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Steelers #27 Pittsburgh Steelers
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Steelers Pulse

Pittsburg welcomes GM Mellon
Pittsburg Steelers owner, Art Rooney earlier today announced former Saints and Dolphins general manager Bryan Mellon has been hired to coach the GZL team for the next two years as we head into the new pReZL era.

GM Mellon wasn’t available for the press conference headed by Rooney as he was visiting free agents. GM Mellon however was available by phone later in the day and announced the following:

"We’ve been busy today. We’ve released three players; K- Dolph Noyes, LT- Brett Tran and SS- Jonas Moore. A couple more releases could be coming. I’m happy to announce we’ve signed K- Reid Forrest, LT- Earl Cote and veteran CB Patrick Peterson to contracts. Forrest and Cote will be placed into the starting lineup while Peterson will provide veteran leadership in the backfield and play a combination of nickel CB, dime CB and backup our safeties."
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Steelers Training Camp 2021
Steelers 2019 Recap

The season offensively was horrible. Big part of it was Ryan Mallett's injury and starting Powell as the HB 1. When Ryan played he showed how solid he is, if he is healthy can help the team get into the playoffs and more.

Defensive side was different. Rush D was the 10th lowest ydsgame which is pretty decent. Pass D, well that was awful. 9th worst shows how weak the secondary is.
The team needs to be better in all fronts. The revamped OL should work better in passing and running game as well.
The team finished the season with 8-8, which is better than last years 7-9 but not enough for the playoffs. 3rd position in the division, but what a difference. Last years 2-4 in the division was a nightmare. The team performance was way better against the division rivals. The Steelers finished the season with 4-2 in their group.

The season started with a home win against the Baltimore Ravens. Decent performance 20-10.

On the second game we could not stop the Chiefs run game, and we could not produce enough on the ground to secure the win. 13-17 loss away.
Third game was an away game against the Jets. We stopped the run, the pass game won the game. We suffered on the ground once again. 19-13.
Week 4 was a point galore away game against the Brownies. We have changed the starter HB to Johnstone, in a hope of a better performance. Aaand he delivered. Almost a 100yds, TD, long possession. Decent performace from Mallett 285 yds, 4 TDs, 128.2 QB rating. 48-35 away win.
The game against the Titans in week 5 was a heartbreaking one. They were the better team, only our running game worked, still we were leading until the last minute... 21-20 loss.
Week 6 big loss against the Packers. No running game whatsoever, no Run D. Lets move on. 17-35.
Overtime loss against the Texans in week 7. Mallett got injured the last game, so Kevin Kolb tried to show his skills. He did not. Decent running game, no Run D. 20-17 home loss.
Week 8 BYE. The team went to a wellness weekend to regenerate themselves before the division rivalry game against the Bengals.
Big win against the Bengals. The Run D and the secondary won the game for us. 10-24 home W.
Week 10 Steelers travelled to Baltimore and lost. The good running game did not help much with only 88 yds an 2 INTs from Kolb. Run D was horrible, the first time of the season. Well deserved loss. 16-23.
We could not resist the Bears at home in week 11. We scored 14 in garbage time, Chicago was better in every aspect of the game. 17-23.
Week 12 is a painful loss. No passing game from Kolb, amazing passing game from Gainey. The only positive thing from the game was Johnstone 171yds. Horrible pass D allowed the Bengals to go over 350 yds. Well deserved loss. 14-15.
At this point of the season the Steelers knew they did not have a chance to get into the playoffs.
Without this burden the team won 4 out of the last 6 games.


QB Kevin Kolb

He was the starter after QB Ryan Mallett went down with a season ending injury. He played acceptable, the 77 QB rating shows you that he played decent. His contract ended, so he decided to retire at the age of 35

SS Justin Thorton
Did not play last season, he was only a backup. He decided to retire at the age of 32.

Players Lost

Expired Contracts :

OLB Martin Butler
Very loyal player, played his whole career as a Steeler. He regressed twice, so his physicals went below acceptable. Did not get a contract extension.

C Barry Barnes
Backup Center, he might comeback in UFA.

RT Levi Brown

Long term Steeler, aging got him. It was his third regression, at the age of 37 we decided to let him go.

QB Andy Dalton

He was picked up after Mallet went down for the season.

LG Jake Long

Signed for one season, but did not dominate the field as we expected.


DT Haloti Ngata
Signed last season to mentor our young DTs, but having cap issues made us cutting him.

Acquired Players

Heading into the draft we had needs as follows: OL, OLB, aging MLB, FS and CB.

1.19 - OT Sepulveda Wright- 65SPD 93STR 63AWR 68AGI 80ACC 82PBK 82RBK
The deep OL pool allowed to still get a decent starter RT at 1.19. Good ACC and STR. Traditionally i like to build my own OL, he will be an essential part of my new OL.

2.11- LG Timmy Porter - 63SPD 90STR 66AWR 65AGI 77ACC 84PBK 80RBK
Originally wanted to draft a CB but all of the 2nd round worthy corners were picked before my pick. The deep OL group helped me out and allowed me to pick a starter Guard.

4.19 - TE Austin Cooper
Unfortunately my original TE target Tyler Bush got picked before i could choose, so i selected him. He has decent CTH 83 and his blocking is good too with PBK 59 RBK 57. He might get a starter role during the season.

5.19 - LG Byron Tyler
Quite happy with him. Pretty awesome backup. With ACC 75 and SPD 66 he has the physicals needed at the position. With a lucky skew he could be an emergency starter if needed. His blocking ability with PBK 77 RBK 76 is pretty solid too. This OL class was crazy deep.

5.28 - QB Nate Sudfeld
He is a balanced backup QB. If he gets lucky with the skew he is a solid backup.
6.3 - CB Myes Zander
Again i was pretty happy that he was available at 6.3. He is 6'1" and ACC 96 with JMP 93. Little weak STR 55 and his AGI 85 could be higher, but defenately one of my favourite pick of this draft.
6.19 - SS Jonas Moore
3rd string SS might be handy if the others are tired.

Post-Draft Free Agency
The team will go after some backups. Nothing major, all position is covered plus we lack of cap space.

Training Camp

WR : Bradd Reid, Brad Edwards, DeAndre Brown

Where Edwards is quicker, Reid and Brown are taller and a bigger target. The Steelers does not have their favorite yet. Reid last season was a dissapointment, but missing Mallett for the whole season is a key part of that. Still he managed to reach 71 REC and 829 yds. Brad Edwards and Brown could prove himself over the training camp once again. Edwards has the edge with his speed at the moment. A healthy and productive training camp can help their chances.

HB 1: Derrick Johnstone and Bilal Powell

Last season i tried something new with Powell being my HB1. Well I realised fast enough that his strenght will not be enough. Johnstone managed o avarage 4.82 yds per carry, missing with only 3 yds the 1300 barrier.

CB: Brady Shields, Jamell Fleming, and Samuel Price

At the moment it looks like Shields will be CB 1. His athleticism helps overcome his size. 95 SPD 95 ACC 96 AGI is pretty awesome. CB 2 is pretty open, i’m thinking to start Felming who is smaller but a lot more athletic. Price is regressing pretty steep, so he might be only CB 4.

TE: Fendi Onobun, Rock Muhammad and Austin Hopper
Not sure yet. Most probably will go with Hooper as TE1 and Onobun as TE2. Hooper was drafted to take over the starting role from the aging Onobun who already phyz regressed twice.

Training Camp Focus

This year 8 rookie will enter the camp plus a few new faces from the UFA market. Not an easy decision who would be in the focus to progress. The coaching staff decided that the following players will receive some bonus time on training.

ROLB Scottie Powers

We have decided to continue developing this young talent. His ACC will be close to the 90 landmark, which is pretty high for an outside linebacker. The reasoning behind the decision is that he can be a unique player if we continue focusing on his speed. This will help the Steelers to put some more pressure on the opponent QBs who are already affraid of our front seven.
TE Austin Hooper
Future starter in a new TE heavy system. Adding some speed will help him to stay at the team for a long time.

LOLB Kamalei Correa
We drafted him hoping he will have some nice skew, but he did not. He is a reach. One of the biggest mistakes as a GM ever. With the added ACC hopefully he will play up to his potential.

LG Timmy Porter
With an ACC boost he can play good enough to progress and he will be a stabil starter. He is already at 84PBK 80RBK, and he has 66AWR for a rookie. I really like him, hopefully he will live up the expectations.

FB Hassan Perry

The young FB needs to improve his ACC to match his great blocking skills. It will be his second boost on ACC. He will get his final boost next offseason.

2020 Outlook

This will be my 2nd season as a Steelers coach, and after the first full offseason our aim is to get into the playoffs. We managed to draft 3 starters and some quality back ups.
We have a bunch of 1 year contract players, but luckily only a few of them is a starter, so we will see how they perform. I anticipate a 10-6 this season, which should be enough for a wildcard place.

Is Ryan Mallett still has enough left in the tank?

I surely hope so. After the short season behind him its gotta motivate him to show his value one last time. The first half of the last season started really promising. There were voices, that the Steelers should get a young QB via the draft, but the staff has full confidence in the veteran player.

Can the team perform better with a heavier running game?
I drafted 2 OL starter in the first and second round to help the running game. I'm planning to use lots of heavy sets since we really want to use 2-3 TEs very often to help keeping the offense honest. With a smarter gameplan, better blocking it is expected to be better at running the ball.

Is this team ready to return to the playoffs?
Yes,absolutely. Avoiding injuries is the key. If Mallett stays healthy anything could happen. Its a tough division, with good Gms. We will pray to the almighty Kraken for a division dominance. The biggest question is to find the right gameplan. Its not an easy task, but we will do some extra work to overcome it.

How will the younger OL perform?

I hope good. I have the "veteran" RG Brendon Thomas OVR 94, its gonna be only his fifth season. His progressing nicely. He is 94PBK 92RB and he is already a mentor. RT Sepulveda Wright OVR 77, he is one of the rookies. He is a balanced OT with PBK 82 and RBK 82. LT Austin Laurie the 7 year veteran is one of the cornerstones of the OL. LG Timmy Porter is another talented rookie starter 84PBK 80RBK. C Max Tuerk is a first round pick from last year. Needs to improve his preformance, if he has long term plans at the team.

Can the secondary's performance improve?
Honestly it is all about the gameplan. We feel that the players we have are good enough to play better defense.

Starting Lineup Predictions


QB: Ryan Mallett
HB: Derrick Johstone
FB: Hassan Perry
TE: Fendi Onobun
TE2: Rock Muhammad
WR: DeAndre Brown
WR2: Bradd Reid
WR3: Brad Edwards
LT: Austin Laurie
LG: Timmy Porter
C: Max Tuerk
RG: Brandon Thomas
RT: Sepulveda Wright


DT: Archie Waters
DT2: Julius Walker
LE: Bruno Smith
RE: D'Qwann Miller
ROLB: Scottie Powers
MLB: Sean Weatherspoon
LOLB: Kamalei Correa
FS: Jimmy Rivera
SS: Deaone Bucannon
CB1: Brady Shields
CB2: Jamell Flemming
CB3: Jammel Fleming

Special Teams:

K: Joshua Day
P: Michael Koenen
KR: Kenjon Barner
PR: Kenjon Barner
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2020 Steelers training camp
Steelers 2019 Recap

The season offensively was really productive for the Steelers finishing 6th best yds/game overall with 373.4 yds/game. Big part of it was Ryan Mallett and his leadership on the field finishing the 3rd best pass offense with 272.2 yds/game. He finished the season with 4417yds, 19TD and 18INT with a 79.8 passer rating. The coaching staff needs to reduce those INT numbers, otherwise elite performance from the veteran QB.
These numbers are really promising, but getting in to the Redzone, and score, thats another question. Ranked 15th best scoring offense with 23.4 pts/game… The Steelcity Team only managed to get into the Redzone 38 times, which is the 8th worst in the league. As a new GM, I assume this has to do something with the bad running game, which was the 9th worst in the league last season, with 101.2 yds/game. Running the ball is certanly one thing that we will concentrate next season.
Defensevily 14th lowest points allowed with 349.3 yds/game. Pass defense was only the 19th best in the league with 241.0 yds/game. Another field where we need to get better. On the other hand defending the rushing was top10, finishing the 9th lowest yds/game with 108.3 yds/game. Pass rush was exceptional with 45 sacks last season. Only managed to takeaway 29 balls from the opponnets which is only the 17th highest. The turnover ratio was -6.

The team finished the season with 7-9, whih is absolutely unacceptable for a team with such rich hostory. 4th position in the division, 2-4 against the rivals is a nightmare.

The horror started right off the bat against the Browns. Huge loss 17-34. The defense could not stop the brownies allowing them to gain 431yds.
Week 2 was a bounce back, with a 50-7 win against the Texans. Shotdown secondary performance with 5 INTs.
Heartbreaking loss against the Giants in Week 3. Mallett managed to throw 5INTs!!! Simply put, terror. 0-20...
Week 4 another loss 17-23. Bills running game and running defense was the key for their victory.
Loss against the Ravens in Week 5. The score is 20-28. Mallett threw a pic6… At this point Steelers was in a 3 loss in a row nightmare…
Another div loss against the Bengals. Steelers were dominating the lil kitties all game long, but if you dont score, you dont win. Mallett had 321yds with 3 INTs…
Week 7 a solid performance from Mallett. 315yds, 1TD 1INT. Really good pass D this week, 31-20 to the Steelers.
Week 8 BYE week.
Another big loss against the Browns. You cannot win a game with a turnover ratio of -3. 19-33 loss.
A lucky week 10 victory over the Raiders, 26-12. At this point of the season the luck of running game really hurts the team.
Another loss in week 11, this time the Redskins crushed us overtime, 30-36.
This game showed you how to win with -3 turnover ratio. 27-17 victory over the Cowgirls in week 12.
The last five games Steelers won 3games, one big one against the Striped Kitties.


LG Evan Detrich-Smith
He was signed as a backup, never played, not a big loss. He is 33 years old.

Players Lost

Expired Contracts :

DT Brian Price
Signed to be a starter for a year. Managed to produce 7 sacks, 6 TFL, 21 tackles, decent performance.

Lost In Free Agency:

C Maurkice Pouncey
Steelers legend has been lost in free agency due to a missed deadline on paperworks. He had 641 pancakes and 37 sacks over the 10 yrs. (He had one horrible season with 11 sacks. WTF?)He has one year left until regression, would have been nice to keep him one more season. Future Hall of Famer. The managament wishes him the best.

FB Fred Munzenmaier

Another great veteran lost in free agency. Superb run blocker. 641 pancakes(!!!) over the 10 seasons only 2 sacks. Wow what a career as a Steelers. We wish him the best, for the rest of his career.


LOLB Enrique Webb
Decent backup, the management decided to go forward without him. Played 3 seasons. He does not have the skillset we are looking for in a veteran. Low AWR is the main reason he is not part of the organization anymore.

P Daniel Sepulveda
Horrible punter, the new GM fired him almost right after he got off the plane. An avarage of 42.90 yds per punt. His kicking power is so low, that we could pick up a guy playing soccer in europe like him easily. He was in last third amongs the punters. I dont see he has a future anywhere else in the NFL.

LE Michael Johnson
11 yrs veteran DE. He is a special talent, the previous management decided to cut him due to cap issues. Understandable decision. The DE section is rich in talents, he would not be a starter anymore.

Acquired Players


First draft in GZL as a GM, tried to the my best not to fail the organization. Managed to pick up 3 starters, who can have a long future at the club. Unfortunately the scouts did not do a good enough job to find great value second day in the draft.

1.18 - C Max Tuerk - 68 SPD 90 STR 67 AWR 66 AGI 80 ACC 85 PBK 86 RBK

After all the players who were targeted to be picked at 1.13 went all gone, decided to trade down a few places. I did not know what to accept from the league, was hoping for … The best Center ever came out of GZL draft. Some might say a 1.18 is a reach on a Center, i say i will have the best Center in the league for 10 seasons. He is a unique talent, the only Center in the league with the skillset he has.

2.13 - DT Julius Walker - 78 SPD 86 STR 67 AGI 82 ACC 70 TAK

Drafted to have a young DT duett in our 4-3 Defense. He needs to gain some weight during the offseason, currenlty the 299lbs seems a little light for a DT. There are only 10ish similar players in the league, on of them is our 1.24 pick from last year, Archie Waters. Really promising DL we have.

3.13 - FB Hassan Perry - 79 SPD 86 STR 65 AWR 76 ACC 79 CAR 59 PBK 62 RBK

The organization needed to draft a starter FB. The third round looked the ideal time to do that. He is smart enough to find the right player to block, has the RBK ability to support the run on a high level. He is fairly slow, so cannot support the outside runs too much. Inside runs, draw, dives, counters should be no problem.

4.13 - LOLB Thanh Plante - 80 SPD 74 STR 57 AWR 82 ACC 79 TAK

Good backup. His AWR might be low, but i believe he can overcome that. Athletic enough for the position. Never intended to be a starter anyways.

5.13 - TE Bobby Gough - 77 SPD 63 STR 82 ACC 81 CTH 47 PBK 54 RBK

Wanted to draft a third string TE. Never tried a smaller frame player at this position before. He is only 6’1” with 80 JMP and 230lbs. The 81 CTH was honestly the main reason i decided to draft him. Might cut him later on, who knows.

6.13 WR Damian Butler - 91 SPD 64 AWR 80 AGI 91 ACC 81 CTH

Weak, not too tall, low jumping. His ACC and SPD and CTH should be good enough to be a 5-6th WR on the roster. The 81 CTH feels really nice in the 6th round.

7.13 LE Mayor Robison - 73 SPD 73 STR 73 AGI 77 ACC 77 TAK

Really like this pick at 7.13. For a 4-3 DE backup he feels fast enough, big enough. His tackling skills is really high for his draft position. Honestly i would like to think that he is the best value in the 7th round.

Post-Draft Free Agency

The Steelers had filled up some spots via draft, but they still had players that they wanted, and they were able to pick up for both with decent short term contracts or long term backups and mentors.

DT Haloti Ngata
2 Years 15.92M/4.14M

In the 4-3 defensive scheme is better to have 4 DTs, so you have enough backups. Ngata is a little too expensive to be only a backup, he will mentor our young talents.

TE Rock Muhammad
5 Years 18.35M/3.3M

He will be our #2 TE, until Fendi is gone, then he might overtake the starting role.

LOLB Peter White
5 Years 13.05M/2.15M

Quality long term backup.

SS Justin Thorton
1 Year 970k/ no bonus

3rd string SS, which is a must against heavy passing teams.

P Michael Koenen
1 Year 1.5M/650k

We lost the blind bid war for our target at the position Jon Ryan. Our offer was 2.8M per year, we thought it will be more than enough. Well the winning bid was over 3M, which is crazy talk… Koenen is a less powerful punter, but he will be just fine for a year.

Training Camp

WR : Bradd Reid, Brad Edwards, DeAndre Brown

Where Edwards is quicker, Reid and Brown are taller and a bigger target. The Steelers does not have their favorite yet. Reid proved himself last season with 1397yds last season, which means most probably he will be WR1. Brad Edwards and Brown could prove himself over the training camp. Edwards has the edge with his speed at the moment. A healthy and productive training camp can help their chances.

HB 1: Derrick Johnstone and Bilal Powell

At the moment i’m thinking to start Powel over Johnstone. Derrick is not fast enough, but he is really really strong, perfect for 3rd and short situations. Depending on the training camp performances most probably will start Powell and Johnstone will be a 3rd down guy for now.

CB: Brady Shields, Jamell Fleming, and Samuel Price

At the moment it looks like Shields will be CB 1. His athleticism helps overcome his size. 95 SPD 95 ACC 96 AGI is pretty awesome. CB 2 is pretty open, i’m thinking to start Felming who is smaller but a lot more athletic.

Training Camp Focus

This year 7 rookie will enter the camp plus some new faces from the UFA market. Not an easy decision who would be in the focus to progress. The coaching staff decided that the following players will receive some bonus time on training.

ROLB Scottie Powers

We have decided to continue developing this young talent. His ACC will be close to the 90 landmark, which is pretty high for an outside linebacker. The reasoning behind the decision is that he can be a unique player if we continue focusing on his speed. This will help the Steelers to put some more pressure on the opponent QBs who are already affraid of our front seven.

DT Archie Waters

Not much to do here, he is the future of the DL. Will do some extra work on the field to make sure he stays on the field long enough to make an impact.

RE D'Quann Miller

Last year he put some extra work in his speed, but the new GM feels that he is not strong enough for the position. Every other physical attribute is awesome for a DE, except his strenght. He has a bright future at the club.

LE Bruno Smith

He needs get even faster from the line, so can attack the QB before he realizes he is in trouble. Him and Miller are gonna be big pass rush tandem next season.

HB Bilal Powell

We believe he is the starter at his position, and would like to make sure to improve him a lot during this years training camp. He is too skinny, only 204lbs for an HB is not enough. Hopefully he will gain around 10 lbs and a little bit of extra strenght in the weight room. He needs to work on his acceleration as well, so he can have a little more speed for counters, tosses and sweeps.

FB Hassan Perry

The rookie FB needs to improve his speed to match his great blocking skills.

2020 Outlook

This will be my first season as Steelers GM. I joined a little late in the offseason, so i had no idea who to go after in the Pre-draft Free Agency. The draft was mehh, got 3 starters, and some roster fillers.

We have a bunch of 1 year contract players, but luckily only a few is a starter, so we will see who can stay after the season.

Is Ryan Mallett the best possible QB to start for the season?

Probably not. We will see how can the veteran QB bounce back after last years questionable performance. Teddy Bridgewater was avialable at 1.13 at the time the pick was up, but i did not feel that a QB is what we need to the success. Planning to play in a different system, which might be better for him.

Is starting Bilal Powell over Derrick Johnstone a good idea?

Probably not, but running the same way as last season is not the solution for our low rushing yards. Johnstones INJ is too low to start, plus he is a power back. I’m not gonna start a power back in any league. Powell will be the starter with 65/35 most probably, to give Johnstone enough reps to prove himself. If Powell does not prove himself, we will change them up.

Is this team ready to return to the playoffs?

Yes,absolutely. We need to controll the division. We have a very talented core, a good mix between veterans and young guns. We know that the Bengals performance was luck, not gonna happen in the next few years. Some luck needed to get where we want to be, need to avoid injuries, need to beat our rivals.

How will the young front seven perform?

Archie Waters was drafted last season at 1.24, our other starter DT Julius Walker was drafted this draft at 2.13. Both of them really talented, and rdy to prove that they belong amongs the best in the league. The DE section is young and talented as well. RE D'Qwann Miller has been position changed this offseason. LE Bruno Smith will be the starter, after sitting on the bench for 2 seasons. Both of them under YP2. The veteran MLB, Weatherspoon gives leadership to the youngsters. Last drafts first rounder, Scottie Powers can continue to raise into an elite OLB one day, while veteran Martin Butler gives good tips to the second year player.

Starting Lineup Predictions


QB: Ryan Mallett
HB: Bilal Powell
FB: Hassan Perry
TE: Fendi Onobun
TE2: Rock Muhammad
WR: DeAndre Brown
WR2: Bradd Reid
WR3: Brad Edwards
LT: Austin Laurie
LG: Bull Victorino
C: Max Tuerk
RG: Brandon Thomas
RT: Levi Brown


DT: Archie Waters
DT2: Julius Walker
LE: Bruno Smith
RE: D'Qwann Miller
ROLB: Scottie Powers
MLB: Sean Weatherspoon
LOLB: Martin Butler
FS: Jimmy Rivera
SS: Deaone Bucannon
CB1: Brady Shields
CB2: Jamell Flemming
CB3: Samuel Price

Special Teams:

K: Joshua Day
P: Michael Koenen
KR: Kenjon Barner
PR: Kenjon Barner
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Steelers TC 2019

Steelers TC Article

Season 2018

Although they didn't know it, the 2018 season for the Pittsburgh Steelers would bring a time of change for the franchise. Since drafting Ben Roethlisbergr in 2004, the Steelers have been a favorite in their division and a constant threat to reach the Superbowl year after year.

Although the star QB's age was finally catching up to him, the Steelers had faith that even with a little less power in his arm, his knowledge and leadership could still bring the team back to the playoffs, and to the big stage one more time. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

Everything started alright. They won their first game against their division rivals, the Bengals, and then they managed to bring the Chiefs game to a tie in week two. They followed that with a 3 game victory streak to bring their record to 4-0-1. They proceeded to lose two in a row to the Rams and the Ravens. Both teams would eventually win their divisions, and one would win the superbowl. Two more wins put them at 6-2-1. A record that would surely lead them to a playoff berth and a possible division win.

What followed was a reminder that Ben Roethlisbergr was getting far to old to manage a 16 game regular season. Two more losses, one to the Titans, and another in the second Ravens game brought them to 6-4-1. A record that had everyone in Pittsburgh worried that they'd see a repeat of the 2016 season where they couldn't even manage to make the playoffs. 3 weeks later, and two more losses brought them to 7-6-1. A winning record for sure, but not one that would likely put them within the reach of a wildcard playoff berth. In an effort to save Ben Roethlisbergr's arm for next season, and perhaps as a last ditch effort to save this seasons playoff chances, Ryan Mallett was named the starter to finish the last two games and the season. Ryan Mallett was able to lead the Steelers to victory in the last two games of the season, and because of that, the team was able to see the playoffs.

The decision to keep Ryan Mallett as the starting QB into the playoffs is still being discussed among fans but no matter how many fans wish it didn't happen, Ryan Mallett faced the Broncos as the starting QB in the playoffs... and lost. It was a close game, with a final score of 23-20 Broncos, but that didn't stop fans from demanding QB Roethlisbergr presence for 2019, and the immediate release of Ryan Mallett.

The Steelers fans watched as their division rivals, the Baltimore Ravens, who took the division from their grasp with an insane 11 game winning streak lose to the Broncos as well. They too were without their starting QB, but because of injury and not incompetence.

The post season ended with a disappointment, and the off season will start with a bigger one.

Before the disappointment becomes newsm their would be a lot of questions on the minds of Pittsburgh fans everywhere. Is Ben coming back? Will he able to lead this team to success one last time? And if not, do the Steelers stand a chance against the rising Ravens next year?



QB Ben Roethlisbergr -

As promised, the offseason started off with a bang that left fans everywhere heart broken. Ben Roethlisbergr officially announced his retirement. A shoe in for the hall of fame in eligible, Ben finished his career with 217 Touchdowns and a GZL Career QB rating of 94.4

TE Shawn Nelson -

As the second string TE for the Steelers since 2015 after a trade with the Chargers, Nelson was a much needed addition to the offense when another large target was required. Although never putting up many stats by himself, him being on the field helped move chains, and usually allowed Onobun to get less attention. The man will be missed.

Players Lost

Expired Contracts :

Mike Wallace - 61 Receptions : 761 Yards : 4 Touchdowns : Steeler since 2008
DT Glenn Dorsey - 33 Tackles : 3 sacks : Steeler for six seasons
MLB Arthur Cook - 25 Tackles : Steeler for five seasons
DT Ron Brace - 12 Tackles : 4 Sacks : Steeler for five seasons
RE Jacquez Michaels - 13 Tackles : 2 Sacks : Steeler for four seasons
ROLB Keith Rivers - 29 tackles : 1 Sack : Steeler for two seasons
WR Johnny Knox - 26 Receptions : 452 Yards : 5 touchdowns : Steeler for one season
LT Dave Burton : Steeler for one season

Lost In Free Agency:

CB Antonio Brown : 54 Tackles : 5 Interceptions : Steeler for two seasons
Lost to the Redskins : 5 Year 80M/32M Contract


MLB Lawrence Timmons - Steeler for 12 Seasons
K Rob Bironas - Steeler for 9 seasons
QB Leslie McMurphy - Steeler for 2 seasons
FS Tortuga Rivera - Steeler for 2 Seasons
LOLB Lucas Bulgari - Steeler for 1 season

Acquired Players

Pre-Draft Match Eligible Free Agency

Steelers spent more money than they ever have in Free Agency this season while under the management of GM Robbins. This spending started with these three players in the Match-Eligible Free Agency.

K Joshua Day from the Falcons
3 Years 12.91M/5.16M

WR Brad Edwards from the Browns
4 Years 37.66M/15.05M

CB Jamell Fleming from the Saints
4 Years 30.35M/12.12M

Pre Draft FA Bidding

Steelers continued to spend as they tried to fill up large holes left in the defense by signing short term veteran players.

ROLB Sean Weatherspoon
1 Year 9M/3.4M

LOLB Lawrence Wilson
1 Year 8.5M/2.96M

DT Brian Price
1 Year 3.5M/1.4M

The idea behind these three signing was to make sure we had veteran, skilled leadership in the front 7, but also leave ourselves cap room next year for younger players, and cap room this year for some rookies who could potentially lead the team for years to come.


The Steelers came into the draft with two first round picks, and were excited to make a dent in their many needs for the season.

1.13 - ROLB Scottie Powers 6'3" 240 lbs - 88 SPD : 70 STR : 83 AGI : 87 ACC

The Steelers were just one pick away from drafting LE Owa Odighizuwa, the best Defensive End in the draft. Unfortunately, the player had already fallen too far at 1.12, and the Patriots moved up to grab him. The Steelers were happy to settle on Scottie Powers, a speedy outside linebacker. At 6'3" he's not too short, and at 70 Strength, he's not too weak. He is however lacking in field awareness and tackling skills, but the Steelers feel like both of these skills can be worked on for the years that the Steelers expect to have him in their backfield.

1.24 - DT Archie Waters 6'4" 310 lbs - 70 SPD : 91 STR : 70 AGI : 83 ACC

As the clear #1 DT in the draft for the Steelers 4-3 Defense, the organization knew right away that this was a player that they desperately wanted. They even thought about grabbing him at 1.13 if all their other options were gone. However, they felt like there was a high chance that the quick DT would be far more likely to fall to 1.24 than any of their other choices, and therefore let him sit. Good thing too, because he fell to 1.24, and the Steelers were quick to grab him. DT Archie Waters should have no problems coming in and starting for the Steelers from day one. Their only other option being Brian Price, a FA they picked up for a one year contract.

2.24 - LE D'Quann Miller 6'1" 267 lbs - 83 SPD : 71 STR : 80 AGI : 85 ACC

Although their plans to grab Owa were spoiled by those pesky Patriots in the first round, they found themselves lucky to watch D'Quann Miller fall to 2.24. Although not a perfect speciman. His physical attributes are more than enough to start for the Steelers. He's a little small to be an ideal player, but the Steelers can't complain about such a player falling to almost the third round.

3.24 - LOLB Daniel Cieszko 6'3" 253lbs - 83 SPD : 75 STR : 65 AWR : 79 AGI : 80 ACC

Daniel Cieszko has since been moved to MLB and has suffered a -5 AWR hit, but he was never drafted to start for the Steelers. As a likely career backup, Daniel Cieszko would require a lot of work to become a star caliber starter. I can see the guy starting for the Steeler farther down in his career, but right now. He's going to add physically gifted depth to the Steelers roster.

4.24 - SS Byron Douglas 6'0" 187 lbs - 91 SPD : 57 STR : 69 AWR : 87 AGI : 88 ACC

At six feet and 91 SPD, Douglas is at an ideal height and speed to play at backup safety for the Steelers. He also has 69 Awareness, which isn't too bad of a starting point for the young guy.

5.24 LT Mark Wilke

Career Backup

7.24 RE Denzel York

Career Backup

Post-Draft Free Agency

The Steelers had filled up some spots via pre-draft FA and the draft, but they still had players that they wanted, and they were able to pick up both with decent short term contracts.

QB Kevin Kolb
1 Year 4M/1.48M

No team wants to be caught with just one quarterback on their roster and watching the man go down in week one, so the Steelers grabbed Kevin Kolb. They didn't have the cap room to splurge on a higher skilled player, but Kevin Kolb should give the Steelers a little bit of breathing room if Ryan Mallett goes down temporarily.

TE Jimmy Graham
2 Years 7.42M/2.96M

The Steelers put an offer into Jimmy Graham because of the retirement of Shawn Nelson, but they weren't really expecting to get him. But get him they did. At about 3.5M a year, we hope Jimmy will earn his keep at #2 TE, and potentially #1 if Fendi Onobun goes down with an injury.

Training Camp

Training camp will be crazy this year. The Steelers have themselves 15 new players this season, 6 of which are clear starters. Possible position battles however, still remain.

WR2 : Bradd Reid and Brad Edwards

The Brads have different skills. Where Edwards is quicker, Reid is taller and a bigger target. The Steelers clearly have their favorite in Brad Reid, who has been groomed to replace Mike Wallace. Brad Edwards could prove himself over the training camp. His superior awareness of the field could give him the starting job. One thing is for sure, neither wants to get themselves injured in the preseason. It's clear that the Steelers will go with the healthy candidate.

Linebacker : ROLB Scottie Powers and Lawrence Wilson.

Lawrence has the knowledge, Scottie has the higher ceiling. With Sean Weatherspoon being the only linebacker with the strength required to play in the middle, and Martin Butler being the defensive captain, it's clear the only position battle that will be happening here is between these two. Will the Steelers want to play the guy who may be a long term solution for them down the road, or do they want to play Wilson, who will give them immediate results in order to pay for the 8.5M contract they just gave him.

TC Focus

With so many new players both veterans and rookies, the Steelers will have a hard time trying to find the players that stand out as future stars for the organization. But there are many options this year as to where they should spend their time.

ROLB Scottie Powers

The first clear option is the Steelers 1.13 draft pick. GM Robbins prefers to draft players than to trade for them, so it's clear that the Steelers plan to hold onto the player for awhile.

They have a few options as to what they should have the young player focus on, but it's more likely than not they will try to increase his speed even more. He'll never become a strong linebacker, but he has a chance of becoming the fastest linebacker in the league, and that's something I think the Steelers would find very appealing.

DT Archie Waters

Their second first round pick is another option, but probably less likely. At 91 STR, Archie Waters has plenty of strength for a 4-3 DT, but it probably wouldn't hurt to raise it even further. His 83 ACC could also be a key focus for the Steelers. an even faster DT1 off the line is always a tempting idea.

LE D'Quann Miller

Miller needs the most work to be a star player, but an increase in speed would probably improve his play by a lot, so the young player should expect to see a lot of drills dedicated to improving his top speed, and his quickness off the snap.

RG Brandon Thomas

The Steelers have been working on improving Thomas' strength for two seasons now. It's possible they have it where they want it at the moment, but one can never have enough strength when your duty is protecting your quarterback, and creating lanes for your halfback.

2019 Outlook

As discussed in the beginning of this rather lengthy report, the Steelers have had a huge off season. The benching of their star quarterback, the retirement of their star quarterback, and now their largest player turnover in the history of GM Robbins' reign has many people across the state worried about the upcoming season.

Will all these 1 year contract players have much if any incentive to play at their best? Can Ryan Mallett and Kevin Kolb possibly lead the Steelers to the playoffs for the third year straight? Well, we can't answer those questions just yet, but we can speculate the answers to some of them.

Is Ryan Mallett ready to start?

Ryan Mallett was drafted in 2012 and has been a Steeler for two seasons now. If he's not ready to start now, then the Steelers made a large mistake trading for him to begin with. The Steelers organization wishes that the 30 year old could have spent just one more year in this offense before being placed at the helm of it, but that's not the way it worked out. Ben Roethlisbergr has been quoted as saying that he feels like he left the Steelers in the best hands possible at the right time, but only time will tell if Mallett remains the very inexperienced quarterback that he entered the league as.

Can HB Derrick Johnstone keep himself healthy again this season and put up another 1500 yards?

Well we sure hope so! With Bilal Powell being our only possible backup option this offense is a deck of cards that can all come tumbling down with the loss of any of the key players, and one of them is Johnstone. With only 71 Injury, he's a risk every season, and all we can do is pray that our offensive line keeps him away from any of the heavier players, and he only has to take hits from speedy linebackers and defensive backs.

Will the Steelers see the playoffs?

With the recent rise of both the Ravens and the Browns, another trip to the playoffs will be an uphill battle whose outcome may depend on luck as much as anything else. If the Steelers remain healthy throughout the season, I feel like the Steelers have a good shot at getting into the playoffs with a wild card spot. If the Ravens have injury problems, that wild card spot could very well turn into a divisional victory.

How will the new front seven perform?

With three veteran additions in Sean Weatherspoon, Lawrence Wilsdon, and Brian Price, and three rookies in Scottie Powers, Archie Waters, and D'Quann Miller, the Steelers have a lot of work to do in the training camp and practice to make sure everyone is on the same page. The only two players that have ever worked together before is Michael Johnson and Martin Butler. It should be entertaining to watch for anyone who isn't a Steelers fan.

Starting Lineup Predictions


QB: Ryan Mallett
HB: Derrick Johnstone
FB: Fred Munzenmaier
TE: Fendi Onobun
TE2: Jimmy Graham
WR: DeAndre Brown
WR2: Bradd Reid
WR3: Brad Edwards
LT: Austin Laurie
LG: Bull Victorino
C: Maurkice Pouncey
RG: Brandon Thomas
RT: Levi Brown


DT: Archie Waters
DT2: Brian Price
LE: Michael Johnson
RE: D'Qwann Miller
ROLB: Lawrence Wilson
MLB: Sean Weatherspoon
LOLB: Martin Butler
FS: Jimmy Rivera
SS: Deaone Bucannon
CB1: Jamell Flemming
CB2: Samuel Price
CB3: Brady Shields

Special Teams:

K: Joshua Day
P: Daniel Sepulveda
KR: Kenjon Barner
PR: Kenjon Barner

Copyright Steelers Outlook 2015

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Ben Roethlisbergr Retirement

Ben Roethlisbergr Announces Retirement

It's a sad day in the Steelers Nation, for Ben Roethlisbergr has officially announced his retirement. Many speculated that this would happen when the Steelers Organization benched Ben late last season in favor of starting Ryan Mallett. Whether or not it was because of poor performance from Roethlisbergr or for other reasons was answered today during his retirement press conference. Ben was clear when a reporter asked if this retirement was the direct result of being benched last season. Ben had this to say,

"This decision was made halfway through last season, but it took me awhile to admit it to myself, and even longer to tell these coaches what my plans were. I wasn't performing to the best of my abilities, and I almost wish I retired the season before, going out with a Superbowl trophy."

It's unclear whether or not the Steelers will stick with Ryan Mallett for the foreseeable future or not. The 30 year old quarterback has been thrown into starting position before, and has failed spectacularly. When asked if he thinks he has what it takes to fill the gap left by Roethlisbergr's retirement, Mallett seemed confidant in response,

"No one can fill Bens spot on this team, his name will be remembered by Pittsburgh and the NFL for decades to come. However, I will do my best to improve daily and to prove to myself, and these coaches that I can lead this team to victory in the years to come."

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Win One ; Lose Two

Win One ; Lose Two

The Steelers recovered nicely from their 41-17 lose at home against the Cleveland Browns in week one by overcoming the Chiefs in a 30-10 Victory. Ben recovered his game nicely, showing an improvement of over 100 QB Rating from the week before with an impressive 76.92 Completion Rating.

The bad news is that during this game, a handful of players all left the game with an injury, never to return.

WR Mike Wallace was the first to get taken off the field, too hurt to continue. This was followed by LOLB Martin Butler, SS Deone Bucannon, and CB Samuel Price.

Days after this dismantling of the Steelers team due to injuries, word has come back that although Mike Wallace and Deone Bucannon have recovered enough to return this week, both LOLB Martin Butler and CB Samuel Price will take months to heal. The rumor is that the Steelers won't see Martin Butler or Samuel Price back in uniform until the season is over half way over.

The rumor is that the Steelers are already targeting the recently cut CB Jim Welch to help out on defense, but the already limited CB talent on the Steelers has been reduced by just about half with the loss of Samuel Price.

Either Aaron Maybin or Enrique Webb is expected to fill in for Martin Butler during his absence. Fortunately, with the pick up of Keith Rivers in the off season, the Steelers will only have one weak link in the linebacker corp.

Jimmy Rivera is expected to return in a week or two, taking duties away from SS Sam McGee, who's been trying to fill the veteran's shoes, but clearly struggling. Hopefully his return will be in time for the match up against the Buccaneers, where the Steelers will need all the help that they can get.

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Preseason Headlines

Preseason Headlines

The Steelers Organization, remembering last season where QB Ben Roethlisbergr went down with a season injury in a preseason game were careful to leave Ben off the field throughout all four games. There have been rumors that this is in part to due to Ben still recovering from his injury a full year ago. We'll see for sure whether or not this is the case this week, where Ben is projected to start in Week One against the Cleveland Browns.

Even without Ben Roethlisbergr, the Steelers were able to win all four of their preseason games due to the amazing efforts of QB Ryan Mallet and QB John Skeleton, who seem to be fighting for the primary back up spot. Though we don't think the Steelers gave up a second and third round draft pick for Ryan Mallet for nothing.

The first rumor out of Pittsburgh is the idea that Rashard Mendenhall will still be seeing carries this season at Halfback. GM Robbins has this to say,

"We loved what Rashard Mendenhall did for us in the second half of all four preseason games this season. Whether or not that was because of backups being put into play will be tested in the next few games, as Rashard has earned the right to carry to ball on Third Down."

It's to be expected that Johnstone is still the main guy at halfback, but Mendenhall has earned the trust to be placed into third down situations where an extra yard or two may be enough to move the chains.

The second bit of news is that WR Bradd Reid has been confirmed as the #3 Wide Receiver after a couple of brilliant plays over the past few weeks. It looks like Miles Austin's 7M dollar contract will be best used as a safety net in case of an injury.

We'll see if these last minute changes to the lineup will help the Steelers take back their division and recover from their first losing season in over a decade.

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Steelers Sign Three

Steelers Sign Three

The Steelers went from 29M Cap space to 6M in just a week, and after the signing of the incoming free agents, they'll be down to only a couple million left. It's a good thing then that the Steelers should now have a complete roster.

CB Jonah Watson - Earned the only decent sized pay check. Rumors are that the Steelers agreed to a 15.7M dollar contract over the next 5 years just to sign the guy. He isn't anything special, but with the Steelers in desperate need of a stable set of Cornerbacks, the Steelers are happy to be able to secure a CB that shouldn't fall too far behind opposing wide receivers if he gets the chance to play.

Jonah was drafted in the early 5th round by the Giants, He's only ever really played in his Rookie season where he was able to put up 4 sacks and 1 Fumble Recovery. We hope Jonah can do the same in Pittsburgh.

LOLB Enrique Webb - Another fifth round draft pick, his one out of New England. The Steelers again went for speed. GM Robbins had this to say on the observation.

"I don't need flashy players in there playing backup. I need either really smart players who won't make mistakes, or if I can't afford that, athletic players who can recover from them."

Enrique's 84 speed and 72 Strength has earned him a spot on the Steelers roster for the next 5 years.

FS Tortuga Rivera - The Steelers cap room situation, along with the unlikeliness that this back up would play at all, with Sam Mcgee already waiting in the wings let the Steelers to go to the lowest guy on the totem pole. Tortuga probably wasn't expecting a contract offer, never mind a 5 year deal to head to Pittsburgh.

"With a contract that low, and a player that grateful, I wouldn't have any problems cutting him if a better opportunity arose.

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Steelers Training Camp

Steelers Training Camp

A Look Back At 2016

2016 was not a good year for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ben Roethlisbergr went down, and they immediately went back into the same form that they played with before they drafted their Franchise QB in 2004, putting up a 7-9 record, their worst since 2003.

Ben went down in the Preseason, and The Steelers had to play all 16 of their regular season games without the man that they've had at the helm for over the last decade.

Brian Wilson, a Rookie QB drafted in the 5th round was given a chance, and although they had a surprise win against the Chicago Bears in Week one. In week two they got completely shut out in a 0-23 loss at Houston.

In a sign of clear desperation, the Steelers traded Aqib Talib, their most valuable CB to the Jaguars for the help of Jay Cutler in Week Three of the regular season. The Steelers got what they expected from the veteran Gunslinger QB. He put up top 10 numbers for passing yards, and also had the fifth highest interception numbers for a QB. His 78 season passing rating was a far cry from the 93 QB rating that Ben Roethlisberger put up the year before.

The Steelers finished last in their division, with a 2-4 divisional record, and 2.5 games behind the division winners, The Baltimore Ravens.

Although a dreadful season for Pittsburgh and all of their fans, the team did have some good moments that hold promise for the upcoming season.

Rashard Mendenhall had what seems to be his last season starting at Running Back in the GZL, and he was able to put up respectable numbers without getting injured for long. Derrick Johnstone, the future leader of his run game was able to put up 1 less touchdown than Rashard with 200 less carries. Indicating that the Steelers trust the young man in the Redzone.

Their leading receiver was Fendi Onobun, their Tight End, with 1033 Yards. Ge also led the team in touchdowns and drops. Mike Wallace led the team in receptions with 72, and Laurent Robinson, their slot receiver pulled in 32 receptions and eight touchdowns.

The High Points

The High Points in this season probably began in week 1, when the Steelers were able to beat the Chicago Bears 25-22 with a Rookie QB who had never seen a regular season GZL game in his career. The Bears went on to win their division with a 11-5 record, The Steelers... not so much.

Fendi Onobun leading all Tight Ends in Yards and Touchdowns after a very long time progressing the receiver's catching and knowledge of the game.

Low Points

Ben Roethlisbergr going out with a season injury prior the start of the regular season only began the drop in morale for The Pittsburgh Steelers.

In week 2, all hope that Brian Wilson somehow might be able to get it done went up in flame as the Texans shut them out 23-0. The Steelers were never shut out again with Jay Cutler at the helm, but there were plenty of games where they had no chance at coming back for a victory.

The Steelers only intercepted 13 balls all year, with the leader in interceptions, LOLB Gary Guyton receiving the reward of not having his contract picked up for the upcoming season.


With 2016 now in the past, the Steelers went into the off-season hopeful that the return of Ben Rothlisbergr, along with a handful of moves can put them back at the top of the AFC North. The following is a step by step look at how this off-season went for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Incentive to Build Traditionally

The Steelers did not have the best 2014 Draft with only three players from that year remaining on the roster at the start of the off-season, and only one remaining after the resigning phase. The Steelers focused on these players and these attributes during this phase.

LG Bull Victorino | +1 AGI (49)
LOLB James McMillian | +1 SPD (83)
WR Reggie Patel | +1 SPD (87)

Neither Reggie Patel nor James McMillian were resigned, and now sit in FA. Bull Victorino's 1 Agility is hardly going to impact this team in any meaningful way.


The Steelers released only one player throughout the off-season, and the poor schmuck was Free Safety Chinedum Ndukwe. The Veteran started for the Bengals In 2010-2012, and remained a backup or a Free Agent since. Ndukwe's speed regression to 79 was just too much, even for the 6'2 giant.

There was a release rumor that HB Rashard Mendenhall would also find his way into a cut, but it never came to be. Whether or not it was because of his contract or just loyalty for the long time Steeler remains to be seen.


In a common occurrence for the team manged by GM Robbins, The Steelers did not spend much time trading; preferring to build through the draft and Free Agency. The one trade that did make it through the Steelers front office was a move that traded their 1.9 away to the Bears.

Steelers Send:

Bears Send:
CB Antonio Smith

GM Robbins is still happy with the deal, but acknowledges that if he waited closer to draft day, he might have been able to earn an extra first round pick from one of the many teams who were desperate to get into the top 10.

Owner's Mode:

Because the Steelers did not reach a winning record for the first time in GZL history, they did not have the option of keeping all their couching staff, and had to part ways with a couple of them. Through the coaching draft, this is the 2017 line up for the Steelers Coaching Staff.

Head Coach - Mike Tomlin
Offensive Coordinator - Joe Philbin
Defensive Coordinator - John Marshall
Special Teams - Danny Crossman
EA Wellness Group

Resign - Ben Roethlisbergr - The 35 year old Quarterback earned himself a three year, 30 million dollar contract, even while being injured all season last year. GM Robbins still wants Ben Roethlisbergr to retire as a Steeler, and this contract might get him his way.

Franchise Tag - Kicker Rob Bironas - In the 39 year old's most likely last year as a starting kicker in the GZL, the Steelers decided to give him a 4.47M paycheck to keep him on for a year. They did not want to risk the high bidding world of Match Eligible Free Agency.

Pre-Draft Match Eligible Free Agency

Players Resigned: TE Shawn Nelson, P Daniel Sepulveda
Players Lost: QB Jay Cutler went to the Saints with a 3 year 43 million dollar contract.
Players Bid On: Seahawks K Kai Forbath, Packers CB Aaron Williams
Players Won: None

Pre-Draft Free Agency.

The Steelers bid on three players, all for one year contracts. CB Greg Toler went to the Chicago Bears for a slightly larger bid, saving the Steelers from having to cut Rashad Mendenhall. Mendenhall thanks you.

The Steelers got themselves WR Miles Austin for 7M and Keith Rivers for 9M; veteran help on two greatly needed positions

The GZL Draft.

In what is clearly the most looked forward to off-season activity, the GZL Draft helped the Stealers pick up quite a few players that they'll be happy to have on their team for hopefully a very long time. Because of the Steelers trade to grab CB Antonio Smith, the Steelers had a late 1.28 draft pick and an extra second round pick, and the outcome made them plenty happy.

1.28 - LG Brandon Thomas 6'3" 317 LBS
61 SPD 93 STR 63 AWR 61 AGI 79 ACC 85 PBK 83 RBK 65 INJ

Brandon Thomas is expected to start for The Steelers barring any unforeseen injury because of his low durability level. Ismael Bryan, the guard that has been starting for years will remain in waiting for the rookie to go down.

2.9 - SS Deone Bucannon 6'1" 216 LBS
89 SPD 80 STR 54 AWR 94 AGI 90 ACC 61 CTH 81 TAK

Besides his awareness of his surroundings, which can be taught, Deone Bucannon is an upcoming stud for this Steelers defense. He'll be starting from day one to be thrown straight into a learning environment.

2.16 - WR Bradd Reid 6'2" 201 LBS
92 SPD 68 STR 60 AWR 90 AGI 89 ACC 75 CTH

The Steelers have for the time being, a fast receiver in Mike Wallace and a giant of a receiver in DeAndre Brown. In a couple of years to improve Bradd Reid's speed, the Steelers will have themselves a strong, fast, and strong receiver in Bradd Reid. The receiver might find himself sharing starting time with Miles Austin depending on whether or not he can outmatch an opposing teams cornerback.

4.9 - HB Bilal Powell 5'10" 204 LBS
89 SPD 68 STR 69 AWR 88 AGI 91 ACC 92 CAR 74 BTK

The Steelers picked up Derrick Johnstone last year in the second round, but his injury rating kept him from being a comfortable starter for the Steelers. Bilal Powell might not be a franchise running back, but if Derrick Johnstone does go down, he might find himself with plenty of careers.

5.9 - QB Leslie McMurphy
6.9 - C Barry Barnes
7.9 - LT Jamari Elsbury

The last three picks were gambles on scews that didn't pan out or career roster fillers. The Steelers are still happy with their first four picks, and are excited to see what these players can do in the coming years.

Training Camp

The Coaching Staff over here in Pittsburgh tends to know exactly who will be starting where, forcing said player into starting regardless of another players performance. Favoritism for sure, but this means less precious time in Training Camp on players that are never going to see much playing time.

The Steelers roster only has a handful of starting players who are likely to see early physical attribute training.

On the Defensive side of the ball we have CB Brady Shields, SS Deone Bucannon and CB Antonio Smith.

On the Offensive side, we have soon to be RG Brandon Thomas, HB Derrick Johnstone, and WR Bradd Reid.

Lets go through the list to figure out the priority players for this coaching staff.

First we have SS Deone Bucannon and HB Derrick Johnstone who both already improved their speed in some early off-season conditioning, but might even be coming back for seconds to boost their strength.

CB Brady Shields is the fastest CB on the Steelers defense, but 93 SPD just isn't fast enough to cover a true speedster WR, he might see himself boosted to 94 in order to stay in competition with much faster wide receivers.

CB Antonio Smith is in his last eligible year for physical attribute training, but only stands at 91 SPD, the Coaching staff would feel more comfortable if Antonio got just a little faster before his prime.

LG Brandon Thomas comes in with some impressive acceleration at the snap, and his strength isn't anything to scoff at, but with a little bit of work, he could wreck havoc on the weaker defensive linemen.

WR Brad Reid is almost guaranteed some work in his speed if he wants to remain in the GZL as a serious threat.

Without setting to much in stone, this is what the limited time spent in training camp will probably look like for these young players.

WR Brad Reid will progress in Speed
CB Antonio Smith will progress in Speed
RG Brandon Thomas will progress in Speed
CB Brady Shield will progress in Speed
HB Derrick Johnstone will progress in Strength

2017 Outlook

The Steelers are excited to put 2016 behind them. A season where their starting quarterback saw zero regular season snaps, their rank was last in their division, and their losing record earned them a top 10 draft pick. The Steelers have a good starting lineup, unfortunately, this came at a cost of limited player depth.

2017 Pittsburgh Steelers projected starting lineup.

QB Ben Roethlisbergr
HB Derrick Johnstone
FB Fred Munzenmaier
WR1 Mike Wallace
WR2 DeAndre Brown
WR3 Miles Austin / Bradd Reid

LT Austin Laurie
LG Bull Victorino
C Maurkice Pouncey
RG Brandon Thomas
RT Levi Brown

LE Michael Johnson
LDT Glenn Dorsey
RDT Ron Brace
RE Jacquez Michaels

LOLB Martin Butler
MLB Lawrence Timmons
ROLB Keith Rivers

FS Jimmy Rivera
SS Deone Bucannon
CB1 Antonio Smith
CB2 Samuel Price
CB3 Brady Shields

Thankfully one does not expect a list of backups, because that list would be very sad indeed. Our winning strategy every week this season will be lighting candles and praying to the Madden Gods to keep our players healthy.

Copyright Steelers Outlook 2015

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Steelers Draft : Day 1

Steelers Draft : Day 1

The first day of the GZL draft has come and gone, and the Steelers have added 3 great players to their roster. The Steelers didn't originally have these positions targeted, but felt that the talent was just to much to ignore.

1.28 - LG Brandon Thomas

For their first pick, the Steelers selected LG Brandon Thomas. The Steelers were originally planning to use the 7th round draft pick of 2011 RG Ismael Bryan another year, but the guard is far from the top prospect that Brandon Thomas is. In comparison, Thomas has +3 Speed +10 Agility and +19 Acceleration. Thomas has 3 less strength than Bryan, but a few points can fix that if required.

The largest downfall to Brandon Thomas is his abysmal injury rating, the coaching staff hopes that a few years of offseason conditioning can fix that for the long term. Short term, they are praying that the Madden gods gives them some luck.

2.9 - SS Deone Bucannon

SS Deone Bucannon probably wasn't expected to go this high, but I had too much fear that another GM would see what I see in this guy. Deone is 6'1 with 80 strength. With 89 speed that can be boosted up to 92, 81 tackling, 61 catch, and 94 agility. The guy could easily turn into a top safety in this league. His awareness is a little low, but the Steelers are expecting to give the guy plenty of play time with their only other option being SS Sam McGee. Sam McGee could have turned into a decent safety with early speed boosts, but I much prefer the hard hitting, hard tackling Deone Bucannon.

2.16 - WR Bradd Reid

A wide receiver projected to go in the first round, the Steelers couldn't see a good enough reason to pass on the Wide Receiver, even with the 7M that they just dished out on Miles Austin. Miles Austin might have just turned into the most expensive back up ever if the Steelers want to see Bradd Reid given some play time. Brad Reid is a great all around wide receiver. At 6'2, he's no giant, and at 92 Speed, he's no speedster. 90 Agility, 89 Acceleration won't turn him into one, even with a +3 speed boost.

68 Strength is the largest factor here for me. Hopefully he'll be well matched up in the slot against third string CB's with less than steller attributes, and progressed enough, he might even be a future starter for the Steelers; WR Mike Wallace is 32 after all.

Copyright Steelers Outlook 2015

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Steelers Throw Millions At Two Vets.

Steelers Use Some Cap Space

The Steelers sat at 29m in cap space only a day ago, but with two FA signings, their space gets reduced by half.

First is ROLB Keith Rivers who got himself a 9M dollar contract to play for a year. The Steelers Linebacker corps thinned out with the loss of Gary Guyton, and instead of relying on the aged but inexperienced ROLB Aaron Maybin, the Steelers instead chose to spend the money that they have for outside help. Keith Rivers' skill set should be able to contribute a ton for the Steelers' inexperienced defense.

Next is WR Miles Austin whose skillset is quite a bit higher than Laurent Robinson and earned him a 7M Dollar paycheck.

With QB Ben Roethlisbergr, who is the supposed starter getting up there in age, the Steelers plan to get as many talented targets out there for Ben to find. Hopefully he can take less hits and remain healthy for the rest of his career.

The Steelers were also rumored to have targeted CB Greg Toler for some CB depth, but were rumored to have not been all that aggressive in acquiring him.

The Steelers still have 13M in cap space for the draft as well as any more potential moves before the start of next season.

In the match eligible free agency, all players that the Steelers had shown interest in got far to expensive, far too fast. GM Robbins had this to say about his inactivity during that phase.

"Match Eligible Free Agency is a great way for teams to pick up young talented players away from teams that just can't afford them. Unfortunately, with these contracts getting larger and larger, doing this begins to insure that later down the line, you won't be able to afford a young star athlete. We had interest in many players, bid on two, but where beaten on them all."

The two players the Steelers were seen bidding on where Seahawks K Kai Forbath to replace to franchise tagged and aging K Rob Bironas. The Seahawks eventually signed him on for a large 1 year deal.

The 2nd Player was CB Aaron Williams from the Packers who ended up leaving to go to the Jaguars for a 5 year, 25M dollar contract.

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Steelers trade away 1.9

Steelers trade away 1.9

The Steelers trade away their 1.9 for CB Antonio Smith and a late first round pick. When asked why GM Robbins didn't just use his 1.9 on a Cornerback of greater potential, Robbins was clear that he needed a CB to start this season. Their current roster took quite a hit last season. With the trade of Aqib Talib for Jay Cutler, a one year replacement replacement for Ben Roethlisbergr, and then the contract expiration of Brandon Flowers, who's age has finally caught up to him, The Steelers found themselves with only two Cornerbacks.

First is Samuel Price who was drafted late in the third round. Although his physical prowess isn't anything extraordinary, the Steelers seem determined to keep him for the foreseeable future with a contract that lasts through the year 2020. Next is Brady Shields, who, surprisingly enough was drafted at almost the exact same spot, but years later. Brady is a faster, shorter version of Samuel Price. Neither have the skill set to lead the Steelers defense.

Does Antonio Smith? GM Robbins seems to think so.

“The history of this game is full of athletes who have used their knowledge of this game at a very young age to outperform their older, more athletic counterparts. I can see Antonio Smith leading this group of DB's for a very long time, and then teaching his replacements down the road.”

The fans in Pittsburgh are still not happy. All were hoping to find one the many athletic monstrosities in this years drafts to find themselves in Pittsburgh. The staff stand behind their GMs decision.

“The past few years, Pittsburgh has used their draft picks meant to solidify their future to beef up their present. Unfortunately that has left us with little young talent, and the Steelers organization can't afford to draft one great player, when we can get two.”

Time will only tell if these three young Cornerbacks have what it takes to put pressure on their opponents quarterbacks. However, with a combined total of only 8 interceptions in 7 seasons, hope might be lost.

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Steelers go to 2-1

The Steelers lose 37-30 in San Diego

The Steelers lose their first game with their new GM Travis Robbins coming off their bye week. After the game we had a chat with the GM, who although looked disappointed, did not look surprised.

"The last couple weeks were torturous for our coaching staff. Although the Chargers have been hit with two devastating injuries at their QB position, they are not a team to underestimate. We were personally at a disadvantage against this team because of their wide receiver skill set. CB Talib and Flowers are both skilled cornerbacks, but they do not match up well against the speedy receivers on the Chargers side of the ball."

This is true, Talib and Flowers are respected CB's, but neither have the speed to catch the #1 and #2 Chargers WR's Percy Harvin and Keenan Allen and although Talib was able to hold Allen to 3 catches and 59 yards, Flowers was no match for the Vet and Harvin put up 171 yards in 5 catches.

"After a couple weeks, we found that our best chance of success was to take the Chargers running game out of the equation and force the Chargers to rely on the inexperience of QB Parker Simms to win the game, unfortunately neither plan works."

Mathews still ran for 135 yards on the day against the Steelers 46 defense, and Simms played a safe and effective game with 2 TD's and a 126 QB rating.

"If there is one thing our organization have learned from this day is that no matter how much talent a team has, their will always be some aspects that need improvement, and the Chargers are built perfectly to be our weakness."

If there is one thing to look forward to in Pittspurgh, it is the fact that the unreliable GM Travis Robbins refrained from throwing a hissy fit at the favored team's loss this week. Will the GMs temper hold up for the season? Only time will tell.

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New Steelers GM

New GM for The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have brought in the once retired Travis Robbins to GM their team. Travis is mostly acknowledged as the GM of the once championship team San Diego Chargers at the RZL. Unfortunately, he's also known as the GM that once raged himself out of the Falcons office during the GZL's first season as well as inactivity as the head of the Ravens. Why would the Steelers owner take such a risk with the GM that has shown little to no dedication to a team in the last year? Frankly, we aren't too sure, but maybe they know something that we do not.

Or, far more likely, they figure that even if this new GM does go inactive after the first week, they'll still have no trouble winning the AFC North.

The Interview

The Steelers owner was reluctant to schedule an interview with their new GM which had us wondering if the guy had already gone inactive, but the owner eventually caved in and we were able to have a few words with Mr. Robbins.

Sitting down with the man, it became clear to us that he hadn't shaved in at least a week and seemed as surprised to see us as we were to see him.

The owner only gave us a couple minutes with the man in an obvious attempt to keep GM from rage quitting a second time.

"Earlier in your career you were handed a playoff caliber team in San Diego over at the RZL and you were able to take that team to the Superbowl and win the big game. Have you been chasing that feeling again ever since?"

He was reluctant to respond but seemed determined to get rid of the pesky reporters has quick as possible.

"I will admit that after my first Superbowl win, I developed a habit of taking each and every lose quite personally in hopes of getting another trophy. The time I've had off has hopefully fixed this problem."

We nodded in response in agreement, yet were already preparing for the headline of the man's resignation in the coming month or two. Maybe The Steelers lose another or GM Robbins at it again. As we began to continue our questioning we noticed the owner who was currently hiding in the shadows point directly at his watch in an agitated manner. We didn't have the heart to tell him that we had only asked one question.

Apparently one question too many for the nervous owner. We made sure to think hard on what the next question would be, as we knew it would be our last.

"Do you feel like this team has what it takes to fulfill your desire of winning another trophy?"

GM Robbins mouth twitched but finally forced a smile, "We have a lot of veterans on this team who know's what it mean to be in the playoffs and to compete at the highest level. I have no doubt in my mind that we can win the division and make it far into the playoffs... baring any unknowns."

I nod to the man and scribble down on my note pad, The Pittsburgh Steelers have a shot to go all the way. That is until GM Travis Robbins rage quits in week 4 after losing his first game.

After I finish writing this down, the owner just about forces us out of the room, as if any more questions might scare GM Robbins into resignation.

We at Steelers Outlook hope that the future of the Steelers is here, but we won't hold our breath until he gets through his first losing season in one piece.

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Steelers Sign One, Trade for Another

Date: December 31, 2012

GM Ricky Lung has been relatively quiet so far in the offseason. He usually goes out and starts wheeling and dealing when taking over a new team. Could that be possible that something is cooking behind the scene? We will find out if it happens, but for now, nothing major is in the work according to reports.

The Steelers signed veteran receiver Devery Henderson in the first phase of the free agency. He will be reuniting with GM Lung. Henderson was given a lot of opportunities when Ricky was in charge of the Saints.

Henderson went over the Century mark in all four seasons with the Saints, and caught 10 or more touchdowns in three out of four years. He and Mike Wallace will be one of the most electrifying receiving duo in the league in this upcoming season.

"...I am exciting to be in a Steelers uniform, to play for Ricky once again. He trusted me and made me the number one option in New Orleans. Drew is a great quarterback, and to come here and play with Ben, you can't get any better..." - Steelers receiver Devery Henderson

On the trade market, the Steelers acquired young guard Ismael Bryan from the Seahawks for a 5th round pick. Bryan is a power blocker and he should fit in the power running game that the Steelers are accustom to.

In other news, the Steelers traded a pair of players, guard Willie Colon and receiver Limas Sweed to the Colts for a pair of 4th round picks.

The draft is around the corner, Pittsburgh current has a total of 8 draft choices at their disposal.

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GM Lung to Take Center Stage

Date: December 26, 2012

GM Ricky Lung had managed a Steelers team in several occassions in different nature of madden leagues in his career, but to take charge of the black and gold in one of his two base leagues definitely feels like home coming.

"...I have been a Steelers fan since I started watching football, so to finally take on the Steelers GM post in GZL definitely is an exciting moment. I turned down the job between RZL and GZL a few times in the past because I am not a fan of switching team in between, but this time around, I am going to make the move. After months of being a part-timer, this move should give me a spark and regain my interest in madden leagues. Favourite team, favourite player, familiar roster, I can't wait to get back on the football field and play some STEELERS football..."

GM Lung means business on his return. He said there will be no more fooling around, no more acquiring players because of their names, because they have a fancy makeup of attributes, or other personal preferences. He is going to play the game the way it suppose to be, because everytime the Steelers step on the field, they are there to win. Steelers have won 10 games or more so far in the existance of GZL, Ricky wishes to keep it that way. There are certainly some lofty expectations.

In terms of gameday strategy, Ricky said he will run the Steelers 3-4 defense, something that he rarely does in his madden career. On offense, he will likely try to keep a balanced attack, though it will favour the passing game in times to maximize the production of his favourite player, Ben Roethlisberger.

Stay tune for some actual Steelers updates!

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Sara: Sports Reporter, Sara Carbonero, here with the New Steelers GM Frank Malara. With the departure of GM great, Brian Brown and the dismal start under interim GM CPU the Pittsburgh Steelers hire GM Frank Malara. Frank, how does it feel to be the new GM of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Frank: It’s a very proud moment for me. I am excited about being part of this great franchise, keeping up their winning tradition and being a part of Steeler Nation.

Sara: As most New GMs do, will you be making any initial changes or trades?

Frank: Making any “from the hip” changes so to speak would be totally egotistical on my part. GM Brown has done a great job with this team leading them to a championship last season. I am going to take my time and evaluate this team this season and go from there. I have some big shoes to fill. However, you know who needs help? the Chiefs GM Tim Miller, that bum is just killing them out there in Kansas. What are they, like 1-3?

Sara: Well starting your season 2-0 before dropping 1 to the Saints isn’t too bad.

Frank: No, but would have preferred winning all 3. I have to say having both wins come against our division rivals was satisfying and will help keep us in the division race.

Sara: Losing both Sanders and Gamble in back to back weeks hurt.

Frank: Oh yea! Any time you lose two strong players and team contributors like that you are going to feel it. We do have some young guys that are capable of stepping in, but those two will be missed.

Sara: Thanks for your time Frank!

Frank: My Pleasure… See you at home.

This is Sara Carbonero for Pittsburgh Sports…

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Steelers 2012: Fighting Father Time
"D" Sees Age Regression and Succession
Latrobe, PA (St. Vincent College)

2011 Season In Review

Like most teams, 2011 saw the Steelers improve in some areas and regress in others Overall performance of the team did improve from a regular season mark of 10-6 to a home-field throughout 12-4 record.

The Steelers bettered their 2010 playoff results as well, by advancing to the Conference Championship. The, however, bowed out to the Harbinger-lead Raiders in a lopsided affair. #StillTastesLikeVinegar!

The offense improved overall yardage by a little over 300 total yards by going to a more blanced attack. In fact, the team had a 46/54 spilt run to pass vs. a 37/63 in 2010. Big Ben was much more judicial with the ball improving by to 26 TDs, while lowering interceptions from 14 to 6. These improvements were good for a 5.7 point jump for QB Rating to 94.8. If Rothelisberger sees similar improvements this year, this team has a chance.

Into the Offseason

Father time has not been particularly kind to the Steelers for the second offseason in a row. The defense is certainly barring much more of the brunt of impact as the 2012 defense will see quite a turnover in the front 7. Gone are long-tenured, and perhaps two of the best to ever where a 90's based number, Casey Hampton and Aaron Smith. The team felt that the return was upsidedown on these guys in terms of production vs contract demands. In addition, we the team making the switch to primarily a 30 front.

The team has employed the services of veteran DT Richard Seymour to act as the lynch-pin in the middle of the defense. "Seymour represents a different look to most that are used to seeing the squattier fireplug nose tackles. Seymour is still quite capable as a pass-rusher and we feel that his 6'6 stature in the middle is disruptive to throwing lanes" mused coordinator Trgovac.

Also gone is ROLB James Harrison, and the intimidating factor that he brings to the game. Harrison and the team were unable to come to an contractual agreement. There is evidence that suggests that Harrison is steeply declining, although MANY in the organization wanted Harrison back moreso than a few guys remaining with the team with big contracts. The team plans to move Woodley to ROLB and will open up a competition for the LOLB spot.

The team hopes to get much more, both in terms of playing time and statistics from one of last years big free agent acquisitions, left end Adam Carriker. Carriker did not make the jump to being the featured pass rusher that the Steelers were planning on deploying, and an injury midseason thwarted any more time to develop in this role. He along with another FA from last year's crop, Tyler Brayton, will flank Seymour in the new 3-4 alignment. Brayton was very impressive in limited time last season, compiling 4 sacks and 12 tackles.

The team did make one significant acquisition in the offseason, and that was signing farm-boy, David Diehl to man the right tackle position. This will allow the hulking, Max Starks to move back to LT, a position the team feels he is more better and comfortable at manning. The incumbent LT, Tony Hills is being asked to play out of position at LG to continue to develop.

2012 Entry Draft

The Steelers had once again dealt away all of their first day draft choices, not having a selection until the 30th in the 4th round. That did NOT, however, inhibit the team from acquiring, what is felt to be an impact player, with LOLB Martin Butler.

At 6'3, 252 lbs, Butler has great size, but also has tremendous speed. The teams trainers have Butler in a focused program to not only add some additional weight to his frame, but also improve upon his speed and acceleration. And when the end of the 5th round rolled around, the highest rated player on the Steelers board was another outside linebacker in Frank Flores. Flores does not have nearly the measurables that Butler does, but he is a heady player and may be further along in his football IQ.

The team added d-line depth with their next two selections and feel that they may have gotten a steal with the 60.30 selection of end, Derek Powers. Although a bit undersized, Powers has some upside and could develop into a decent pass rusher with some hard work in the next couple off seasons.
Training Camp Battle - Singular

While several of last years starters will be transitioning to new positions, the team acknowledges only one training camp battle as they enter camp. LOLB. Here, veteran Jeanty will battle the two rookies, Butler and Flores. Do not be surprised, howver, if the team's third MLB, Jamar Chaney gets some time there. He has outrageous speed and the team plans to get him more on the field this year.

And I would walk 500 miles . . .

Or so it seems. The Steelers trainers believe that in order to make a discernible change in a muscles function or behavior, the movement must be repped 10,000 times. And that is just what they did in the off season program. The focus of the training was on FS Rivera and Rookie Butler, but others participated as well.

Hip, knee, ankle flexibility and strength was worked on via a series of movements designed to get proper stride, foot placement and ultimately, speed!

2012 Outlook

With the projected improvement of Big
Ben and the addition of Diehl, the team feels that the offense should be more productive this season.

The teams jump to a 30-front will take advantage of schemes that are well constructed for the teams makeup.

As always with the Steelers . . .

It is Super Bowl or BUST!

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Steelers Training Camp Report: 2011
Big Steps for Big Ben & Co.
Latrobe, PA (St. Vincent College)

2010 Season In Review

The Steelers entered the 2010 Season expecting a 3-way dog-fight with the Ravens and Bengals. But the Bengals stormed out of the gate, reeling off 7 wins to start the season, 7-0. The Steelers lost 2 of their first 3, including a Week 3 disaster against the Tampa Bay Bucs. The ship seemed righted with two Divisional wins against the Ravens and Browns, before losing two close games vs. the Dolphins and Saints. the Saints game seemed to give the team some hope and inspired a Week 9 upset against the upstart Bengals. The momentum was short lived as the team again lost 2 of their next 3 games, but then something clicked. The team rattled off 5 wins to finish the season and in doing so, snatched the Central title from the Bengals. The team went 6-0 in the division. A rematch against the Patriots was in order for the Divisional Round, but the team was simply unable to overcome Big Ben's 3 interceptions and fell 28-21.
Into the Offseason

The Steelers had two big retirements to deal with this offseason. First, the All-Time leader in almost every meaningful receiving category, Hines Ward, decided to hang them up. Despite, a limited role in 2010, Ward's leadership will be missed as will his tenacious blocking.

The other big retirement came from the coaching staff as Hall of Famer, and Defensive Guru, Dick Lebeau put his clipboard away for the last time. Fortunately, management was able to secure the services of Trgovac who brings much credibility and a wealth of knowledge along with him. With the loss of LeBeau, and the teams decision to let veteran MLB, James Farrior walk, it would seem that the team is going to employ more 4 man fronts this season.

The acquisitions of "Big Body" defensive ends may seem a bit curious, but our insiders tell us that the team plans to deploy incumbents, A. Smith and B. Keisel, along with newcomers, T. Brayton and A. Carriker in a rotation of sorts, with Smith and Carriker expected to take snaps at the under DT position as well. The team hopes to get a bit more production out of the guys with their hands on the ground, although the team did get 16 sacks, 8 a piece, from Hampton and Keisel. "We may even have Lamar (Woodley) play with his hand on the ground in known passing situations" mused new D-Coordinator, Trgovac.

While the team did make a big run at at the Giants CB, Corey Webster, the Ginats matched the big offer to keep his services in New York. It was widely known that the team's one glaring weakness appears to be in the secondary, but it appears as though the team will make due with Taylor (currently a holdout) and McFadden as their starters. Rumors have surfaced that the team will again experiment with superstar SS, Troy Polamalu at CB.

The team's other big free agent signing was veteran placekicker, Rob Bironuas. With Stover retiring, the team has most likely upgraded the position with the BIG leg of Bironas.
2011 Entry Draft

The Steelers had dealt away their 1st Round Selection in order to acquire "The Freak" TE, Fendi Onobun, a move which was rewarded with a trip to the Pro Bowl. But with no selections until the 2.25, the team knew that there was no chance to land a big impact player for the secondary in the draft. The team decided on the best available player, and were able to land the best Fullback in the draft in Fred Munzenmaier. Munzenmaier is a complete physical specimen that the Steelers plan to have put on another 10 lbs. He is said to be a focus in the offseason training regimen and the team expects him to add speed while putting on the muscle.

When the teams selection rolled around in the 3rd round, the team went with FS Jimmy Rivera who possesses excellent size and explosiveness. The team is said to be working on Riveras speed and have a 3 YR project in place that should see him improve in this area, making him into the most complete FS the team has had since Chris Hope departed in Free Agency a number of year back. The rest of the draft saw the team take a variety of roster fillers, although the team is said to be somewhat high on 4th rounder, MLB Dennis Lewis and 7th round TE Zack Pianalto.
Training Camp Battles and Risers

Even though there was a fair amount of roster turnover, there does not appear to be many Camp Battles. The aforementioned collection of similar bodied, DE's (each standing 6'5+ and weighing 280+) will see A. Smith vs. B. Keisel vs. A. Carriker vs. T. Brayton duke it out for 2 starting positions at DE, and most likely, the under position at DT. With Keisel and Brayton at 285 and 280 respectively, they are likely out of the running at the under DT, meaning this will probably be manned more often than not, by veteran A. Smith. Carriker has been penciled in at LE, with Keisel moving to RE and Brayton backing both of them up. Football is a funny game, and anything can happen during training camp and preseason.

The other position of interest would appear to be at the safety positions. If Rivera shows that he is capable of holding down the FS spot, the team may be inclined to have Bullocks play at SS where he showed he was more than capable last season, allowing Polamalu to move to CB. The team hopes to have this resolved by Week 1, but also will reserve the option to shuffle players around according to opponenent and scheme.

During training camp, several of the young players are receiving special tuteledge, including TE Onobun, C. Pouncey, FS Rivera and FB Munzenmaier. Through this focus training, these players are becoming faster and stronger. The window for this excellerated training is limited, but so far, great results have been seen, with some rookies shaving significant time from their 40's and greatly increasing their squats.
2011 Outlook

As has always been the case, the Pittsburgh Steelers expect to compete for the end of the season hardware. The division has certainly gotten stronger, and the team cannot expect the 6-0 sweep this year. One thing that the team does have going for it, is the additional experience garnered by Big Ben. As everyone knows by now, scrambling QB's tend to take more sacks early in their careers, until they better understand how to employ their legs only when required. With the awareness that Ben picked up, he could be in for a big season, with Wallace, Onobun and Sweed reapping the biggest benefits. With the addition of a big bodied FB, Mendenhall is expected keep his contributionary level. The offense should be well-balanced and able to put up points. Big Ben & company only man one side of the ball, however, and the team knows that it must get the type of defensive performances that the team has come to expect from this perennial powerhouse unit if the team is to advance further this year. The sky is the limit for Big Ben and with more awareness, at 6'5, it does not seem all that far away. Nor is the season. Bring it On!
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Steelers: Building Blocks or a House of Cards
Dynamic Players Lead the Steelers into 2011
Pittsburgh, PA (Southside)

The Steelers 2010 season ended in the Divisional Round of the playoffs. Of course, the goal of this team is the Super Bowl every year, but considering how the season started, there are certainly plenty of things to be excited about in the coming season. But a number of big questions linger as well.

The Steelers look like they have some legitimate weapons at each of the positions on offense. HB Rashard Mendenhall followed up his 1400 yard regular season campaign with over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns in the teams two playoff games. At receiver the team has the perfect set of complimentary players: Mike Wallace, the burner and Limas Sweed, the 6'4 leaper. They will be asked to take on an even bigger role this season as the Steelers All Time Leading Receiver in just about every category, Hines Ward, retired this offseason. Rookie TE Fendi Onobun had a great first season, nabbing 47 grabs for 496 yards and posting 6 TDs (#1 for Rookie TE's).

But the straw that stirs the drink is at QB in Ben Roethlisberger. As a scrambler, Big Ben is going to take some sacks, but 46 is simply too many. Hopefully, with another season under his belt, his higher awareness will cut down on this mark. His 25 TDs to 14 picks is respectable enough, and his 58.77% completion percentage with a high 7.76 YPA are great numbers to build on. The line has pancake leader Max Starks and surprise performer, Tony Hills at tackle. Pouncey returns at center. The guards are expected to be Forney and Colon next season. Again, with Big Ben's improved awareness, the sacks given up are expected to go down. They better as, even though Max had 125 pancakes, he gave up 17 sacks!!!

The strength of the defense is at linebacker. MLB Lawrenece Timmons is on the cusp of being one of the elite defensive players in the game. While Patrick Willis is the gold standard, Timmons is a playmaker on the come. Woodley is expected to take on a bigger role this season. Like Timmons, he has the attributes to make him a special player in this league. "Old Man" Harrison may have lost a step, but he is still to be feared wether at MLB or ROLB.

The team got adequate production out of the D-line, although Casey Hampton's 8 sacks were completely unexpected. The team really needs to get more pressures resulting in sacks this year from the front 7, be it in a 30 or 40 front.

As with last season, the major concern is the secondary. The team has a legit shutdown corner in Ike Taylor. But Ike is 31 and his replacement is not on the team. The front runner to start on the other side is Bryant McFadden. while McFadden only started about half of the games last season, he tied for the team lead in picks and took 2 of them to the house. J., Wade logged alot of time at CB, both starting and at the nickel and he is expected to compete for that role again. Superstar safety Troy Polamalu player every position in the secondary last season. If the team does not acquire more talent, he may be asked to do the same this season. Bullocks is a solid, steady performer.

With no picks until late in the 3rd round of the upcoming draft, the team will have to be a player in the free agent market. The team has some cap space now, but there is plenty of dead wood to be trimmed as well, which may make the Steelers significant players in free agency. With a few pieces, the team could be legitimate contenders, but without them, this team may fold up like a house of cards. We shall see!
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Steelers Looking For AFC North Sweep
6 - 0 in the AFC North a Real Possibility
Pittsburgh, PA (Southside)

You will not find many Steelers amoung the individual statistical leaders. Likewise, the overall team stats are pedistrian at best. But, so far this season, one area the team has excelled in is winnning in the rivalry AFC North games. With a win against Cleveland, the team will be 6-0 in AFC North games and will have secured a ticket to the post-season dance.

Offensively, Mike Wallace has begun to emerge as a legitimate and consistent threat in the passing game. With 73 grabs to only 3 drops, Wallace has shown that he has some of the best hands in the game. In the last 4 games, all victories, Wallace has 28 catches for 427 yards. Big Ben continues to lead a quietly efficient passing game, despit the "Scrambler" moniker, and that is only expected to get better as his awareness goes up. Mendenhall and the ground game has cooled down from the fast start, but continues to be effective.

Defensively, the team has employed a bend but don't break (at least too often) defense. Currently, 4th in the league in points allowed, while in the middle of the pack in yards allowed. And while the team is near the bottom in sacks, and again in the middle of the pack in turnovers, they seem to come at opportune times. Lawrence Timmons is quickly becoming the leader on the defense, despite his young age. He has played a variety of positions and roles in the defense, and leads the team in tackles and tackles for loss. He also has 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 4 fumble recoveries and 2 interceptions to his credit.

The Steelers know that the Brownies are not about to lay down as evidenced by their victory over the Ravens last week. The conservative gameplans that focus on a bruising rushing attack keep them in most games. They deploy a set of twin-towers at WR that present matchup problems, especially considering the lack of talent the Steelers have at the CB position. But despit having a couple Defensive Rookie Candiates in FS Ward and CB Haden, the team is confident that they can move the ball in the air. Haden came out of the blocks smoking with 5 picks in his first 3 games, but has cooled off dramatically as one might expect. The proverbial "rookie wall" may be in effect here. Expect the team to target him. Ward may also be a target if the team tries to isolate him on fellow rookie TE Fendi Onobun and his 6'6 frame.

Whoever they target, the team needs to find a way to complete the sweep of the North to secure a spot in the playoffs. Nothing would be sweeter for the Black & Gold fans as this is a storied rivalry between two blue collar cities, only separated by 150 miles.
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Steelers At Early Crossroads in the Season
Bumpy Start Puts Playoff Aspirations in Doubt
Pittsburgh, PA (Southside)

The Pittsburgh Steelers started this season with the same goals as they have every season . . . Win the SuperBowl. As we near the midway point, making the playoffs is an uphill climb and winning the division seems unreasonably optimistic at best, especially given the Bengals 7-0 start. If the Steelers are to have any hope in the latter, they must defeat the Bengals in Cincy in Week 9 of the regular season.

While the Steelers 3-4 record is somewhat disappointing, the team can hang their hat on a 2-0 divisional record and a 3-1 record in the AFC. Three of the Steelers four losses have come at the hands of teams from the NFC South.

"With a win in 'The Jungle', we pull to within 3 games of the Bengals, and improve to 3-0 and in the division. We don't expect the Bengals to finish undefeated, and we are hoping from a little help elsewhere either in the division or conference" mused GM Brown. "We need to go 2 and 0 against these guys to have any shot!"

After the debacle in Week 3 against the Bucs, the team has played well, with an opportunity to win every game. The loses to the Dolphins and Saints were by a combined 7 points, giving the team something to build on for the stretch run, if there is to be one. Big Ben is amoung the leaders in completion percentage, but his scrambling tendency has also contributed to the whopping 23 sacks against already. Mendenhall has lead an ample rushing attack, so the expectations are that the offense will continue to play well enough to win. Defensively, the secondary struggled a bit when team leader Troy Polamula was out. Now that he is back, James Farrior is out, but the team is confident that it's depth at linebacker can get them through the weeks that Farrior is out. The defense needs to find the ability to get pressure, record sacks and force turnovers. Currently, the team finds itself in the lower-half in both categories.

"The Bengals have played lights out in all phases of the game, leading the league in scoring defense with an impressive 13.9 pts allowed per game. Plamer has been brillant! We need to find answers to both in order to come out with a win. We think we may have found some. We'll find out Sunday!"
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Steelers Land "Freak" Tight End
Steelers Acquire a Freak at Tight End
Pittsburgh, PA (Southside)

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced today, the acquistion of tight end, Fendi Onobun. While extremely raw, the rookie Onobun possesses athlethic ability that very few can match.

"Vernon Davis is the 'Gold Standard' when people think about the tight end position. And although it is doubtful that we will ever see an individual so 'Geeked' at the position, there are a few guys in the league now that we believe present serious matchup nightmares for most every team in the league. Davis has attributes that nobody can tough, but if there is one minor chink in the armor, it is that he stands 'only' 6'3", said GM Brown.

"There is a collection of 5 tight ends in the league that we believe is the 'next generation' of tight ends: The Bears, Greg Olsen, Packer, Jermichael Finley, Titan, Jared Cook, The Dolphins, Jimmy Graham, and Fendi Onobun. All stand at least 6'5" and have 85SPD and 86ACC or better. Fendi is 6'6" and has 87SPD and 90ACC. But he is EASILY the most raw of the group.

GM Brown does not think that will matter. "In this league, AWR and CTH are just not as important as you might think at the tight end position. We are a firm believer that your first round pick has to be a starter from day 1. And in all cases sans, the QB and CB position, a 'FREAK' will always be the choice. There are just a few select guys at each position who are equipped to dominate it.

We believe Fendi can be one of those guys, allowing us to trade away our 1st round selection. We sent Matty Spaeth, who is a hard-worker with great size and hands along with our 1st and 7th to acquire Onobun, the Rams 3rd and their 6th. Onobun will start and play a valuable role in our passing game from day 1."
Forum Discussion (by B_Brown on 01/18/2011) Replies - 38 :: Views - 279
Pittsburgh Steelers Hire GM Brian Brown.
Steelers announce the hiring of Brian Brown for their GM position today.
Forum Discussion (by B_Brown on 12/30/2010) Replies - 2 :: Views - 37

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