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That's All I Have To Say About That...

Might as well enjoy this now... I suspect I'll be looking at a 1 -n- DONE playoff performance. stupid
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Vikings - GZL Training Camp Article
Previous Season Recap (505 words)
The Minnesota Vikings hadn’t won more than 4 games the previous 4 seasons, so winning 7 game last year was a step in the right direction. Though there was a decent start to the season at 3-2 and a strong finish to the season at 4-2… the 5 game losing streak mid-year killed any hope of a playoff appearance.

The Good
One can only wonder what might have been… had the starting job been given to QB Cam Newton. Statistically, it was one Newton’s most efficiently rated season of his career [QB rtg of 92.2] and he had a winning record for the games he played the lion share of snaps.

It’s promising to see a young player grow each season… WR Tyler Boyd in his 3rd season had career bests in receptions [83] and TD’s [8].

The Bad
There were HIGH hopes for HB Latavius Murray when he was acquired from the Miami Dolphins… but in his 3rd season as a pro, his production regressed. With only 2 games where he rushed over 100 yards and only 2 TD’s on the ground there might be concerns whether he can be the bell cow the Vikings had envisioned.

Complete disappointment defines the feeling of what LE Leonard Williams delivered last season… his 5 sacks is a FAR cry from what was expected.

The Ugly
Though there appears to be no easy answer to the sophomore SLUMP QB Carson Wentz experienced, the team remains dedicated to him [only because they are obligated via the HUGE bonus]. There no hiding from the sub 50% completion rate, 11 to 16 TD/INT comparison and a QB rtg of 59.8… the only positive, there’s nowhere to go but up from this past season for Wentz.
In review…
The team attempted to avoid a QB controversy from the start when they acquired QB Cam Newton… but when QB Carson Wentz went down week 1 of the regular season all bets were off. Whether you were in the front office, coaching staff or in the locker-room… there were divided camps on who should be the starting QB. In the end, the playing time was nearly split down the middle and QB Cam Newton came out the winner.

The Vikings can look to their sweep of the Chicago Bears as a HIGHLIGHT, two closely fought games. But, being swept by the Lions & Packers was definitely a LOWLIGHT – the Ying and Yang of the season one could say. The concerning aspect of the losses the team saw this past season has to be the fact that 7 of 9 defeats were by 10 or more points… pretty decisive beat downs. On the other hand, of the 7 victories, the Vikings only beat a team by double digits once. The other aspect of the competition the Vikings faced last season that must be taken into account… only 4 of their opponents had a winning record. In all, the team took steps in the right direction, but still a losing season leaving everyone wanting/expecting more!

Off-Season Recap (1053 words)
The Minnesota Viking entered the Off-Season one of four teams over the cap (-$12.640M)… which drove GM Darryl Breckheimer to post his initial “Trade Block”:
QB Cam Newton = Make an offer
Played roughly half the season (behind Carson Wentz)… had a KILLER season! NUMBERS DON’T LIE: Comp % = 56% / TD’s = 12 / INT’s = 2 / QB rtg = 91

LE Leonard Williams = 1st round pick (current or future)
Former 3rd overall selection… still has a lot of career in front of him!
SPD = 77 / STR = 93 / AGI = 75 / ACC = 86

LG Trent Williams = Make an offer
He’s definitely in the twilight of his career… surprisingly, his attributes make him still a worthy starter (respectable #’s last season: 69 pancakes / 1 sack allowed).

DT Shariff Floyd = Make an offer
Lost his starting job to younger players… prior to that he was getting tackles and 3-4 sacks a season.

FB Manning Owens = Make an offer

RG Carter Pietarila = Make an offer
Lost his starting job… quick 1st step and respectable blocking attributes (cheap back-up).

Everyone placed on the Trade Block would clear $45.210M and only create a cap hit of $6.170M… the only player that was looking to capture a legit offer was LE Leonard Williams.

The GM decided to NOT exercise tenders on the 4 players that were RFA’s… TE Tyler Mertens, QB Desmond Wade, LT Luke Nguyen & HB Troy Meyer.

• The phone rang immediately… the team received an offer, from the Seahawks, for QB Cam Newton… a 5th round pick (which is all the Vikings could expect to get since he came via Amnesty). The Vikings accepted the offer and were thrilled to see Newton on his way back home (Newton played 10 seasons in Seattle).
• Didn’t take long to find a new home for DE Leonard Williams… the Vikings were seeking 1st value and were able to get pick 1.24 from the San Francisco 49ers.
• Dialog with the Pittsburg Steelers (Tom Collins) began on whether HB Latavius Murray was available… I shared I was looking for 1.26 value [700], where he was drafted 3 season ago.
• Brought in to sure up the right side of the offensive line was RT Sepulveda Wright in exchange for a 1st and 3rd round picks… the Vikings like his key attributes [SPD = 65 / STR = 93 / AGI = 68 / ACC = 80] and the fact he’s VERY young [23 years old]. Knowing Wright was a former 1st rounder [19th pick overall] and has 3 years left on his deal are significant plus factors.
• Vikings acquired WR Will Fuller from the San Francisco 49ers… sending a 2nd & 3rd.
• The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were a constant trade partner this offseason… 4 different trades had numerous picks moving back -n- forth between the teams and these players finding new residency: The Vikings received… MLB Mo Jackson, LE Zeus Bryant & HB Woodrow Carr. The Buccaneers received… HB Latavius Murray, RG Carter Pietarila & WR Will Fuller.
• The Vikings said goodbye to FB manning Owens, though he is arguably one of the best FB’s in the game his contract became hard to justify.
• The Vikings secured the services of LE Cornelius Washington from the Oakland Raiders… hoping for double digit sack contribution the next 2 seasons.
• BIG move… Vikings were looking to bring in a LEGIT target for QB Carson Wentz, and after considering a # of possibilities came to terms on a deal that brought WR Donald Lake.
• The final piece the Vikings were hoping to address… a serious upgrade from Murray, and in short time it was determined Carr wasn’t going to fill what they had hoped to put in place. The Vikings sent HB Woodrow Carr and two 3rd round picks for Carlos Hyde.
• The Vikings trim’d salary with the release of LG Trent Williams & DT Shariff Floyd… Williams cap # was ridiculous and Floyd had fallen out of favor last season and rarely saw the field. Neither player has caught on with another team.
• Similar to last season… the Vikings have brought in a veteran presence @ QB, future Hall of Fame player Josh Freeman signed a 1-year deal ($9M).
• The Vikings LOCKED up RG Zack Martin… 7 years, salary of $38.1 & bonus of $15.19M.
• A difficult move… cutting RE Alejandro Franks, simply a cap casualty. The Vikings were VERY pleased with his production last season… with 42 tackles [13 for a loss] and 4 sacks it was by far Franks best season as a pro.
• To fill out roster requirements… HB Ernie Gillespie, DT Leo Campbell & TE Dion Demetri were sign via Free Agency.

The Draft:
3.29 FS Lucas Bravado – The Vikings have Ha Ha Clinton-Dix in place, so there’s little chance Lucas Bravado sees much playing time (unless there’s an injury). But, this was a HUGE pick-up in the LATE 3rd round… Bravado has quick feet [SPD = 91 / ACC = 91] and fluid hips [AGI = 92]. Maybe not as tall as you’d like @ 5’11”… but he’s not a liability.

3.32 LT Julius Jimenz – Depth… NO CHANCE of starting. Nice size @ 6’5” & 348 lbs… and respectable attributes [SPD = 60 / STR = 90 / AGI = 65 / ACC = 66].

7.11 FB Gil Graham – The Vikings parted ways with last year’s starting FB… so Gil Graham gets the nod and currently has NO completion for the starting role @ FB. Known as an excellent pass & run blocker [PBK = 60 / RBK = 61] Graham also has respectable power [STR = 75 / BTK = 74] and moves well [SPD = 79 / AGI = 76 / ACC = 72].

7.28 LE Buford Hamlin – NOT SIGNED

7.29 SS Ruben Hale-Doyle – NOT SIGNED

There isn’t much else to expect from the Minnesota Vikings this offseason… the cap is TIGHT and with so much movement the focus will be building team chemistry. The Vikings avoided trading away too many future picks (only moved a 3rd while picking up a 6th) and kept the cap hit somewhat minimal [-$6.17M]… which should set the team up well for next years offseason.
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Vikings - You can RUN but you can't HYDE!
You can RUN but you can't HYDE!

The Minnesota Vikings were determined to acquire a POWER back this offseason… and quickly moved on from HB Latavius Murray (sent him off to the Tampa bay Buccaneers via trade). At some point it appeared the team had settled on HB Woodrow Carr after a failed attempt to bring in HB Riddick Owen (a player GM Darryl Breckheimer had drafted 7 seasons ago). But, it ended up Carr was used as a piece to land HB Carlos Hyde (a player drafted 14th overall 5 seasons ago by the New England Patriots).

The POWER back stands 6’0” and weighs in at 248 lbs… and is recognized as one of the strongest [STR = 81] at his position. A nice 1st step [ACC = 90] and enough speed [SPD = 89] to find his way to the next level of a defense… once past the defensive line, Hyde can break tackles [BTK = 90] and be a threat to pick up large chunks of yards. In 5 seasons Hyde has racked up 6509 yards [with a 4.08 avg] and scored 26 TD’s on the ground [another 3 via the pass reception]. Though it’s not his calling card, for a BIG man he has nice hands [CTH = 69] and can be counted on to catch a ball thrown his way. The only concern (baggage) that accompanies Hyde is the tendency to fumble on occasions.

GM Darryl Breckheimer – “I’m thrilled to bring in a player as talented as Hyde, his accomplishments speak for themselves! The man is solid as a ROCK having missed only 1 game in 5 seasons… he’s gonna fit in nicely and allow us to establish the run to set up the pass.’”

The Minnesota Vikings sent HB Carr and two 3rd round picks for HB Hyde… Hyde is signed for 2 more seasons and will count $4.54M against the cap.
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Vikings turn to Josh Freeman...

QB Josh Freeman - Brought in to mentor and offer insurance!

The Minnesota Vikings have come to terms with eventual GZL HOF QB Josh Freeman… the deal is for 1 year @ $9M ($3M signing bonus). Currently Freeman sits @ 4th most passing yards and 3rd for TD passes in league history… he spent 9 of his 13 seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before moving on to the Cincinnati Bengals for 3 seasons and last year with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The message from GM Darryl Breckheimer:
We’re excited to add a veteran of Josh Freeman’s caliber… I believe he is still a good player that has something to offer our team. I’m dedicated to the development of Carson Wentz, and I see Freeman being a mentor to him while adding depth and security from the unknown as we roll through a LONG GZL season. Let me be clear though, there’s no QB controversy in Minnesota… this is Carson’s team and he is our starter and captain of the team.

Last year Josh Freeman began the season as the Eagles starter… but after a horrendous start in the first two games (0 TD’s & 10 INT’s) Freeman was benched in favor of Ricky Stanzi. It’s unclear where it all went wrong for Freeman seeing as Stanzi didn’t experience the same struggles while leading the Eagles offense (nearly 4000 yards, completing 54% of his passes and throwing 19 TD compared to 14 INT’s). Whispers around the water cooler indicated Freeman was dealing with some issues in his personal life… but nothing specific ever surfaced in that regard.

Though the GM and Head Coach are sending a consistent message of who is leading the Minnesota Vikings offense this season… it’s hard to not reflect on last year’s mid-season change from Wentz to Newton.
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Cam Newton is getting the nod...
There's no QB controversy in Minnesota... the job is Cam Newton's!

With 4 games remaining in the season QB Carson Wentz will be sent to the bench… his poor play and eroding confidence the reasoning for the shift in signal callers. In his place, Cam Newton will close out the final 4 games and hopefully send the team into the offseason on a positive trend.

The Vikings can thank Cam Newton for 3 of their 4 victories… those wins came when Newton started. With how well Newton has played this year some have questioned the decision of Carson Wentz ever getting the opportunity to be declared the starter… Cam has a QB rating of 89.4 and has thrown 9 TD’s compared to just 1 INT.

The Vikings have no plans on tanking the final 4 games of the season… instead, they’d LOVE to play spoiler to the Chicago Bears week 15 (sitting at 7-5 and playing for their playoff lives).
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The Vikings are ready to set SAIL {part II}!
Deal #6: The Vikings were THRILLED to land RG Zach Martin (9th overall selection 4 seasons ago). Negotiations went back -n- forth for some time, but eventually both side came to an agreement that left all parties satisfied… the Vikings sent 1.20, 2.20 and 4.20 for RG Zach Martin and pick 7.02. ~ Rumors have already began spreading about a contract extension being offered to Martin.

Deal #7: Some believe the HEART of a team’s defense resides with the MLB… granted, that can be debated at lengths. Regardless, the Vikings found themselves THIN at MLB and desperately needed to address it (and preferred not to rely on the draft). After spending the better part of a day exchanging no less than a dozen messages back -n- forth… Mr. Nissen agreed to the terms offered and closed the trade with a simple statement of “I really hate you sometimes”. The Vikings get MLB Jamie Collins and a future 5th round pick for 2.13 and a future 3rd round pick.

Deal #8: This deal was no joke… and it wasn’t April Fool’s Day, the Minnesota Vikings landed FS “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix! The trade offers some Cap difficulty, and will require GM Darryl Breckheimer to make a quick decision on who must go (leading candidates to get cut… WR Justin Blackmon or DT Shariff Floyd). The Vikings send 2.15 and HB Tevin Coleman (clears the way for Murray to be declared the feature back) for “Ha Ha” and 6.27.

Deal #9: This deal was simple… the Vikings exited a player that was not a part of the vision moving forward. In exchange for the veteran TE Vance McDonald the Vikings get a 3rd round selection and eat the cap hit.

Deal #10: It was becoming more and more obvious that resigning the volatile (yet talented) play-maker WR Sammy Watkins was an issue not simmering. The GM Darryl Breckheimer saw the writing on the wall and began PIMP’in his availability via the trade block. In short time “Breck” had multiple offers… even going as far as accepting an offer from the New England Patriot’s (via PM), but pulled it back before being viewed and accepted a higher offer. The Viking’s send WR Sammy Watkins for WR Michael Foyd, a 1st and a 2nd. No doubt Watkins youth and attributes give him an edge with the deal on the table… but both players were looking at the final season in Minnesota and the new GM welcomes the 1st and 2nd round selections!

Deal #11: The Minnesota Vikings had already determined that CB Lezarious Green was working on a short lived VISA with the team. Instead of allowing Green to view the game from the sideline, it was decided to shop his services via the Trade Block. In short time the San Francisco 49er’s came knocking! The Vikings were able to move CB Lezarious Green for a 3rd round selection.

With the Salary Cap HIT climbing [$12M+], the trading came to a halt and a watchful eye on deals moving forward came into play. The GM made a conscious decision to look at Free Agency and see what could be leveraged to fill out the roster to meet preseason requirements.
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The Vikings are ready to set SAIL!
The Vikings are ready to set SAIL!

The Minnesota Vikings take sail this season with new purpose, direction and most importantly… a new leader! The Norse Sagas to be written from this point forward will be penned by General Manager Darryl Breckheimer.

It didn’t take long for the Wheelin’ -n- Dealin’ to begin… take a quick look at the shake-up that has begun to unfold.

Deal #1: Right out of the gate, Breck and AF exchange picks… the Vikings acquire pick 1.31 in exchange for pick 2.02. On the surface one might ask, “why drop 3 spots in the draft for no compensation?”. Simple, while Breck is looking for immediate value in the 1st round picks… AF is looking on down the road (Incentive to Build Traditionally).

Deal #2: BLOCK BUSTER DEAL… Breck declared right out of the gate that pick 1.02 would be dealt, and when the Mr. Mellon and his Dolphins came knocking the deal was sealed in short time. The Dolphins haul is simple, the 2nd overall pick in this year’s draft accompanied by a 6th round pick this season and a 3rd round pick next year. For the Vikings it was a deal that would fuel numerous trade yet to come… the 11th overall selection in this year draft, 2.13, 2.15, HB Latavius Murray and a future 5th round pick. Though Murray’s performance dropped off in his sophomore season (only 2 game with 100 yards+), the Vikings believe he can recapture the form that nearly won him Offensive Rookie of the year.

Deal #3: The Minnesota Vikings acquire QB Cam Newton via “Amnesty”… compensation was nothing more than a 5th round pick in this year’s draft. After 10 seasons in Seattle Cam Newton can boast 25,000+ yards passing, a 169 TD’s and a passer rating of 82.3… but he will fill the role of back-up and more importantly, Mentor to QB Carson Wentz. ~ There was a bit of controversy in reigning in the veteran QB into Minnesota… GM Nic St. Marie in a moment of regret, attempted to withdraw his Amnesty pledge on Newton. The league declared Newton’s Amnesty status would stand – and wisely awarded Newton’s rights to the Vikings. ~

Deal #4: From the start, it was calculated, but working in the unknown. The Vikings would have been forced to take the best DE in the draft with the 2nd overall pick. The GM decided against that path and picked up numerous pieces which fueled a number of other deals to follow. But, the team did have significant need at DE… and landing LE Lenard Williams (former 3rd overall selection 4 seasons ago) made the gamble of trading down worthwhile. The Vikings sent pick 1.31, 2.19 and 3.07 to the New England Patriots for DE Lenard Williams, 6.29 and 7.27.

Deal #5: When the Denver Bronco’s started shopping SS K.C. Donaldson the Vikings made the call to better understand what the asking price was… the Vikings simply had to send 4.02, 6.29 and 7.27 for Donaldson and 4.20. A small price for a veteran SS that stands 6’1” and has respectable attributes (if he doesn’t start he’ll be decent depth).
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Vikings get their MAN!
Darqueze Dennard was wined and dined Friday and Saturday and all but signed by the Buffalo Bills to a five-year, $60 million contract, but abruptly backed out of the deal and flew to Minneapolis via private jet.
Late Saturday evening, the day the before the Bills were prepared to announce his resigning at a news conference, he had agreed to a $60 million contract with the Vikings that included a whopping MAX bonus of $24 million (the Bills refused to match the offer).
Wearing a Vikings cap, Dennard said from Minnesota that it just didn't work out with the Bills (with whom he played his first 4 seasons).
"When it came down to it, I just wasn't ready to continue playing in Buffalo. I didn't want to rush," Dennard said, adding that he had promised Vikings coach
Mike Nolan that he would visit Minnesota before making a decision.
Sources said there were personal reasons, including his wife's reluctance to watch her husband play each Sunday in “Orchard Park, New York”, the the decision to consider Minnesota. When asked what made him decide on the Vikings, Dennard said, "once we got off the plane, and I saw GM darryl Breckheimer’s smiling face, I knew 'this is home.' "

The man, GM Darryl Breckheimer, who drafted CB Darqueze Dennard has orchestrated a reunion… at a hefty cost. The Minnesota Vikings have committed long term, 5 years, to Dennard and the commitment was one of the biggest targets for the PURPLE this offseason. Not only does the veteran walk in as the teams #1 shut down corner… he will be relied on as a MENTOR to the young up & coming CB Angel Rosario.

The Team had to quickly clear cap space to fit CB Darqueze Dennard on the team roster… QB Antrel Epps, CB Tony Powell & LG Horace Olivier.
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Viks Camp
Season Summery
The Vikings started this season with big time expectations but that quickly was squashed when they lost there first 4 games. The Vikings finished the season at 4-12 dead last in the division. There where some bright spots from this season.

Joseph Randle- Randle had a great year . He finished with 6 kick returns for touchdowns, that is a remarkable year. But rumor has it he is on the block.

Brandon Graham- He again lead the team with 7 sacks on the year. He finish the season with 37 tackles with 2 forced fumbles.

Nick Foles- He had a great second year throwing for almost 3500 yards and more important completed 50 percent of his passes. What he needs to improve on is cutting down the interceptions (26) and getting rid of the ball quicker (33 sacks)

2019 Draft Picks

1.3 WR Tyler Boyd - He wasn't are first pick on top of are draft board. we were surprised to see him there at 3. While Wide receiver wasn't a immediate need . We knew we had to take him and give Nick another weapon in this offence. He brings us great size and couldn't pass up with the 99 acc and 99 agi he will have with training camp.

3.20- QB Desmond Wade - Developmental type / Backup type quarterback that brings us good size. with a little bit of work he could be a good backup in this league.

4.24 LT Luke Nguyen- Decent strength and agility . He has a chance of starting with a good camp but looks like he will be a backup in this league with a chance to be a fill in starter in case of injury.

6.3 WR BJ Sellers- Bj is lacking the big speed but gives us size and strength we like in wide outs. With a little work he could be another weapon in this offence.

6.4 TE Tyler Mertens- We didn't need a tight end going into the draft but we couldn't pass up on one in the 6th round with 80 spd,79 Agi, 77 Acc with 79 catch. Right now he will be sitting at 3rd on depth chart with the possibility of becoming 2 with a good camp.

7.3 HB Troy Meyer- Big running back with a lot of experience could be a good back in the Gzl. Only time will tell if he becomes a good back in this league.

7.5 DT William Barba- Roster filler

Training Camp
The Vikings will bring in two Future Hall of Famer to work with the secondary and the Quarterbacks on the current Roster. These Hall of Famers will be no other then Brett Farve and Brian Dawkins.

Preseason Battles

Stafon Martian VS Horace Oliver
Stafon has in inside edge on starting but Oliver could pass martian with a good camp.

Earl Thomas VS Nigel McDaniel-
Earl was brought in for his mentorship but if earl does a good job in training camp he could edge out Nigel. But he was only brought in to each the younger players

Carter Pietarila vs. Omoregie Uzzi
Carter will be starting but Uzzi is a good veteran backup to have just in case something goes wrong and he gets hurt or is pulled due to lack of production

The Vikings will make the playoffs this year. The Fans are sick of losing and so are the owners.
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Vikings TC Article
Season Summery
The Vikings started this season with big time expectations. The Vikings won the first game of the year and after that it was all downhill .The Vikings finished the season at 3-13 dead last in the division. There where some bright spots from this season.

Max Goodwin- He missed one kick all year cant complain about that. He finished 31-31 in FG. This was a career high in accuracy for max. He hit 96 percent for field goals and hit all his extra points. We hope this will continue next year.

David Wilson- Finished the season with 1441 yards and had 4tds. While his touchdowns where low, the whole team sucked. Wilson will have to fend off some rookie blood to continue his starter job with the Vikings.

2019 Draft Picks

1.4 CB Angel Rosario- Angel brings up the size we love in CB's. With the league going to bigger WR set we thought we needed to bring in a bigger WR to guard them.

2.4 HB Tevin Coleman- With Wilson getting older we wanted to get a good power back that will eventually start for this team. While Wilson was a smaller speed type back . We wanted to bring in a bigger type running back .

4.4 CB Harvey Sutton- We needed to address are corners this off season. With a little help this guy could be a slot Corner for many years.

5.4 LOLB Devin Smith- Depth player who could contribute on special teams

6.4 LG Horace Oliver- Roster Filler.

7.4 CB Tony Powell- Kick Returner 5th corner type.

Training Camp
Vikings will be working to speed and agility this off season. Rumor has it that they will be brining in a well regarding person in this field to help teach the youngsters a thing or two to up there game. Only time will tell

Preseason Battles

Tevin Coleman VS David Wilson-
Coleman is in up hill battle to beat Wilson this camp. But Coleman has the tools to surpass Wilson as starting back. With a little seasoning Coleman will be a good RB in this league.

Jake Locker VS Nick Foles
Foles has the edge day one. Last year he struggled as a starter but the whole team did as a whole. Jake will be given the chance to win the job. We will see as this is the most interesting battle in camp.

The Vikings will win the division.
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VIkings Camp
Season Summery
The Vikings season all but sucked major ass. They failed to make the playoffs again . These days that is unacceptable with the qualtiy of players on this roster. The Season can be sumed up in one word TIE. Here are some of the bright spots of the season.

Percy Harvin- Percy had a great season for the vikings not only in the receiving game but also in the return game. He had finished the season with 77 catches for 1026 yards and 8 touchdowns. His return game is what we didn't expect. He returned 59 kicks for 1677 yards and a remarkable 4 kickoffs returned for a td. If we get this kind of Production next season we will a tough team to beat.

Brandon Graham- Had a great first year for the Vikings. He only had 46 tackles on the year but. He had 19 sacks. We knew when we brought him here that he would be a pass rushing specialist. but we didn't expect those kind of numbers.

2012 Draft Picks

1.16 MLB Luke Kuechly - Vikings needed a replacement for aging EJ henderson and where very happy when he was sitting there on the board for this pick. He was the top guy we had ranked on are board and we think he will be a star in the next few years and and clog up the middle of the field for many years to come.

1.18 LT Luke Joeckel - He was picked to be a starter on the left side from day 1. He gives us great size and strength we felt we needed from the left side of a line.

2.18 DT Devon Still - A good young defensive tackle . We thought we needed to groom someone in the near future since both Kevin williams and Fat Albert are getting up there in age. He provides good size strength and speed which we like in are defensive plans.

3.18 LG Omoregie Uzzi - Good young LG that will take over whenever hutchinson decides to retire.

4.24 HB David Wilson - Roster Filler

5.18 HB Chris Polk - Roster Filler

6.18 WR Jordan Washington - Roster FIller

7.18 MLB Darius Fleming- Roster Filler

Training Camp
The Vikings will work on speed and Strength this offseason. Two Guys in particular have been seen doing work with the Coaches both rookies. Devin has been seen working with a speed coach. And first round pick Luke Joeckel has been working with are strength coach.

Preseason Battles

DT #2
Kevin Williams VS Devin Still -
Kevin has the job as of right now. But if devin has a great preseason he can easily pass him on the charts

Luke Joeckel VS Nate Garner -
Luke has the edge based on attributes alone. Nate could surpass him if luke does not show he can handle the position do to lack of experience.


The Vikings will finish in first place and make the playoffs.
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Viks Camp
Season Summery
The Vikings started this season with big time expectations but that quickly was squashed when they lost there first 4 games. The Vikings finished the season at 3-13 dead last in the division. There where some bright spots from this season.

Max Goodwin- He did all you can ask for a rookie kicker. He hit 21 of 23 field goals this season. The one thing he needs to improve on is his extra points and kickoffs. He missed a extra point which is unheard of. We hope he can improve his game and become on of the greatest kickers in Vikings history

Pierre Allen- He had a hell of a year for the lackluster defense. He finished with 9 sacks and 55 tackles with 14 for a loss. He provides us with speed of the end. With the new addition of Brandon Graham we hope they can perform havoc for quarterbacks in this league.

2012 Draft Picks

1.4 WR Justin Blackmon- This was a shocker pick by all including many Vikings fans. The debate was not if Justin was not a good player. It was where he was picked that shocked many around the GZL world. Gm Tony had this to say " Justin was are 2nd choice at wide receiver. He Provides us with great size, strength and catching ability that we like here in Viking purple. We hope that with time he can become a elite WR in GZL.

3.32 SS Salvatore Rodriquez- Smart pick here this guy can be a starter on day one. Provides good strength and speed in a SS. He does lack the football knowledge though and that could be a major weakness. If he works on this he could be a starter in the season opener.

4.6 C Christopher Watson- Big Strong center with decent blocking skills. He could be a starter or a backup player time will tell.

4.7 LG Gabe Carimi- Backup player . In time he could start when Steve Hutchinson decides to retire

5.17 WR Niles Paul- Depth player

5.26 LOLB Johnny Martinez-depth player

6.3 FB Ben Guidugli- with no FB on the roster this was a no brainier pick. Starts from day one

Training Camp
The Vikings will work on speed this camp. Rumor has it that they will bring in a track and field star to teach this team some techniques, we will see time will tell.

Preseason Battles

John Sullivan VS Christopher Watson-
Christopher has the edge to begin camp. But needs to work on this footwork . If he does not Sullivan would be the starter

Tyrell Johnson VS Salvatore Rodriquez-
Sal has the edge in this one its going to be a tight race that wont be won till last preseason game. Sal has to show that he has the knowledge to start in this league or he will be sitting on the bench this year.

The Vikings will finish 7-9 this season which will be 2nd place in the division.

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Fans React to Possible of Vick Becoming A Viking
The News floating around town is that there might be a pro bowl quarterback coming to the Vikings this off-season. The name on all the radio shows is that Eagles and Vikings where in discussions to bring Mike Vick in the fold.

General Manager Tony C had a second to comment on these rumors.” Yes we did call the eagles regarding Mike Vick. We had initial discussions to see what it would take for him to become a Viking. That’s as far as the conversation got. They wanted a ton and more just to start the initial talks. They asked for 1.8 in the upcoming draft plus DT Kevin Williams and more just to start the talks. Once they said that we backed out because I don’t know any general manager in GZL who would pay that for a scrambler.

We will look elsewhere.

Peta and Vikings Fans Protesting outside of Vikings Offices.

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Greg Makes a Impact on Day 1
First day on the job and Greg is already improving on the defensive side of the ball. The Vikings have made a quick move with a division rival in the packers. The terms of the deal were as follows.

Packers Send
DT Ryan Pickett

Vikings Send


GM Tony had this to say about the move. “Ryan brings us a strong presence along the defensive line. We needed this presence when unexpectedly pat Williams retired this off-season. Ryan has great strength and good acceleration from the tackle position. The unknown right now is where he lines up at the tackle spot. He also is a locker room presence for the youngsters on this team. Hate to lose pick 4.21 but rumor has it that the Vikings gm will not be around for this day of the draft."

That’s all for now working on another deal.

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Vikings Sign HC
Today the vikings made some big news naming there head coach. While the vikings front office made it private who they intervied for the job they got there top choice. The Vikings agreed to terms with former DC of the Saints Greg Willams,

General Manager Tony C had this to say about the hiring " Greg was top of are list for this position. He brings great knowledge and understanding of how to run a great defensive team in this league. We think that with his knowledge of defense . He could bring this team over the hump and win this division."

Have to go Phone is ringing.
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Viks Strike Another Deal
There is new news to report out the Vikings camp. Shortly after the GZL superbowl ended the Vikings struck a deal with the saints . This is a minor move that will have a impact on the season next year.

Saints Send
CB Nolan Carroll

Vikings Send


GM Tony had this to say about the move. We always have loved Nolan back when he played for the dolphins. We see him as a 3rd or 4th corner on this team. He will have time to improve and with a little work on his game we see him as a number 3 corner on this team.

That’s all for now working on another deal.

We Better not see any of this on the field

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Minnesota Vikings Hire GM Anthony Cepparulo.
The Vikings recently announce the hiring of Anthony Cepparulo for the General Manager position. Anthony is a good general manager who has years experience in his vast leagues. He is a 28 years old and has been gm in other leagues for many years. He is also getting married July 9, 2011 to his girlfriend of 5 years.

Anthony usually likes to build his team from scratch by getting a lot of draft picks and building the team from the draft. What made us hire him for this team is he is going to try a different scheme in this league. While he loves to collect the youngsters and keep them. He is going to have a balance in this league and compete year after year.

He mentioned in his interview to us that he will use the run to open up the pass. This is against his usual approach, when he coaches his beloved eagle’s franchises. The way we run the ball is going to be how we decide wins and losses.

This team is going to be hard to finish at 500 this season. They lack the defense that is needed to win games in this league. The linebackers and Cobs don’t fit my system at all. So this year will be a test. So with this test we are going to make is first big news. I said it we are putting Brett Fare on the Block he has no reason to be on this team week 1 for this team. Mine as well see what we can get for him since we have no shot of winning the super bowl in the one year before he retires.

That’s it folks I got to go work the phones got a lot of work that needs to be done.
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At A Glance

GM D_Breckheimer
Head Coach Sean McDermott
Offensive Coordinator John Fassel
Defensive Coordinator D.Sharper
Special Teams G.Fassel
Salary $159.33M
Cap Penalty $14.19M
Cap Room $480K

Vikings Moe Jackson MLB 99 Out for season
Vikings K.C. Donaldson SS 86 Out for season
Vikings Tyler Boyd WR 96 2 weeks

NFC North
#1 Lions x-Lions 13-3-0 0.81 4-2
#2 Vikings z-Vikings 13-3-0 0.81 4-2
#5 Packers Packers 10-6-0 0.63 3-3
#25 Bears Bears 6-10-0 0.38 1-5

1 Sep 10 vs Packers Packers #5
Lost 23-26
2 Sep 17 at Eagles Eagles #10
Won 21-13
4 Oct 1 vs Falcons Falcons #12
Won 45-3
5 Oct 8 at Saints Saints #18
Won 31-30
6 Oct 15 vs Lions Lions #1
Won 23-20
7 Oct 22 at Packers Packers #5
Won 31-14
8 Oct 29 vs Cardinals Cardinals #28
Won 21-17
9 Nov 5 vs Buccaneers Buccaneers #6
Lost 31-45
10 Nov 12 vs Titans Titans #9
Won 27-19
11 Nov 19 at Texans Texans #13
Won 27-17
12 Nov 23 at Lions Lions #1
Won 33-20
13 Dec 3 at Panthers Panthers #24
Won 31-29
14 Dec 10 vs Bears Bears #25
Lost 13-20
15 Dec 16 at Colts Colts #22
Won 17-13
16 Dec 23 at Bears Bears #25
Won 38-10
17 Dec 31 vs Jaguars Jaguars #32
Won 58-17

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