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Titans Offseason Recap
T_Nissen :


Tennessee Titans
Offseason Recap

Tennessee will begin the 2023 season with their top four draft picks slated to be starters. Three being on defense. First, there's OLB T.J. Watt. The Titans are putting a lot of faith in this kid. They drafted him with the ninth overall pick and, as with many of GM Nissens early picks, they plan on him being a force on their defense for the next decade.

Next, Tennessee drafted SS Xavier Jackson III with their 30th overall pick. With Bacarri Rambo heading to the retirement home soon, the Titans wanted to upgrade that position. Last year they drafted Malik Hooker but Jackson is far more game ready and is penciled in as the starter at this position as of now.

LE Mason Henderson was drafted with the 10th pick in round two. The Titans love this kids quickness and size and are hoping he can give the defense some sorely needed pressure on opposing QB's. Something this team has been struggling to find since Aldon Smith was here.

Tennessee's next pick didn't happen until the end of round four where they drafted FB Gabir Deschamps. Not gonna lie, this kid is RAW! Best thing about him is his speed. After that, he needs work. But it is planned for him to start. The preseason will be the deciding factor for this kid.

In other news the Titans signed four veterans for no other reason than to come in and mentor some of these guys. OLB K.J. Wright and MLB Mohammed will both return to the team to mentor Watt and Tremblay. SS Steve Griffin will come in and mentor both Jackson and Hooker and DE Cliff Matthews is also joining the squad to mentor Henderson. Young-Porter will also benefit as he struggles to keep a spot on this roster.

Some other new faces are CB Kai Lee (FA), ROLB Byron Pharr (Trade), LT Elon Rafferty (FA), RG Xerxes Garner (FA), RG Shannon Crockett (MatchFA) and HB Tevin Coleman (FA). Crockett will be our starting LG and Coleman looks to take over in the next season or two as Rogers is heading into his final seasons. The others we believe are better than backup backups.

In other news, GM Nissens son has worked his was into the Big Leagues and takes on his first GMing job in Atlanta. Nissen was overheard saying "I finally get to whoop that kids ass without CPS getting involved!" All kidding aside I would like to wish Daulton much success and hopes he finds the league as enjoyable as I do.


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2022 Tennessee Titans

Titans State of the Union

This offseason has been filled with several ups and downs for this club. Starting with the draft. The Titans entered this years draft with two picks in round one but never made a selection in this round. First, they would send the 30th overall pick to the reigning champion Broncos for the services of OT Kuznetsov. Next a failed attempt to move up 8-10 spots from 1.23 for one of four players we had been eyeing. The draft clock started ticking and all four of those guys went in the next 5 picks. Now, a little saddened and angered Tennessee decided to trade the 23rd overall pick in a deal that would send them the Jaguars future 1st.

With the draft not working out the way they had hoped, Tennessee would set their sights on other off season activities like Match Eligible, Free Agent bidding and, of all things, amnesty. When all was said and done, here is what the 2022 starting Titans look like.
Players in red are new additions

Starting Lineup for Offense

QB - Derek Pope - First time starter. Henderson watching
FB - Robert Hughes - Returns for one more go around
HB - Vince Rogers - 2 time rushing champ seeks 3rd title
WR - Justin Hunter - Should improve on last season with a legit #2 on board.
WR - Sammy Watkins - New puzzle piece raises teams expectations.
WR - Kendall Wright - Former division rival will play slot
TE - Maxx Williams - A steal for a late 3rd pick via Franchise Tag -n- Trade
LT - Nathan Kuznetsov - Titans excited to have him on board
LG - Andres Crawford - Returns also for one more season
C - Hroniss Grasu - Has progressed into a very nice center piece
RG - Bo Schneider - Won in Match Eligible. Big improvement to OL
RT - Brennan Williams - Hopefully will struggle less with Schneider next to him

Starting Lineup For Defense
LE - Alex Okafor - Last season was his 1st as starter. Played out of position at RE.
DT - Johnathan Hankins - Big man anchors this D-Line
DT - Jarran Reed - More big and more strong in the middle
RE - Jacob Gannon(R) - Rookie will get a shot. Porter and Montague wait for stumble.
ROLB - James Cleveland - One of two second year LB's to get bumped to starter
MLB - Jacob Tremblay - The other young LB who will start this season
LOLB - Maurice Heffner - This guy also got his first start last season. Earned another shot.
CB - Cory Spielman - Time flies. Was our oldest CB until Slay arrived.
CB - Anders Betancourt - Entering his 3rd full season.
CB - Darius Slay - Huge improvement to our secondary after posting that we were in the market.
FS - Cleveland Orr - Another returning starter. Finally entering his prime.
SS - Bacarri Rambo - As with Slay, Rambo elevates this secondary

Lots of new faces and tons of excitement for this new season here in Tennessee. After all is said and done with this team throwing money and draft picks around this off season, the Titans should be sitting close to $2m left of their cap money and the only round of next years draft they do not possess a pick in will be the 4th round. And our only concern next off season should be the contract of our Kicker, Hopkins. With Bo Schneider coming in he will take the teams Exclusive Resign next offseason which will leave Hopkins either signing a Franchise Tag, being placed in Match Eligible or just being allowed to walk. You can make your own guess as to which option Tennessee will choose.

Good luck to the other 31 GM's this season. See ya on the field!


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Titans And Vikings Make Deal

Titans All In
For Watkins

In classic Titans fashion, Tennessee today traded the future away
to Minnesota for WR Sammy Watkins. GM Nissen has been known to pay
heavily for WR's that he really likes and this, some would say, is another

Tennessee traded their 1st and 2nd round draft picks along with WR Floyd
for Watkins services. A steep price but when it comes to 6'1" WR's with
Watkins speed and athleticism "Sometimes you just have to pay to play"
Nissen was quoted as saying about the deal.

The Titans and Chiefs went back and forth for weeks trying to find common
ground for Floyd to return for one more season here next to Hunter. On day
2 of the draft they finally found that sweet spot. Tennessee sent the Chiefs
pick 3.22 for Floyd and pick 4.21. That 4th round pick turned into DT Mopar
who some believe could've been taken at 3.22 and still been a decent pick

So, Floyd basically got to Tennessee long enough to grab a beer with his old
teammates before finding out he would be heading to the Great White
North to play out his final year of his contract...and maybe career.

As for Watkins, the Titans plan on locking him down for what could be the
rest of his career. Hunter is entering the later stages of his career so
Watkins will eventually be the guy Tennessee will call their number 1.

That is until GM Nissen goes all in on the next WR that cathes his eye.


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Titans Make It Rain

Titans Throwing Money Around

This off season has been a little different for the Titans and
their GM. They've really never had a bunch of cash lying around to be able
to go play with the big boy in Match Eligible or Free Agency bidding. But it
seems this GM managed to learn how to spend it quickly. First, Tennessee's
roster was not in "need" of too many positions so it was somewhat of a
luxury to be able to basically throw cash around. There was a couple of
needs that were filled during the process though and we'll take a look here.

QB Henderson
This move can be put right in the What The Hell Are They Doing? file. And,
after making this move I cannot say I haven't had second thoughts. The
plan was to let Pope take the reigns (and still is) in this upcoming season.
But emotion took over and Tennessee dropped a new three year deal for
him totaling over $33 million.
Since this not so bright move, QB Pope has been dragging ass around the
complex like someone stole his puppy. In fact his moral is so low at this
point in time GM Nissen has hired a couple people to watch him and make
sure he doesn't do something stupid.
Preseason needs to come quick so we can get him outta this funk.

RT Bo Schneider
Schneider is a former 1st round draft pick of the Falcons. He played his first
5 season in Atlanta but found himself in the Match Eligible portion of Free
Agency. Tennessee's initial bid was blown out of the water by Oakland and
left the Titans looking at the rest of the free agents and the elder players on
their roster. In the end there was only one thing they could do and that was
to drop even more cash into him. The decision was also made to lock the
bid to at least give us a one on one shot against Atlanta for his services.

Titans gave him a 1 year deal worth over $12 million and have every
intention of locking him up next off season.

SS Bacarri Rambo
Next up...RAMBO!! Bacarri is another former 1st round selection. This time it
was a Jets pick and he would play eight seasons for them. Like Schneider
above, this was a position the Titans needed to fill this offseason. Stacey
Williams has lost enough speed to lose his job here so Rambo will fill that
spot for one, maybe two seasons. Titans would give him a three year deal
worth around $18.5 million and look forward to watching him in our

MLB Mike Mohammed
Mohammed was actually a 3rd round selection from the Titans back in 2012.
He had plenty of veteran leadership in front of him for the 7 seasons he
spent here and never really got a shot. Eventually he was traded to the
Broncos where he would play two seasons and, as his luck would have it,
cut right before the Broncos won it all.
Anyway, Mohammed is back for a 1 year stint as basically a player/coach for
2nd year man Tremblay. Tennessee would pay him $5.2 million for this
upcoming season.

ROLB K.J. Wright
The signing of Wright is exactly the same in reason and price as Mohammed
received. Another $5.2 million contract to basically play special teams and
progress another 2nd year OLB, Cleveland.
Wright initially played for the Dolphins for 7 seasons before playing two
more in Detroit.

FB Robert Hughes
Hughes played the last three seasons here in Tennessee. He dipped his toe
in the market and found out the market isn't really into fullbacks that have
already lost a step but still want to get paid. The Titans didn't see ANY
better options in the trade blocks or free agency for that matter. So, they
did what they've been doing this off season. Pay the man!
Hughes will also enjoy a 1 year contract worth $4 million but he isn't
expected to be in a backup/mentor role. Nope, unless something changes
between now and opening day, he will be the Titans starting full back one
more time.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I hear what sounds like a small boy crying in the
broom closet out in the hall. Friggin' Pope! QB's are such primadonna's!


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Titan News

Titans Trade Picks

The Titans have announced a couple of trades
today. It happens most seasons with this GM in charge. Trading picks for
players that have a little experience already under their belt but plenty of
years left to grow and play.

TE Maxx Williams

First trade was with the San Francisco 49ers. This Tight End was drafted by
the Niners at 2.7 in the 2018 draft. It appears he started his first couple
seasons but then fell to a #2 role. Former Titans TE Kyle Rudolph had his
best season last year but he has lost a step and his contract is up. While
D.J. Williams is currently on the roster, he too has lost a step and will
struggle to remain a Titan.
Tennessee gave 3.23 to the Niners in a Tag 'n' Trade deal. Titans feel that
was a good deal for a pretty solid TE who seems to be an all around type
guy. He can catch and block pretty well, especially in the run game.

OT Nathan Kuznetsov

Tennessee's Offensive Line is in serious need of some younger players. That
said, they were also looking for that player that had some experience and
growth already. Enter Kuznetsov. Drafted by the Broncos at 2.6 in 2020,
this kid has his game awareness and blocking skills up to a point where the
Titans believe he can hold down the Left Tackle position for years to come.
They also have not ruled out changing him to a Guard but that seems
unlikely and would stunt the growth they paid for. Titans sent pick 1.30 to
Denver for him and a 4th round pick.

Tennessee seems to be pretty busy in the front office. We will keep you and
our 3 other fans posted on any future roster moves.


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Rogers Wins 2nd Rushing Title

Rogers Wins 2nd
Rushing Title

For Titans fans this season was hard to watch
at times and well below this teams expectations and what has become the
norm in Tennessee. After starting the season 4-1, the wheels came off and
they would go 1-5 over the next 6 games pushing the teams record to
under the .500 mark at 5-6 after week 12. After trading what many
considered the best Titan, Tennessee would go on a 4 game win streak
before losing the final game to division rival Jacksonville...by 1 point.

While having a great Kicker is a luxury, having that Kicker break records in
FG's in back to back seasons isn't really something you want. That is a lot
of potential TD's left on the field and tells us this offense cannot finish
drives. That said, Dustin Hopkins broke the GZL record for FG's made in
2019 at 48. He upped that mark to 51 in 2020 and only missed two all
season. The 2nd came in the final game against Jacksonville where the
Titans were down one point. With the clock stopped with only seconds left,
Hopkins shanked a 47 yard game winning FG. Anything under 55 yards is
usually money for this kid and that one miss would keep the Titans from
double digit wins for only the 2nd time under this GM and the first time
since 2016.

HB Vince Rogers would win his 2nd Rushing Title in only his 5th season. In
fact, he would have his best season in just about every category. He would
post career highs in rushing yards (1856), Per Carry AVG (5.57) and TD's
(15) to name a few. He would eclipse the 100 yard mark in 9 games and
also posted career highs in receptions and receiving yards.

While the 2020 season was not a record breaking or title winning season for
QB Henderson, he would also post a few career highs himself. He would
post his most Attempts, Completions and Yards in a season. It would also
be his first season to throw for more than 4000 yards.

Other notables were MLB Collins with 103 tackles, 17 TFL and 4 INT's. C
Hroniss Grasu getting his first start after the Pouncey era, would post 54
pancakes and only 3 sacks allowed. He did not allow a sack after week 4 as
he seemed to have settled in and seems to have cemented his role as
Center on this team for years to come.

We congratulate these players on their great seasons. That said, this season
is not over and it's time to put it all together for the Playoffs.


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Shock in Tennessee
The Titans have, for whatever reason, had their worst season ever under this GM to this point. Sure, receiver Hunter missed a few weeks but that is no excuse. Especially since Alshon Jeffery played very well in his absence.

Losing four straight and five of the last six games in very shocking to this GM. Maybe many others as well since this team was thought by many to be among the best in the AFC. The team has very good practices between games and everyone seems to be on the same page. But, come gameday, everyone looks like they belong on a Pop Warner team. QB can't hit open receivers. When he does they drop it or fumble it. The secondary is the same way. Total of two interceptions by our secondary at this point. TWO! MLB Collins has 4 all by himself. Titans may let some younger players finish out the season, but as bad as it has been, we're still in a position to win the division and make the playoffs.

Frustration is running rampant throughout the organization and came to its breaking point this week when management sent WR Floyd packing for the best offer through amnesty. Floyd was probably the best player on the team so it looks like the suits are letting it be known that no one is safe.

The trade deadline is looming and Tennessee has made it clear that anyone is available at this time if an agreement can be made and any cap penalties do not hurt their future. As of now, CB's House and Brown have been involved in discussions. As has FS Orr and OLB Ferguson. As of this time, no deals are expected to be made however.

Maybe this team will pull it's head out of its own ass and get on a roll. Or maybe they will continue to play like crap and miss the Playoffs for the first time under this GM. As usual, it should be interesting. Like a train wreck you can't look away from.
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Sorry. Nothing to see here. Just needed something better to look at on my main page. Cool
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Titans Reporter Fired After This Article (Rated R)

Ohh And Three

The Tennessee Titans have been atop the AFC South for a while now,
winning five of the last six division titles, including three straight coming
into the 2019 season. With basically the same roster on hand the beginning
of this season has been a complete disaster. It's been so bad some fans are
already wearing bags on their heads and even calling for Vince Young to
come back. What the fuck?!?!

Through the first three games, Tennessee has turned the ball over ten
times. Six of those turnovers by, what many could argue, one of the most
talented quarterbacks in the league. Henderson has struggled out of the
gate this season and there is no clear explanation. According to Coach
Manning he has been outstanding throughout the week in practices but
when game time comes, "we are seeing a completely different guy out

If that weren't bad enough, the massive amounts of turnovers keep putting
more and more pressure on the defense. Once one of the best defenses in
the GZL is now finding themselves out of gas early and put in bad situations
often. No excuse for giving up an 88 yard run this past week to a HB that
they felt they had a great game plan for.

The Titans would strike first in week three against the Jaguars and
Henderson was having a great first half. He was 16 of 20 for 189 yards late
in the 2nd quarter but then the wheels fell off again as he would complete
only one of his next 4 passes while throwing two interceptions, both of
which would go for touchdowns.

The Titans would keep fighting but a failed two point conversion in the final
minutes would seal the deal on an 0-3 start. Fans and media outlets have
even reported the ghost of former owner, Bud Adams, has been seen
throughout the stadiums during the first three games. This reporter
dismissed those claims as total bullshit made up by desperate and drunken
fans. Until I was given the following video and picture as proof.

So, once again, I ask WTF?!?! What really the fuck is going on around here?
The Titans go on a three game losing streak and the whole fucking city is
losing their fucking minds. INCLUDING THIS REPORTER!!! I must be stuck
in some kind of nightmare. Ghosts don't exist! And the Titans don't start a
season 0-3 with talks of benching one of the best quarterbacks in the
league! That shit just don't happen.

OK, OK. I apologize for losing my mind for a second there. But, let's try and
be a little more positive and tell ourselves it's still early. There's plenty of
time to turn things around. Right? RIGHT?? Bahhh, who am I kidding? At
least we still have our hot ass Cheerleaders to watch at the games


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Stormy Tennessee
This past off season the rift between GM Nissen and QB Henderson was made public when the Titans announced the QB was available for trade. League officials quickly reminded the club that his cap hit would be more than allowed by league rules. But that set into motion an unhealthy locker room for the entire offseason.

Tennessee has won 5 of the last six division crowns with Henderson at the helm and two AFC Championship appearances. But getting bounced from the playoffs early once again last season was enough to make Titan management open to a change.

Knowing this could be his last season in Tennessee, one would think Henderson would be more focused than ever as he heads into the prime of his career and thought of a change of scenery dance in his head. Using this season as an audition of sorts for what's likely to come next off season. In his week one match up that did not seem to be the case. Instead the QB seemed completely unprepared and not focused as he had one of the worst game of his career.

When he was knocked out of the game in the 3rd quarter Coach Manning almost seemed relieved as it saved him from actually pulling the QB. Enter Derek Pope. This hungry young quarterback came in the game and almost immediately the tone changed for Tennessee's offense. While he was no Joe Montana, Pope did manage the game well enough to win in regulation. But the defense, which had kept the Bears off their game, finally snapped on a last minute drive. Not only did they allow a TD but the 2 point conversion as well which tied the game. So, with under a minute to play, Pope would go back to work. With visions of taking the starting spot if he could pull out a victory smashed when he threw a pick - six on his 2nd attempt on the drive. So, now down 7, Pope again takes the reigns. He would fire a couple bullets down field and as time was about to expire, he would find Hilton in the end zone for a 28 yard, game tying TD.

Chicago would receive the ball first in OT and the Titans defense quickly shut them down and forced a punt. Pope would enter the game and hand the ball off to Tennessee's backup running backs several times. They would enter FG range for their kicker but decided to run two more times. Without Rogers in the game, for whatever reason, Tennessee would go backwards on both of those carries and out of FG range. The Bears offense and the over worked Titans defense would come back on the field. The defense finally snapped. As the Bears number two halfback that did nothing but go backwards all day danced to the outside and saw nothing but daylight as he ran for an 85 yard TD to win the game. He actually had more yards on that one carry than he finished the day with.

Tennessee will have to right the ship quickly if they want to compete this season. Fans and local media are calling for Pope to start the game saying at least he wants to be here. There has been no indication of any change from the Titans front office however. Nissen stated that fans are very emotional and that he will not make a decision of that magnitude based on emotions. As for talk radio "experts"...They are where they are for a reason, Nissen said. Their job is to stir the pot when things get tough.

Tennessee travels to Oakland for a rematch of last season's short lived Playoff run for the Titans. Maybe a change of scenery and all of the hate talk Henderson has received will light a fire under him. Or, maybe, Nissen has finally had enough and will hand the ball to Pope. Stay tuned and find out as this Monday night game should be a good one.
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Titans Defensive Changes


Titans 2018

As we did with the offense, we will now take a look at what has or hasn't changed on the other side of the ball. Key players that have left since last season is led by CB Lardarius Webb. His contract was up with the Titans and is in the last season or two of his career. He did finish with another trip to the Pro Bowl in his final season for us though. Another face missing from the secondary is SS Germane Baker who was traded to the Bengals. This was a hard decision for the Titans to make but they were hard pressed to get into the first round of this draft and, for a second anyway, they did that with this trade.

Like Webb LOLB Gerald McRath was hard to see go. He had lost a step and had a huge salary this upcoming season so the decision had to be made. DT Terrance Knighton was also let go, for a little while. He was allowed to test the FA market but with many teams strapped for cash he didn't get much attention. The Titans would eventually resign him to a 1 year deal to return to Tennessee for the 2018 campaign.

That's really about it for defensive losses. To try and replace Webb, Tennessee brought in a few new faces in the hopes of sparking a good battle this preseason. First, they traded with Carolina and brought Davon House in. He has good height and speed and could even challenge Spielman for the number two spot. Next the would sign Akeem Hasty away from the Giants in the Match Eligible phase. Hasty isn't a big guy but he is fast and has good awareness for a youngster. He plans on putting pressure on others in preseason for playing time in the secondary as well as returning kicks. SS Stacey Williams was also brought in from Cincinnati and figures to be the replacement for Baker. While he is much taller than Baker, he is a big drop off in athleticism but the Titans are hoping he can hold his own back there next to Sands.

OLB Damon Kowalski was drafted by Tennessee last season but ended up getting cut for financial reasons during last season to fill an injury elsewhere. He was brought back with a shiny new 5 year deal. OLB Maurice Heffner & DE Kelly Montague are this years rookies on the defense.


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Titans Offensive Changes


Titans 2018

Tennessee seems to be one of those franchises that fights tooth and nail to keep it's core together for long periods of time. Not an easy thing to do in this salary cap era but yet they find ways to do it as best as possible.

Last seasons offense was among the best in total offense and points scored. Obviously we didn't want to make any major changes if possible but some changes are inevitable.

Key losses to the starting offense were WR Johnny Knox and LG Jermon Bushrod. Knox was in the Titans plans for 2018 but he had lost a step and his final year of his contract was worth over $8 million. In the end, the two needed to part ways for the betterment of the team. Bushrod was also in the twilight of his career and with an expiring contract, Tennessee decided against offering him a new deal.

Other losses were WR/KR Golden Tate who was traded to Carolina. Prospect Center Trey Owen was traded to Kansas City. WR's Marques Colston and Roddy White were both mid-season pick ups last year and were not planned on being here anyway. Depth players RG Russell and QB Kafka were also traded and released respectively. They were both depth players. And TE Zach Miller who replaced and injured Gresham was also let go after a pretty good season.

Sounds like a lot but it really wasn't. Only two of those mentioned were starters.

So, let's look at the new players implemented into those positions. First, in the place of Knox, Tennessee traded for WR Justin Hunter. This adds another big target and deep threat to an already potent offense. Hunter figures to be next to Floyd come opening day. Replacing Bushrod at RG will be Andres Crawford who was traded for from Cincinnati. Maybe not as athletic as Bushrod was but a little bigger and much stronger. He plans to move to RG and play next to Williams for the foreseeable future.

WR's Alshon Jeffery, T.Y. Hilton & David Aikman were also added to the Titans depth chart through Free Agency. Jeffery is another 6'4" receiver who is better than portrayed by some. He will most likely be #4 on the depth chart though but figures to be a solid insurance policy in case of injury elsewhere. Hilton will battle a few other people for the teams kick and punt return duties. From what we've seen of him to this point, he is probably the leading candidate at this point. Aikman was drafted by Tennessee in the 2nd round of the 2014 draft. He was traded in week 12 of that season to Arizona but it now back where he started his GZL career.

We've already mentioned in a previous article Mettenburger and the other three rookies on the O-line to fill the other depth positions. And that is what's new with your 2018 Tennessee Titans offense. May they be even more offensive this season.


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Titans Finalize Preseason Roster


Tennessee Brings Back
Familiar Faces

The free agency pool this off season was not what the Titans were hoping for when they stashed away a little cash for this period. We were kind of hoping to see more "splash" players. Someone we thought we could bring in and really add something to either side of the ball.

But when it came right down to it there really weren't too many of those. In fact, a couple of the ones that were there, were there because we put them there. Referring to WR Knox and DT Knighton. We knew earlier in the off season that we could, financially, afford to keep one of those two guys. But we decided to play the odds and see if we could maybe find a corner to replace Webb or a big name safety to fill Bakers shoes.

With the deadline fast approaching for making bids on these free agents Tennessee would choose to bring back the Pro Bowl DT, Knighton. We felt Hankins and Thompson were solid enough to let him go to begin with, and still do really, but as stated earlier, there really wasn't much to choose from. Knox was a candidate to return but we felt Brandon Tate is a solid slot receiver so we decided Knighton would be our target. He will come back and we already know he can play inside and outside on the D-Line. He may be switched to DE permanently even.

WR David Aikman also rejoins the Titans. He was drafted by Tennessee four seasons ago but traded to a team that had to fill an injury at the time. Quite happy to have him back as he may find himself as our slot receiver in coming years with Tate getting older and on the last year of his contract.

Preseason is just around the corner and this Titans roster has battles brewing all over the place. I can't remember the last time we had this many battles. Not sure it's a good thing. Might be better knowing exactly who your starters are going in. But, this is where we are at and it is sure to be fun to watch.


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Tennessee Finds Some Picks


Titans Grab Some Youth

GM Nissen walked into the draft without a pick until the 4th round. Just
wanted to check in and see what was going on. Next thing he knows he is
in negotiations with a team for a late 2nd and a couple 3rd's. In typical
Nissen fashion, he ended up trading his future picks away to be able to
grab some youth in this current draft.

After acquiring the 24th pick in round 2, the GM was even
happier to see Center Hroniss Grasu sitting on his board and wasted no
time running his pick up to the commissioner.

Grasu figures to be a future starter here in Tennessee. He will benefit
greatly by spending a few seasons behind his new mentor, Mike Pouncey.
Grasu will be hitting the weight room and spending a lot of time with the
conditioning staff as one knock on him was nagging injuries.


Eight picks later, with the second pick in round three, the Titans reached a
little and took a position no one expected them too. Quarterback. With
Henderson locked up long term and the "above expectations" play of Derek
Pope when called upon this seemed like a "WTF?" pick to many. That said,
Zach Mettenberger
is a new member of the Titans.

The Titans like to carry three QB's on their roster and Mettenberger has
a lot of nice qualities one looks for in a QB. He's 6'5" and has a pretty
strong arm. He, like Grasu will and QB Pope has, will benefit from being
mentored and Tennessee will look to progress Zach into a future starting
QB in the GZL.


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Titans Win The Hunt

Justin Hunter
Arrives In Tennessee

For the most part this off season has been
fairly quiet in Titans Front Office. But for a deal to bring one player here it
was truly a rollercoaster ride. That player is the former 4th overall
selection of the Kansas City Chiefs, Kevin Hunter.

The Chiefs and Titans had a deal agreed upon last week but the trade
committee of the GZL saw it as too one sided and rejected it. Titans GM
and HC Manning both went from an extreme high to extreme low in the
matter of 24 hours. GM Nissen would immediately try and re-connect with
the Chiefs organization to try and see if the two could come together on a
new deal but by the time that happened they were told by the Chiefs
organization that Hunter had been traded to the Giants. Nissen and
Manning sunk even lower but decided to move on and try to find another
player to help this team in 2018.

Another day or so passes and word gets back to the Titan organization that
the deal between KC and the Giants had also been rejected. Nissen ran
back to his phones and started hammering KC's GM, Tim Miller, until they
could finally come to a new agreement for the wide out. The deal was
made, sent to the GZL trade committee and finally passed.

The 6'4" wideout will come in and give Tennessee it's own version of the twin
towers as he will figure to be in competition with Michael Floyd for the
number one spot. Either way, with these two lined up on each side of the
field, the passing game should get a little more explosive in 2018.

The Titans still have Johnnie Knox and Brandon Tate under contract for one
more season as well as TE Jermaine Gresham. If this unit can all stay
healthy, one would think Tennessee should be able to score a lot of points
through the air.


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Titans Lock Williams Up

Brennan Williams Has a Lot To Smile About

The Tennessee Titans toyed with the idea of trading last seasons top
O-Lineman for one reason, and one reason only. The Titans have no picks
in this upcoming draft.

A solid offer would have been the only way Williams escaped Tennessee. He
was informed of all of this going in and was fine with it. He stated, "I can
flatten guys wherever I am." He also said he couldn't and didn't want to
imagine playing anywhere else.

Well, he doesn't have to anymore. Not for a long time anyway. The Titans
and Williams agreed today on a new seven year deal. The new deal is
reportedly worth $54.29 million with over $21 million guaranteed.

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A GM LIFE - Tennessee


Hello. I'm Josh Charles. In this weeks episode I sit down with the current GM of the
Tennessee Titans, Tim Nissen.

Josh - Let's get right to it and get it out of the way. You had another great
regular season. Your second 14-2 season since taking over this
organization. Also another disaterous finish to that season. How have you
and the team been in the days following the AFC Championship game?

Nissen - Initially it is devistating. No other way to put it. To be that close to
the ultimate goal and come out as flat as we did after the great week of
preparation we had? Devistating.

Josh - Since taking over a 1-15 team you have had great success in the
regular season. You seemingly built a regular season dynasty over night in
that first offseason. Your regular season winning percentage over those 6
seasons is 72%. That is outstanding. Your Playoff record is 5-5, which isn't
horrible, but the big game still eludes you. Why is that do you think?

Nissen - Josh, if I knew the answer to that, we wouldn't be talking about
this. I honestly don't know. Maybe I over think our game plans going in. I
don't know. I know that I, along with maybe a handfull of other GM's, are
fortunate enough to be able to put the amount of time and effort into
this "hobby" as I do. My family can vouch for that. Countless hours a week
invested and when you fail, it's tough.

Josh - It's been pretty clear since becoming the Titans GM that your biggest
rival in the regular season to this point is Houston. In your six seasons as
GM, you've made the Playoffs 5 times. Of those 5 times, you've made it to
the Conference Championship game 3 times. Of those 3 appearances you
have lost to the Chargers who went on to win the Super Bowl in 2013.
You've lost to the Steelers who went on to win the Super Bowl in 2012.
And now, again, to the Steelers in 2017. Is it safe to say the Steelers may
be your biggest post season rival?

Nissen - It speaks to the level of talent you face in the post season. From
the team on the field to the GM that put them there. If I'm going to speak
honestly it was the Steelers who also bounced us from the Divisional round
in 2015. I think it would be safe to say that they have been a huge thorn
in our post season side. Going back to 2012 and 2013 when we lost back
to back AFC Championship games. Those were against 2 Hall of Fame
GM's. One current and, I have no doubt, one future. We lost to the best.
And I'm not taking anything away from the current Steelers GM. He has
been at the helm for our 2015 and 2017 failures. I guess we have a knack
for making other GM's Hall of Famers.

Josh - How would you state your feeling on this current roster?

Nissen - This roster has been, in my opinion, the best roster we've had
under my tenure. I'm proud of this team. I'm proud of every roster I have
had since being here. You don't just win as many games as we have
without being good. Plain and simple. And to have been the creator of
these teams and rosters makes me even more proud. There's nothing like
building a team yourself and winning with it. I could step down tomorrow
and almost garauntee the next GM could win with this team. Maybe even
win it all. Hell!! Maybe I am the lone factor in our Playoff disasters.

Josh - This past season had it's share of adversity with starters going down
with injury. Some GM's ride these out but you seem to be a bit more

Nissen - Yeah, I guess I am. The way I look at it is that I didn't spend all
offseason trying to put a winning roster on the field just to have an injury
drag us down so why would I not continue that when possible throughout
the season? We lost TE Gresham very early on. It was a season ender so
that was an obvious IR and replacement. We were fortunate to find Zach
Miller in the FA market and he played well all season for us.Sands went
down for a few games so we cut some cap and brought in Delmas to fill
the void instead of riding it out with backups. We also brought in Roddy
White for WR depth. He played some special teams until Knox went down
late in the season. Now, suddenly White is a starter for us in the Playoffs.
And he ended up being about the best player in our 2 games racking up 18
catches for 334 yards and 3 TD's. Amazing really.

Josh - So, what will this offseason look like? Will there be a dismantling we
see many other teams do after a finish like this?

Nissen - Everyone knows me better than that I think. From our guys in the
locker room to the other GM's in this league. They know I don't normally
tear anything apart like that. Will their be changes? Of course. But most of
the changes you will see this offseason were all planned for. Take
Lardarius Webb for instance. It's very sad to me that we couldn't win the
big one for him. His contract is up this off season and has most likely
played his last game for us. He knows it as well. If we are afforded the
luxury to bring him back for another season we will. But we have planned
for that as I said. Jalil Brown has come along nicely and will fill the #1 role.
We acquired Cory Spielman from the Bengals last off season. He will move
to the #2 spot and then we fill depth. Just one instance of planning long

Josh - Any other changes planned that you care to express here today?

Nissen - No. The off season can be as strategic as the regular season for
some GM's. You'll have the answers to that question next preseason.

- OK. Well, I'd like to thank you for your time and wish you continued
success in the GZL.

Nissen - Thanks. Unfortunately, success is only determined one way it
seems, and I have yet to see any.
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Titans All In?

Tennessee Welcomes New Tight End

Tennessee GM has gone above and beyond for
Peyton Manning, Chris Henderson and this organization to succeed. Now it
is up to these guys to get the job done and get this team back to being
one of the leagues best and a real contender for a GZL title. Only time will
tell if any of that will happen but this teams roster is all but set minus 2 or
3 backups that will be addressed in the later rounds of this draft.

Today GM Nissen did what he said he wouldn't do and traded the Titans
future 1st round draft pick. In a deal with the Buccaneers, Tennessee sent
that pick for the services of All Pro Tight End Jermaine Gresham. This gives
Henderson and this offense another big target. Especially in the red-zone.

Gresham is an immediate improvement over long time starter, Jared Cook,
who will not be receiving a new deal after all. Gresham is bigger, faster
and smarter than Cook. He is also stronger, more athletic and a much
better blocker in both the run and passing game.

We feel we've done just about everything we can to help this team win
games in 2017. Now Henderson needs to stay on his feet and get this
offense moving the ball and scoring a lot of points.

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Titans Front Office Busy

Contracts Inked in Tennessee

The Titans front office was busy today making
three contract offers to key players on this roster.

First, Restricted Free Agent Punter Quinn Sharp has agreed to a seven year
contract worth $17 million. Sharp was the Titans 3rd round pick in the
2014 draft and will remain with the team for the better part of his career.

Next was newly acquired Wide Receiver, Michael Floyd. After giving up the
22nd overall pick in this draft the Titans have proved they will take the
veteran over the rookie and try to avoid the growing pains that come with
it. That and the fact hat this team is in it's prime for a couple more
seasons and they need to approach this season with the "win now"
attitude. Floyd agreed to a 6 year deal worth around $32.5 million as both
he and the Titans plan on him retiring from Tennessee.

Finally, there was the Exclusive Resigning of the teams leading pass rusher
Aldon Smith. Many wondered and worried if he was going to be back when
the team brought in Curry and Okafor earlier in the week. Other teams
were licking their chops at the thought of him hitting Free Agency but in
the end this was really a no-brainer. Smith signed a 5 year contract,
paying him almost $25 million over the next 5 years.

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Titans Add Youth On Defense

Titans Trade Other 1st

One way or another the Titans had decided they
were going to use their two first round picks to secure a wide receiver and
a corner back as both positions are getting older and the roster was
basically complete anyway.

As stated previously, Tennessee traded the 22nd overall pick to Philadelphia
for WR Floyd. He has already been to the facilities and has been seen
working out with Henderson and rookie Head Coach Manning.

Today the Titans came to term with the Bengals in a deal that brings in CB
Cory Spielman. This kid is 6'2" with crazy leaping ability and is pretty
smart for a 2nd year player. He will most likely play the nickel this season
but has two mentors ahead of him in Webb and Brown to learn from. Webb
is getting long in the tooth and most likely in his last season as a Titan so
it would appear Brown and Spielman may be the future look of the

Also in the deal was DE Alex Okafor. All signs were pointing to the Titans
resigning Aldon Smith to a long term deal but recent moves has people
outside the organization questioning that now. Dominique Easley was
traded for yesterday for DE Vinny Curry. Obviously someone will need to
be cut, traded or simply not resigned. Then again, Okafor comes with a
fairly inexpensive contract and is athletic enough to play OLB if needed. I
believe Aldon will be resigned. The guy is a crazy pass rusher and has
proven that from both DE positions and OLB as well.

Traded for Spielman and Okafor was the 27th overall pick in this draft and
Tennessee will slide down from their future 2nd position to the Bengals 3rd

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Titans Land Tall, Fast WR

Titans Add Receiver

Pending league approval, the Tennessee Titans
have agreed to terms with the Philadelphia Eagles for the services of Wide
Receiver Michael Floyd. Newly hired Head Coach, Peyton Manning, wasted
no time demanding the team go after someone just like this for Henderson
to throw to.

Floyd is a 6'3" wide out with all the tools to be a beast in the GZL. He's fast
and athletic. He has great hands and leaping ability and should be able to
go up and over most DB's in the league.

Some in the media have tried to already put pressure on Floyd by calling
him the "heir apparent" to fill the big shoes left behind of Kenny Britt. That
will be a tall order as Britt was a fan favorite and many are still a little
heated over his trading during the last season. But a solid season or two
here in Tennessee will fix all that as sports fans sometimes have a short
memory over things like this if it has become evident the problem has
been fixed.

Details of the trade are fairly simple and straight forward. Titans send 1.22
to Philly and Floyd is already in the air on his way here.

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Keep Your Enemies Close?

Titans Hire Former Nemesis

As one of the most hated QB's in Tennessee's
division, Peyton Manning was one of the last people on earth you would
ever expect to see wondering the halls of the Titans Front Office.

It was made official this morning that Peyton, after serving only one season
as the Bucs Offensive Coordinator, would make the leap to the Head
Coaching position. But here he is. In enemy territory. Funny how time
changes things.

Peyton was seen leaving the Titans facilities and heading back to the airport
where, presumably, he is heading back to his home near Tampa to pack
some things and get his affairs in order there before heading back to
prepare for this teams off-season functions.

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Off-Season Begins

Off-Season Underway

The Titans off-season should be fairly quiet as
they have almost every starter in place for another season and two 1st
round draft picks in their pocket to add to it.

The positions that will see a starter either leaving the team or receiving a
new contract are at LE and TE. At the TE position we believe Cook's time
here in Tennessee has run it's course and we wish him well wherever he
ends up finishing his career. At LE Aldon Smith appears ready to sign the
teams Exclusive Resign offer. The deal is unclear at the time but it seems a
no-brainer that he will hold his position for at least 3 more years. Smith
has been a hybrid player for the Titans, bouncing back and forth from LE
to RE to OLB depending on the scheme the team is running. Hard to put a
price on a guy that produces no matter where he plays.

More news to come with several players on the Trade Block and a few
offers on the table.

Stay tuned!

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Happy Birthday to our GM. kotw
Forum Discussion (by T_Nissen on 05/04/2014) Replies - 2 :: Views - 30
Britt - "Trade me!"

Britt Demands Trade.

After Sundays loss in Denver, All Pro wide receiver Kenny
Britt was obviously emotional in a post game interview in which he stated
that he was very frustrated with how this season has played out with
injuries to key teammates and now having a rookie QB trying to keep the
Titans in the Playoff chase. "I want to be traded! Right now, that's how I
feel. Will I feel that way tomorrow or even in an hour? I don't know! But
right now, I want to be traded!!

Britt has been a Titan since he entered the league and has really been the
face of the franchise. The team would definitely be losing one of the
leagues best receivers but maybe it is time for him to move on. Maybe he
can latch on with a team that can get him that elusive Super Bowl ring.

Either way, he has a No Trade Claus and an $8 million dollar cap hit so it
would be 100% up to the team as to whether or not he gets his wish. And
if he does it would appear the only way he could go would be through the
leagues amnesty program.

GM Nissen really had nothing much to say except that "...putting a player
of Kenny's caliber through amnesty was too much of a gamble."

Sounds like if Nissen has his way, Britt will be sticking around. Time will tell
as the two will sit down when tempers and emotions simmer down a little.
But if you were a team that has some interest in the Pro Bowler, you might
want to send over an offer and try to sway management.

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Titans Mentor Program

Titans Making Most Of
Mentor Program

As we all know, veterens in the GZL that have great awareness of their position, can mentor younger players at those said positions. The Titans were afforded the luxury of pretty much having their entire roster return from last season and have a few extra bucks in the bank. So, they decided to bring in a couple veteran players from Free Agency to add to their total of mentors actually mentoring.

1. As mentioned in our last update, rookie QB Derek Pope was picked up
and will be mentored by Christopher Henderson.

2. With extra cap all the Titans had to do was cut a 6th round WR that got
a bad skew to afford Richard Seymour. He will most likely never see the
field but will mentor 2nd year pro, DT Johnathan Hankins.

3. CB Lardarius Webb was mentoring two young corners last season but will
just mentor Craig Thomas this season.

4. OLB Gerald McRath will continue to mentor last years Pro Bowl rookie,
Jamie Collins who looks to have a bright future in the league.

5. RT Donald Penn has been a starter and mentor to Brennan Williams the
past couple seasons. This year, Penn is slated to be a solid backup for any
position on the OL and will see Williams through his last eligible season.

6. C Mike Pouncey will look after rookie Trey Owen for a few seasons. Owen
is pretty raw but did receive a favorable skew and has decent potential.

7. WR Kenny Britt will continue to groom Craig Koler. Team hopes to get
Kolers speed up have not panned out but he still gives us a pretty good
target in 5 WR sets and special teams.

8. Finally the Titans went out and brought in veteran Maurice Jones-Drew
to come in and help mentor first round draft pick, Vince Rogers. Jones-
Drew, like Seymour and possibly Penn, may never see the field this year
but their contribution will not go unnoticed by the team.

While some of these youngsters being mentored will never be all stars, the ones Tennessee went out of their way to get mentors for actually could, like Hankins and Rogers.

This concludes our "Strange Facts About The Titans" article. Hope you enjoyed it. Smile

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Titans Latest Offseason News

Titans Add Two
For Depth/Experience

Tennessee dipped into the Free Agent pool and brought in two players at opposite ends of their career. DT Richard Seymour who will be entering his sixteenth season and rookie QB Derek Pope, who was just drafted by Green Bay and released prior to signing rookies.

Seymour was brought in solely for his leadership and to mentor 2nd year pro, Johnathan Hankins. This move would not normally be done but the Titans had the cap to play with and decided to pull the trigger to help their young guy progress a bit faster.

It is pretty much the same thinking but in reverse for QB Pope. He will start his career with already pretty good intelligence of the game. He will take advantage of having Henderson to mentor him through his early years in hopes of being a pretty good QB in a couple seasons.

Preseason is right around the corner and the Titans are excited to get back on the field and actually get to hit some people for real.

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Titans Day One

Titans Aggressive:
Trade Picks To Move Up For HB Rogers

GM Nissen has been eyeing rookie running back Vince Rogers
since working the youngster out weeks ago. Holding the 21st overall pick,
Nissen was never confident that Rogers would slide that far and after
several other failed attempts with other teams to move up, he finally found
a deal with the Patriots.

"Did we overpay to move up? I don't think so simply because this was the
player we wanted for our team. With Matt (Forte) slowing a bit this off-
season we knew it was time to find a long term solution at the position so
we did what we had to do.", Nissen said.

Also added on day 1 was Center Trey Owen. Owen will need to work on his
strength but has pretty good speed and get-off and will benefit from sitting
behind a Mentor like Pouncey for three full seasons.

That will pretty much wrap up the Titans 2016 draft. They currently do hold
a 6th and 7th round pick but not even sure they will use them.

The roster is currently legal after LT Bushrod gets moved over to RG so we
don't anticipate too many more moves from this team in this off-season.

Bring on the Pre-Season!!


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Titans News

Reed Gets Extended

After GM Nissen was done toying with Brooks by
putting him on the trade block, it became
official a couple days ago that
Middle Linebacker Brooks Reed will
remain the heart in the middle of this
defense. Reed and the Titans came to
an agreement worth $23.6 million
for 5 years with over $9 million guaranteed.

Reed was drafted 20th overall in the 2011 draft
as an Outside Linebacker.
2015 marked his first season inside at the
Middle Linebacker position and
had to fight through some growing pains
early in his new spot. Brooks is a
bright guy and it didn't take him long to
learn the new position and it's

The offseason keeps rolling along and, while
your Titans are not too busy
this off-season, there are a few other things
that need to be updated soon.
So be on the look out for those stories as well.
We will take you inside the
trading of Russell Wilson and look at other
transactions and signings


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Titans 2015 Wrap Up

Titans 2015 Wrap-up

The 2015 Titans battled a lot of adversity throughout the season. Mainly injuries to key players like QB Henderson for half of the season. Their two best defenders in the secondary, S Sands and CB Webb. Topped off with Pro Bowl DE Aldon Smith going down in the last regular season game and missing the Playoffs.

GM Nissen kept doggy paddling trying to keep the team afloat and in the Playoff race. He succeeded at that, but once again could not get all the way to the dance. Making a ballsy move with draft picks he traded their 1st and 3rd to the Giants for Russell Wilson in hopes that he could carry the team until Henderson returned. Wilson played lights out and even had the media trying to create a QB controversy in town.

Picking up FA's like CB's Brent Grimes and Jonathan Wade to try and fill the hole created by Webbs injury. FS Tom Zbikowski in place of Sands as well. The defense did sputter without those key starters but the offense kept chugging along and put up an average of 31.75 ppg in 2015.

Keys to the offensive success were, first and foremost, the O-Line. Yielding only 28 sacks on the season allowed Henderson and Wilson to keep their eyes focused downfield and make good throws to Knox and Britt. Knox pulled in a career high 89 catches for 1565 yards and 10 TD's. Britt, as usual, drew the opponents best CB most of the time but still managed to grab 78 balls for 1296 yards and 9 TD's. And let us not forget Matt Forte who kept defenses honest while carrying the rock 333 times for 1631 yards at 4.9 YPC and 10 TD's. He had had only 11 TD's in his previous 3 seasons combined and his yards and TD's were both career highs.

All in all we think Tennessee did a very good job with the cards they were dealt, finishing the season 11-5 and winning a road Playoff game in New England with a back-up (if you can call Wilson that) QB.

So far this off-season the Titans did end up firing their defensive coordinator and brought in Rob Marinelli who had been the Rams Head Coach for the last five seasons. We think he will bring the knowledge and leadership this defense needs to get back to being among the best in the league as this franchise has prided itself on since GM Nissen took over.

More to come as the off-season rolls along.

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Russell Wilson Adds To Resume

Wilson Leads Titans To
Playoff Victory!

Wild Card weekend wrapped up with the Titans visiting the AFC East Champion New England Patriots. The game started with technical difficulties from the television network and when the game finally came to life on the screen Titans QB Henderson was already on the sidelines after being injured after only 2 pass attempts.

According to initial reports, Henderson was taken to the locker room for an X-Ray as a precaution but everything was negative and was cleared to return to the game. But when Henderson left, Russell Wilson seized his opportunity and almost immediately hit Brandon Tate down the middle for an 80 yard TD pass. Coach Cameron decided to let Wilson and his hot arm continue and play the game.

Wilson would play a nearly flawless game completing nearly 61% of his passes for 236 yards, 2 TD's and no picks leading to a QBR of 124.5. He has had a great season for Tennessee this year and would lead this team to a 17-10 road victory in the Playoffs to add to his resume.

Wilson knows there is a strong possibility he stays in Tennessee for a while and also knows he will be a back up here so he has made the most out of every opportunity this year hoping someone will need a quality starter in the near future.

Divisional round has the Titans traveling to Pittsburgh where the Titans have lost the last 2 meetings...to 2 different GM's...once to the eventual Super Bowl champs. This would be a rematch of the week one shootout that ended with the Steelers getting a final second TD pass to win the game.

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Titans Clinch Wildcard

Back To Back
MNF Appearances
and Wins!

In an odd kind of scheduling situation, the Titans were booked to back to back Monday Night Football appearances. First was week 15 against the Chicago Bears. Both teams needed this win badly as the fight for the two Wildcard spots in both Conferences were all these two teams could hope for.

It was a close game in Chi-Town as the score would change hands a few times and was always close. In the end, it came down to a sack by Titans DT, Brandon Mebane, which would knock Cutler out of the game with under 3 minutes left. When the injury happened, the Bears were in Tennessee's Red Zone and a TD would've likely sealed the Titans fate, putting the Bears up 6 points instead of just 2. Backup QB, Alex Smith, couldn't finish the drive off with a TD and the Bears had to settle for 3 points, giving them a 2 point lead.

Henderson would then lead his team down the field and, eventually, set 2nd year Kicker Dustin Hopkins up for a game winning FG try. Hopkins has been great this year and is a Pro Bowl candidate. He knocked it through and Tennessee would tip toe out of Chicago with a 1 point victory.

The following week saw Tennessee at home against Miami for their second consecutive MNF game. The Titans would struggle early in the run game but Henderson was, once again, still very hot and would throw 2 early TD's to TE Cook and FB O'Neal.

Miami (and Madden) weren't going to give up though as, late in the 4th quarter with the Titans up 27-7, suddenly Glennon was a superstar and our secondary was asleep as the Dolphins would find 2 WR's completely uncovered for long TD catch and runs.

Tennessee would hang on to win the game 30-21 on the back of Matt Forte and Knowshon Moreno who would pound the ball down the field and eat up the clock. A Holding call inside the 10 ended the hopes of putting the ball in the endzone but Hopkins would come in and give Tennessee a 9 point lead with under a minute remaining.

These two wins have clinched an AFC Wildcard spot for Tennessee. Not sure at this point if the starters will be in next week against the Raiders. It may be the case that the Titans cannot improve their spot from the 6 seed to 5th. And, even if they could, would it be worth the risk of another injury to another starter somewhere? The Chargers week 16 game will tell us a lot but right now GM Nissen seems to feel a "Bye" week for some starters may be the best thing.

Forum Discussion (by T_Nissen on 11/05/2013) Replies - 2 :: Views - 33

Titans Back On Track?
Winning 6 Of Last 7.

After a disappointing start to the season, Tennessee has seemed to
have gotten this team pointed in the right direction. This team and GM has
had to overcome some significant challenges throughout this season so
far. An early season injury to their number one QB. A controversial trade
to bring in a QB to help keep them in contention. A season ending injury
to number one CB, Lardarius Webb and a lengthy injury to our best
safety, Sands, which might keep him sidelined for the season as well. On
top of all that, they have four Free Agents seeing time as starters on

Bright Spot
Since returning from his week 2 injury, QB Christopher Henderson has
been playing very well. In three games he has thrown for 1200 yards
along with 8 TD's and only 1 pick. WR Johnny Know is a big reason for
that as, in those 3 games, he has pulled in 23 catches for 533 yards and a
couple TD's.

The remaining schedule is pretty brutal with 3 out of 5 games on the road,
including one against the division leading Texans, and 3 out of 5 games
against teams ranked in the top 8 in the Power Polls. Hopefully I didn't
just jinx our players for giving them some props and we can continue to
play well down the stretch.

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Titans First Quarter

1 And 3?

After the first four games of this 2015 season for your Tennessee Titans, the team sits with an UGLY 1-3 record. "No one wants to start the season losing 3 of the first four games," Nissen said at his post-game press conference, "but It's not that bad! At least that's what I keep telling myself."

Yes, the record to start the season sucks and no one wants to lose their franchise QB for half of the season. But, that's where the Titans are at the moment. And what the GM means by 'it's not that bad' is that, while the record stinks, the bright spot is that all three of those losses have come by a combined total or 10 points. So, with a new QB under Center, this team needs to keep their heads and get to work.

We've obviously been in every game so far this season. We just need to get in sync on both sides of the ball a little better and start winning these close games. We are 1-1 in the division, as is everyone else, and are only 1 game back in the loss column. There is plenty of time to right this ship and contend for this division.

Next week could be a make or break game for this team as another division rival comes to town. Bringing with them the division lead will be the Indianapolis Colts.

Top Players at the quarter mark are:

On Offense

HB Matt Forte - Matt has done his fair share to this point in the
season with 445 yards and 2 TD's rushing while also pulling in a 56 yard
TD reception.

Honorable mention goes to the WR core who, despite seeing 3 QB's in 4 games,
have still rolled up 760 yards and 6 TD's.

On Defense

CB Lardarius Webb and Rookie SS, Germane Baker, have
combined for 54 tackles while newcomer, CB Jalil Brown, has grabbed
two INT's to this point. Brown joins MLB Mohammed with a pick-6 each
as well.

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Titans-Giants Make Deal For Wilson

Titans Win Again With Edwards, But....

With Tennessee losing their all-star QB last week and starting the season 0-2, GM Nissen was trying to deal with the fact that the season may be lost. This GM is not one that likes to give up or tank the season for a high draft pick. So after pulling out a divisional win against the Texans in week 3 coupled with a loss by the division leading Colts, Nissen decided to make a bold move.

Basically mortgaging the future, as far as draft picks go, the Titans decided to trade their future 1st and 3rd to the Giants for the young, up and coming QB, Russell Wilson. With a week 4 Bye, the Titans will have plenty of time to get Wilson acquainted with their system and with the offensive players on this team.

At his weekly Press Conference Nissen was asked why make such a drastic move when the current #2 QB, Trent Edwards, has proved he is a capable player in Henderson's absence last year and one game this year. Nissen stated, "I'm not one to lay down and I made a promise to this teams owner, players and fans that I will do whatever it takes to put the best product on the field. Edwards has been great for us and, if it weren't for the results of this past week within our division, I would not have made this move. But, as it stands, we are only one game out and it is very early in the season. Couple that with the fact that only OLB Reed will be an off-season focus as far as contracts go and that Russell will be a restricted Free Agent at years end, makes me believe this was a shot worth taking at this point."

When the Titans return from their Bye week they will continue their four game home stand, three straight against the division, with the Jacksonville Jaguars coming to town. The Jaguars also got their first win of the season in week three and it is always a battle when these two teams meet.

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Titans 0-2 - Henderson Lost

Disastrous Start To 2015

Week one of the 2015 season had your Tennessee Titans traveling to their biggest rival outside of the AFC South. The Pittsburgh Steelers. It seems whenever Henderson and Roethlisbergr meet it turns into a shoot out. This game proved to be just that as the two QB's threw for more than 660 yards, 7 touchdowns and 77 points.

It took a while for the Titans to find their groove, getting pounced on early by the Steelers, but got it together and went toe to toe with them again. Down 7 late in the fourth, Henderson put the team on his back again and drove down the field. With the clock running out with the ball in the air, Meachum caught the deep ball but got caught at the 3 yardline. The potential score would have sent the game to overtime but it was not meant to be and the Titans start the season with a loss.

Week two found Tennessee on the road again, in Minnesota. Henderson started the game on fire again. With a 10-0 lead and the ball on the Vikings 5, Henderson was flushed out of the pocket and decided to try and get what he could on the play. What he didn't see was the Viking LB closing fast, eventually pounding Henderson to the ground and breaking his collarbone. The injury will sideline Henderson for at least half of the season and all but ending the dream of a 3-peat at the division title.

GM Nissen has placed the teams 1st round draft pick and several players on the block in the hopes of bringing in a solid veteran QB and try and save the season. It appears that is unlikely at this point so backup QB Trent Edwards will, once again, take control of the team. Trent played way above the teams expectations early last season when he played the first four games and will be called on again.

Nissen, visibly upset over the situation, found a positive to hang on to. And that is, while this season seems to be lost, only one starter has an expiring contract at the end of the season. Meaning he can possibly keep this team together for another season and add a very good 1st round selection to the mix in next seasons draft. With plenty of TUMS in hand, Nissen will sit back and watch this team do what it can do the rest of the season and try not to get an ulcer in the process.

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Titans - 2015

2015 Tennessee Titans

All off-season activities have come to a close as has the pre-season. In a final move before preseason games started Tennessee signed veteren HB Knowshon Moreno. He will bring some very solid depth behind Forte this season.

The Titans went through the preseason very conservative for the first three games. Each one of those ended in a three point loss. Not the ideal result, but in the end, the Titans remained healthy and the one-two punch of Forte and Moreno was very good. In the fourth week, we turned up the aggressiveness a bit and pulled out an overtime victory in overtime against a very good Buffalo team.

Happy to get through the preseason with a healthy roster, we now look forward to getting the regular season started. Week one sends the Titans into a hostile 3 Rivers Stadium for a battle with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With all the information gathered this off-season we have finalized out starting roster for the 2015 season. The offense looks very familiar but there are quite a few changes of defense.

QB Christopher Henderson
HB Matt Forte
FB Oren O'Neal
WR1 Kenny Britt
WR2 Johnny Knox
TE Brent Celek
LT Orlando Franklin
LG Jacques McClendon
C Mike Pouncey
RG Brennan Williams
RT Donald Penn

DT Brandon Mebane
DT Johnathan Hankins (R)
LE Aldon Smith
RE Dominque Easley
LOLB Gerald McRath
ROLB Brooks Reed
MLB Mike Mohammed
CB1 Lardarius Webb
CB2 Jalil Brown
FS Robert Sands
SS Germane Baker (R)

That is the way Tennessee will start this season. We are excited, as always, to get a new season under way, but nervous as hell with so many new and young faces on our defense. That said, let's get it going!!

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Titans Day 1 Draft
Tennessee entered the draft without a 1st but did end up trading up from 2.9 to 1.28. This off-season has been strictly about rebuilding/refreshing the defense with the offense pretty much set for one more season without much need. With that in mind, our picks weere strictly "need" picks, which I hate being handcuffed that way, but 'dems da cards we was dealt this year.

1.28 - DT Johnathan Hankins.
With the loss of DT/DE Tommie Harris and Kevin Williams this off-season, coupled with Mebane getting long in the tooth, one of our bigger needs was shoring up the middle of the D-Line. While we do play mainly a 4-3 defense, we are known for being versatile enough to play the 3-4 at any given time and Hankins should do well in both.

2.12 - SS Germane Baker.
After trading Murphy last season to try and fill an injury in the WR core, we needed to find a guy that we could plug-n-play. Baker fits that need as far as we are concerned. He's fast, athletic and probably the strongest safety in the draft.

3.11 - OLB Jamie Collins.
MLB English was allowed to explore other options this year and we knew we had Mohammed that could be a good starter in the middle, or move OLB Reed's big ass inside if needed. But, we decided not to pass on Collins here. He has the size and strength of a MLB and after a few seasons of mentoring under Reed and McRath, along with some points put in the right places, he just might find himself in the middle of things.
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Titans Training Camp Report

Recapping the 2014 Season
Game By Game

As we recap the Tennessee Titans 2014 campaign, a lot of this will be redundant, as most of it was said in an earlier press conferences.

After a very busy 2014 off-season came to an end, and mostly meaningless preseason games were over, the Titans were feeling pretty confident going into this season. Coming off back-to-back AFC championship losses to the eventual Super Bowl winners Tennessee, who didn't make many changes to the starters on offense or defense felt they had a pretty good shot at winning the division again and possibly making it to the big game. That confidence was shaken on the first drive of the very first game of the season when Pro bowl cornerback, Christopher Henderson, went down with a four-week injury. Backup quarterback, Trent Edwards, would come in and play well on the road against division rival Indianapolis Colts.

Edwards would complete 52% of his passes for 270 yards and two touchdowns with only one interception. Kenny Britt pretty much caught all of his passes while racking up 230 yards and a touchdown himself. Matt Forte would also carry the load carrying the rock 31 times with a 4.6 average. It was the fourth quarter, 94 yard pass & catch between Britt and Edwards that would give the Titans a three-point road win to start the season.

Week two would, once again, see the Titans on the road in Tampa Bay this time. The Titans knew, against a team like the Buccaneers, that they did not want to get into a shootout with a backup quarterback at the helm. Kenny Britt proved to be Edwards favorite target once again as he pulled in nine catches for over 100 yards and a touchdown and Matt Forte found plenty of running room as well. Going into the fourth quarter Tampa Bay was only up by four points. That's when the wheels came off and Tennessee's hopes of the second road victory would fall to the wayside. Trent Edwards would throw an interception inside of our own 20. And an already gassed Titans defense would not be able to keep Tampa Bay out of the end zone on the short field. And on the ensuing kickoff, Golden Tate would fumble the ball giving the Buccaneers another short field inside the 20 leading to another touchdown and putting the game away.

Week three was one of those games you wish you could have back. Traveling to Miami for their third straight road game the Titans found themselves in a dogfight with a team they thought they should have outmatched. While early in the season and still having Eli Manning as their quarterback the Dolphins were struggling to find their identity. Titans couldn't get anything going early and fell behind by 10 at the half, 17 to 7. And after a scoreless third quarter Tennessee would finally get their groove in the fourth-quarter scoring 17 points but the Dolphins put up 10 points of their own and would win the game by three points.

Week four was Tennessee's homecoming game where their nemesis, San Diego, was coming into town. This was a rematch of the 2013 AFC championship game and the Titans felt they had something to prove even though this was a new year. Tennessee jumped on San Diego and lead at halftime 16 to 3 but the defending Super Bowl champs made adjustments at halftime and outscored the Titans 20 to 7 in the second half, tying the game and sending it to overtime. San Diego received the ball but Tennessee's defense was up to the challenge and forced them to punt.

Again it was Edwards to Britt on two passes that would take Tennessee into field-goal range. This was the first real pressure rookie kicker, Dustin Hopkins, would see in the beginning of his GZL career. Hopkins would nail the overtime field-goal giving Tennessee their second win and keeping them at .500 on the season.

Week five it was back on the road to the revamped and recharged Jacksonville Jaguars house. The Jaguars would be the team to beat if Tennessee was to have a chance at winning the division for the second straight year. This game also marked the return of Christopher Henderson from his injury. This game was dominated by defenses as both teams struggled to score. The Titans would hang to win the game by two.

The Titans would come home for week six game against a struggling Atlanta Falcons team. The game would end up being an air show as Henderson threw for over 400 yards and four touchdowns and Matt Ryan threw for 386 yards of his own. The difference may have been the two interceptions Ryan threw as Tennessee would win this game by 12. Once again Kenny Britt is playing out of his mind at this point. Out of Henderson's 23 completions on the day, Britt had 13 catches. And out of Henderson's 411 yards passing and four touchdowns, Britt would have 243 yards and three touchdowns.

Week seven was another battle with the Jacksonville Jaguars. This game wasn't much different than the first meeting as defenses proved to be the key for both teams. Tennessee led at halftime three to nothing and would be outscored 10 to 7 second half leading to another overtime game. This time it was the visitors hitting the game-winning field goal. This game would also deal Tennessee their biggest loss of the season. Wide receiver Kenny Britt would receive a season ending injury on a second catch the day.

After a week off the Titans would host the Pittsburgh Steelers, who knocked Tennessee out of the AFC championship game two seasons ago. With Kenny Britt out for the season the Titans brought in free-agent Bernard Berrian to play the slot as Robert Meachum would move up into Britt's position. Henderson went right to work hitting these receivers 21 times out of this 27 completions. Henderson would finish the day with 418 yards and three touchdowns along with two interceptions. Pittsburgh jumped out to a 14 to 3 first-quarter lead and Tennessee would cut into that making it only a 21 to 17 lead at the half. Tennessee would score a touchdown first in the third quarter but failed on the two-point conversion. Pittsburgh scored a touchdown of their own and converted their two-point try for a 29 to 23 lead after three. Tennessee outscored Pittsburgh 15 to 3 in the fourth quarter and it was looking good for them to sneak away with a win against a very dominant team but big Ben Roethlisberger had other ideas driving the Steelers down inside the five. As time expired on the clock Roethlisberger hit his receiver in the end zone and the extra point would give the Steelers a one-point victory.

Indianapolis Colts come to town in week 10 and the Titans defense was plenty mad over the previous week's game. The defense allowed the Colts quarterback to complete only five passes out of 23 attempts for a total of 85 yards, one touchdown and one interception. On the day the Colts only totaled 155 yards as the Titans controlled the ball and the clock racking up over 35 minutes of possession time and winning 30 to 10.

In week eleven, Tennessee would travel to Baltimore and win this game 17 to 10. While the Titans defense held Joe Flacco in check and held their halfback Anthony Dixon to only 57 yards, the Ravens defense pretty much did the same thing to Tennessee. Henderson was sacked four times and knocked out of the game once, giving Titans fans another big scare.

Week 12 would have the Texans coming into Tennessee. Houston is in a rebuilding phase but when you have a running back like Foster and a vicious defense led by Brian Cushing it's never an easy game to play. Tennessee would get out of this one with a 23 to 7 victory however.

The up-and-coming Cleveland Browns would come to town in week 13 and give Tennessee a run for their money. The Browns were having their best season in many years and a lot of it had to do with their young quarterback, Boston Mallett. But on this day the Titans defense would sack him twice and pick him off three times helping the Titans to a 10 point victory.

Traveling to Carolina in week 14, the Titans will play well in all three phases of the game and dominate the Panthers on the scoreboard leaving town with a 17 point victory.

A home game in week 15 against the New Orleans Saints would probably be Tennessee's ugliest game of the season as Henderson threw three interceptions and no touchdowns, Forte would only have 31 yards on 10 carries and the Saints dominated time of possession. With the Titans trying to gain a little breathing room in the division this was not a game they can afford to lose, but lose they did and in a big way, 28 to 6.

Just what the doctor ordered in week 16 was a road trip to Cincinnati.

The young Bengals team felt the wrath of an angry Titans team as Henderson, once again, threw for over 400 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions leading Tennessee to a 36-10 victory.

Week 17 was one of those games where the GM has to make a big decision. Tennessee had clinched the division in week 16, punching their ticket to the 2014 playoffs. The decision was whether you play your starters or sit them when the only thing to play for was a possible first-round bye. In the end, that is a lot to play for, and it came down to a scenario where Tennessee had to win and Buffalo had to lose for the Titans to get that bye. Hoping Buffalo would sit there starters and take their loss, the Titans decided to let it all hang out against the Houston Texans who were really playing for the number one overall pick. As luck would have it, on the first drive of the game, Matt Forte would receive a season ending injury and the Bills would win their game anyway.

While the loss of that week 17 game meant little, the loss of Matt Forte may have been the breaking point for this team. While winning the division but not the bye, the Titans would host the Jacksonville Jaguars for the third meeting between these two teams this season. The teams split the regular-season games, which were both close and defensive struggles. It would prove no different in this Wildcard Game but in the end it was the Jaguars that were able to put up more offense winning 15 to 7 and sending Tennessee spiraling into the off-season.

2015 Off-Season Recap

The Titans went all in on the 2014 season making many transactions, cutting and trading quite a few players which all led to over $18 million in cap penalties for the 2015 season. The Titans knew 2014 was the last run for many defensive players like Cortland Finnegan, Tommie Harris and Kyle Williams so they did what they had to do to make sure they put the best team on the field that they could. So, as the team will say goodbye to those players, and probably a few other veterans on this team this off-season, GM Nissen promises the 2015 version of this Tennessee Titans team the same devotion and will to win.

The first move Tennessee would make in the 2015 off-season would be to trade the 24th overall pick in the draft along with 3.30 the Green Bay Packers in exchange for a young, tall cornerback named Jalil Brown. Knowing they will have to replace an aging corner in Cortland Finnegan, the Titans felt Brown eventually could become that guy. "Cortland had a great year with us last season and tied for the league lead in interceptions. You just can't replace that type of veteran leadership", Nissen said, "that is something that comes with a very high level of talent and a lot of experience."

Shortly after the deal for Brown was finalized the Detroit Lions came to an agreement with Tennessee for the rights to Finnegan. The Titans would receive the 11th pick in the third round along with a depth cornerback/kick returner.

Tennessee was in serious talks with Seattle as well for the rights to cornerback Devin McCourty but in the end Seattle when a different direction. With that deal feeling like it was close to being done between the teams, Tennessee put Webb on the trading block briefly.

Next up was a few cuts. Fullback Jacob Hester, cornerback Kelly Jennings and defensive end Ryan McBean were among some of the early cuts of the off-season. Kyle Williams had an almost $7 million contract that the Titans could not keep and longtime right tackle, David Stewart, may also be traded. Sources say Stewart will not be released. If he leaves it will be by trade only.

Next up next up was restricted free agents. Tennessee only had one restricted free agent and that was middle linebacker Mike Mohammed. With a very large cap penalty looming the Titans were unsure if they would be able to bring back veteran Larry English. Mohammed has learned a lot over his first few years in the league and may be ready to step up and be the starter for this team, therefore Tennessee would keep him and re-sign him to a long-term deal.

Center Mike Pouncey's contract expired this off-season as well and Tennessee used their exclusive re-sign on him and locked him up long-term. Pouncey is a solid anchor on a very good offense of line and will hold down the middle for years to come.

The Titans would place no one into match eligible free agency letting veteran defensive linemen Tommie Harris, Larry English and Connor Barwin, among others, go. At this point it really sunk in the work that needs to be done to repair this defense on a limited budget. Let's look one more time at the starters lost from this defense since the beginning of last season, due to trades or releases. FS Patrick Murphy, CB Cortland Finnegan, DT Tommie Harris, LE Connor Barwin and Larry English. Five out of 11 starters gone from the league's number one overall defense in 2014.

Replacing Murphy and DT Williams were to be a priority before the new season. Harris played all over the line but mainly at RE. He will be replaced at that position by 2nd year man, Dominque Easley. LE Aldon Smith was brought in before the trade deadline last season and will hold down the other end. Brandon Mebane will remain in the middle, leaving only a number 2 DT needed to fill the D-Line.

Next step in the off-season was RFA. The Titans only had one restricted free agent and that was Tennessee's 3rd round pick from 2012, MLB Mike Mohammed. The team made a bigger than needed offer of him as to keep others from bidding. With that working and no bids being placed, the titans were able to give him a 7yr deal along with a big vote of confidence.

Center Mike Pouncey's contract was among several that expired this season. But with Pouncey only heading into his 5th season he was an easy choice to us the teams Exclusive Resign, locking him up for the next 5 years.

Now, for the teams biggest decision as far as who to extend or not. Both players were Pro Bowlers last season, but when it comes right down to it, the easy choice was QB Henderson over OLB Reed. Reed was very accommodating throughout the process and had no doubts the team would take care of him next season. With both Henderson and the team not wanting this to drag out throughout the season, the two quickly came to an agreement. Henderson received a 7 year extension worth nearly $78 million with a $31 million signing bonus.

The next step in the offseason was Pre-Draft Match Eligible FA Bidding. The Titans would stay out of the bidding wars here. They never planned to get in on these players before hand and after seeing some of the outrageous money being thrown around, they were happy to not need any older vets at this time.

When the next phase of Free Agency opened, the Titans wanted some depth at a couple positions. First was outside linebacker. After trading away Keglar to the Chiefs for CB Garry Blair, Tennessee needed to fill that hole. They picked up Wesley Woodyard who had been a long-time backup in Denver. Woodyard has good speed and athleticism and will be a solid backup and special teamer.

Next, the Titans were unable to secure the DT they wanted via trades this off-season, and weren't real sure how the draft was going to go so they brought in veteran DT Roy Miller. As it turns out, Miller will be the #3 DT this season and is a pretty good player to have sitting in that spot.

Also added through FA in this period was FB Oren O'Neal. Oren gives up a lot of speed to what Hester had, but the team couldn't pay Hester $3 million this season when they rarely used him as it was. The Titans will most likely continue using a TE as FB unless Oren really shows up this pre-season.

Titans Draft Day Recap

Going into the draft Tennessee didn't have a lot of fire power as far as picks go. They did, however manage to trade the 9th pick in round two and their future 2nd to the Chicago Bears in exchange for the 28th overall selection. With that pick the Titans chose a big, strong Defensive Tackle named Johnathan Hankins. Hankins weighs in at 320 pounds and will take up some space on this d-line and, hopefully, use his strength and athleticism to get to the QB.

With their 2nd pick, 44th overall, the Titans grabbed Safety Germane Baker who has very good speed, agility and acceleration. Standing 6 foot tall with pretty good vertical, Baker will be an immediate threat to Barrett and Young for the open safety spot.

Outside Linebacker Jamie Collins was Tennessee's next choice with the eleventh pick in round three. Collins has excellent strength to go along with his 6'4", 250 pound frame. While it is unclear if he will be a starter early on or not, he will be groomed and mentored by our current LB's and possibly take over in the middle after a few seasons.

Training Camp

During camp in this 2015 off-season we have seen many familiar faces and many new ones as well. Especially on the defense. There have been many serious battles for starting jobs in camp. Some, just to make the roster by the time the regular season begins.

Let's start with our first overall pick in the draft. DT Johnathan Hankins will not just be handed a starter role without proving himself against veterans Mebane and Miller but all early signs are that he will get the number two spot along side Mebane when in a 4-3 set. We can also see him playing the nose tackle position if we run our hybrid 3-4 set as well with Mebane moving outside to an end position.

Our second pick in the draft also seems like a no-brainer to start, but we don't give things away here so he will battle veteran safety Josh Barrett for the starting Strong Safety position. In all likelihood, Sands will move over to Free Safety, leaving these two to slug it out for the right to start along side him.

If third round pick, OLB Jamie Collins, continues to work hard and improve he could find himself getting a lot of playing time. This will come down to how well MLB Mike Mohammed plays this pre-season. If he looks like he cannot hold the middle and Collins keeps improving, Brooks Reed might get moved inside leaving Collins to scrap with Woodyard and Applewhite for the other outside spot.

As noted above, Mohammed has had a lot of faith put into him this off-season, letting Larry English go, so the team fully expects him to step up and secure this spot.

The only real battle on the offensive side of the ball will be between Guards Yanda and McClendon. Yanda started losing playing time last season with a very deep and talented group of O-Linemen on the roster. OT Franklin has really come into his own and will most likely anchor the left side. With the trading of OT Stewart, Penn will likely hold down the other end while Pouncey returns in the middle and 2nd year pro, Brennan Williams plays the other Guard spot.

Point allocation has not been completely decided at this point but we know OT Penn will be receiving a point towards his AWR to get him up to mentor level with Stewart leaving that role open. OT Williams will probably receive another heavy dose of points this year and DT, soon to be DE Easley will likely see a point or two as well as he learns his new position and will need to get some awareness back. Our top three picks in this seasons draft are all candidates for point allocation as well depending how skew and their play go. We can see Hankins grabbing a point or two on his speed and/or acceleration. Safety Baker seems like he needs little work except maybe to catch, tackle and aware. So those are all likely spots to find a point or more spent.

Looking Ahead To 2015

The Titans team, for the most part, seems to be very well structured once again. The offense was hardly touched this off-season and will see the return of Kenny Britt as he rejoins teammates like his long term partner, Branden Tate. Meachum was on the roster at the start of last season as the teams slot receiver so Britt has had a chance to play with him. And then there's Johnny Knox. Britt has not had the opportunity to line up next to him yet but with these four guys on the roster, along with Golden Tate and rookie Craig Koler, the passing game should be solid if everyone stays healthy. Forte will be in the backfield again this year so we think our offense will only improve over past seasons.

The defense was somewhat overhauled, especially in the secondary as Murphy was traded mid-way through last season, Finnegan was traded away this off-season and Verner was released. New faces in the secondary will be corners Jalil Brown from Green Bay, Garry Blair from Kansas City, Marcus Gilchrist from Detroit and rookie Craig Thomas. At safety, as noted earlier, will be rookie Germane Baker. At MLB, and getting the nod to this point as starter their is Mike Mohammed. And on the D-Line, Easely will move to RE and join Nevis and newly acquired Kenard Langford from the Jets. Rookie Hankins will join Mebane and Miller in the middle and Aldon Smith, acquired last season from the Bills will hold down the other end.

Predicting how this team will do this season with the above mentioned changes to go along with a much improved division will be tough. The Colts added an All Pro QB in Matt Schaub to an already up and coming roster. The Texans landed the number one QB in the draft to squeeze in somewhere between the two studs they already have at that position, not too mention all of the other rookies they added. And let us not forget the Jaguars, who knocked us out of the Playoffs last season and went on to play in the Super Bowl. This might be the toughest division in the AFC this season in my opinion. With everything mentioned above and taken into consideration, I would think our Titans will finish with a 9-7 or 10-6 record and miss the Playoffs for the first time since I've taken over this team.

While I think our offense has the fire power to hang with most teams, I have to question the defense since I have not seen them play together at this point and look at all the new faces.

Either way, another fun season in the GZL is predicted and this is why we are all here, right?

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Titans Make Moves Already

Titans Make Early Offseason Moves

Tennessee hit the ground running this off-season making a couple early trades. The first deal sent the Titans first-round draft pick, 24th overall, and 3.30 the Green Bay Packers for a young 6'1", YP3 cornerback named Jalil Brown. With veteran Cortland Finnegan most likely out the door due to a large contract and losing a step the Titans wanted to find a replacement to put alongside Webb. They also wanted a little more height in whatever corner they brought in. Brown, while young, played very well on a very good Packers team and we expect him to continue growing and play up to the standards of this defense has set for the last couple years.

Brown hails from GM Nissen's backyard in Phoenix Arizona. Jalil broke Terrell Suggs rushing record with 512 yards during his high school career. He attended college at the University of Colorado at Boulder and played in the 2011 Senior bowl. He was drafted 13th overall by the Packers in 2012 and should fit nicely on this defense.

In a second trade made in this early off-season the Titans sent Cortland Finnegan to Detroit for the 11th pick in the third round and cornerback Marcus Gilchrist who will play some quarter downs and possibly return kicks. Finnegan, as we said earlier, has lost a step and was slated to make almost $7 million this season. Those were two things we cannot have going into next year.

Tennessee has begun to revamp its secondary after trading away FS Patrick Murphy earlier in the season and now losing Finnegan. It won't be an easy fix but, in the end, we will fix it.

This off-season is just getting underway and there will be plenty of changes and news to report so stay tuned.

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Titans Year End Report

Then And Now

From the opening drive of the season when the Tennessee Titans lost their starting quarterback for 25% of the year to the season ending injury to All-Pro wide receiver Kenny Britt before the midway point this team nor GM Nissen ever gave up. Nissen continued making moves, trading players at vital positions for players to patch holes where injuries occurred, picking up veterans that still had a little in the tank and pressing on trying to get this team to its second consecutive division title and another playoff run. While the Titans did end up winning the division by one game over the Jacksonville Jaguars they ended up getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs by those same Jaguars. Losing half back Matt Forte in a meaningless week 17 game may have been the tipping point for this team.

The offense could never get anything going in the playoff game putting up only seven points. The defense played well holding the Jaguars to 15 points and their stud running back Bull Griggs to under 100 yards for the third time this season.

With the season over for the Titans, focus has turned to the 2015 off-season. Tennessee will have to overcome a very big cap penalty for the upcoming season, plenty of expiring contracts and big decisions on current veterans. This team's defense has been among the best over the last three seasons but will see big changes this off-season. The goal for GM Nissen is to keep this defense among the league leaders for the 2015 season. To do that with a huge cap penalty, a late first and two seconds seems like a very tall order at this time. But this GM took this team from one and 15 to the conference championship game the following season so we have faith that rebuilding this defense can and will be done.

With the looming Salary-cap penalties players like right tackle David Stewart, DT Kyle Williams and cornerback Cortland Finnegan may see their time here in Tennessee come to an end.

Many talks with other teams are already underway involving trading many players and even picks for what could possibly be the future of this defense. Losing David Stewart on the offensive line will be a big blow to the offense but GM Nissen believes that last year's first-round pick, Williams, is ready to step into that role. Pouncey will be back at center, Yanda will be back at guard, LT Donald Penn and free agent McLendon will battle for the other guard spot as Orlando Franklin has proven he's ready to step up and be a starter.

The rest of the offense will stay the same with Henderson as its leader, Britt coming back to rejoin his longtime teammate Brandon Tate and newly acquired wide receiver Johnny Knox. Matt Forte will also remain as the team's main running threat. The only changes on offense might be the trade or release of full back Hester and possibly a trading of one of our tight ends.

Stick around fans. Offseasons under GM Nissen can be as entertaining as the regular season and this one looks to be no different.

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A Sit-Down With A GZL GM

1 on 1 With GM Nissen

Welcome to 1 on 1. I'm your host, Anita Biggun. Through fifteen weeks of the season the Titans find themselves holding a slim margin over Jacksonville for the chance to win back to back AFC South titles. We sit down today with the Titans GM and get his take on what has been a tough and sometimes controversial season.

Anita - Welcome Mr. Nissen. I'd like to start off by asking if you expected to be in the position you're in at this point of the season?

Nissen - This team has been very good for the last few seasons, falling short of our goal by one game twice in a row now. I did, in preseason, expect to be here. But after Henderson went down on the first drive of the first game I wasn't so confident. Backup QB Edwards came in and played very well which kept us from starting in too big of a hole. The Kenny Britt went down for the season.

Anita - How has the loss of Kenny Britt affected this team and your season?

Nissen - Wow! It's been huge in everything we've done since then. You just cannot replace a player of his caliber. He was neck and neck with Megatron through the first six weeks hauling in 52 catches and 6 TD's.

Anita - You had a lot of key players on your trade block earlier in the season, including newly acquired HB Matt Forte. Some saw this as you trying to figure out what you're missing. Would like to get your take on this.

Nissen - In these leagues sometimes you get bored a little and just feel like trading. Sometimes you feel you want to gain some draft picks. In the case of Matt and FS Murphy it was a little bit of both. I really didn't expect to trade either of them but, as you know, Murphy was dealt and Forte almost landed in Washington.

Anita - Glad you brought it up. The Murphy trade was controversial with fans and league management. Any regrets with making that trade now?

Nissen - No. I have no regrets at all. As I said earlier, when Britt went down we were trying to find someone to help fill the void. I am not thrilled with giving up one of the best Safeties in the league but he was on the block for a reason to begin with. As for the deal with Knox, we were initially in conversations with Chicago about a Linebacker for a couple weeks. In that time, Knox came back from injury and his name was brought into the conversation for Murphy. The rest is history.

Anita - You said Murphy was on the block for a reason. What was that reason?

Nissen - A couple really. First, like I said, we wanted to pick up some draft picks when we started hearing about the quality of kids coming out this year. If we wanted to get another pick in the first round it would take giving someone like Murphy up to get it. The other reason was really minor, his contract was up after next season. We have a couple other big names with contracts expiring the same offseason and thought avoiding any hard decisions then would pay off now.

Anita - And are you happy with what Knox brings to the table?

Nissen - Oh, definetly. People need to remember Johnnie missed the entire season. His last game was a preseason game with Chicago. Next thing he knows, he's a Titan and thrown in against some of the best corners teams can throw at him. This deal will pay great dividends next season when he is out there with Britt and Branden Tate.

Anita - You also added Defensive End Aldon Smith in exchange for a 2nd round pick. Now, on one hand you're saying you wanted to gain picks and then you trade what could be a very good one away. Explain?

Nissen - Simple really. Conner Barwin has been our Left End since 2012 and has been great for us. But his contract is expiring and we are really going to be in a bind as far as cap goes next year as we have a huge cap penalty. Expecting Barwin to want at least the $2m he's currently getting paid, if not more, we would've most likely used that pick on an end in the draft. I had completely forgotten about Smith being on Buffalo's block until right before the deadline. He is a very solid player and is signed through 2016.

Anita - One last question. The magic number to clinh the AFC South is at one. With a down game against the Saints is the team ok? Do you think you can win the division this year?

Nissen - That's two questions, Anita. Haha! But yes, the team had a let down this past week and played very flat on both sides of the ball. I take 100% of the blame as I got away from our gameplan for whatever reason. We need to get in a good week of practice and get ready for the Bengals who have a new, but very good and experienced GM at the helm now. With Jacksonvill also losing this week I think we have a very good shot at winning the South again this season.

Anita - Thanks for taking the time to answer some of the fans questions. Hope we can do it again.

Nissen - You got it, thanks!


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Titans Add DE Aldon Smith

Then And Now

From the opening drive of the season when the Tennessee Titans lost their starting quarterback for 25% of the year to the season ending injury to All-Pro wide receiver Kenny Britt before the midway point this team nor GM Nissen ever gave up. Nissen continued making moves, trading players at vital positions for players to patch holes where injuries occurred, picking up veterans that still had a little in the tank and pressing on trying to get this team to its second consecutive division title and another playoff run. While the Titans did end up winning the division by one game over the Jacksonville Jaguars they ended up getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs by those same Jaguars. Losing half back Matt Forte in a meaningless week 17 game may have been the tipping point for this team.

The offense could never get anything going in the playoff game putting up only seven points. The defense played well holding the Jaguars to 15 points and their stud running back Bull Griggs to under 100 yards for the third time this season.

With the season over for the Titans, focus has turned to the 2015 off-season. Tennessee will have to overcome a very big cap penalty for the upcoming season, plenty of expiring contracts and big decisions on current veterans. This team's defense has been among the best over the last three seasons but will see big changes this off-season. The goal for GM Nissen is to keep this defense among the league leaders for the 2015 season. To do that with a huge cap penalty, a late first and two seconds seems like a very tall order at this time. But this GM took this team from one and 15 to the conference championship game the following season so we have faith that rebuilding this defense can and will be done.

With the looming Salary-cap penalties players like right tackle David Stewart, DT Kyle Williams and cornerback Cortland Finnegan may see their time here in Tennessee come to an end.

Many talks with other teams are already underway involving trading many players and even picks for what could possibly be the future of this defense. Losing David Stewart on the offensive line will be a big blow to the offense but GM Nissen believes that last year's first-round pick, Williams, is ready to step into that role. Pouncey will be back at center, Yanda will be back at guard, LT Donald Penn and free agent McLendon will battle for the other guard spot as Orlando Franklin has proven he's ready to step up and be a starter.

The rest of the offense will stay the same with Henderson as its leader, Britt coming back to rejoin his longtime teammate Brandon Tate and newly acquired wide receiver Johnny Knox. Matt Forte will also remain as the team's main running threat. The only changes on offense might be the trade or release of full back Hester and possibly a trading of one of our tight ends.

Stick around fans. Offseasons under GM Nissen can be as entertaining as the regular season and this one looks to be no different.

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Very Busy Week In Tennessee!

Tennessee Shakes Things Up

Still trailing the Jacksonville Jaguars by one game for the division title, but keeping pace, the Titans have made a few moves this week. Pro Bowlers RT Michael Roos and FS Patrick Murphy, along with DT Isaac Sopoaga were all among the losses this team took this week. Roos was put in amnesty and will be heading to St. Louis, where he will most likely finish out his carreer. Tennessee received the Rams 2nd round pick, lost over $8 million in cap and saved over $9 million in bonus money by this move.

Murphy and Sopoaga were both sent to Chicago, along with a 5th round pick, in exchange for the speedy WR Johnny Knox, SS Danieal Manning and a 3rd. Knox should be able to come in and contribute immediatly, pressuring Bernard Berrian, who has only been on the team for two weeks, and Branden Tate for playing time. Johnny can be put in any of the top 3 WR spots and be effective and he can also return kicks. With Golden Tate having a down year returning kicks, Johnny could get the nod there as well.

And, to stay busy in the amnesty department, the Seattle Seahawks put DT Brandon Mebane up. Tennessee, who was already looking for a DT and just traded Sopoaga, was like....OK! GM Nissen pulled the trigger on him for a 4th round pick and will look to him to keep the pressure on rookie DT Easley who was looking to gain a full time job. He now sees nothing will be handed to him here and must continue to work hard for playing time.

Another addition to the team this week, from the Houston Texans, is OT Donald Penn. Penn is a scrapy veteren who has played most of his GZL carreer with the Buccaneers and should be a pretty nice replacement for Roos while Rookie RT Williams is still getting his feet wet.

Losing Murphy and Roos were both pretty hard to swallow but the Titans felt it was time to shake things up a bit. It will be interesting to see if new additions Knox, Penn and Mebane can not only come in and fill the voids but come in and improve this team as we head down the stretch.
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Titans Make Deal With Chicago

Johnny Knox May Soon
Be A Titan

Breaking news out of Tennessee.

It appears after a week long negotiation
between the Chicago Bears and your Tennessee Titans that a deal
has been struck involving WR Johnny Knox and FS Patrick Murphy.
Details of the trade have not been released at this time.

Nothing can be confirmed as of yet as Knox has to be examined
by the Titans medical staff. Johnny was hurt in week two of the pre-season
and has not played a down this year. If the staff clears him, the trade
will then go to the league office for approval.

This deal seems a little strange for Tennessee to make. After Kenny Britt
went down for the season the Titans claimed FA Bernard Berrian who played
very well in the slot last week. And trading a beast of a safety like
Murphy seems out of character for GM Nissen as well. Knox is very fast and still
fairly young. Next season will be interesting when you put him in the mix
with Branden and Kenny for sure.


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Titan News: Roos to be Amnestied?

Roos Having Pro Bowl Season
BUT May Be Released Soon?

Word out of Tennessee is that Pro Bowl RT Michael Roos may hit the amnesty wire this week or next.
The Titans are working on a couple deals that would allow them to make this move which has some
fans shaking their heads at this point. Roos is a consistant Pro Bowler and is on pace to go again this
season with 54 pancakes and no sacks through the first eight games of the season.

"We are in talks with a couple teams right now.," GM Nissen stated, "If either of these deals gets done
then, yes, Michael could be let go. We have tried to renegotiate his contract with him but have had no luck.

And while we are in talks with others at this time, we would gladly entertain any other talks involving
a solid veteren O-Lineman coming our way. We have some very good talent on our block right now."

No word on what the other deals may consist of or who they are even with at this time, but with the
Titans still within striking distance of the division, a move like this had better be a worthwhile one as far
as fans are concerned...and Henderson for that matter.


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Titans: .500 at Mid-Season

Titans Mid-Season Report

The 2014 season started with QB Henderson getting hurt on the first drive of the season. He would be out until week 5 with a sprained elbow. Trent Edwards has proven to be a viable backup for this team, knowing the system and having great repoire with Britt, Tate and Meachum. Edwards played very well in his four games as starter racking up 1100 yards and completing 55% of his passes. He also threw 8 TD's with only 2 INT's and had a passer rating of 100.4 and was among the top 10 QB's in every category.

That said, his record was only 2-2. After playing Tampa Bay very well for 3 quarters, the wheels fell off on the defensive side of the ball in the fourth quarter leading to a big 21 point loss.

Week three is still painful to talk about as the Titans forced 5 turnovers and still came up short by three while putting together a nice fourth quarter comeback. CB Finnegan was in front of Eli Manning's passes 3 times while SS Sands added another INT. Hard to lose a game when you create that many turnovers.

Week four was a tale of two halves. Tennessee jumped on the Chargers and were up 16-3 at halftime. The Chargers would get their turn in the second half, outscoring the Titans 20-7 and forcing Overtime. Edwards, once again, played well and did drive the Titans into FG range in OT and the streaky rookie Kicker, Hopkins, nailed the game winner.

Week five saw Henderson come back from injury and was thrown right into a dogfight with division leading Jaguars and their seemingly unstoppable rookie HB, Bull Griggs. Titans went in thinking if they could slow him down and force Rivers to throw under pressure they would have a shot. And that is what they did, holding Griggs to 39 yards on 15 carries until late in the fourth when he broke out for a 48 yard TD run. The defense got to Rivers 3 times and held him to no TD's and 1 INT while pulling out a 2 point victory on the road.

Henderson was turned loose in week 5 against a struggling Atlanta Falcons team. Completing over 60% of his passes, Henderson threw for 411 yards, 4 TD's and no picks. WR Kenny Britt pile up 13 catches for 243 yards and 3 TD's himself in this game. Titans put up 34 points and pulled off their 3rd straight victory.

Week 6 was another tough fought game between Tennessee and Jacksonville. The Jaguars came in looking to pay the Titans back for beating them on their home turf. A defensive battle for sure as it was 3-3 after 3 quarters. Each team would then put up a TD in the 4th putting these two rivals into OT. The Titans never touched the ball in OT as Jacksonville took advantage of a great kick return and easily moved into FG range on the legs of Griggs.

Week 7 seemed to be a must win for the Titans as they were now sitting at 4-3 and had the 7-0 Steelers coming to town. Henderson was on the mark early, connecting with newly acquired WR, Bernard Berrian several times to start the game. HB Matt Forte had 1 carry for 8 yards and left the game with a stress fracture in his foot, putting more pressure on Henderson. Keeping the game close as the Titans kept turning the ball over against the leagues best team was no easy task but they managed to stay in striking distance. The lead would go back and forth multiple times in the second half with Henderson connecting with Berrian for his 2nd TD of the game, taking the lead with just over a minute remaining. The Steelers would put together a 2 minute drill drive and take a one point lead back with a TD pass with 16 seconds left in the game.

All in all, with everything the Titans have fought through, from losing their starting QB for a quarter of the season to now losing their best WR for the remainder of the season, sitting at 4-4 and only 1 game behind the Jaguars the Titans are feeling pretty good about themselves. Hanging with the Steelers without Forte and Britt would seem to say we can hang with and beat anyone. The second half of the season looks to be a little easier but does hold 3 division games and no one on the schedule will be taken lightly as Tennessee knows with four losses under the belt already, another 2 or 3 could mean no playoffs.


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Titans: Week One Wrap Up

Titans Week 1 Review

Week one for Tennessee was a road game in a hostile division rivals house. On the opening drive of the game, Henderson was playing well completing 4 of 5 for 67 yards but on a 2nd and goal play CB Domonique Foxworth came right up the middle on a Play Action play and hit Henderson from behind. Henderson left the game with an injury to his elbow on his throwing arm and would not return. Further examination showed a sprain and he will miss 3-4 weeks.

Trent Edwards took the reigns and played well for the most part. He and WR Kenny Britt played very well together. Britt finished the day with 8 catches, 230 yards and a TD. Newcomer Matt Forte played well also amassing 144 yards and a 4.65 ypc average.

Down 4 with about 6 minutes left in the game and backed up to their own 2 Forte took it for 4 yards on first down. On 2nd down Edwards used Play Action perfectly and Indy's CB and Safety bit hard. When Trent turned around from the fake handoff he saw Britt 15 yards over the defense and threw a strike. Britt galloped for a 94 yard TD to put Tennessee up by 3.

Indy would get the ball back with 1:11 remaining and good field position at their own 41. Locker proved up to the challenge, while wild at times, he did enough to put Indy in position to tie the game with a 41 yarder, leaving only 29 seconds on the clock.

Golden Tate took the kickoff to the 33 with 23 seconds left. Edwards from the gun hit Britt deep down to Indy's 27 in one play. Forte pushed it forward twice and Tennessee stopped the clock with 1 second remaining. The Colts the took a timeout to try and ice the rookie kicker. That did not work as Rookie Dustin Hopkins finished his GZL debut off with a perfect 4 for 4 on FG's, including the game winner.

Taking heat during the draft for taking a kicker so early, GM Nissen shrugged it off as a "need" position. "It was a great way for the kid to start his career.", Nissen said after the game. "Of course there will be growing pains down the road but you couldn't ask for more of a pressure situation in his debut, and he proved up to the challenge."

Week 2 has the Titans heading into Tampa Bay next week without their General. This game would have been tough enough with Henderson in the lineup. "We can't worry about injuries", Nissen said, "We have a game to play and it's next man up as always. Trent knows our system and will be our starter while Chris is on the mend."

We will be back next week to review that game.


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Titans Draft Review

Tennessee started this draft with a stable of 10 picks but when all was said and
done they only drafted 5 guys. After many trades, up and down, they grabbed all five
players within the first 68 in the draft.

Some questioned a couple of the picks but when asked about them GM Nissen said
"Look! We were in a very nice situation this year. Every starter from last seasons defense,
which was one of the best, are all still here. On offense we swapped CJ for Forte and lost
Center Faine and RG Dahl. When we resigned RFA RT Orlando Franklin we planned on moving
him to LT or maybe Center. That would put LT Stewart at RG and the line would be fine."

So let's take a look at the 2014 Titans Rookie Class

OT Brennan Williams
North Carolina

After finally settling with the 13th overall pick, Titans take Offensive Tackle
Brennan Williams. Overall, Brennan is a pretty athletic Lineman comparably across the league.
He will be an immediate starter on an aging line and a welcome addition to
Henderson and Forte.


K Dustin Hopkins
Florida State

GM Nissen raised some eyebrows with the 7th pick in round 2
when he picked FSU Kicker Dustin Hopkins. Nissen was eyeing
DT Easley and LE Montgomery in this spot but decided
to go with need over want. With no kicker on the roster
after releasing Feely and his next pick all the way down
at 2.30, securing this position for MANY seasons seemed
to be the best choice for he future.


DT Dominque Easley

As mentioned, Nissen was eyeing another player out of the
state of Florida, DT Dominque Easley.
Nissen went back to work and traded up from 2.30 to 2.9
and snagged the quick and talented player. Nissen said
"He reminds me of a young Tommie Harris." and brings a ton
of intensity to this already skillful D-Line.


WR Dave Aikman

With the 30th pick of round two Titans grabbed the quick WR Dave Aikman.
There is literally no information on this kid. Some say he ran track in college.
Others say he was a bookworm and mostly quiet. But there are no pictures of him.
Hell, no one even knows if he's played football before. But he
impressed at the combine and was given a shot by Tennessee.


After that pick most everyone in the War Room broke for dinner
thinking they had nothing left in their pocket but the 9th pick in round four.
But Nissen, staying aggressive, decided to offer up a future 2nd along with 4.9 and got a taker.


Punter Quinn Sharp
Oklahoma State

Another unexpected move by Nissen, even to himself he said. He traded
up to grab a LB or CB he had been watching but when he turned the card in,
it was announced that with the 4th pick in round three the Titans select Punter
Quinn Sharp. Sharp was the number 1 ranked punter in the nation.
He has a 78-yard punt to his name, and six of more than 60 yards.


After taking some heat with drafting a kicker early in round two Nissen still had
the balls to go get the best punter in the draft even earlier in the third.
As he was leaving the building for the day he was asked about that decision and as he kept walking
he said "I'll be damned if I'm going to lose another Playoff game due to a kicker!"

Well, this reporter is certain that may be true to some extent. The fact is this team really
had no glaring needs that weren't addressed already and maybe securing their
kickers for the next decade or so wasn't that bad of an option. When we break down what
the team has lost and gained to this point you can see just that.

On Defense: Lost - Gained
#5 CB - TBD
#2 FS - TBD
#2 SS - TBD
#2 RE - Tommie Harris may move here

On Offense: Lost - Gained
#1 C - Pouncey has replaced
#1 G - (R) Williams will battle Franklin and others
#3 WR - (R) Aikman as of now
#5 WR - TBD
#1 HB - Forte has replaced

Special Teams

#1 K - (R) Hopkins has replaced
#1 P - (R) Sharp has replaced

So there you have it! Minus a couple position changes and backups this team
is almost complete and ready to go. As for Day 2 of the draft,
"I'll be at the pool." Nissen said, "We're done here."

And that's a wrap for us as well. We will be back in the preseason
to get you caught up on anything new.


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Titans Unexpectedly Busy

When the Titans trade Chris Johnson many thought, including GM Nissen himself, that would be the biggest thing they did prior to the draft. Arizona and Tennessee had many conversations about Center Mike Pouncey and could never find common ground. The Titans, at first, were trying to work out a deal to send OLB McRath in a package for him. At the time McRath was thought to be heading for his second Franchise tag.

Once the Titans sent McRath to match eligible they shifted to Pro Bowl MLB, Larry English. Again, no deal could be done and talks were all but over for days. And then Cards GM, Adarsh Patel, came knocking. He was still standing his ground on what he wanted. OLB Reed or Cunningham. This time he came calling holding the 1.7 pick and really put the pressure on the Titans.

Reed or Cunningham? Tough letting either go. Cunningham was just traded for Tennessee's 1st about mid-way through last season, made the Pro Bowl and has a very sweet contract. Reed was figured to move inside this year with McRath eventually resigning with the team. It came down to be a decision based on finances. After trading CJ and making other moves, the Titans racked up almost $13 million in cap penalties, making their choice to trade Cunningham the better move for the teams financial future since he had no penalties associated with him.

The trade brought in a solid Center in Pouncey. A position that has been a revolving door for Nissen since taking over the team. He will be the 3rd Center in 3 seasons but he will be here for a long time and end that problem.

Taking on the 7th overall pick was something Nissen had not prepared for and quickly got busy studying the rookies. Seeing a couple nice DT's and 4 very athletic OL stood out with the Titans as they are aging on both. DT Star Lotulelei was the obvious choice but Nissen decided trading down a little would be the better move since there were still the other DT, Williams and 4 O-Linemen. After many talks with Carolina in the 10 spot, Nissen finally accepted the Panthers offer only to find out an hour later that they decided to trade to the 6th spot instead. "That bumped us to take the next best offer," Nissen stated, "from a very aggressive New England Patriots GM." And, it just so happened that at the time we were ready to accept their original offer of 1.16 and 2.7, New England called and threw in a future 2nd, making the deal a bit more sweet. The plan was to gain a 2nd so, in the end, they ended up with two things Nissen wanted but it also meant sliding down to 1.16. "Too far down I kept telling myself." And sure enough, it was. The Pats took the first OL with the 7th pick. They then made another deal for 1.9 and took DT Lotulelei. Bills and Texans followed suit by taking the next 2 best OL. So now the draft is at 1.13, the Titans are at 1.16 and really want that OL so Nissen got on the phone to the Saints and taded 3.21 to move up three spots to grab Tackle LT Brennan Williams.

Williams will battle with Orlando Franklin to be a starter this season. He will probably play at guard, but looks a lot like veteren Roos whose getting long in the tooth and has a contract that they can't hang onto more than one more season. Williams just may be the future RT in Tennessee.

The Titans have 5 picks left in the draft, four between 2.7 and 3.7, and we will be back to get you up to date after the draft. Yeah, yeah, we said that before but we didn't expect things to get so busy.
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Titans Offseason - Chris Johnson Traded?

Titans Shock Fans, CJ to Chi-Town

As this off season progresses we have seen some moves
but not many as the team has done remarkably well the past couple
seasons and are pretty young for the most part.


The biggest move happened late last night and has some fans
scratching their heads and some mad as hell.
The Titans and Bears agreed to terms sending Chris Johnson
to Chicago in exchange for Matt Forte
and a 4th round pick. Matt is a bigger, stronger back
capable of running over corners and some safeties and line backers.
He doesn't have the speed or moves CJ has so the homerun threat
is not as big but the pounding he can put on defenses
should offset that some.

Kicker Jay Feely, who is still a pretty good kicker, was among
some of the releases. Team officials said it was a
salary cap decision. That seems legit as he was set to
make over $2m but no one has seen him since the AFC title
game as fans wanted his head. Some say he was
moved to a witness protection type program and is
living it up somewhere with Bartman.

Other notables no longer with the team include:

FS Robert Johnson - Contract expired
CB Kareem Jackson - Traded to Redskins
WR Andre Johnson - Traded to Redskins
WR Ronald Johnson - Contract Expired
RE Cory Redding - Cap Casualty
C Jeff Faine - Cap Casualty
RG Harvey Dahl - Cap Casualty
P Josh Bidwell - Contract Expired
TE Zach Miller - Cap Casualty
TE Jeff Cumberland - Cap Casualty

Some New Faces To This Point:

HB Matt Forte - Trade
LG Richie Incognito - viaFA who will most likely be a backup
P Jason Baker - via FA
HB LaRod Stephens - Trade
WR Domenik Hixon - Trade

So, with about a dozen guys leaving and only five
coming in, it would seem the team would have plenty
of holes to fill. Not so. Other than a Kicker and maybe a
Guard (unlikely) the starting roster hasn't really changed,
other than HB, and most are all still in place. Says
something about the depth this team had last season.

As things stand right now the Titans have three 2nd round
picks along with a 3rd, 4th and 6th. GM Nissen feels he
can find some nice talent with some of these picks and
will continue to give this team the depth they are used too.

Another round of Free Agency is next up this offseason
and then the draft. We will be back after that to update
any other moves and break down Tennessee's draft.
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2nd Straight AFC Championship Loss

Losing the AFC title game last season was disappointing, but after being 1-15 the previous year the organization couldn't have been happier to make it that far and lose to a very solid Steelers team.

This year, however, was heart-breaking. After running up a league best 14-2 regular season record and hosting any and all Playoff games, this team would settle for nothing less than a SuperBowl appearance. That dream was ended at home against a team without it's two biggest offensive weapons. There are many things that could've changed the game but the goat is Kicker Jay Feely. He has been trashed on every TV broadcast, radio show, newspaper, fan and even some of his own players.

Jay missed 8 FG's during the regular season but (if I had every game recorded) I would venture to guess at least 5 or 6 of those were the ignorant 55 yard attempts. Either way, Feely, who is signed for two more seasons will either retire or be let go.

Pro-Bowl Gets A Dozen Titans

After a huge let down twelve Titans will make a final appearance in Honalulu this year. 8 of those 12 from a dominant defense.

On Offense:
QB Chris Henderson - Chris did not tear up the record books with stats but he did win 13 out of his 14 starts this season. The only loss came in a game he was supposed to sit out but backups Edwards and Kafka missed the friggin flight to Oakland. Both were fined heavily and thankful Henderson remained healthy.

RT Michael Roos - For the 4th straight season, Roos went over the century mark in pancakes. He deals with some of the quickest and most dangerous DE's week in and out and remains someone Henderson trusts completely.

FB Jacob Hester - Somehow Hester made the list. His numbers were cut in half as he took a backseat in some games this year.

On Defense:

DT Tommie Harris - While his numbers were also down this season, his versatility to play any position on the line well gave him the recognition he deserves.

DT Kyle Williams - When 75% of your D-Line makes the ProBowl you know these guys are working together very well. Williams, like Harris, did not post flashy numbers but the front 4 covered eachother very well.

DT Isaac Sopoaga - Isaac was one of these three that saw his numbers go up from previous seasons. I think these guys were voted in as a unit instead of individually because they seem to know where eachother are on every play.

OLB Jermaine Cunningham - J.C. was having a good season in New England when an injury to McRath and the Patriots urge to make some moves came together. Cunningham impressed when arriving in town by turning his level of play up another notch.

CB Lardarius Webb - Webb had a breakout season that many players, coaches and GM's hope any of their players will. With a great front 4 pressuring QB's into bad throws, Webb snagged 12 INT's and a few records along the way.

CB Cortland Finnegan - Finn matched his career high with 7 INT's and was the great leader he always is. When a teams whole secondary makes the ProBowl chances are you'll find a leader like him among them.

FS Patrick Murphy - Murphy posted career highs in tackles, INT's and defelctions this season. Whether in the passing game or against the run Murphy was somewhere around the ball.

SS Robert Sands - Also posting career highs in INT's and deflections Sands, like Murphy, was all over the field making plays.

Special Teams

P Josh Bidwell - Nothing flashy about his season but obviously enough to punch his ticket to Hawaii.

An astrik will go to KR Golden Tate who led the league with an average kick return of over 31 yards per attempt and only 1 TD shy of the league leader with 3 and still the best in the AFC but did not get voted in.

Offseason Changes?

While many in the front office wanted to jump off a highrise after the final game, they decided not too and, instead, will look into what they can do to improve on a very solid team. It may mean some fan favorites get moved but we don't see many going unless it will improve this roster in the long run.

The team is pretty young and have established themselves as contenders so dismantling the team would be pure insanity. At the same time, with no picks until the late 2nd round, the team may make some moves to get up into the 1st.
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Titans - Week 14 vs. Denver

WEEK 14 Post-Game Report

Your Titans traveled to Mile High to take on the Denver Broncos in week
14. While the Broncos are missing their top two QB's, they are still very good
on both sides of the ball, especially defense. After firing their GM a few
weeks ago for "Not giving a shit!", new GM Pearce at least has this team
playing better again. That said, though, it wasn't enough against the Titans
when they bring all three phases to the game.

Henderson, again, didn't light the field up with the passing game but really
hasn't needed too much. When it is needed he has proved he can and will
get the job done. He did complete more than 61% of his passes with 2 TD's.

CJ had a tough time getting going with DJ Williams back in the lineup for
Denvers defense. Williams was on CJ everywhere he went but #2 HB Ridley
picked up the slack with 54 yards and a 5.4 average. Britt caught 9 balls for
105 and a TD to carry the passing game. And Golden Tate was at it again
with his 2nd kick return for a TD this season. G. Tate is on pace to go back to
Hawaii for the second straight year as a kick returner.

On defense, SS Murphy led the team in tackles with 7 and everyone on the
front 4 had a sack.

Most importantly, the Titans clinched the AFC South with this victory. Only
their 2nd season after going 1-15 this team has responded to Nissen's
philosophy and are all on the same page every week.


The Titans can also clinch the #1 seed in the AFC with one more victory. They
would like to get it this week on the road in Jacksonville and give some
starters some time off the remaining two weeks. But that will not be an easy
task. While the Jags have struggled all season it is still a home game for
them against a division rival so we fully expect a tough game from them.
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Titans: Week 13 vs Washington

WEEK 13 Post-Game Report

After a long 10 days off following their win in Dallas, the Titans knew
they were in for a fight with the improved Redskins. The only points put
up in the first half were off a 31 yard TD pass to Brandon Tate. Other
than that this game was about good defense and sputtering offenses.

Skip ahead to the 2 minute warning in the fourth quarter where the game
was tied 17-17. After running one play after the 2 minute warning,
Washington was forced to punt. They punted the ball down to the one
yard line and Tennessee added a holding penalty to that. Somehow the
ball was half on the goaline and, as expected, Washington got the saftey
taking a 12-10 lead. On the free kick, Titans punter booted the ball out of
bounds giving Washington the ball on the 50 yard line.

On their first play from the 50, Henne threw over the middle and was
picked off by MLB Mohammed. (WHEW!) Henderson now had 1:32 to get
down the field and at least get a FG. Henderson woke up and, once again,
proved he is one of the best as he led the team down the field and
capped the drive off with a 6 yard TD pass to Manningham. The Titans
would go for 2 and fail leaving them up by four, 16-12 with 30 seconds left.

Once again Tennessee squibs the ball out of bounds giving them the ball
on the 40. Here comes Henne. He played well and started moving the ball
downfield. The Titans defense was gasping for air but knew they had the
talent and know how to keep this team out of the endzone. Washington
got to around the 20 and Henne tossed one to the endzone. The ball was
knocked down and the Skins were slapped with a Holding penalty. Next
play with about 12 seconds left, Henne throws another one to the
endzone. Knocked down! 3 seconds left in the gae now. Henne, one more
time, to the endzone! Knocked away again!

The Titans defense knew they needed to make a statement on that last
drive and we feel they did just that. Anyone who doubts Henne being a
huge improvement to the Redskins, I say play them!
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Titans: Week 12 vs Dallas

WEEK 12 Post-Game Report

Week 12. One of the leagues best offenses against one of the leagues
best defenses match up in primetime on Thanksgiving. Television couldn't
ask for a better game to keep fans awake after stuffing thier faces.

The game started with Dallas receiving the opening kickoff. Here we go.
Time to see if the Titans "D" can stand up. And that is just what they did
holding the Cowboys to a 3 and out on their opeing drive. Dallas came to
play defense as well and at the end of 1 it was 3-3.

In the 2nd quarter it was much of the same until Henderson found Andre
Johnson on top of the defense for a 34 yard strike down to the one. That
would be Andre's only catch of the game as he broke his leg on the play.
Henderson then found Britt for the games only TD. Dallas and Tennessee
would both add another FG before the half where the score was 13-6,

Other than solid defense on both sides of the ball there isn't really much
to report on the 2nd half. The Titans were in Romo's face the whole
game, sacking him 4 times and holding the leagues leading passer to only
158 yards with no TD's. Austin and Bryant got their catches with 6 and 7
respectively, but were never allowed any YAC. The two combined had
111 yards.

Up to this week the media has more or less snubbed and brushed off the
Titans. This reporter doesn't see how they cannot be considered one of
the favorites in the AFC right now. They beat the Texans in Houston week
3 when they were at full strength. Beat teams that are much better than
their records in the Giants, Patriots and Chiefs. Dominated the Chargers
and their only loss was against the Texans when Henderson was
sidelined. And, really, had a real good shot at winning that game. Now,
shutting down this incredible Cowboys offense, this team deserves some
respect. Especially the defense which has played lights out all season.

Next up, a much improved Washington Redskins team comes to town.
With their addition of Chad Henne this team becomes a threat to compete
with anyone. Might be a little too late for them this season but we have to
make sure they don't start a run against us.
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Titans: Week 11 vs. Indy

WEEK 11 Post-Game Report

This game had both the Titans offense and defense scoring 21 points
each. One of the leagues best defenses stepped up against the realing
Colts intercepting Jake Locker 4 times and returning 3 of them for TD's.
CB Lardarius Webb had 3 of those INT's and 2 TD's. Webb has really
stepped his game up this season, as has everyone on defense for that
matter. Their are no single "star" players. Instead you have 11 guys that
show up and do their job every week.

Chris Johnson played well again picking up 82 yards and 2 TD's on just 18
carries while QB Henderson continues to be one of the best game
managers in the league completing 63% of his passes with a TD and an
INT. This team is undefeated this season with Henderson under Center
and he keeps improving his game every week.

Next up for Tennessee will be a real good test to see where this team is
overall as they travel to Dallas and face a Cowboys offense that has been
on pace to break records with their passing game. Tony Romo and Miles
Austin have been unstoppable to this point.
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Titans: Week 10 vs. Jags

WEEK 10 Post-Game Report

If you are not a fan of defensive games then this one was a snoozer.
Neither team could really get any traction on offense. Chris Johnson was
running the ball well but for whatever reason, the Titans kept trying
to throw the ball. CJ had 87 yards on 17 carries, averaging over 5 yards per carry.

WR Brandon Tate continued to play well along side Britt and led the team
with 6 catches and 84 yards. He, along with three other receivers, had a
dropped ball. If the Titans could hang onto the ball this teams offense
would see much improvement

With OLB McRath lost for the remainder of the regular season, Tennessee
made a trade with the Patriots, bringing in J. Cunningham. He played well
in his first action as a Titan racking up 7 tackles and a sack, proving he
understood the Titans defensive scheme and will be a very nice fit long
term here in Tennessee.

Next up, the struggling Colts. Tennessee cannot afford to look past them
being a division game and Houston still hanging around.
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Titans: Week 9 vs. Houston

WEEK 9 Post-Game Report

With the Titans losing QB Henderson for this weeks match up against
their nemesis, Houston, most would have thought a conservative ball
control offense is what the Dr. ordered for this game. Not the case.
Coach Moore seen Edwards play in the preseason and was confident in him and since everyone
thought they would try to pound the ball he decided to let Trent play "the way we play."

Edwards came out on fire and led the Titans to an early 17-0 lead.
But that was quickly gone with the high powered Texans led by Schaub and Foster
as the Texans came to life in the 2nd quarter. At halftime Tennessee led 24-17
and the team was feeling like they had a real good shot at getting this "W".

After a defensive 3rd quarter the Titans extended their lead to 10 points
on the quarters only FG. The 4th quarter looked to be much of the same
until the wheels fell off with 7 minutes remaining in the game. Houston went
on a late game tear and put up 21 points to get out of Tennessee with an 8 point victory,
handing the Titans their first loss of the season.

The Titans will finish their long homestand with both
other division rivals coming to town with Jacksonville coming in next week.
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Titans: Week 8

Titans & Britt Find Common Ground

Some fans thought they might be seeing Kenny Britt in a Titans uniform for the last time this week, but the team and Britt were able to reach an agreement on a new 7 year deal. Fans are elated and Britt says he is as well. "I can't imagine myself in a different uniform," Britt stated. "I love it here!"

GM Nissen expressed similar feelings and is "very glad a deal was reached to keep him here." Terms of the contract were 7 years $33.81 million with a $13.5 million bonus. With Britt only being YP 5, he will mentor younger receivers on this team for several years. That was part of the reason he wasn't traded. No one else seemed to value him as a WR as much as we do when you add that into the mix.

WEEK 8 Post-Game Report

This game could not have started off any better than it did for QB Henderson or WR's Brandon Tate and Mario Manningham. On the first play of the game Henderson hit Tate over an aggressive Cromartie and let his speedy WR do the rest, taking it 77 yards for the score. On the very next series it was like watching a replay as the two hooked up again for a 68 yard catch and run making it 14-0 very quickly.

The defense was, once again, smothering as they were in Gabbert's face from the start and held HB Mathews to only 72 yards on no TD.

In the second quarter, Henderson would find Manningham twice, much the same way as Tate in the 1st, for two long TD passes putting the Titans up 28-3. Then, the wheels came off. First, OLB G. McRath was taken out of the game and X-Rays showed he had 3 broken ribs. McRath will miss most of the remainder of the season but expects to be back and ready should this team reach the Playoffs. Next, with about 4 minutes left in an incredible half for Henderson, he too was knocked out of the game. X-Rays on him showed only one cracked rib and shouldn't miss much time.

Problem is, the time he will miss is game two against the Titans nemesis, Houston, followed by two more division games. Henderson will likely sit this game out but should be ready the following week. At this point Tennessee has a two game lead on Houston with a victory against them. It would be crushing to the Texans if Tennessee could go full strength and sweep them. Looks like a solid week of practice for both back-up QB's and a new starter for this week 9 match up.

Duly Noted

On a week were Britt signs a long term deal and the offense was explosive in the first half, he did not have a single catch until the fourth quarter when he grabbed his only one of the day. Hats off to Charger corner Jason McCourty. It's the only reason I can come up with.
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Titans: Week 7

WEEK 7 Post-Game Report

In week seven the Titans faced a very good KC Chiefs team.
"Don't let their record fool you," Nissen stated in his Pre-Game press conference.

As the game started, it looked like the Titan offense might continue it's
struggles as they punted on their first couple drives and KC got out to a 3-0
lead after one. Just like someone flipped a switch in the second quarter,
the offense started clicking. CJ would find running the ball difficult all day but managed
96 yards and over 4 YPC on the day. The big turn around was QB Henderson and
his receivers. Chris hit 8 different receivers on the day with 4 TD's to
4 seperate players. Kenny Britt led the way with 9 catches for a buck twenty five and a score.

The other big story this season with the Titans is the defense. They have been
playing Lights Out to this point. This defense is currently leading the league in
INT's and Takeaway's, 7th in sacks and holding opposing QB's to a dismal 41.0
passer rating with only 4 TD's to 15 INT's. They are ranked #1 in Total Defense, Rush Defense
and Points Allowed while sitting a 5th overall against the pass.

As we stated last week, if this defense continues this high level of play and the
offense can get it going consistantly, this team will be tough to beat.

They will have to depend on the offense and defense to keep it rolling if they want to expand
on last seasons 6-0 start. Coming into town the next 2 weeks are the 5-1 Chargers
and division foe, Houston. These 2 games are huge! With Houston playing catch up this season,
the Titans must remain focused. As it sits right now the Titans are up 2 games in the loss column over
the Texans and beat them in week 2. That said, the Texans are also the only
team to put up more than 16 points on Tennessee this season.

San Diego is where the focus is this week though. This Chargers team is leading their division and are very good
on both sides of the ball. Containing Mathews will be a test that many have
failed to this point this year and they have very big wide outs. Should make for
a great game this week.

We will have all the highlights of this game and interviews with
WR Kenny Britt and GM Nissen on the topic of recent trade rumors, so stay tuned Titan fans!
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Titans: Week 6

WEEK 6 Post-Game Report

Week 6 had your Titans travelling to Cincinnati to take on a very good Bengals team.

GM Nissen is at ther podium so let's listen in.

Reporter: Are you happy with your teams performance today?

Nissen: "Am I happy with how we played today? Not really, no. Our defense and a solid running game won that game.
The defense came out on fire, plain and simple. I think we only recorded two sacks but the
defense was in Palmers face all day long which was causing bad throws on his part
and INT's in our favor."

Reporter: You are at 5-0 at the moment. You must be pleased with that?

Nissen: I am pleased with the record. This game was huge and we struggled
on offense again. Keep in mind that we caught two very good teams,
the Giants and Patriots, when were pretty beaten up at the time.
I am proud that we have played well enough against a couple of the best
teams in the AFC, Houston and Cinci, but we need to get the offense figured out."

Reporter: Did you gameplan to stop Ronnie Brown?

Nissen: "I don't know if you can gameplan for that guy. We held him in
check all night and he still managed to score two touchdowns.
The guy is rediculous! And I mean that in a good way."

Reporter: There were rumors this past week that you were in trade talks
with a couple other teams.
Is there a trade on the horizon?

Nissen: Yes, we talked with one team earlier in the week about a possible trade
but it never amounted to anything more than talk. We also received a couple
offers as well but we will NOT be making any moves at this point.
If we can play that bad and still play that good, I'm not going to change anything.
If we get this offense clicking with the defense playing the way it has we will be tough to stop.

Look! That Bengals team we played out there is a much better team than
they showed today. I know. I gameplanned for 2 weeks for them
and expected a dog fight. They just happened to struggle more than we did."

We're going to leave the PC for now. You heard GM Nissen say that he is not very
happy with how his offense has been playing and says this team can only get better.
Also, despite what the GM just said, rumors are out there that Britt and
team management are having a hard time reaching an agreement on a
contract extension. Therefore making the trade rumors somewhat believable.

Say it Ain't so!

The Titans will try and match last seasons 6-0 start next week when
they start a 5 game homestand against the K.C. Chiefs.

Till next time!
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Titans: Week 2 Play by Play

"Welcome to your Tennessee Titans Radio Broadcast for this week two
road match-up against division rival Houston. This game should be a
good one as the up and comers known as the Titans battle the team that
swept them during the regular season last year.

Here we go!!"

Titans receive. Start on own 18. Run for 14. Run for 4. Run for 1. Pass for 3. Punt.

Texans from own 17. Run for no gain. Pass for 17. Incomplete. Pass to Titans 49. Run for 9. Picked off by Verner.

Titans from Texans 43. Run for 4. Pass to Texans 23. Run for -1. 24 TD pass to Britt.

7-0 Titans

Texans fumble return at own 41.

Titans from 41. Run for 3. Hall gets a tipped ball for an INT.

Texans from own 34. Run for 1. Run for 1. Incomplete. Punt.

Titans from own 20. Pass for 5. Pass to 40. Run for 8. Run fpr 6. Run for 4. Pass to Texans 29. End of 1st. Run for 4. Incomplete. Incomplete. FG is good.

10-0 Titans

Texans from own 21. Run for 3. Run for 1. Pass to the Titans 49. Run for 14. Run for 6. Sacked. Pass for 1st. Incomplete. Pass to 5. Run, TD.

10-7 Titans

Titans from 26. Pass to 41. Run to Texans 44. Run for 1. Pass to 33. Run for no gain. Off sides defense. Run to 20. Pass to 6. Run for 2. Incomplete. Run for -4. 2:00 Warning. FG is good.

13-7 Titans

Texans from 25. Incomplete. Finnegan with a Pick-6.

20-7 Titans

Texans from 19. Pass to 34. Finnegan with another INT.

Titans from Texans 44. Incomplete. Pass to 20. Pass for 5. Incomplete. Sacked. FG isgood with :48 left.

23-7 Titans

Texans From 20. Pass for 5. Incomplete. Hit as he throws and still completes it to Titans 37. Pass to 17. Pass for TD. (f'n madden!)

23-14 Titans

Golden Tate answers with a Kickoff return for TD with :6 left.

30-14 Titans

Texans from own 41.


Texans from 31. Run for 13. Run for 3. (Titans lose LE Barwin.) Incomplete. Long pass to Titans 19. Run for 1. Run for 1. Incomplete. FG is good.

30-17 Titans

Titans from 19. Incomplete. Pass to 40. Incomplete. Incomplete. Pass for 10. Pass for 9. Pass to 5. TD pass to Cook.

37-17 Titans

Texans from 22. Run for no gain. Incomplete. Incomplete. Punt.

Titans from 41. Incomplete. Incomplete. Incomplete. Punt.

Texans from 25. Run for -2. Sacked. Pass for 1st. Run for 9. Incomplete. Run for 1st. Run for 8. Pass to 12. HB fumbles. Titans recover on the 1.

Titans from the 1. Run for 9. Run for 2. Pass for 9. End of 3rd. Pass to Texans 31. Run for 2. Henderson hit as he throws, Hall with INT #2.

Texans from 26. Run for 15. Incomplete. Pass to 17. Run for 2. Run for -1. Pass to 13. Go for it on 4th down, pass to 1. Pass for TD.

37-24 Titans

Titans from 18. Incomplete. Pass for 3. Sacked. Punt.

Texans from own 35. Run for 1. Pass to Titans 32. Run for 6. Incomplete. Incomplete. Another 4th down conversion. Run for no gain. Run for -2. 4th and 3. UNREAL Pass for TD.

37-31 Titans.
2:14 left

Titans from 16. Run for 2. 2 Minute Warning.Run for 3. False Start. Run for 2. Punt. LMFAO!

Texans from own 37. Pass for 7. Pass for 7. Incomplete. Incomplete. Pass to 34. Incomplete. Schaub hurt shoulder. Incomplete. Pass for 1. FINALLY! A 4th down conversion failed with :44 secs.

Titans from 34. Knee. Knee.

Titans 37-31

"Tennessee finally gets a regular season victory in Houston, but it came
with a price as LE Conner Barwin seems to be lost for most of the
remaining games for this season. The Titans have good depth on the
D-Line so we will have to wait and see if they decide to make a move to
replace Conner or ride it out.

Next up is Tennessee's home opener against the New York Giants.
See you then!"
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Titans: Week One

WEEK 1 Post-Game Report

After getting off to a fast start last season, the Titans wanted to do the same this year.
First game of the season had your Titans traveling into the division rival Indianapolis Colts house.

On the offensive side of the ball, the big three (Henderson, CJ2K and Britt) all had good games.
Britt was outdone by Brandon Tate who grabbed six balls for 110 yards and 2 Touchdowns.
CJ and Britt didn't get into the endzone but put up 96 and 95 yards respectively.
Henderson hit a nice 67% of his throws for 274 yards, 2 Touchdowns and no INT's.

On defense Tennessee was missing CB Webb who had broke his thumb in preseason
leaving CB's Verner and Jackson to pick up the slack. They played well
combining for 10 tackles and an INT. Both safeties, Murphy and Sands
also stepped up also with a combined 10 tackles and an INT each.

With the team playing well on both sides of the ball the Titans
were able to get out of Indy with a 20-6 victory.

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Titans Pre-Season - Weeks Three & Four

PS Week 3

Tennessee found themselves on the road in Seattle for the third week of the Pre-Season. The Titans defense jumped all over Seattle's young QB, Ricky Stanzi, intercepting him on each of the Seahawks first 4 drives and 5 times overall. SS Robert Sands got the ball rolling with the first INT on Seattle's opening drive. FS Patrick Murphy grabbed number two on the very next drive. Sands would end the day with two INT's and CB's Kareem Jackson and Lardarious Webb each got in on the action as well.

With all of those turnovers one would think the Titans should have blown them out but that Seahawk defense stood tough all afternoon and only allowed 16 points. In the end that was enough to get win number three but mainly because Seattle's offense could not keep the ball long enough to put up anymore than 6 points.

Final: 16-6 Titans

More Important: CB Webb broke his thumb on a late 4th quarter special teams play and will miss the season opener. WR Ronald Johnson strained his shoulder and will not see the field until week three or so.


PS Week 4

Back home to Tennesse in week four to face the Jets. Trent Edwards conitinued his hot pre-season play and came out firing bullets and touchdowns. He finished the first half 16 of 25 for 194 yards and 3 touchdowns with a passer rating of 127.3 and a 24-0 lead.

Trent was a nice pick-up and his excellent play has most likely secured the number two QB spot. If fans remember last pre-season it was QB Mike Kafka that was lighting things up. Now Tennessee feels they have two very capable backups in their stable for many seasons to come.

24 was all the Titans would end up scoring that day and the Jets managed two second half touchdowns but the Titans would close out this Pre-Season with a 4-0 record and, luckily, no serious or long term injuries.

Final: 24-14 Titans

More Important: No New Injuries.

Week one of the regular season is right around the corner. Fans have waited a long time for this season and are very excited once again. Titans open up with 2 road games against division rivals, Indy and Houston.

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Titans Pre-Season - Weeks One & Two

PS Week 1

Tennessee traveled to division foe, Houston, for their first game of the year. Pro Bowl kick returner, Golden Tate, nearly took the opening kickoff all the way for a TD but was caught at Houston's 40. Titans ended up settling for a FG on that possession but the score would quickly be 10-0 when CB Lardarious Webb snatched a late throw from Terence Bennett and ran it in for a TD.

Trent Edwards started the first half and was on fire the whole time completing 80% of his passes, 2 of which were TD's to Kenny Britt and Ronald Johnson. Titans rolled up a 27-6 halftime score and coasted from there. Houston made a charge in the 4th but could not overcome the deficit.

Final: 33-20

More Important: No Injuries.


PS Week 2

This reporter did not see this game but by looking at the box score I can see that Trent Edwards cooled off a little (how could he not?) but still managed a touchdown pass to newly acquired Mario Manningham. Golden Tate made it all the way on a kickoff return in this one and got his TD. The score at halftime was close, with the Titans holding a 17-14 advantage.

Chris Henderson, Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt appeared to take control of the game from that point on, putting up 24 points. Britt ended the day with 126 yards and a touchdown while CJ2K only managed 67 yards but found the endzone twice.

Final: 41-21 Titans

More Important: No Injuries.

Stay tuned for weeks 3 and 4 recaps and a look at who made and didn't
make the final roster cuts before the season gets under way.

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Tennessee Pre-Season

Titans Pre-Season Roster Set

After a long and sometimes frustrating off-season, your Titans have come to what will be the roster for pre-season. With new rules in place, there is a chance that some of the faces currently on the roster may not make it to the regular season roster.

As stated in our Training Camp Press Conference, we lost a few guys that we would have rather were still on this roster, but this is how things are with salary caps and you just fill the holes with the best you can.

So, here are our predicted starters:


QB - Chris Henderson
HB - Chris Johnson
FB - Jacob Hester
WR1 - Kenny Britt
WR2 - Brandon Tate
TE - Jared Cook
LT - David Stewart
LG - Marshal Yanda
C - Jeff Faine *
RG - Harvey Dahl *
RT - Michael Roos

LE - Conner Barwin
RE - Ryan McBean *
DT1 - Tommie Harris *
DT2 - Isaac Sopoaga *
LOLB - Gerald McRath +
MLB - Larry English
ROLB - Brooks Reed +
FS - Patrick Murphy
SS - Robert Sands
CB1 - Cortland Finnegan
CB2 - Lardarius Webb

* = New Starter
+ = New Position

And, because we don't see enough of each other, week 1 of the pre-season
has the Titans traveling to Houston. This is tricky because you want to get
your team playing together for rhythm and timing, but playing a
divisional foe makes you not want to show too much. In the end, our roster
is pretty close to the same as last season so I don't think we will surprise
this well run organization.

That is about all we have to report at this time.
Our next issue will most likely be after the Pre-season as we will wrap
that up and look ahead to week 1 of the regular season.

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Titans 2013 Training Camp Issue

Titans Off Season

An In-Depth Look At Personnel
Losses And Gains

First, A Look At Changes
On Defense

DE Derrick Morgan is probably the biggest piece missing from the teams roster this off-season. Drafted 16th overall by Tennessee in the 2010 draft Morgan quickly became a fan favorite and a player that demanded attention from opposing offenses. After a down season last year and the Titans looking to revamp the inside of the line for the upcoming season, GM Nissen announced a trade with the Chargers.

Morgan Heads To S.D.

Tennessee sent Morgan and next seasons 5th round pick to San Diego for All Pro DT Tommie Harris plus the Chargers 3rd and 6th round picks next year. Harris joins the middle of the Titans defensive line which has seen Tennessee lose 2 starters and a backup at this position during this off-season. One due to age and a possible retirement. One was a cap casualty and the third was just a decision made by management, stating they were trying to improve, not remain even or decline in production.

Harris Happily Joins Titans

Casey Hampton joined the Titans in week seven of the 2012 season and helped propel this young team deep into the playoffs. At 35 years old, Hampton was unsure if he was going to play another season and if he did he would not have fit into the Titans tight salary cap. Hampton was essentially let go and we wish him the best with whatever he decides to do with his future.

Hampton Hits FA

Randy Starks played well for the Titans in 2012 finishing the regular season with 37 tackles and four sacks. He is another Defensive Tackle that only made it one season with the team as he was released strictly in a cap move. So now, with the Titans sending both starting defensive tackles packing, they knew they needed to somehow improve these positions for less money. Tommie Harris was a very big step in accomplishing that goal but one more was needed. Or was it? Drake Nevis, drafted late 3rd round in 2011 has been chomping at the bit to get his shot.

Starks Also Out

With Hampton and Starks gone and Harris filling one void the Titans wanted another solid veteran to fill the middle. Enter Isaac Sopoaga. Tennessee made a deal with the St. Louis Rams, sending the 31st pick in the 4th round of this years draft and a future 4th rounder for the 317 pound veteran and the Rams future 5th round pick. Sopoaga alongside Harris should prove to be disruptive to both run and passing games of opponents.

Sopoaga Joins Harris In Middle

That leaves LE Conner Barwin as the only remaining starter from last seasons defensive line. Barwin split time with William Hayes as he is versatile enough to play outside linebacker whenever the team wants to set up in a 3-4 defense. He is as disruptive to opposing quarterbacks as a DE as he is to running backs and tight ends as an outside linebacker. As we said earlier, we do not know the teams plans for the other DE spot. As far as we know right, Tommie Harris might fill that spot. but that seems a stretch and just a guess.

The Secondary See's Only One Loss

Veteran cornerback Terrell Thomas was another cap casualty this offseason. After trading away this years first round pick to Tampa Bay for Ladarious Webb, Thomas knew that his days were probably numbered. His salary coupled with the fact that youngsters Verner and Jackson were progressing nicely under Finnegan's leadership led to him getting his walking papers. At only 28 we have no doubt he will find a new home and also wish him well wherever he lands.

Thomas Shown The Door

Also added to the loss column for the defense this offseason were defensive tackle Ron Brace, 2011 5th round pick MLB Jeremy Beal and, as mentioned above, DE Gerald Hayes. That's seven losses and only two gains on this side of the ball. While this seems a little one-sided, keep in mind that we had a very deep roster last season and most never saw any playing time except for special teams. And while the Titans will find no starting caliber players in the draft this season they do own three 6th round picks and three 7th round picks where they plan to find some depth and special teams players.

What About The Offense?

Tennessee lost two starters on the Offensive Line this offseason. First, Center Eugene Amano and the Titans could not come to an agreement on a contract for him to finish his career in Tennessee, so he was released into Free Agency. This was another move to try and improve a position and pay less for that improvement.

Center Amano....Out

The other loss on the Offensive Line was veteran Left Guard Jake Scott. Scott has been a force on the Titans line for several seasons but, as with Amano, contract negotiations broke down and the team decided their time together has come to an end. These two guys are a huge loss to this team as they would be to any so management went right to work to try and fill these holes.

RG Scott Also Out

Also released from the offensive side of the ball was Wide Receiver Nate Washington. Nate played mostly in the slot position last season and had one of his best years as a Titan. But being tight against the cap and Washington wanting another one year deal worth over $5 million Tennessee decided it was time to move on and let Nate search for a team he can finish out his career with.

Washington Too Expensive

With three major contributors gone on the offensive side of the ball GM Nissen immediately went on the hunt to try and fill those spots. In his search he came knocking on the door of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he was happy to find they had two positions he needed. The two teams quickly reached an agreement. Tennessee would send the 31st pick in the 2nd round and the 20th pick in the fourth. Tampa Bay sends back to the Titans Center Jeff Faine and WR Mario Manningham. Faine is much more athletic and quicker than Amano and also a better pass blocker with a cheaper contract. While he might only be a one year fix, Nissen was glad to have him on board.

Faine Fills Middle

Manningham, for the most part, is very comparable to Nate Washington while being three years younger. He also has four seasons left on his contract which, for this season, is half of what Washington's would've been had the Titans resigned him. Mario is a great addition and will battle Golden Tate for both the slot receiver position and kick return duties.

Mario Comes To Town

Happy with his deal with Tampa Bay Nissen then went on a search for a solid Guard to replace Jake Scott. After many phone calls to several GM's and coming away empty either because the price of a player was to expensive to either trade for or to own the Titans GM was convinced he was going to have to settle for someone in free agency. Until, that is, Seattle suddenly awakened and had a nice Guard on their block at a reasonable price. Harvey Dahl was not on their block long as Nissen sent an offer as soon as he seen it. Tennessee sent the 31st pick in the 4th round to earn the rights to Dahl. He is a slight drop-off from Scott...very slight and comes about $2million cheaper.

Dahl Joins Titans O-Line

Titans Fill More Spots

Tennessee, as mentioned earlier, has no plans to be involved much in this seasons draft other than some late roster fillers. They did use some of their limited cap to bring in three Pre-Draft Free Agents.

First, needing to fill the void left by RE Morgan, the Titans acquired RE Ryan McBean and LE Cory Redding. Neither are anywhere near Morgan's caliber but between them and maybe Harris playing outside here and there we think they will be just fine.

Another big hole that needed filling was the Kicker position. Tennessee snagged Free Agent Jay Feely from the pool. Jay is one of the oldest players in the league but still believed to have some juice left in the tank. How much remains to be seen but with these three pick-ups the Titans are very close to ready for Pre-Season. While the rest of the league polishes all their shiny new toys, (rookies) Tennessee has seen a lot less changes than most and after last season they are of the mindset that If it isn't broke, don't fix it.

The Rookies

The Titans only had five picks in this seasons draft. Three sixth rounders and two seventh. With the roster pretty much set as far as starting spots go Tennessee will try and make the most out of what little they have. "Diamonds are rare," GM Nissen said in a pre-draft interview, "maybe we can find one....or five!"

Out of Florida State the Titans chose, with their first pick in the draft, CB Mike Harris. Harris will likely spend a couple seasons on special teams but will be put up against Verner and Jackson this pre-season, giving him a fair shot at a nickel or dime spot. He will be mentored by Cortland Finnegan in the hopes that he will, with some hard work and speed training, one day be able to move his way up the depth chart. Scouting reports of this 23 year old used such words and phrases as "extremely aggressive, stout, feisty, will engage WRs, shed blocks, and quality gunner." The Titans welcome a player so talented on special teams and look forward to helping this kid in his early career.

Center Graham Pocic will take up position behind current starter Jeff Faine who we believe will be up to speed and able to mentor this 6'5" center out of Illinois. Pocic was contemplating remaing in college for another season and after all the other "big name" OT's declared, Pocic became one of the hottest guys in the USA, getting offers from U-M and the likes of Miami, Florida, FSU and Tennessee. Eventually he decided he wanted a shot at the GZL and now that he was drafted he will have to prove himself worthy of a roster spot at this level.

Hurst was also drafted to be mentored. RT Michael Roos will take this youngster under his wing and get him up to speed. This kid is big at 6'6", 340lbs. He seems devoted to hit the weight room hard and focus on getting better in the running game. In his career at LSU he was a proven hard worker and team leader which earned him the Alvin Roy Fourth Quarter Award for outstanding offseason workouts three straight years. Titans are counting on that from this kid.

Nortman will likely sit behind and learn from veteran Punter Josh Bidwell. With Bidwell at 37 years of age the Titans will clearly need to groom someone to take over soon. This young kicker ranks third in Badger history with career punting average of 42.1 yards per punt and sits fourth in UW history with 8,383 career punting yards. With a little grooming this kid should be alright in the GZL.

This All-WAC guard will have his hands full trying to make this roster. Tennessee had someone else penciled in for their last pick, but that player was picked one pick ahead of them and sent them scrambling to figure out who to take. He will have to battle current guards Antoine Caldwell, a Free Agent pick up, and Stephen Williams who has been working hard the last two seasons to earn his spot as a back-up.

Players Battle For Playing Time

In the secondary we don't expect Webb to lose his starting spot but all indications are he will battle with Verner and Jackson for the number two and nickel spots. Verner stepped up last season when he was called upon and would seem the likely candidate for the nickel but Jackson is as hungry as him so this battle should be a good one.

With Manningham coming in he will pressure Brandon Tate to line up next to Britt but more likely will come down to a battle with Golden Tate for the slot position. Mario has also stated his desire to return kicks as well and said "I'm here to do whatever I can to make this team better."

TE, once again, seems to be Jared Cooks to lose. After a season ending injury last year Miller stepped in and played well so all eyes will be on this battle as well. Third sting TE Jeff Cumberland seems to still have troubles learning all of the schemes this GM throws at him, but in his defense, he did hold his own after Cook went down and played more than was expected.

At the RE position, McBean and Redding will battle it out heavily for a starting spot on this roster. Coaches plan to throw Tommie Harris in the mix as well to get these guys to step up as much as possible.


Training Camp opens shortly for everyone and the team morale is very high right now. While losing the AFC Title game was a real downer for this team, they remembered that only one season earlier they finished with a dismal 1-15 record. Turning a team around in one off-season is something dreams are made of, but they did it and now want to continue to build on it.

It won't be long and the Pre Season will be under way and players and fans can finally put the offseason behind them.


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Titans Offseason: A Look Forward

Tennessee Looks to Build on Success.
But How?

There is a cost for success and the cost for Tennessee this offseason
was draft picks. In a mid-season move the Titans traded away their 1st
and 3rd for CB Lardarius Webb and two 4th round picks. This trade
ended up being pretty good when you look at how deep into the playoffs
they went, driving those picks down to 29th in each round. Considering
Tennessee will likely not lose much, if any, of their starters and the fact
that they will be regaining almost $6 million from cap penalties they
should be sitting in a pretty good spot to fill a couple voids in Free

The Titans still hold their 2nd round pick at the moment. Sources around
the Front Office have stated that the pick is currently involved in trade
talks but would not be specific as to with who or for who. If traded, that
leaves them with three 4th rounders and a 5th, 6th and 7th. GM Nissen
has had pretty good success in the past finding solid players late in drafts
who can come in and contribute in their back-up or special teams roles.

Nissen has also expressed interest in trading multiple picks to a team
more in need of depth to maybe move up to an early 3rd round position.
"We haven't really put that out their as public knowledge'" Nissen stated,
" but we have discussed it with a team or two."

Looking Ahead

So, what do we know will happen this off-season? On the O-Line, Center
Amano and RG Jake Scott both have expiring contracts. Sources tell us
that the team is in negotiations with one of them. With 2011's 3rd
(Stephen Williams) and 4th (Orlando Franklin) round picks progressing
we can only assume we may see one of these guy getting a chance to
start this off-season. If they don't prove themselves worthy by this point,
we think it's safe to assume they will be in back-up roles the rest of their
time in Tennessee.

Fan favorite, OLB Gerald McRath, status is unclear at this point. According
to sources negotiations are having a hard time getting any traction but
Nissen stated that Gerald "WILL be a big part of this teams future unless
someone wants to pay for him via draft picks."

RE Derrick Morgan finds himself in the same situation as McRath and will
likely return to his position for several years to come. "We can not and
will not just allow players of Morgan and McRath's talent to just walk
away. They will remain or be traded for something as useful as

And then there is CB Lardarius Webb. As stated earlier, the team has
already proven their interest in him long term considering what they
gave up for him. We fully expect him to stay in the secondary for the
next 3-5 seasons.

Other notables with expiring contracts include CB Glover Quin. He was
brought in last off-season for a 6th round pick to add depth to special
teams but spent most of last season sidelined with injury. Safe to say he
will not be returning. WR Nate Washington was a key contributor as the
slot receiver last season. He was re-signed last year to a lucrative 1 year
deal and will probably not return unless he takes a pay cut to finish his
career as a Titan. LE William Hayes, like Washington, was also resigned
last off-season to a 1 year deal and played extremely well in spot duty
but the team can not justify that kind of money for a non-starter. DT
Casey Hampton will not return and has once again tossed around
retirement. "I wanted one more shot to get to the big dance and
Tennessee gave that to me. We fell a game short but it was a great ride!"

Off-Season Needs?

At this point we can only guess what might happen with the players
mentioned above as well as what this team will actually need. This
reporter thinks with Hampton on the outs at DT, the team will turn to
youngsters Nevis and Brace to help Starks shore up the middle of the
D-Line. If not, we could see Tennessee make a move for a Pro-Bowl type
DT. Same with the O-Line. If the teams current youngsters can not fill
the one or two voids there, the Titans will likely look for solid vets to fill
those roles. That leaves a slot receiver, Kicker and Punter being the only
remaining gaps to be filled.

Trade Talks

As mentioned earlier, the Titans 2nd round pick seems to be in
negotiations already. Most GM's in this league know by now that Nissen
loves to trade and we fully expect him to do the unexpected at any time.

Nissen has stated that the team has already received a lot of interest, as
usual, in WR Kenny Britt. The problem seems to be what other teams
want to offer. Simply put by Nissen, "If you want a Wide out of his
caliber, then make an offer that could actually justify us moving him! He
has no desire to be traded and we have no desire to trade him. That
said, if someone wants him that bad, they're going to have to come with
an offer that would make us want to trade him."

That is all we have for now Titans fans. Stay tuned as the off-season gets
rolling and things happen quickly. We'll talk soon!

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Young Titans Fall to Experienced Steelers

Titans Season Ends With AFC Championship Game

Cinderella Story Ends 1 Game Shy

After a pathetic 1-15 record last season the Tennessee Titans, under new management, pretty much completely flipped their roster last off-season and finished this season with an appearance in the AFC Title game. Their regular season record was 10-6 and GM Nissen said he felt the team "...left 2 or 3 games on the table." Pointing at a road game in Indy where the defense racked up 8 sacks and 2 turnovers only to have young QB Henderson throw 3 crucial INT's down the stretch and losing by 3 points. 2 weeks after that it was pretty much the same story when the Titans were holding a six point lead in the 4th quarter when Henderson threw 2 more INT's and ended up dropping that game by 1 point. The third game was at Seattle, "...we clearly don't know how week 17 would've ended if we had played all of our starters but losing a road game by a 4th quarter TD with most of our backups in showed we have some depth on this roster. I feel we could have put up 12 or 13 wins," Nissen went on to say, "but it is what it is and I'm very proud of everyone on this roster."

Team Hands Out Season Awards

Offensive Player of the Year was a very tough decision. You had:

HB Chris Johnson: Rushing for over 1500 yards and 10 TD's while missing more than 2 games.
QB Chris Henderson: Passed for 3557 yards and 29 TD's in only his 2nd season
WR Kenny Britt: Made the Pro Bowl with 1302 receiving yards and 9 TD's.

In the end we decided: Chris Johnson - Offensive Player of the Year

Defensive Player of the Year goes to MLB Larry English! Larry anchored this defense with 107 tackles, 1 sack and 2 INT's.


After the teams loss to Pittsburgh that ended their season, management made their first off-season move by restructuring WR Brandon Tate's contract giving him a 7 year deal. "Brandon was huge for us this season and brings a great attitude with him everywhere he goes from the locker room to practice and especially on game day!" Nissen went on to say, "We had to lock up one of our valuable players before the Super Bowl and, in the end, Brandon was our guy."

Stay tuned for another exciting off-season!

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Titans put the WILD in Wildcard

Titans Show No Quit!!

Welcome to the Playoffs Tennessee!!

Wilcard weekend proved to be pretty wild in all four games with the home teams losing every one of them.

As for your Titans, they pretty much knew that Denver was going to come out throwing in their house. Even with that knowledge and a solid week of practice, the Broncos shocked Tennessee with the ease at which they were throwing to start the game.

Kyle Orton was on fire from the start hitting just about every pass he threw. Already up by 7, Orton on 2nd and 13 found Gates on the left side. Finnegan went for the pick and missed allowing Gates to go 83 yards for a 14-0 lead early 2nd quarter. The Titans could not do anything offensively and follow that big play up with another 3 and out. On Denvers next possession Orton coninued hitting just about every target he threw to marching down the field and capping an 8 play drive off with a 7 yard pass to Demaryius Thomas putting them up 21-0. Tennessee fans thought this was surely the end of their season. Titan players were not ready to quit though and started to show a little life late in the half.

Second year QB Chris Henderson showed the composure of a battle tested veteren and didn't get rattled with the deficit on the road in a big game. He stood strong in the pocket under heavy pressure at times and started making some solid completions to rally the team back into the game, started off by a 29 yard TD pass to FB Hester. The defense finally got going as well forcing Denver into some 3 and outs. Henderson and B. Tate started connecting and the Titans added 2 more FG's before the half, including a 51 yarder from Mare who is not known for his leg strength. Denver wasn't done, however, and drove down the field into FG range. OLB Reed intercepted Orton to end that drive and maybe turning momentum for the rest of the game. Going into the locker room with the score 21-13 at the half, Tennessee was feeling more confident and felt they could still pull a victory out.

Titans came out in the second half on a mission. On their opening drive they continued to hammer C. Johnson at the defensive front 7, but it was Henderson connecting on a long pass to Tate that would get them down the field into Bronco territory. He then capped the 7 play drive off with a 31 yard strike to Britt. C.J. pounded the 2 point conversion in tying the game up.

After giving up nearly 300 passing yards and 3 TD's to Orton and company in the first half, Titans defense picked it up pressuring Orton everytime he dropped back only allowing a little over 100 passing yards and only one FG in the second half. LE Conner Barwin was relentless with pressure sacking Orton 3 times in the second half.

By the time the 3rd quarter was over, the score was 24-21 Broncos. LE Conner Barwin was on a tear in the 2nd half with 3 sacks and looking for more. The Titans got the offense and defense working and once again tying the game at 24 with 5:34 left in the game. Devner then drove to mid-field where on a 3rd and 1, SS Sands came on a blitz and crushed Orton forcing a punt with 2:12 remaining. Henderson put the team on his shoulders and connected on a long pass to Britt getting them to the Broncos 39. On the very next play he found Brandon Tate on a streak to put the Titans up by 7 with 1:07 left in the game. Broncos fumble the following kickoff, but jump right back on it to keep possession. From their own 30, Orton finds TE Kyle Rudolph for a 33 yard strike to Tennessee's 37. Then, on 2nd down he finds WR Demaryius Thomas for 12 to the 25. Clock running at 34 seconds. Orton to Rudolph for 8 and their first timeout with 30 seconds left. He finds Gates for 10 to the 8 yardline. Second timeout used with 26 seconds left. 1st and goal from the 8 and DT Hampton gets through for a sack. Broncos use their last timeout with 19 seconds left. 2nd and goal from the 14, Orton finds Rudolph again at the 1 yardline. Broncos hurry to the line and Orton spikes the ball, making it 4th and goal from the one with 7 seconds left. Broncos snap the ball, Orton goes with a play action fake, fires to the right side back corner, looking for WR Demaryius Thomas again, but this time it was Titans corner Terrell Thomas making the play and knocking the ball down giving the Titans thier first playoff victory in the GZL.

"What a game this turned out to be! "GM Nissen said as he walked off the field, "After the start we got off too, I am so proud of everyone on this team for not quitting. And Chris (Henderson) has come a long way in his short career. To stand in there facing a big deficit and a relentless pass rush and have the kind of game he had was impressive. He deserved the games MVP award!!"

The Titans will have to travel back to Houston for the Divisional round and try to figure out a way to beat the Texans after being swept by them in the regular season. Even with Schaub out, that team is still loaded with talent everywhere you look and will still give any team all they can handle. So....until next week, enjoy this victory Titan fans, but as Kenny Britt said after the game, "We are not done!!"

Congrats to the Broncos on a great season and their division championship!

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Titans Clinch Wildcard

Forum Discussion (by T_Nissen on 05/02/2012) Replies - 7 :: Views - 84
Titans Update

Titans Struggle With Injuries

After starting the season on fire, Tennessee has been slowed by some key injuries, lack of focus on defense and sophomore QB Henderson playing streaky at times. They are 2-4 over their last six and trying to fight through injury to hang onto a Wildcard spot with four games left. The only good thing this week for the Titans was the fact that all of the teams they are trying to stay ahead of also lost this week.

AFC Wild Card Race

Cincinnati holds onto one of those spots right now with a 9-3 record.

Tennessee holds the other at this time with an 8-4 record.

In The Hunt
Three teams sit at 6-6, only two games behind the Titans for the last Wildcard spot. Denver, New England and New York. The Titans have not played the Broncos this season, lost to the Patriots and beat the Jets. This race is going to come down to the wire if Tennessee cannot string together a few wins down the stretch and heat back up before the post-season.

Update from the medical staff

Chris Johnson seems to be ahead of schedule for returning after straining his quad against Cleveland. "I feel good. I think I could play today if they would let me but I need to make sure it's 100% and the staff releases me to play." Chris said after Tuesdays workouts.

CJ may be back sooner than thought."

Corteland Finnegan will miss a week after spraining his right elbow early in last weeks shootout with Miami. The injury is said not to be anything serious and he should be good to go in a week or so.

Finn to miss a week

Other Injuries
FS Patrick Murphy Murphy is listed as questionable for this weeks game and will be a gametime decision.

FS Robert Johnson With Murphy out and Johnson also getting hurt the team put Robert on Injured Reserve to make room for a FA pickup.

FS Jordan Babineaux Babineaux was picked up from the FA pool to come in a start with both other safeties being injured. Jordan himself then got hurt on the thrid defensive play of the game and missed the rest. Probably due to not being in game shape. He is expected to be fine for this weeks game if Murphy can't go.

TE Jared Cook Update on Cook is that he will miss the rest of the regular season after tearing a Pectoral muscle a few weeks ago. If the Titans make the playoffs he could possibly be ready to go by then.


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Titans Mid-Season Report

Titans 6-2 At Midseason

Tennessee came out of the gates on fire this season, starting with 6 straight victories. When we look at their schedule for the first half we see that 6 of those 8 games were on the road. They got through that stretch of road games with a 4-2 record. The problem is that those two road losses were both to division rivals. "Doesn't matter how good of a start you have if you cannot take care of business inside your own division!" GM Nissen grunted after being seriously frustrated after the loss to the Colts, a game the Titans clearly should have won. "We beat ourselves, plain and simple! You will not win many games in this league when you turn the ball over 4 times, especially on the road!"

Verner gets an INT in IND.

The other loss came the week prior to the Texans. Houston was picked by alot of experts to not only be the favorite in this division but in the AFC and maybe the league. The Titans were beaten soundly by Houston and GM Nissen has put the blame on himself for the most part. "To come out and lay an egg against this opponent was very discouraging and, quite honestly, somewhat surprising after what seemed to be such a good week of practice prior to this game." Nissen went on to say "We expected to be more competitive than we were. We obviously have more work to do."

Foster Runs Wild

Former Steeler Casey Hampton was lured out of possible retirement to come in and help shore up the middle of the Titans defensive line. Reports are that Hampton has signed a one year deal with Tennessee. "Casey will be a big part of this defense and brings more veteran leadership to the table." Nissen stated upon Hamptons arrival.

Hampton wants "one more shot."

In a trade with Tampa Bay, Lardarius Webb joins Tennessee's secondary. With the team sitting at 6-0 at the time, GM Nissen felt using it's future draft picks now was a better option than to sit back and ride with what they have. "I definitely feel that we can always improve ourselves and when you get off to a start like this I see no reason to not try and get better now. Lardarius was not happy in Tampa knowing he was going to lose his starting job when others came back from injury. He wanted to go somewhere he could contribute and have a shot at the Playoffs. Titans gave their 1st and 3rd for Webb and two 4th round picks.

Webb now a Titan

The second half of the season starts with a three game homestand led by a rematch against the struggling Jaguars. This team is still very dangerous despite their record and Tennessee can not afford any more losses inside the division. Sitting at 6-2 means little when it comes to winning the division right now. "Houston is on fire, beat us once and has a two game lead." Nissen said. Short of Houston being plagued by injuries down the stretch, the division seems to be a longshot now and the Titans must turn their focus on the Wildcard race for now. Either way they must win!

Mid Season Grades
GM - C
Coaching Staff - B-
Offense - C
Defense - A
Special Teams - B

I would like others input on these grades as I may be a little biased and/or pissed off. Smile

Special Thanks to Former GM Tim Miller for the help with the Code.

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Restless in Tennessee?

Titans Make Moves

Tennessee has gotten off to a start no one ever expected from them this season and GM Nissen has decided that he is willing to mortgage the future on this start and try to win the division and possibly go deep into the playoffs.

First, veteran DT Casey Hampton was claimed from Free Agency to help shore up the middle of the D-Line. "He's one of those older guys you just know has a little left in the tank." Nissen said after acquiring Hampton. "He will be a great addition on the line and add some depth which I am a big fan of in this league." Hampton played the last two seasons in Pittsburgh racking up 78 tackles and 13 sacks. "I just wanted one more shot," Hampton said, "with a team that was serious about getting to the playoffs." The 34 year old signed just a one year deal and says it will probably be his last.

Also, this news has broke just hours before the team kicks off against the San Francisco 49ers. Tennessee has completed a deal with the Tampa Bay Bucs that will bring CB Lardarius Webb to town. "As we stated before, if we want to make a run at this division and playoffs we feel that we needed to try and upgrade a couple of positions." Nissen stated. "We are not unhappy with Terrell Thomas one bit. He has been playing at a very high level to this point. The only knock would be his matching up against some speedy wide-outs we will see in the future. While he has played well against some very good receivers so far this season, Webb will give us a better option to match up when needed."

"As far as what we spent to complete this deal, it may have been a little over-priced but supply and demand dictate those prices. We are very happy to have Webb coming to town." The GM went on to say "Terrell is also fine with this deal. He loves the added competition and the fact that we are showing we will do what we can to better ourselves."

With that news swirling around everyone in the organization must stay focused on today's game as they try to remain undefeated against a 49ers team that is better than their record.

Hampton will suit up this week for the Titans, and Webb is already suited up for the Bucs today but will be in his new home and ready for next weeks divisional match-up against Houston.

That's the latest from Battlefield Stadium. See you after the game!

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Titans Report

Titans Head Into Bye Week

After starting the season with 4 of the first 5 games on the road Tennessee is sitting at 5-0 making them one of the biggest surprise teams in the league to this point.

The team is playing well in all 3 phases of the game. Defense has been lead by MLB English which is exactly why he was brought in this past offseason. As for the offense, Chris Johnson has to be the teams MVP at this point. But others are stepping up when opposing defenses keys on him, like Henderson, Britt, B.Tate and especially the O-Line which has only given up 2 sacks through the first 5 games. On special teams G. Tate has consistently given the team good starting field position and even sparked a come from behind victory against Jacksonville with a 100 yard kickoff return to start the 2nd half.

"I'm pleased with where we are at this point of the season," Coach Moore said, "but we have a long road ahead of us. I hate to see a Bye week when we are playing so well, but we will take full advantage of it by letting those little nagging aches and pains heal and get in some extra practice in for our home matchup against the Niners."

After the Bye week Tennessee will again start with 2 of it's first 3 games on the road, both of which are against division foes Houston and Indy. The good news is Titans fans will get a more personal look at their team in the second half of the season with a majority of games at home.

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Titans Report

Titans Head Into Bye Week

After starting the season with 4 of the first 5 games on the road Tennessee is sitting at 5-0 making them one of the biggest surprise teams in the league to this point.

The team is playing well in all 3 phases of the game. Defense has been lead by MLB English which is exactly why he was brought in this past offseason. As for the offense, Chris Johnson has to be the teams MVP at this point. But others are stepping up when opposing defenses keys on him, like Henderson, Britt, B.Tate and especially the O-Line which has only given up 2 sacks through the first 5 games. On special teams G. Tate has consistently given the team good starting field position and even sparked a come from behind victory against Jacksonville with a 100 yard kickoff return to start the 2nd half.

"I'm pleased with where we are at this point of the season," Coach Moore said, "but we have a long road ahead of us. I hate to see a Bye week when we are playing so well, but we will take full advantage of it by letting those little nagging aches and pains heal and get in some extra practice in for our home matchup against the Niners."

After the Bye week Tennessee will again start with 2 of it's first 3 games on the road, both of which are against division foes Houston and Indy. The good news is Titans fans will get a more personal look at their team in the second half of the season with a majority of games at home.

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Titans Week 1


The Titans kick off the 2012 season with a big win down in Glendale, Arizona. The team was up and down all afternoon. One drive the offense looked pretty good and the next it would sputter. The defense played very well until some injuries came about late in the game which seem to fluster them at first but managed to keep their heads and make some plays when they needed them.

Coach Moore at the Post Game Presser

I'll start with injuries. We lost three key players late in the game. First, KR/WR Golden Tate left the game in the fourth with an arm injury. He is fine and I don't see him missing any time. HB Deji Karim filled in for him at KR and proved he was very capable, taking his only return 98 yards for a late TD.

FS Patrick Murphy also left the game early in the fourth with a pinched nerve. He also is fine and will be ready to go for a good week of practice. He and SS Sands seem to have a fun little thing going on to see who outplays who which is fine with me if they are going to both play as well as they did.

And finally, OLB Gerald McRath. He sprained his elbow late in the game and may miss a week. We know he says he won't miss any time but we may let him rest for the teams homecoming game.

That's it for injuries, all in all we stayed pretty healthy. With the defense missing two key players late in the game, field general Larry English not only got the defense settled down, he came up with a huge INT.

Arizona is a very good team and I'm here to tell everyone, this Christian Ponder kid is the real deal. We focused on the run and wanted to put the ball in this rookies hands to beat us. Well...he almost did. Our DB's played well for the most part but I'm telling you this kid has deadly accuracy, some very nice targets and the composure under pressure to be big in this league. Terrell Thomas had a tall order keeping tabs on Larry Fitzgerald all day. He did well through three quarters and even had a pick-six in the 2nd quarter.

On the offensive side, the Cardinals pretty much changed what we originally intended on doing. Even though we were taken out of our gameplan for the most part, Chris Johnson and the offensive line took it upon themselves to dictate to the Cards defense what we were going to do. Johnson ran hard all day against a very stingy run defense but managed to squirt through some holes and break a couple big runs. QB Henderson was thought to be a little more active throwing the ball, but found that watching Johnson run was a whole lot of fun. He managed the game as well as could be expected, but don't expect him to be that type of QB all the time.

And special teams. I guess this was a wash. We gave up a kickoff return for a TD but also took one in for ourselves. We will have to work hard this week in sealing edges and containing return men as that is unacceptable to me.

Thank you.


As the coach said, the team almost fell apart late in the game but managed to hang on. Scoring TD's in all three phases of the game is huge and a very good sign of things to come for this young team.

Next up, the new-look Titans home debut in their newly named Battlefield Stadium. The Rams come to town with another potent offense, led by a very good young QB, and a solid defense. This should truly be a Battle.

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Titans Preseason

Preseason Finally Kicks Off
Henderson and other New Faces make Debut

Week 1 Summary

Proving the league has a strange sense of humor they scheduled Tennessee's first home game against the Cleveland Browns and QB Vince Young. Young was all but run out of town at the end of last season. "No one with any ties to this team wanted to see him EVER step on our field again." stated CB Finnegan. "Everyone on this team suffered when he gave up last year.

The Titans lined up their starting defense against Young "because" Coach Moore said, "a lot of these guys flat out wanted to get a chance at smacking him." And they did make Young's return very difficult sacking him three times and picking him off twice. And while Browns QB Dalton hit just about everything he threw at in the second half, Titan reserves picked him off once and sacked him two more times while keeping him out of the endzone as well.

Both newly acquired MLB's Larry English and rookie Mike Mohammed led the team with 9 tackles each in their own half of the game. SS Robert Sands also played well with his new team in his new position getting an INT in his debut.

On the offensive side of the ball, things weren't as good with Tennessee's backups getting the starting nod. Kafka completed only 3 of 14 passes for 33 yards and an INT while being sacked three times against most of the Browns starters.

Finally, Quarter three and the much awaited debut of QB Henderson. Titans staff was pretty conservative with his first appearance, but when it mattered he proved he was up to the task. With the game being very low scoring and Cleveland settling for their third FG of the game to put them up 9-3 with 50 seconds left, Henderson would get his chance to show fans he is the real deal. "We didn't want to put Chris into that kind of situation on his first day at work," Moore said, "but it turned out that way." Golden Tate took a squib kick back to Clevelands 48 where Henderson took over. Fans then seen something they haven't seen in a while....a QB with the will and desire to win. It only took two passes, both to TE Jared Cook, for Tennessee to snatch a win from the Browns. Henderson finished they day completing 60% of his passes including the game winning touchdown and no INT's.

Preseason Week One Score: Browns 9 - Titans 10

Week 2 Summary

Titan fans got a look at what will most likely be the starting lineup for their week two preseason matchup against division foe Houston. Titans Head Coach Tom Moore said he battled with himself all week on whether or not to let the starters, including Chris Johnson and Kenny Britt go at full speed, "but when it came down to it, we knew that Houston had taken some unfortunate injuries in their week one game and would most likely be reluctant to start their money men."

That seemed to be the case come game time and Moore let Henderson loose. Obviously not too concerned with the run game, Tennessee came out throwing early and often. Henderson threw for 309 yards and a TD in the first half. Chris Johnson managed a TD with his limited carries in this pass happy game plan. And Branden Tate had 6 catches for 207 yards and a TD. The TD came on an 83 yard bomb from Henderson that brought the whole stadium to their feet.

Back up QB Mike Kafka picked up in the second half where Henderson left off. He completed 15 of 17 passes for 149 yards and a TD to wideout Ronald Johnson.

The defense played well only giving up 3 points for the game. Houstons only TD came on the opening kickoff of the second half. Special Teams coach Danny Crossman was irate afterwards on the sideline. SS Sands get a mention again as he led the team with tackles. The defensive line racked up 5 sacks led by DE Derrick Morgan with 2 and corners Finnegan and Thomas each also contributed with an INT each.

While it felt good to see the team play so well, we know the Texans were starting reserves and the 2 upcoming regular season meetings will be a much different opponent. That said, confidence for this young team is a must and we will take what we can at this point.

Preseason Week Two Score: Texans 10 - Titans 36

Week 3 Summary
Titans vs. Bengals

Week 3 was once again all about the offense and how well Henderson handles it. Once again he stepped up and seems to be ready to get the season underway completing another 63% of his passes in a half of duty. Branden Tate continues to impress with another 110 yards and a TD and Kenny Britt also caught 5 balls for 105.

The battle for the #2 QB spot hasn't been much of one as Kafka conitinues to impress as well. 9 of 15 for 144 and 2 TD's and no INT's. We think it's safe to say he has that spot all to his own at this point.

Golden Tate got going on Special Teams with a 99 yard kickoff return for a TD. He has added a real spark in that role, as well as WR. Anytime you can get a guy like him to give your offense good field position, or even put points on the board, it's a plus for the whole team.

Defense saw the backups get alot of playing time and CB's Verner and Thomas each picked off Carson Palmer. Backup safeties Johnson and Amaya also continued to play well and seem to have nailed down their positions on this roster.

Preseason Week Three Score: Titans 24 - Bengals 29

Week 4 Summary

Some had scheduled week four on their calenders as Tennessee traveled to San Diego where Henderson, English and Sands all played last season. While English and Sands did see some action, Henderson was left on the sidelines with a clipboard for this game. "We felt he has nothing left to prove to us as a staff or his teammates." Coach Moore said, "Giving him a week to rest before the regular season started seemed the best move for everyone."

That said, the Chargers decided to start their starters for the whole game. QB Hill actually outplayed Kafka this week showing he can also play the position if needed. HB's Karim and Ridley struggled all day but kept putting their heads down and slamming the ball in there.

WR Nate Washington caught an 85yard bomb from Hill late in the game as the Titans tried to mount a comeback.

Defensively, CB's Thomas and Quin each picked off the #1 draft pick and never let him get into much of a rhythm. Quin, unfortunately broke his collar bone after his INT and will most likely miss most of the season. It is not clear if he will be put on IR at this point, but he did add some nice depth to that position.

Preseason Week Four Score: Titans 13 - Chargers 27

All things considered, things around this organization seem much more upbeat and positive since certain issues were dealt with at the end of last season.

Finishing 2-2 in preseason is not nearly as important as getting through it pretty healthy and upbeat. That goal was achieved.

The regular season kicks off this weekend and the Titans have a crazy tough schedule to start the year, being that 6 or their first 8 games are all on the road. Getting off to a good start is key and finishing this stretch above .500 is the goal. Might be tough to do with week one sending the Titans to Glendale, Arizona to face the Cardinals, who added an amazing young wideout to compliment Fitzgerald, but players and coaches seem confident to this point.

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Titans Review/Preview


Recapping 2011

2011 was a season most anyone associated with the franchise would just soon forget. After an 0-5 start the original GM just walked away. Bringing in a new GM for the remainder of the season didn't seem to help much as the team finished 1-10 under the new management. Vince Young and Head Coach Jeff Fischer seemed to be at each others throat on a daily basis leading to Young being benched late in the season and both being let go when it mercifully ended.

Running Back Chris Johnson and the Offensive Line stepped up their game after Youngs benching and are expected to continue improving in 2012. Kenny Britt was obviously disappointed in his season, a direct result of Youngs displeasure with the teams coaching staff. Team moral was dropping like a rock in the final quarter of the season, leaving what was a top ten defense at the midway point a shell of it's former self.

Saying Goodbye to Some....
Many familiar faces were let go at seasons end but none were really "impact" players. The list included:
QB Vince Young - Now with Cleveland
WR's Mariani and Hawkins
OLB Will Witherspoon
SS Antrel Rolle

Welcome Back to a Few....
Despite a horrible showing last year, the Titans decided to retain a few players who were expected to hit Free Agency like:
LE William Hayes
RG Jake Scott
TE Jared Cook
FB Jacob Hester

And PLEASE HELP US to New Faces.
QB Christopher Henderson - trade
WR/KR Golden Tate - trade
RG Marshal Yanda - free agency
LE Conner Barwin - trade
DT Randy Starks - free agency
LB Larry English - trade
LB Mike Mohammed - draft
S Robert Sands - trade
Among many others.

What some viewed as aggressive by GM Nissen, he turned the second overall pick in the draft into three young starters for Tennessee. In fact the team traded all but two of their draft picks for players, except a late third round pick and a seventh.

With their third rounder Tennessee got a better than expected player in MLB Mike Mohammed. With some training and hard work he could be challenging for a starting spot on the roster. The seventh round pick was an outside linebacker and, at the time of this report, we are not sure he will make the roster.


Fans Lineup to See Their New Roster
as Camp Opens

Fans are excited to see the team did not sit on their hands this offseason and actually went out and made some things happen. Bringing in what seems to be a long term, franchise QB was at the top of every fans wishlist.

Henderson taking snaps with new team and number.

Britt gets acquainted with his new gunslinger.

Branden Tate, Nate Washington and Golden Tate are also getting familiar with Henderson and have been working almost daily since the day he arrived.

Chris Johnson and Henderson have both been working hard with the training staff to get themselves in better physical shape to avoid nagging injuries this upcoming season.

Camp Battles

WR has last seasons late acquisition, Branden Tate, battling with veteren Nate Washington who finished last season on IR for the number 2 spot. Golden Tate and Ronald Johnson will be making some noise for the slot position as well.

Guard spots are up in the air as well with Jake Scott returning and Yanda and Wharton joing the team this offseason. Some say Whartons contract might cost him a roster spot.

DT is another hot spot in camp. Nevis and Brace finished last season playing side by side but Ex Dolphin Randy Starks was brought in to make this a three way battle for two starting spots.

It won't be hard to improve on last seasons record, but that is not the goal this upcoming season. Fans want the division and Playoffs. Others would be happy with 8-8 for a start during this rebuilding project.

Updated Roster Moves before Preseason:
After much consideration team officials thought it best to wave LG Travelle Wharton to free up some cap room. Last years Kicker Graham Gano and QB Nate Davis were also released.

Freeing up almost $8 million in cap space, Tennessee went out and signed the following Free Agents giving the team some much needed depth.

Rookie Running Back Stevan Ridley. Not a speedster but should be able to pound the line for that short yardage situation and will compete with Karim and Locke for the #2 spot.

TE Zach Miller. Miller will give Henderson another big target in the RedZone and give the youngster Cumberland a reason to step it up for playing time.

ROLB Stanford Keglar. With English most likely moving inside, he gives some depth on the outside.

ROLB Antwan Applewhite. Again, depth at the LB'er position with someone we could trust to start if needed.

And veteren QB Shaun Hill. He will add some leadership to the young QB's in place and will challenge Kafka for the #2 spot.

Forum Discussion (by T_Nissen on 12/17/2011) Replies - 7 :: Views - 101
A Glimpse into Titans Offseason
The Titans have made some big changes to this point in the offseason under new GM Nissen. Starting with every coach and even training staff. Titans new Head Coach was the offensive coordiantor for division rival Colts last season.

Tom Moore

Moore was clearly unhappy in his role when Indy's new GM kicked Peyton Manning out of town. Nissen felt Moore could light a fire under this team and get fans back in the stands with some exciting game play.

Moore was then allowed to choose his own coordinators. He chose Marrone as his Defensive Coordinator and Lindsey as the Offensive Coordinator.

As mentioned previously, Tennessee has brought in three new players via the trading of their 1st round pick. Management was then thinking they would fill the last couple starting spots with FA but has once again decided to go with trading draft picks.

GM Nissen stated, "We have traded our 2nd and 3rd round picks to Seattle for LE Conner Barwin, WR/KR Golden Tate and a later 3rd.

Conner Barwin

The 25 year old Barwin was among league leaders with sacks last season and we are hoping he can continue that excellent play and help our D Line get more pressure on opposing QB's.

Golden Tate

We will most likely be parting ways with WR's Mariani and Hawkins, so we are happy to be bringing in Golden Tate mainly for KR/PR duties and will challenge Ronald Johnson for the slot position."

Moore has demanded all players under contract to report for mandatory workouts this week. Training Camp is coming soon and with not much in the way of draft picks he has decided to get things going early. "There are a lot of new faces here, including myslef, so I think it would be wise to get in here, get to know eachother and start creating a good rapport throughout the franchise.

As things stand at this point there aren't too many battles for position going on. The previously mentioned Johnson/Tate battle for slot. After that we have last years 3rd round draft pick Drake Nevis and former Patriot bench warmer Ron Brace in a pissing match but, honestly, they will both most likely see plenty of playing time. That is unless titans grab someone in FA to heat things up here.

OLB Brooks Reed has been working hard for more playing time and is battling with veteren McRath. The two may switch sides before the regular season starts but it seems English is still Coach Moore's choice to play inside.

With Free Agency looming Tennessee may see some more new faces in the next few days. We will bring you that information as it becomes available.

Forum Discussion (by T_Nissen on 12/07/2011) Replies - 2 :: Views - 42
Titans Trade 1st Rounder

Reporting outside newly named Battlefield Stadium, we finally have some confirmation on the organizations offseason moves to this point.

The obvious topic of conversation on every local sports radio and TV show is the trading of the 2nd overall pick in the upcoming draft.

While management has stayed quiet and out of the media spotlight, we did manage to get a few quick words from GM Nissen. When asked about the decision to trade the teams 1st round pick, he said "It took many hours of dicussion within the organization to get to that point and in the end we believe it was the best way to go. We really would have liked to have had the oppotunity to draft Gabbert, but we knew we didn't have much chance all the way down in the 2 spot. We talked with Washington management about moving up a spot but talks never seemed to get any traction and we knew the odds were that no matter who had the 1st pick, it would be Gabbert."

We noticed Nissen never even mentioned Cam Newton, but public opinion is that Vince Young had left such a bad taste in his mouth he didn't have the patience to try and bring along another scrambling QB.

The Titans apparently had quite the bidding war going on for the 2nd overall pick. Obviously San Diego was one of the teams involved but team officials will not state who the other was. If the other team wants to make it public knowledge that will be up to them.

So Tennessee, without further ado, please welcome the trio of new faces your first round pick bought you.

First, at 22 years of age, 6'4" safety
Robert Sands!! Drafted in the 2nd round of last years draft, this kid has great upside and compliments Titans 1st round choice from last season, Patrick Murphy, another 6'4" safety quite nicely.

Next, Tennessee has two pretty good OLB's on the roster and with Witherspoon aging they really needed to find someone that could shore up the middle of this core. Please welcome
Larry English!! At 6'5" and 255lbs, Nissen feels this 26 year old can move inside and be the leader this defense needs.

Speaking of leaders, meet last years Rookie of the Year and Tennessee's new man under Center,
Christopher Henderson!! Your Titans sorely needed to find someone they felt could lead this team for many years to come and last years 1st round selection is a mere 22 years of age. With good arm strength and, at his age, pretty good knowledge of the game at this level it would seem Henderson is a very nice fit.

We've heard all the rumors and have already asked management about Hendersons label of being injury prone and GM Nissen had this to say, "We had several meetings with Chris and our training staff before we made this trade. We had to make sure he was willing to work hard, year round, and be 100% committed to removing that label. If we didn't feel he was, he wouldn't be here now."

So there you have it Titan fans. Let us know what you think.
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Titans Let League Know Intentions
With the season over in Tennessee, the Titans are looking toward the upcoming draft. GM Nissen has stated "I was brought in here to shake things up and get this team to a level that fans and personnel themselves can be proud of." Nissen also stated that he feels "by looking at all the info we can get we believe we have the first pick, but we are unsure at this point. What we are sure of is the fact that we have a lot of needs on this roster and plugging one hole probably won't be enough to keep this boat afloat. With that in mind we will explore other options like trading down in the draft and trying to accumulate solid players and draft picks along the way."

While it is true that one of the Titans most glaring holes is at the QB position, and with a couple nice QB's in the draft it seems a no-brainer to take one of them. On the other hand it might be a more beneficial option if they can slide down, pick up a solid veteran QB along the way and draft well. It will not be hard to improve on this seasons record. Every fan and employee of this organization is embarrased at the lack of competitiveness this season and Vince Young took the brunt of the blame, as well he should have. His lack of intelligence on the field and desire to take off and run at will has earned him a one way ticket out of town.

Stay tuned Titan Fan as this upcoming offseason promises to be exciting.
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Head Coach Jeff Fisher and QB Vince Young are "Done!" with each other. After another poor outing against division rival Jacksonville, Vince Young has demanded to be traded or Coach Fisher be fired.

Fisher seems eager to rid himself of Young forever after the QB openly pouted on the sidelines during the game Sunday, then threw his shoulder pads into the stands and walked out on the team once the game was over.

Fisher and Young have hated each other for years. Fisher never wanted to draft Young and doesn’t believe Young works hard enough to deserve a starting spot, and resented being forced by team owner Bud Adams to start Young after the Titans began this season on a six-game losing streak. Young, for his part, believes Fisher never gave him a fair shake, and has had his growth stunted as a player because of Fisher jerking him around.

We are not sure what to expect next. In this reporters eyes, both can share the blame for this poor season and both SHOULD be dismissed. No doubt the Trade Block will be updated very soon!
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Titans Add Youth in Off-season

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Tennesse Focus on the Lines
Forum Discussion (by K_Ison on 06/13/2011) Replies - 1 :: Views - 26
Titans welcome Reed & Murphy
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Titans Add Four in FA
Forum Discussion (by K_Ison on 06/11/2011) Replies - 2 :: Views - 26
Titans Overcome Texans to Stay Alive
Forum Discussion (by K_Ison on 04/21/2011) Replies - 0 :: Views - 24
Titans Defeat Colts to Stay Alive
Forum Discussion (by K_Ison on 04/12/2011) Replies - 2 :: Views - 65
Titans Pile Points on Jags
Forum Discussion (by K_Ison on 04/06/2011) Replies - 1 :: Views - 22
Titans Destroy the Texans
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Tennessee Trade Tired Moss
Forum Discussion (by K_Ison on 03/25/2011) Replies - 3 :: Views - 60
Titans Losing Streak Continues
Forum Discussion (by K_Ison on 03/23/2011) Replies - 1 :: Views - 17
Laney Axed, Ison In.
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Announcing Tennessee Titans' Jeff Fisher to the podium...
Announcing Tennessee Titans' Jeff Fisher to the podium... "Good Evening everyone. There has been a lot of controversy over the last week about my position here with the Titans and although I know many of your questions will be regarding that subject, I am here to focus on the players, the team and what we are doing for the future of the team.

First, I want to start by saying we are very blessed that our players have been able to stay healthy. Although some close calls have made us a little nervous everyone is continue to work hard to still healthy.

We have had a lot of success so far this season. We are changing things up and keeping things fresh. Chris Johnson continues to be fantastic running the ball down the field. We are looking to continue to utilize him in all aspects of the game. Bo and Kenny have really stepped up and have been able to show their true skills on offense.

We are really asking Vince Young to continue to work hard and continue to press forward. His performance has not been quite up to par for where we expect him to be but trust me when I say, he is working hard and continuing to explore his best possible options on the field.

Our defense continues to be explosive. Our most impressive asset to the defense has been HOPE and what he has been able to do for us. Although, Hope continues to shine, the entire D has been working as a team. Finnegan, Witherspoon, Burnett... All of them working together to be successful. Finnegan continues to impress by pressing those turnovers with 4 Interceptions so far this season. We are very excited how our defense is working together.

Looking forward, I am excited to say that we believe that we will continue to shine the field. Every game is important but this month in particular is going to be a big month for us. We have a big game against the Cowboys who have been outstanding so far on the field. The week after that, we are looking at a big division showdown against rivals the Jaguars.

Now I will be taking a few questions...
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Tennessee Titans Hire GM Chris Laney.
TN Titans brings on GM Chris Laney to clean up floods after the disastrous year in Nashville and no we are not just talking about the actual floods.

Head Coach Fisher commented "We are excited to bring on someone that has his head on straight and actually wants to be part of positive change in this organization." Laney comes to us after spending a few years away from the business but quickly found himself back when the Titans organization went to his home and requested him to consider an offer to join the team.

"When the organization came to be a told me their vision for this team and how they wanted to get their, I knew it was an offer I couldn't refused. The entire organizations has endured a rough year and our hometown Nashville has had it even worst. I am just glad I can bring something to the table and insert hope where hope seemed hopeless." says Laney in an interview with ESPN.

Laney will start immediately and has already started in the process of trades, signings, and negotiations to get this organization back on track. Expect big things out of this year''s TN Titans!
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All Team News Stories

At A Glance

GM T_Nissen
Head Coach P.Manning
Offensive Coordinator T.Romo
Defensive Coordinator B.Flowers
Special Teams L.Mac Duff
Salary $164.96M
Cap Penalty $8.67M
Cap Room $370K

Titans Cliff Matthews RE 86 Out for season
Titans TJ Watt ROLB 85 Out for season
Titans Josse Williams TE 87 2 weeks

AFC South
#9 Titans y-Titans 10-6-0 0.63 5-1
#13 Texans x-Texans 9-7-0 0.56 3-3
#22 Colts Colts 5-11-0 0.31 3-3
#32 Jaguars Jaguars 2-14-0 0.13 1-5

1 Sep 7 vs Colts Colts #22
Won 34-27
2 Sep 17 vs Packers Packers #5
Won 25-21
3 Sep 24 at Bears Bears #25
Lost 13-24
4 Oct 1 vs Lions Lions #1
Lost 24-30
5 Oct 8 vs Browns Browns #14
Lost 20-44
6 Oct 15 vs Texans Texans #13
Won 26-23
7 Oct 22 at Jaguars Jaguars #32
Lost 23-27
9 Nov 5 at Raiders Raiders #23
Won 37-19
10 Nov 12 at Vikings Vikings #2
Lost 19-27
11 Nov 19 vs Steelers Steelers #27
Won 38-10
12 Nov 26 vs Jets Jets #16
Lost 34-51
13 Dec 3 at Texans Texans #13
Won 33-27
14 Dec 10 vs Jaguars Jaguars #32
Won 34-13
15 Dec 16 at Ravens Ravens #8
Won 23-18
16 Dec 25 at Colts Colts #22
Won 29-22
17 Dec 31 at Bengals Bengals #20
Won 25-24

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