offense. No one gave them much credit on the ground attack last season and this year they prove that you need to stop the run as well. This can be a very nice setup as the season goes on when they need to put the game in the hand of Drew Brees more. Compare to the first 4 games of last season, Brees had 300 less passing yards and 5 less touchdowns on the more balanced offense, but at the same time he is more effective with only 1 interception and a QB rating sitting at 107. Speaking of the running game, with a better offensive line, the move of playing Reggie Bush at the tailback proves to be a wise move as he averages 115 yards a game and a yard per carry average above 5.5. The Saints are more conservative on the passing game can also attribute to the fact that speedy receiver Devery Henderson did not play in the first 4 games. Young Robert Meachem has filled in nicely in the starting lineup, leading the team in receiving yards.

On the defense side, the team is much improved from 2010. The young defense is slowly improving and the Saints actually averaged a league leading 12.5 point against per game. Veteran linebacker Jonathan Vilma continues to be the man in the middle, directing the defense on the field. Reacquiring from the Rams, young cornerback Patrick Robinson will get much more playing time this season and he is leading the team with 3 interceptions. Another newcomer safety Charles Godfrey is also making his money worth with 2 picks and 5 deflections. The rotation of Ronald Bartell, Tracy Porter, and Patrick Robinson can counter well against most receiving core.

NOTABLE Statistics

QB Drew Brees - 898 YDs | 59.38% | 6 TDs | 1 INT | 107.0 QB RATING
HB Reggie Bush - 83 ATTs | 460 RUSH YDs | 5.54 AVG | 4 RUSH TDs | 3 FUMs | 1 REC TD
WR Robert Meachem - 18 RECs | 327 YDs | 1 TD | 1 DROP
CB Patrick Robinson - 16 TAKs | 3 INTs | 3 DFLs | 7 CTHAs

The schedule does not get any easier from now on. The Saints will face 5 playoff teams from last year, as well as an emerging Panthers team. They have no time to let their guard down and will just need to build on the momentum they had from the first month.

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Saints: Built to Last

Date: June 12, 2011

The New Orleans Saints ended the 2010 with a disappointed exit in the divisional round after finishing the season tying for the best record in the league. The good thing is there is always the follow year that you can look forward to.

2010 ended early but should not discourage the fans in New Orleans as they have a great team that is built to last. Their core group is intact and only three players are actually over Year Pro 6 on the projected starting lineup for 2011, namely Drew Brees, Devery Henderson, and Jonathan Vilma. They are top players in key positions, but the team will have enough time to replace them in the future if they play it right. The Saints are relatively quiet during the offseason and they are just looking to fix a few things that are on GM Ricky Lung's to do list:
  • no more playing out of position on the OL, get specific talents
  • improve the corner positions on the front 7
  • provide the top corner group with better safety help

With the league getting to the later stage of the offseason, let us take a look at how well the Saints have tackled their checklist.


The offseason did not start out well for the New Orleans Saints as they lost defensive coordinator Gregg Williams who left the team for the head coaching job in Minnesota. The team replaced him with Clancy Pendergast. This will be his first coaching job in GZL. Pendergast had experience in NFL where he held the head coaching job with the Houston Oilers and the Dallas Cowboys earlier in his career.


The Saints opened the offseason shipped a couple of corners out. With literally no draft picks in the draft, the team wants to get back into the mid rounds to pick up some project players. They traded young corner Nolan Carroll to the Vikings for a 3rd and a 4th. Carroll will not be getting much playing time in New Orleans and this work out for both parties. The Saints also traded veteran corner Jabari Greer to the Seahawks for a 4th round pick. Greer is another excess corner for the team. They will still have Randall Gay if they want someone to provide veteran leadership.

New Orleans then pull off 3 signings during the week to improve or secure their defense. They first signed restricted free agent Charles Godfrey off division rival Panthers. Godfrey has great athleticism as a safety, more importantly he has decent awareness and ball skills to be able to play well right away. He recorded 84 tackles and 4 interceptions with the Panthers in 2010. Godfrey will replace veteran Darren Sharper on the lineup. Sharper is a great leader in the secondary but losing a few steps during the offseason will make him a challenge as a full time starter. Godfrey will provide the much needed athleticism.

A day after, the Saints and defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis agree to a 7-year restructure, which will likely keep Ellis as a Saints for the rest of his career. Ellis generated great pressure last year on the front 4. He recorded 41 tackles, 5 tackles for losses, and 7 sacks. Ellis has the complete package, and reports say that he has put on 10 more pounds which will help him to encounter bigger linemen on opposite OL.

The Saints were not active during the free agency but they did make one signing. They signed defensive end Jonathan Fanene to a 5-year contract. Fanene is not exceptional, but his all around game and his big body will help the Saints to play their balanced defense a bit better. The team is not sure where he will play, but people say he will likely start on the left side of the line.


The 2011 entry draft was suppose to be a quiet one for the Saints as they do not have any top picks going in. Things changed quickly on draft day. The Saints pulled off possibly the biggest draft day trade in this year's draft by sending veteran corner Rashean Mathis to the Redskins in exchange for the 12th pick in the draft. The trade created a lot of critics around the league.

1.12 - LT Nate Solder - They used the 12th pick to pick the top lineman of the draft. Solder is a bit under power, but he has great athleticism, he can play anywhere on the line. He is projected to start on the right side. This pick also allow Carl Nicks to go back to his natural guard position.

4.2 - WR Armand Robinson - The Saints waited till the 4th round to have their second pick. They picked up speedy receiver Armand Robinson. He will give the team a second deep threat besides Devery Henderson and will help Brees open up the field even more.

4.11 - MLB Casey Matthews - The Saints turned to defense on this one, picked up a middle linebacker. Matthews is under strength but is a nice value pick at the stage of the draft. He has decent athleticism and good ball skills on pass coverage. He can also make the open field tackles.

The Saints picked up 3 more players in the last day of the draft. They are CB Shane Doyle, LE Abraham Cole, WR Stephen Burton, and LT Jah Reid.


The offseason and training camp are the time you improve your game physically. Before the team organized training camp, there are some players already work on their games individually. Young stafety Malcolm Jenkins and linebacker Thaddeus Gibson are faster than they were last season, this will definitely improve the defense further as they are part of the young core to this defense.

Besides athleticism, some players chose to work on their strength. Cornerback Ronald Bartell, and defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis have put up some weight and should give them a larger impact on defensive encounter. Bartell is really turning into a great pressing corner. He is be a nice fit on matchups against the big Falcons receivers.

All players reported to training camp and they are fired up and ready to give this team another deep playoff run. Noteworthy training camp results are as follow:

LT Nate Solder - The only area that Solder has to improve is his strength and he uses the training camp to work on it. This will help him holding the blocks better against stronger defensive ends. +1 STR -> 88

DT Clinton McDonald - The team is thinking about moving McDonald inside to play along side with Ellis to general even more pressure up the middle, he takes on the challenge and has put up some power to his strength. +1 STR -> 86

HB Chris Ivory - A lot of time last year, Ivory was unable to get off the line fast enough and was tackled in the backfield, working on his acceleration will help his quickness off the snap. +1 ACC -> 87

ROLB Dan Skuta - Dan Skuta had a nice year in 2010, but he is still raw and better athleticism can certainly overcome some of his weaknesses. He was very dedicated and is able to work on both his speed and acceleration. +1 SPD -> 85; +1 ACC -> 88


The offseason helps the Saints to address the offensive line and the safety issue. The front 7 problem is still up in the air and the coaching staff may need to address that internally. Overall the team has the talent to make another run at the title. Consistency is what the team needs. Defense has improved, but still shaky. The offense will carry them during the regular season, but the defense will have to step up if they get to the post-season.




DB: Tracy Porter, Malcolm Jenkins, Charles Godfrey, Ronald Bartell
LB: Dan Skuta, Jonathan Vilma, Thaddeus Gibson
DL: OPEN, Clinton McDonalds, Sedrick Ellis, Jonathan Fanene


OL: Jermon Bushrod, Carl Nicks, OPEN, Jahri Evans, Nate Solder
WR: Marques Colston, Devery Henderson TE: Jeremy Shockey
QB: Drew Brees
HB: Reggie Bush FB: Heath Evans


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Saints Trade Mathis, Pick Solder

Date: June 12, 2011

The New Orleans Saints made a loud noise in this first ever GZL draft. They traded top corner Rashean Mathis to the Redskins in exchange for the 12th pick in the draft and selected offensive tackle Nate Solder from Colorado.

A lot of discussion was generated throughout the afternoon on this trade and one team actually refused to trade his corner because of the value Mathis had in this trade. Talking to Saints GM Ricky Lung earlier, he has this to say,

"...we were indeed shopping Mathis as we feel it will benefit us in the long run if we can get a good return. The Redskins made a great offer and we took it. There are a lot of critics on the reasoning on the Redskins part, but we can just worry what's on our hand. We got good value and we are exciting to have Solder, who may just very well be the second best offensive player in the draft behind Luck..."

Nate Solder is ultra athletic, not only does he have the physical tool, he is also ready to step in from day one and be a force for opponent pass rushers. Solder has top flight blocking skills and he possesses great awareness to the game. He will likely start from the right side on opening day.

The Saints will have to wait till round 4 for their next pick.

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Saints Disappoint in Early Exit in 2010

Date: May 30, 2011

The New Orleans Saints were the heavy favourite going into the playoff in the NFC, but they last just 1 game and took an early exit in the divisional round after a 34-27 loss to the Chicago Bears. The Saints will have the core group back for 2011 and hope to make another run.

Injury to receiver Marques Colston in week 17 was a huge blow to the Saints playoff run. A couple of Drew Brees interceptions in the first half in the game against the Bears pretty much write off their chance when they never got their offensive rhythm going despite a great effort after trailing by two scores in the first half.

Award Winners

QB Drew Brees - Drew Brees was chosen the MVP of the league in 2010. He ranked near the top in all passing categories, passing over 4,000 yards; threw for 36 touchdowns and was over 100 QB rating for the season. He lead the Saints to a league best 12-4 record. He will definitely like to make a redemption in 2011 after his poor show in the lone playoff game.

CB Ronald Bartell - Rnoald Bartell, a mid-season acquisition, is a major component to the Saints. He is not flashy, but he compliment Rashean Mathis and Tracy Porter perfectly and allow the Saints to play a great matchup system on pass coverage. He hauled in 3 picks in a Saints uniform and led the league with 11 interceptions and a very impressive DFL/CTHA ratio. This earned him teh breakout playoer of the year in 2010.


Early in the offseason, the Saints announce that they have hired Clancy Pendergast as their new defensive coordinator after Gregg Williams left for the head coaching job in Minnesota.


Heading into the 2011 offseason, the Saints are not looking to make much changes. A few things that fan may want to keep an eye on:
  • whether the team wil resign veteran Jon Stinchcomb to play center or acquire a true center
  • can Reggie Bush get the starting job at HB after a strong finish in 2010
  • any potential upgrade to the corner positions of the front 7 on defense

The Saints are currently over the cap by roughly 4 millions, so we will definitely see some movements from New Orleans once the transaciton window opens.

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Saints Clinch, Playing for Home Field

Date: April 29, 2011

The New Orleans Saints may not be playing outstanding football every week, but they cruise through the regular season and have clinched the playoff and look to capture the inaugural GZL Super Bowl after taking home the NFL Super Bowl in 2009 before moving to GZL. Despite a nice season, there are still a lot to play for in week 17 against the Buccaneers. A matchup with Tampa means the Saints will need to win the game to crown the division since the Buccaneers have a better division record. The winner of the game will not only win the division, but also a first round bye and home field advantage throughout the playoff. General manager Ricky Lung also promised the fans a division title and a 12-win season, so there are a lot to play for.

With all the hype going into the week, we can expect the Saints to play their starters and try to win the game. GM Lung said in a media conversation earlier the day that they have played a great season that they will not settle for just a wild card berth even though there is a very good chance that the two teams will play for the 3rd time this season in the divisional round.

Taking a look at the overall performance this season by the team, there is no questions that they are riding on the passing game with Brees leading the team and also the talented receiving core. And into the mid season, everyone is talking about the trio they assembled in the secondary on defense. But behind them are some great supporting casts on both sides of the field that have helped the team along the way, lets give them some credit at this point.


HB Chris Ivory - 279 ATTs | 1070 YDs | 3.84 AVG | 8 TDs | 6 FUMs
MLB Jonathan Vilma - 129 TAKs | 11 TFLs | 4 INTs | 11 DFLs
LOLB Thaddeus Gibson - 41 TAKs | 4 TFLs | 5 SCKs
DT Sedrick Ellis - 39 TAKs | 5 TFLs | 7 SCKs
K Garrett Hartley - 40/47 FG%

The decision to start rookie running back over veteran Reggie Bush seems to be working out well. On a pass heavy scheme, Ivory hit the 1,000 mark along with 8 touchdowns to keep the defense honest. He will have to cut down his fumbles if he wishes to become a better running back though.

On defense, Jonathan Vilma is the field general in the middle, he covers a lot of ground and helps out on run support and pass coverage. His presence helps out the two young linebackers on the outside. Vilma ranks 2nd in the league in tackles.

Young outside linebacker Thaddeus Gibson got a chance to play after veteran Scott Shanle was cut short with a broken shoulder. Gibson record 5 sacks in 6 games since the progression point. He ranks 4th among rookies in that category.

On the front 4, Sedrick Ellis anchor the line and is tie for first among defensive tackles with 7 sacks. He gets a lot of pressure inside and always look to break free and gets to the quarterback.

Last but not least, we have the 3rd year kicker Garrett Hartley. Hartley is not a polished kicker, but he proves that he can play. With him still improving on his accuracy, he still manage to hit 85% of his attempts and has a league leading 40 made field goals, so does help out the offense when they cannot move the chain.

GM Lung does not have a great playoff record despite three trips to the conference finals, he will need to put something better together if he will have to go to his first ever Super Bowl.

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Saints Acquire Ronald Bartell, Set Sight at SBI

Date: March 25, 2011

The Saints are very aggressive on trying to bring a championship to New Orleans, on the eve of the trade deadline, the team pulled off a trade with the St. Louis Rams and acquire cornerback Ronald Bartell. Bartell passed the physical and will suit up against the Cowboys this week. In exchange for Bartell, the Saints are sending rookie cornerback Patrick Robinson along with a couple of draft picks to St. Louis.

Bartell is a big physical corner who is able to jam receiver at the line of scrimmage. He has been on the news for a week or so now with his surprising season and a streaking 5-game interception streak. He also broke up 13 passes in the last three games.

By reading the comments out there, it is clearly that Bartell is not everyone's corner, a lot of GMs just don't flat out don't like him or think he is overrated by his surprising stats. Saints GM Ricky clearly has the same thought when it comes to this with Rams GM Mr. Richardson. Lung hopes that Bartell can give the team a third dependable corner for a major run. He should be a great matchup against some physical receivers in the NFC.

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Saints Making a Deadline Deal?

Date: March 24, 2011

There is no questions that the new Orleans Saints are gunning for a deep playoff run, as the trade deadline approaching, rumours have the Saints acquire another piece to solidify their shaky defense even further. How true is this? Who will this player be?

Saints GM Ricky Lung has expressed interest in Giants young pass rusher Jason Pierre-Paul earlier this week. The Saints do need a pass rusher to bring pressure off the edge. Giants was trying to shop JPP earlier this season, and given the nature of GM Paronne routine, it will not be a surprise move.

Neither general manager can be reached at this point.

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New Orleans Slowly Coming Together

Date: March 04, 2011

As mentioned after the first quarter of the season that the second quarter of the season is crucial to the Saints to see if they belong to the top group by taking care of their own business. The Saints respond with four straight wins, five overall, to move to 6 and 2 at the midway point of the season.

The Saints have victory over the Cardinals, Buccaneers, and the Browns in the first three games. These teams are not powerhouse, but are solid teams that will put up a fight on any given day. The Saints escaped a win in Arizona with a Hartley game winning field goal in a high scoring fest. Then they hang out to the victory against the Buccaneers and the Browns. Drew Brees and co. then host a tough Steelers opponent and they were very fortunate to come out with a win. The Saints got outplayed on both ends of the field but got a huge lift from Reggie Bush on special team when he took the first two kickoff for a score.

NOTABLE Statistics

QB Drew Brees - 1286 YDs | 63.70% | 11 TDs | 3 INTs | ~113.0 QB RATING
WR Marques Colston - 29 RECs | 404 YDs | 2 TDs | 4 DROPs
WR Devery Henderson - 20 RECs | 342 YDs | 5 TDs | 0 DROPs
HB Reggie Bush - 1 REC TDs | 645 RET YDs | 4 RET TDs
CB Rashean Mathis - 6 TAKs | 1 INTs | 7 DFLs | 4 CTHAs

The offense continue to click on the passing game. Drew Brees and Marques Colston both repeat their statistics in the first quarter, and Devery Henderson railed off five touchdowns in the last four games. The defense continue to be the problem for the team. They gave up 24 or more points in each of their last four games. Newcomer Rashean Mathis brings some excitement to the defense nonetheless. In two games with the Saints, Mathis had six tackles, seven deflections, and a pick.

In other news, veteran linebacker Scott Shanle suffered a broken shoulder and will sit out the rest of the season. Rookie Thaddeus Gibson will be given a chance for now. The team will also be without tightend Jeremy Shockey for the next three games.

The upcoming four games will be a huge contrast among opponents. First off, the Saints will play two struggling team in the Panthers and Seahawks, then they will go to Dallas and Cincinnati to face two top teams in the league. The team hope to carry their momentum into this third quarter of the season.

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New Orleans Mortgage Future to Win Now

Date: February 12, 2011

In lights of the injury to Tracy Porter, the New Orleans Saints acquired big name cornerback Rashean Mathis from the Jacksonville Jaguars to not only help filling in for Porter for the next 7 weeks but also upgrade their secondary for a major playoff run. Trade was filed late in the trade window and the league office did not have enough to process it so Mathis will have to wait a week for his Saints debut. The Saints send their 1st and 3rd round draft choice along with the Jaguars 3rd in exchange for Mathis.

Mathis has two years left on his contract and he will boost the Saints chance of winning in the next two years before slowing down. He does not have lights out speed but has great awareness and soft hands that can be a great playmaker. He is only one of three cornerbacks in the league listed at 6'1" 90 SPD 90 AWR. The price is steep but the Saints believe they have a great chance of winning now and will take the risk. The Saints will release defensive end Jeff Charleston to make room on the roster.

Fans in New Orleans are excited, but we will have to wait and see if GM Lung make a mistake on making the trade.

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New Orleans 2-2, Coach Wants More

Date: February 01, 2011

The New Orleans Saints split the first four games of the season, and the coaching staff expect more out of the team in the 2nd quarter and beyond.

The Saints came out the gate strong and had their best performance on opening night against the Vikings where they won convincingly. From there on, the offense is still there, but hardly play inspiring football even though statistically the Saints are still amount the top on offense. The defense was hammered against the 49ers and the Falcons before bouncing back against the Panthers.

NOTABLE Statistics

QB Drew Brees - 1200 YDs | 59.87% | 11 TDs | 5 INTs | 95.3 QB RATING
WR Marques Colston - 22 RECs | 341 YDs | 4 TDs | 4 DROPs
WR Devery Henderson - 24 RECs | 339 YDs | 3 TDs | 2 DROPs
CB Tracy Porter - 19 TAKs | 1 TFL | 1 INT | 13 DFLs | 17 CTHAs
CB Patrick Robinson (R) - 12 TAKs | 2 TFLs | 3 INTs | 5 DFLs | 9 CTHAs

Drew Brees, as expected, is putting up points, but he is taking a lot of hits in the last 3 games. The Saints will likely put the game in his hands, but they may want to consider scaling it back and put it on the ground more to take the pressure off Brees and at the same time keep him from being hit more than he needs. The question will be how much trust do the coaching staff have on Chris Ivory and Reggie Bush.

The defense is where the problem lies at this point. They have a solid redzone defense and a solid opponent quarterback rating in general, but they give up way too much 3rd down conversion. This directly reflects the lack of awareness at outside linebackers. Skuta and Shanle put up decent numbers but it will not be surprised if the Saints decide to push for an in-season upgrade in that area. The Saints are very happy with the play of rookie corner Patrick Robinson, he hauled down 3 interceptions in the first 4 games.

The upcoming three games are key to the team and we will see if they at least belong to the top group in the league. The Cardinals, Buccaneers, and the Browns are all solid teams but the Saints as the favourite should take control and come out with victories.

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New Orleans Saints Hire GM Ricky Lung.

Date: December 11, 2010

The New Orleans Saints announced they have hired Mr. Ricky Lung as their new general manager. He has a wide range of experience from different leagues and is serving the commissioner role of the Red Zone League. This time around, Mr. Lung heads to the unfamiliar NFC and hopefully can continue the glory of the Saints franchise which just took the Super Bowl in the NFL in 2009.

"...I definitely am thrilled about the chance to lead one of the top teams in the league. The team does not have a lot of big name stars like some other team do, but a lot of players who can get the job done. There are a few areas that we want to address when we get a full insight of the roster. Stability will be key at this point, we will take it slowly even if I want to turn this team into my liking, so it will be less likely that people will see lots of trade out of New Orleans this season. I am exciting and am ready to be on the sideline..."

With that being said, the passing core, leading by Drew Brees, will be the focal point. The running back committee will likely be given a chance and see if anyone will emerge as the lead back. The Saints defense may work in the NFL but it may not translate well in the GZL, it will be something that GM Ricky Lung will definitely look into as we move along. Nothing more can be said at this moment until training camp when the coaches can work with the players and see where everyone stands.
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At A Glance

GM M_Spencer
Head Coach T.Brady
Offensive Coordinator Dennis Green
Defensive Coordinator Mike Singletary
Special Teams Darrin Simmons
Salary $153.72M
Cap Penalty $11.64M
Cap Room $8.64M

Saints Curtis Saldi HB 82 Out for season
Saints Tre Deveroux CB 85 1 week

NFC South
#6 Buccaneers y-Buccaneers 10-6-0 0.63 5-1
#12 Falcons x-Falcons 10-6-0 0.63 5-1
#18 Saints Saints 7-9-0 0.44 1-5
#24 Panthers Panthers 5-11-0 0.31 1-5

1 Sep 10 at Falcons Falcons #12
Lost 7-26
2 Sep 17 at Panthers Panthers #24
Lost 30-31
3 Sep 24 vs Chiefs Chiefs #21
Won 19-14
4 Oct 1 vs Bears Bears #25
Won 35-23
5 Oct 8 vs Vikings Vikings #2
Lost 30-31
6 Oct 15 at Raiders Raiders #23
Won 33-23
7 Oct 23 vs Panthers Panthers #24
Won 34-7
8 Oct 29 vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #6
Lost 10-37
10 Nov 12 at Chargers Chargers #4
Won 40-23
11 Nov 19 vs Falcons Falcons #12
Lost 20-23
12 Nov 26 vs Broncos Broncos #30
Won 19-13
13 Dec 3 at Rams Rams #3
Lost 17-23
14 Dec 10 at Lions Lions #1
Lost 13-15
15 Dec 17 vs Cowboys Cowboys #7
Won 51-24
16 Dec 24 at Buccaneers Buccaneers #6
Lost 13-14
17 Dec 31 at Packers Packers #5
Lost 31-38

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