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After Failure, Spencer Gets New Shot

Former Patriots General Manager Takes Over Saints
Long Unsuccessful Tenure in New England Comes to an End

The Saints fell short in 2022, will new leadership bring them to greater heights?

The New Head Honcho:
After a short stint in New Orleans, John Stanley has left the job and longtime Patriots GM Matt Spencer has agreed to a 3 year deal with the club. Spencer took the Patriots to the playoffs 5 times in his 13 years with the team, only advancing to the Conference Championship once, in the inaugural GZL season (2010). Known as a shrewd collector of talent on both sides of the ball, his teams are usually full of highly regarded and usually young talent that many GM's would love to have in their program themselves. However, those talent pools have never translated as he'd like and the results of the last decade plus show that clearly.

After finally being axed by the Krafts in New England (he was well liked by everyone but the fans there), he gets a second chance with a team that looks to be in great shape moving forward. There's a franchise QB in Jared Goff. Anchors on the O-Line in Bonaventure Royer and Jack Conklin. Weapons abundant in Marlon Brown and TJ Yeldon. Young Defensive pieces that seem right out of a N.E. roster in FS Jabrill Peppers and MLB Rueben Foster. Even both specialists are very talented.

Matt Spencer :
Really looking forward to this challenge, to be in a division with a guy like A.F. after for so long will be a thrill. I will miss many of the great players that I brought into the Patriots organization and am really pulling for Travis and the whole crew over there. I want those men to succeed, and I am very sorry that I could not lead them to that goal. Now it is time to put those days behind me, focus on this new group of gents. Hopefully they are ready to put in some work this offseason, because after an initial glimpse at the roster, they're close. I plan on being that guy to lead them to the Lombardi.

So, the talent seems to be there, but the question remains; does Matt Spencer know how to take talent and win with it. He'll get three seasons to prove it in New Orleans.

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At A Glance

GM M_Spencer
Head Coach T.Brady
Offensive Coordinator Dennis Green
Defensive Coordinator Mike Singletary
Special Teams Darrin Simmons
Salary $153.72M
Cap Penalty $11.64M
Cap Room $8.64M

Saints Jabrill Peppers FS 84 3 weeks

NFC South
#14 Falcons Falcons 3-2-0 0.60 2-0
#21 Panthers Panthers 2-2-0 0.50 1-1
#15 Buccaneers Buccaneers 2-2-0 0.50 0-0
#19 Saints Saints 2-3-0 0.40 0-2

1 Sun at Falcons Falcons #14
Lost 7-26
2 Sun at Panthers Panthers #21
Lost 30-31
3 Sun vs Chiefs Chiefs #4
Won 19-14
4 Sun vs Bears Bears #28
Won 35-23
5 Sun vs Vikings Vikings #2
Lost 30-31
6 Sun at Raiders Raiders #23 TBD
7 Mon vs Panthers Panthers #21 9:00pm
8 Sun vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #15 4:15pm
10 Sun at Chargers Chargers #5 4:15pm
11 Sun vs Falcons Falcons #14 8:30pm
12 Sun vs Broncos Broncos #24 1:00pm
13 Sun at Rams Rams #17 4:15pm
14 Sun at Lions Lions #9 4:15pm
15 Sun vs Cowboys Cowboys #7 1:00pm
16 Sun at Buccaneers Buccaneers #15 4:00pm
17 Sun at Packers Packers #1 1:00pm

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